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  • Q. What are the charges for Vyapar App?
    Vyapar Mobile App (Basic Version) is completely FREE of COST!

    Vyapar Mobile App (Premium Version) has a PRICE attached.
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    Vyapar Desktop App is not FREE, but has 30-Day Free Trial.
    There are different plans for 1 Yr, 1.5 Yrs, 3 Yrs, and lifetime based on which pricing is fixed.
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  • Q. Where can we download Vyapar Desktop App?
    "You can download Vyapar Desktop App here >>
    Note: Open this link on the Desktop to install!"
  • Q. How to become a distributor of Vyapar?
    Visit our ""Channel Partner"" Page to find out about our distributor program >> Click here
  • Q. Where can I find the pricing detials?
    "You can either visit our website
    or click on ""Buy Now"" in the left menu inside the App."
  • Q. How to update Vyapar App to its latest version?
    "Whenever a new update is released, Vyapar App automatically sends you a notification clicking on which your App gets updated

    (or) You can also opt for ""check for updates"" option in the App to do the same.

    (or) You can download the latest version of Vyapar App from
    The new downloaded file overrides the old version of App.

    (or) Go to playstore, search for vyapar app and click on update & open the app again. Now you will be on the latest version of the app."
  • Q. Should I pay registration charges to become a distributor?
    No! There is no registration fees to become a distributor of Vyapar
  • Q. What are the modes of payment for purchasing Vyapar?
    We accept online payments through credit/debit card, netbanking, and wallets such as Freecharge, PayZapp, Airtel Money, Ola Money, PhonePe, YesPay etc.
  • Q. What kind of businesses can use Vyapar App for accounting?
    Vyapar is a business accounting application to manage your business digitally. It can be used for any small and micro scale businesses. All kinds of retail, wholesale, distributorship business can use Vyapar App to manage their businesses hassle-free.
  • Q. Do you provide training for a distributor?
    "Yes, we provide online training to our distributors.
    Also, any business/technical queries will be answered by us even later on."
  • Q. I'm a Manufacturer. Can I use Vyapar App?
    Yes, manufacturing business can use Vyapar App to manage their business to a certain extent, however certain features for manufacturing industry is still in making. Call us on 080-46268888 if you have any queries on this.
  • Q. Are you going to sell direct?
    "Yes, direct online sales happens parallely.
    But, we offer better benefits to the customers buying from distributors."
  • Q. Can I export vyapar data into tally?
    Not yet! This feature will be implemented very soon.
  • Q. What is my expected profit margin?
    For margin and related queries contact 8884908583.
  • Q. Can I upload Tally data into Vyapar App?
    Not yet! This feature will be implemented very soon.
  • Q. Do you sell customised Apps?
    "No, we do not sell customised Apps.
    Alternatively, Vyapar App can be self customised (changing Settings) to some extent as per your requirement.
  • Q. Can I export party details from existing company to new company in Vyapar App?
    Yes! You can by exporting all party reports from reports section & then go to the new companies utitity & download sample file & make sure your party details are fed based on the sample file and select the new file and restore it.
  • Q. What are the major benefits in Vyapar Distributorship?
    "Benefits of Vyapar includes:
    1. Extra license validity of
    3 months on 1 year license
    6 months on 1.5 & 3 years license.
    2. Heavy Brand Promotion from our end.
    3. Lead Sharing based on demand.
    4. Free Customer Support."
  • Q. Can I backup Vyapar App data on mobile and restore it on desktop?
    Yes! There is "Backup" option available using which you can take backup of all your files to your device or gmail account. You can retrieve those saved files and restore it back into the app using simple "Restore" option.
  • Q. What is the minimum number of licenses I need to buy to become a distributor?
    "Minimum number of license differs for different plans.
    Please contact us at 8884908583 for such queries."
  • Q. How do I get support?
    "Please contact us at
    8884908583 - Distribution Related Queries
    08046268888 - Technical Queries
  • Q. When I make estimates, does my stock value alter (increase/decrease)?
    "No, it doesn't!
    Only when the estimate is converted to sale, the stock count changes."
  • Q. Can I sell license beyond MRP?
    "No, you cannot sell Vyapar licenses beyond our stipulated MRP."
  • Q. How to claim input tax credit for expenditures?
    Vyapar is still in process of launching this service, we will update on this as soon as we start.
  • Q. Is Vyapar Cloud/Web-based?
    Vyapar is still in process of launching this service, we will update on this as soon as we start.
  • Q. Is payment reminder to parties facility available in Vyapar?
    "Yes! in Vyapar you can send personlized messages to your parties, reminding them to pay you on time. You can enable this in settings with a single click.
    Note: In desktop, this feature is yet to be implemented."
  • Q. How to enter Waste Quantity?
    Waste quantity can be reflected through "Adjust item" option. Number of wasted items can be reduced from available items to depict the loss.
  • Q. How can I check creditor/debitor list?
    Check all parties report in report section and filter for receivables or payables based on your requirement.
  • Q. Can we connect Mobile App data with Desktop App?
    Yes, by enabling "Auto Sync" option, you can synchronize mobile data with desktop.
  • Q. How to add packaging charge in bill?
    Yes, you can add any amount of "Additional Charge" in the bill. You can enable it in transaction settings.
  • Q. Can I send a single message to multiple customers?
    Yes! In Vyapar app you can send single message to multiple parties. note: This feature is yet to be implemented in desktop.
  • Q. Does closing stock include GST?
    Yes, it is included!
  • Q. Can I access the same Vyapar account from two mobile devices?
    Yes, you can do it by enabling "Auto-Sync" option in Vyapar App.
  • Q. Can I use mobile and desktop simultaneously to access same Vyapar Account?
    Yes, you can do it by enabling "Auto-Sync" option in Vyapar App.
  • Q. Can we do Item grouping in Vyapar?
    "Yes! Vyapar lets you create different categories for your items.
    This can be enabled in your item settings."
  • Q. How to create 2 companies and import all the details from one to another except balances?
    Just call us at 080-46268888 or write to us at and we'll help you with it.
  • Q. How to get input from weighing scale?
    We do not have this option yet!
  • Q. How to generate pdf of outstanding bills?
    You can generate outstanding bill list by filtering the unpaid ones from "custom reports".
  • Q. Where can I see my balance sheet?
    Balance Sheet is not built yet! This feature will be implemented very soon.
  • Q. How can I manage user permission?
    Not yet! This feature will be implemented very soon.
  • Q. I am a licensed user. But, why am I asked to buy license again?
    "This usually happens when you
    - Change your mobile device, or
    - Update your software.
    In these two cases you're asked to buy license again.
    From menu, click on ""Go Premium"" & note down the device ID, now, click on ""Already a Premium Member?"" , login with your registered email ID & password and opt for ""Change Option"" & select the device ID which you noted in the beginning. You are successfully logged in as a licensed user."
  • Q. How to close books in Vyapar?
    You can use “Close Financial Year” option to close books. Read the step-by-step method to close your books here -
  • Q. Can I reset my invoice number back to 1?
    Yes, you can!
    To reset your invoice number & other transactions, click on “Close Financial Year” from utilities. Under “Restart Transaction Numbers”, change prefixes for the invoice. This will reset your invoice number.

    NOTE: Not finding this option? Update to the latest version of Vyapar App
  • Q. How to see previous year data?
    A backup of your previous year data will be created in your device/google-drive at the time of closing book. Restore that file to your Vyapar App to see your previous year data.