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What is a Challan?

Challan is a professional technical term that is used in financial transactions. It is an official receipt, form of acknowledgement, or proof document. According to the American Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a Challan is an invoice or a voucher.

Challan is an official form or another receipt, a kind of document, citation, or paperwork. Challan is a way of crediting money to one’s bank account through a form document. It is usually used as a recipient for delivery or payment.

There are various types of challans, such as delivery, tax, banking, and general payment receipt.

The most common type of challan is the delivery challan. It outlines the recipient of the products, multiple shipment locations, date of delivery, and description of goods. The best part is that you can include all GST details in the challan to help keep records of data and comply with Indian laws.

What is a GST Challan?

Berif of GST Challan Format
In India, GST or Goods and Services Tax is a form of indirect tax used in India to supply goods or services. Goods and services tax (GST) are divided into different tax slabs 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

CGST Act 2017 is an act to make a provision for collection and levy of tax on intra-state supply of goods or services. GST is broken down into CGST, SGST, IGST, AND GST CESS.

A challan is an official form of document which is used as a way to credit money to one’s bank account. Challan is used as a receipt of payment or for delivery. According to the CGST Rules, a challan is issued in a triplicate copy.

A challan under GST is a challan that every registered taxpayer needs to generate to pay the GST. It is the first step in making the GST payment. Taxpayers may self-assess the current month’s liability. They can then generate a GST challan for the same.

The most common type of GST challan is the delivery challan. The primary purpose of issuing a delivery challan is to indicate the delivery of goods. All the details in a delivery challan are serially numbered.

It is also used to get the customer’s acknowledgement receipt. It is created during the transportation of goods which may not result in sales. A minimum of four copies of the challan must be available. It is used for various transaction purposes.

The four copies serve the following functions:

  • The original copy is sent to the department of accounts.
  • The second copy of the challan is sent to the sales department.
  • The third copy of the challan is issued to the customer.
  • The store department retains the last copy for record-keeping.

What are the Various Types of GST Challan?

Various Types of GST Challan Format

There are various types of GST challan available. It includes banking challan, delivery challan, tax challan, general payment receipt challan, e-challan, etc. Let us discuss the few challans below:-

1. Banking Challan – A banking challan is an official document or the form used to credit money from one account to another. It is similar to a deposit slip available in the bank. It can be used to deposit money into someone’s account in cash or by NEFT/RTGS. The bank challan is generated by a merchant or an institution for paying fees.

2. Tax Challan – Tax challan is a simple form or document used to pay taxes to the government. Tax is deposited in authorized banks and not directly with the Income Tax Department. The tax challan can be paid directly through net banking.

3. Delivery Challan – A delivery challan is a formal document generated in situations where the goods are transported from one place to another. This transport of goods may or may not result in a sale or return basis. The material delivery challans are sent along with the shipment of goods. For example Transfer of goods from the Head office department to its several branches.

4. E-Challan – An e-challan is a computer-generated challan. It is issued against the traffic violations committed by any motor vehicle. It is the electronic form of challan. The officer concerned or the traffic police in charge may assign the e-challan. It comes along with the penalty amount mentioned.

What are the Key Components of the GST Challan?

Key Components of the GST Challan Formats

A GST challan consists of various components. The main details that are included in a GST challan are as follows:-

  • The date on which the GST challan is created
  • Number of GST challan
  • Consignor’s name, address, GSTIN number
  • A detailed description of the goods that need to be delivered
  • Consignee’s name, GSTIN number, address, or Unique Identity Number (UIN)
  • The total number of goods to be delivered
  • HSN code of the goods that are to be transported
  • The taxable amount of the total number of supplied goods
  • The location of supply in cases of interstate transportation of goods
  • The applicable GST rate, which is broken down into IGST, CGST, SGST, and GST Cess
  • Signature of the registered authority or the supplier

What are the Different Types of Ways a GST Challan is Used?

Different Types of Ways a GST Challan is Used

A challan can be applicable in different contexts. The different types of ways that a GST challan is used are as follows:-

1. Challan as a Monetary Credit Receipt – The challans that are used as monetary credit receipts are delivery challan, banking challan, general payment receipt challan, and tax challan.

A banking challan is a way of crediting the money from one bank account to another. It is an official legal document. It is similar to that of a deposit slip. The only difference is that the details in a banking challan are pre-filled, whereas that on a deposit slip needs to be filled.

General payment receipt challan is any payment receipt from a big institution, especially a government institution. It is issued to an individual.

A tax challan is a legal document that is used to pay taxes to the government. Instead, to issue a tax invoice, a tax challan is issued.

A Delivery challan is a challan that shows that the consumer has acknowledged the receipt of goods. However, it does not depict their ownership or legal responsibilities. It is needed for the transportation of goods for job work. There are cases where delivery challan is used instead of a tax invoice.

2. Challan as a Punitive Citation for an Infringement or Offense – The challans are used as a punitive citation for an infringement or offense. They are traffic challans and challans under section 188 of the IPC.

A traffic challan is a ticket issued by the traffic police for a driver’s violation of traffic rules. The person to whom the challan is issued is responsible for paying the penalty. It entirely depends on the type of violation made as per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Offenses other than traffic violations are also recorded. The challan for the same is created under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. For example, not wearing masks during covid outbreaks is considered an offense. A challan can be issued for the same.

How to Create a GST Challan Using the Vyapar App?

The GST challan can be created in a very simple manner while using the Vyapar app. The challan format is available in Word, Excel, and PDF format. The steps to create a GST challan using the Vyapar app are as follows:-

  • Tap on the “add more” option that is available on the homepage
  • Click on the delivery challan option from there
  • Once the tab opens, fill out the necessary details.
  • Enter the name along with the shipping address and GSTIN
  • Fill out the name of the goods, name of the party, description, delivery date, etc.
  • Once you have filled in the necessary details, you can save the GST challan created

Finally, the GST challan is created using the Vyapar app. The GST challan can be saved in various formats like Word, Excel, or PDF format.

Benefits of Using the Vyapar App for GST Challan Requirements

Benefits of Using GST Challan Formats
The various benefits of using the Vyapar App for GST challan requirements are as follows:-

Send Estimates and Quotations:

Vyapar challan generator app comes with formats that help create professional estimates and quotations for your business. It includes a free estimate and quotations format that helps create accurate GST invoices.

The billing and invoicing features in the GST challan maker app provide a professional outlook to a business. The Vyapar app also helps in automating most of the processes. The exquisite inbuilt features in the Vyapar app allow users to send quotes or estimates anytime. Users can even send them through WhatsApp, printing, SMS, or email.

Vyapar app ensures that the quotes and estimates are error-free. The quotations and estimates can anytime be converted into sale invoices. Choosing the challan formats by Vyapar is a budget-friendly way of creating professional challans. Further, the GST challan helps simplify the quotations and estimates for all business owners.

Business Reports:

Every business needs to make informed and sound decisions, which requires analysis of reports. It is done to ensure a consistent and upward rising growth trajectory. The Vyapar app has a variety of 40+ business reports for all the business requirements.

The GST challan analyzes accurate business details, sales, expenses, accounts, etc. It is an efficient way to analyze the profit of the business. The various reports are as follows:-

  • GSTR 1 format
  • Balance Sheet
  • GSTR 3B
  • Profit & Loss
  • GST-related reports
The Vyapar app increases the operational efficiency of businesses. It is done when the GST challan maker app is used extensively. You can easily export the various business reports in Excel or PDF format.

GST Filing Made Simpler:

Filing GST manually is a challenging and lengthy process for business owners. However, using the Vyapar billing software, you can create GST reports seamlessly. You can also make the GST filing process seamless and hassle-free.

Business owners spend a lot of time ensuring they comply with the tax laws. However, the Vyapar GST challan maker app has features that help create dedicated GSTR reports. It saves a lot of time with the automation feature.

Using the professional Vyapar billing software to create reports saves time for every business owner. Business owners rely on the automation feature to complete all accounting tasks.

Delivery Challan:

One of the benefits of using the Vyapar app for GST challan is delivery challan. You can create a delivery challan and attach it with the respective consignment. By tracking delivery challan, you ensure that the goods have reached customers safely.

The best challan maker app by Vyapar helps manage the consignee and consignor details seamlessly. Users can also include terms and conditions to avoid any disputes. It clarifies the scope of the order and makes the business run smoothly.

The delivery challans can also be efficiently converted into bills. The delivery challans can also be converted into invoices once it has reached the customer.

Manage Inventory Seamlessly:

Vyapar GST challan maker app brings the most satisfactory inventory management features in it. The software helps in improving the business performance with the efficient features available.

Using the various features of the Vyapar app, you get to track the business performance. This will allow you to understand how effectively you have managed the inventory. The inventory tracking feature helps in maximizing the utility of inventory space.

The inventory tracking feature allows you to record and identify items. The analysis can be used to save space by eliminating things that don’t sell frequently. The GST challan software enables you to check the live status of your inventory.

Valuable Features of the Vyapar App

Features of the Vyapar App
The other valuable features of using the Vyapar App are mentioned below:-

Track Orders:

The advanced GST challan software makes creating purchases or sales orders easy. Vyapar also helps set up a due date for tracking all the orders conveniently. The auto stock adjustment feature ensures the availability of inventory items.

The tracking features of the GST challan app help fulfill the orders promptly. You can also attach the invoice along with the order. It helps you in tracking if the payment is due or not.

The sale and purchase order formats can also be improved by using the Vyapar software. Users save a lot of time, allowing them to focus on business growth. They do this by automatically converting orders into purchase or sale invoices.

Bank Accounts:

Business owners easily add, track and manage online and offline payments. The tasks are quickly completed when the users use the GST challan software. The free GST challan maker app can quickly and seamlessly enter the data.

Credit cards and loan accounts can also be easily managed using the Vyapar challan software. Vyapar also has open cheques which allow the users to make instant deposits. It also allows them to withdraw or close the cheques instantly.

Users can send or receive money using their respective bank accounts. Bank-to-bank transfers can also be performed using seamless cash flow management.

Online Store:

Users can set up their online store by listing their products and services in the Vyapar app. It can be done within a few hours. Vyapar app allows listing all the products/services you offer to customers online.

The GST challan maker app further helps in presenting a catalogue of the same and helps you in boosting sales online. Vyapar software does not levy any charges on using the online store features.

Using the online store feature helps reduce the store counter’s waiting period. This online store feature helps in increasing sales. It further helps in the growth of the business.

Automatic Data Backup:

The GST challan software by Vyapar comes with an automatic data backup feature. The software is 100% secure and allows you to store your data efficiently and accurately.

The Vyapar app has a hassle-free backup system with the auto backup feature. The GST billing and accounting software can be easily used to recover data. The data is encrypted with advanced security.

Vyapar has an encrypted system that keeps the data accessible only to the owner. It is done to enhance the safety and security of the data. The app lets the data be secured in the app with external, local, or online backups.

Choose Themes:

Choosing a proper theme will help you get an authentic brand identity. Sharing a professional and customized invoice with clients helps improve the brand identity.

The Vyapar app has two professional invoice themes for thermal printers.

Using the GST challan software, you can quickly improve the look of your invoice. Customisation options are also available, which makes it seamless and convenient.

Vyapar app is the best software for accounting, inventory. You get to choose from various invoice formats to meet business requirements. The free GST billing app is quickly gaining the highest invoice standard. It builds a positive and professional brand image.

Thermal/ Regular Printer:

The Vyapar challan app in GST helps create bills and invoices for transactions. The Vyapar app is compatible with both regular and thermal printers. It will help you in getting the desired printout within minutes.

There are various size options available through which you can generate printouts. The Vyapar app can also create and send professional invoices to customers.

To create invoices, you can choose from various formats such as Word, Excel, or PDF. It can also be customized and printed out for customers. The process is simple, and both regular and thermal printers can be used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I File a GST Challan?

A GST challan is filed by logging into the portal and filling out the necessary details. The Vyapar app can be used to create several GST challan formats. It can be further used to file a GST challan.

What is a GST Challan?

Every registered taxpayer or a person who is making payment on his/her behalf is required to generate a GST challan. It is the first step toward making the payment of GST.

What is the GST Challan Number?

CIN (Challan Identification Number) is the GST challan number. It is a 17-digit number. It consists of a 14-digit CPIN plus 3-digit Bank Code. CIN is generated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or authorised banks. It is done when the payment is received by such authorised banks.

The CIN number is a proof of reference on the confirmation of receipt of GST tax paid to the appropriate government.

How can I Get a GST Paid Challan Receipt?

You can get the GST-paid challan receipt after visiting the website. Enter the common PIN and GST number. Once it shows paid, then you can download the challan receipt.

How do I Print the GST Paid Challan?

To print the GST paid challan, you will need to go to the website. Click on the payments option and click on my saved challans. The challans will be in chronological order. Click on the edit button to edit. Then save the challan and take the printout by clicking on the print option there.

What Details are Required to be Filled by the Taxpayer While Generating a Challan?

The details that are required to be filled by the taxpayer while generating a challan are as follows:-

  • Amount of tax deposited
  • Penalty
  • Interest
  • Any other amount
  • Fees

What is the Expiry Date in the GST Challan?

You are prepared to send your customers an Excel invoice once it has been created.

The expiry date of a GST challan is fifteen days from its generation. It will be valid for fifteen days after its generation, and then it will be purged from the system. However, the taxpayer can generate another GST challan at his/her convenience.