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How to generate an invoice using the online invoice generator?

Sending appealing invoices to your customers can help you build your brand image. You don’t need to spend a lot of time creating an invoice each time for your customer. Instead, you can opt for Vyapar invoice generator to create an invoice online. You can create a professional invoice with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Enter Details

Add the necessary details about your business and your customer along with the date of billing. With Vyapar, you can add any number of items and leave notes about the invoice to make everything clear.

Step 2: Preview

After entering the details, you can check out how your invoice looks through the preview. If you feel that any changes are required, you can go to the previous tab in the online invoice generator and make the changes.

Step 3: Share/Download

Once finished, you can send the invoice to your customer, or print and download the invoice using the Vyapar online invoice generator.

A Better Alternative to Invoice Generator / Maker

Creating invoices is not enough. To be successful in your business, you need to track invoices, payments, stocks and all that matters. When your business grows, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time on excel tracking business metrics rather than focusing on areas of growth.

What if there is a solution? What if you still make invoices as easily as before and there is a system in place to track everything and give you insights on receivables, payables, cash flows, stock and business status? What if it allows you to send payment reminders to clients for faster payment cycles.

“If you are a small business ready to make the big leap, this application is for you.”

What can you expect from Vyapar Software?

Send professional quotes

Send Estimates & Quotations

Send professional quotes with complete details regarding your pricing estimates and GST. Using this invoice generator, you can provide the estimates to your customers with just a few clicks. Good quality quotes show your brands identity to your potential customers, giving Vyapar users a competitive edge over others who text mail quotations. free invoice generator helps you make a quote that can speak more than your prices, givingvoice to your brand and allowing you to convert more leads into paying customers. Moreover, once you get the deal, convert these quotations to invoices without much hassle, thereby making the process seamless. Read more

Managing your orders gets simpler

Track Sale/Purchase Orders

Managing your orders gets simpler with our online invoice generator. You have complete controlover the tracking of sale/purchase orders right from the time they are placed until they get delivered. It helps you simplify the process by ensuring that every task is performed right on time. Moreover, you can set up reminders within the app so that you do not forget to dispatch them ontime. Using Vyapar, you will be able to close the deals effortlessly. Our online GST invoice generator will allow you to choose from multiple GST sale/purchase formats. Read more

keeping track of the receivables and payables allow businesses

Know Receivables & Payables

Cash flow is essential for a business to operate smoothly, and keeping track of the receivables and payables allow businesses to plan ahead of time to ensure that they have enough liquidity for the operations. Using Vyapar, you can fill in your cashbook by using the invoice generator for free and ensure that you have access to your outstanding bills with one click. You can set the remainders to collect payments from your customers before due dates and send them reminders if they fail to make it on time. It will help you check on people who have not yet paid your invoices so that you can take essential actions and keep your finances from getting defaulted. Read more

You can track the financial health

Know your Business Status

You can track the financial health and status of your business from anywhere using Vyappar app. So if you go out on vacation, you need not worry much as you can keep a check on your business, make sure everything is right on track using our free invoice generator. It provides a better framework and more control over the business. Our GST invoice generator gives an overall analysis of how your company did in the past, how is it doing currency, and howwill it perform in future. It will help you modify your strategies to boost your business growth. Read more

invoice generator to create reports

Get Insights through Reports

Believing in your products is the first step, but analysing loop hopes and modifying strategies to improve and boost growth is much more critical. By analysing reports, businesses can improve their profitability, and you can use the Vyapar online invoice generator to create reports online for free. Reports are useful in demonstrating the complete analysis of your business. Through Vyapar invoice generator, you get a comprehensive review of your business that helps you track the profit and loss in each segment of your company. It allows you to make safer informed decisions rather than going for a bad gut feeling. Read more

require cash flow to operate flawlessly

Record & Manage Expenses

Businesses require cash flow to operate flawlessly, and you can track your expenses and earnings from day one to ensure you have enough reserves. Vyapar online invoice generator tool helps you keep track of the smallest expenses so that you can manage your costs accordingly. With Vyapar, you can generate the invoices of expenses, and it will make it visible in your dashboard so that you have a clear idea about profits. It will help you save time during tax filing as you can use the online GST invoice generator to create a GST invoice in one click. Read more

What can you do with Vyapar Software?

Invoice anywhere with just your smartphone.

Create and share unlimited GST invoices for FREE.

Saves you from retyping invoicing details.

Choose from plenty of templates.

Share invoices whichever way you like - SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Paper.

Customize invoices in multiple ways to fit your business needs.

Track paid, unpaid and partially paid invoices.

Create estimates/quotations on the go, convert them to invoices.

Pick your way to get paid - cash, card, online transfer.

Send payment reminders to customers with overdue invoices.

Add pay now link on your invoice and collect payments faster online.

Generate GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B & GSTR-9 in one click.

Why use our FREE Invoicing Software?

Super Easy-to-Use

No technical or accounting knowledge is required to use this App. Download & start using it right away.

Saves Time

Save time compared to manually creating invoices. Create invoices on the spot with just your smartphone.

Get Paid Faster

Adding Payment links directly on invoices ensures you get paid 2X times faster the right way.

Easy Tax Filing

Your invoices are processed & GSTR reports are generated for you to file them on time.

It's 100% Secure

Your data remains only on your device, No one else can access your data except you.

Ready to go beyond just Invoicing?

Get FREE Invoice Generator Software NOW!

Everything you need to know about Invoicing

What is an Invoice?

An invoice refers to the document that lists all the products and services purchased by the buyer. The seller issues an invoice to receive the payment for the services purchased by the buyer. It includes the payment terms as per the agreement. The prices for the items listed in the invoice are taken from the quote accepted by the buyer. The invoice is issued right after the delivery is made to the customer.

What is an invoice used for?

Invoices are used for business accounting purposes. They are proof of all the sales made by a business. Some important uses of invoices are listed below.

1. Requesting payment from customers and tracking them
2. Tracking inventory through sale numbers
3. Analyzing sale reports and forecasting future sales
4. Keeping track of current sales and active orders
5. Recording revenue made by the business for tax purposes
Read more

What is an online invoice generator?

An online invoice maker is a tool that helps a business create an invoice within minutes. Vyapar offers online invoicing to its users for free. You can visit the website and start building a new invoice for your customer for free in three simple steps. Online invoice generator makes seamless for a business to receive payments against the sales they have made. It allows the addition of all essential details related to the transaction. Vyapar also enables you to create professional invoices at no extra cost.

Why Use Our Online Invoice generator?

Sending invoices is a vital aspect of a business. You need to maintain the cash flow in a company to make sure it keeps running. To make it happen, you need to ensure that payments do not get delayed. Payments are made against the seller’s invoice, so to get paid faster, you need to send your invoice to your buyer as soon as they receive the order. Our online invoice maker tool allows you to receive payments from your customers without any hassle. You can use our invoice maker to create appealing invoices to showcase your professionalism. Further, you can keep the records of the transaction for use in future while filing for taxes. Read more

Benefits of Using an Online Invoice Maker

There are many unique benefits associated with an online invoice generator.
Here is a list of some significant advantages of using an online invoice maker.

Free invoicing

You need not pay anything to use the best online invoice generator. Vyapar allows users to create an invoice for free on any device and web browser.

Simple user interface

The website offers easy to use interface to create invoices. Anyone can make an invoice using Vyapar in just three steps. You can access the website anytime to create a free invoice.

Download / Share invoices

Once completed, you can share your final invoice to your customer right away. You can download our invoice in PDF format or share it by attaching it to your e-mail. Also, you can print the invoice and send a physical copy to your customer.

Tips to Make a Great invoice

Add the correct recipient details

Make sure to have the right information about your buyer in the invoice. Adding incorrect information can delay the payment as your client will not receive the invoice.

Add your business contact details

You can add your business logo, name, color, and fonts in an invoice to make sure it remains compatible with your brands’ image. It will make your invoice look professional, helping you build trust and faith among customers.

Mention payment terms

As both buyer and seller agreed on the payment terms as per the quotation provided by the seller. The invoice is sent out when the order is completed. By having payment terms discussed beforehand, you can make sure you get paid on time.

Value simplicity and minimalism

Too much technical information will make your invoice challenging to understand. So, try to embrace simplicity and minimalism within your invoice. Avoid adding unnecessary details that lack clarity. Read more

Provide multiple payment options

Make sure to offer numerous payment options in your invoice. It will provide your seller with the most suitable choice for them. Having detail transactions enables, you can get paid in minutes of sending an invoice.

Mistakes to avoid while creating an invoice

An invoice can get rejected if it is not created with the utmost care. You need to make sure to provide the complete details
of the transaction in the invoice. Some common invoicing mistakes are listed as follows:

Wrong date

The invoice should include the date on which it is issued. Not mentioning the date correctly can make it difficult to track the financials while filing taxes.

Inappropriate data

Make sure to add the correct details of each item you provided to the buyer. Having incomplete lists can affect the total and get your invoice rejected.

Totaling error

Totaling the invoice manually can lead to human errors. So, make sure to cross-check the total in your invoice before handing it over to your client. Avoid adding wrong taxes or charges that are not supposed to be included.

Why stop at Invoicing? Try Vyapar!

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Invoice generator for freelancers

Freelancers often struggle to receive payment once the services are provided to the customers. At times, freelancer work without advance, and thus rely on invoices to get paid once they finish the project. To collect payment faster, setting up an invoice is the first step. Freelancers can create an invoice using our online invoicing software.
To make a useful invoice here is a quick overview of the invoice that you should create.

1. It should contain a unique invoice number.
2. Have a date of issue of invoice
3. Due date for payment should be mentioned
4. Business name, address, and contact details
5. Customers contact information
6. Lists of products and services requested by the buyer
7. Rates, taxes, and charges involved
8. Payment terms, conditions, and additional notes
9. Authorized signature.
10. Online payment links.

Once you understand what you need to have in your invoice, any freelancer can follow these steps to create a professional invoice using our online invoice generator.

Step-1: Setting up terms of service
Every freelance project has its requirements. Every time you receive a new order, make sure to set up the project terms clearly with the buyer. Create a personalized invoice agreement for your clients. Taking terms clearly will help you get paid faster. So, create a quote for your client and get it signed. It will act as a document that is proof that the client agreed to pay a specific amount once the requests are fulfilled.

Step-2: Simple invoice for clear communication
Please keep your invoice error-free and make it specific to the services you are providing to your client. Having the slightest error can lead to its rejection, making your payment delayed. Keep it short and simple so that it is easily understandable. Adding technical jargon will only addconfusion within the invoice. So, using a simple online invoice maker tool is the right choice to make.

Step-3: Payment terms and conditions
Defining a payment policy term can help you get paid faster. You can set up a day and time for invoice payments with your recurring client so that it becomes convenient for them to pay you. Further, clearing the payment terms with a new client can help you collect payments faster than continuous follow-up after project submission. It allows clients to keep money in hand as they know when to expect your invoice.

Step-4: Get paid faster with digital transactions
By allowing your customer to pay in multiple payment options, you can ensure a faster payment collection. By opting for our online invoice maker, you can enable your customers to pay through UPI, NEFT, and net banking so that you need not collect payments in cash alone. Further, digital transactions are often convenient, allowing your customer to pay within minutes of receiving the payment.

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  • Can I use these invoices for filing taxes?
    Invoices created in this free GST invoice generator do have the details required for GST tax filing, but we recommend that you download and use our FREE invoice generator for creating invoices. You can generate GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, GSTR-9 directly on our GST invoice generator software and file them on the GSTN portal online.
  • How to accept payments from customers online?
    This free invoice generator doesn’t let you accept payments, but our invoicing App lets you add a Pay Now button so your customers can pay you using UPI payments.
  • How to add more details to my invoices?
    Here you can add basic details to your invoice. To add more details like the shipping and billing details, discounts, taxes, etc, download and use our GST invoice generator software where you can customize invoices to your needs.
  • How to save my invoice and customer details?
    Your Invoice details are not saved. In case you want to avoid retyping customer and item details every time you want to create invoices, use our FREE GST invoice generator.
  • Is this free Invoice creator really for free?
    Yes, it is absolutely FREE. No need to create an account or a credit card to start sending invoices. You can generate unlimited invoices and share them the unlimited number of times.
  • What is a tax invoice?
    A tax invoice is the sale bill created by a GST registered business owner when he sells taxable goods and services. It is mandatory for claiming ITC.
  • How to Send an invoice to the client?
    You can send your invoice to a customer seamlessly using an online invoice generator. Vyapar allows you to fill in all the required information for creating an invoice and send it to your client. For this, you can download the invoice in PDF format and print a physical copy or share it with your client’s e-mail. Upon receiving, your client will get the option to make payment through multiple payment options.
  • What is the price of Invoice generator?
    Every business needs to create an invoice for their customers. So, it is good to use the best online invoice maker. In comparison, many websites have different pricing models for creating a simple invoice. Vyapar allows users to create unlimited online invoices for free. Also, with a simple user interface, our online invoice maker does stand out among competitors.
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