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How to create a Proforma Invoice online with our Proforma Invoice Maker

A proforma invoice should include all necessary elements to ensure it looks professional. Followthese step by step instructions to generate a proforma invoice using Vyapar.

Step 1: Enter Details

Add your company name and contact details, including the address in your proforma invoice.
Add the necessary contact details of the buyer who has requested the proforma invoice.

Step 2: Mention Products and Charges

Include the list of products and services you can provide at an estimated price for each item.
Write details of charges, shipping, taxes, and prices as per the agreement. Mention T&C.

Step 3: Preview and Share/Download

Have a preview of all the details that you have mentioned, if any changes, you can go back and edit. Once finished, you can email the purchase to your customer, get a print-out of the proforma invoice or download it as a PDF file.

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You may begin proforma invoicing using an online generator initially. It is useful if you are to do this once in a while. However, if you have to do it frequently, you will waste most of your time in doing redundant tasks for every invoice you generate.

A better alternative to proforma invoice makers is using accounting software like Vyapar. Save time every time you create an invoice byavoiding filling out redundant entries each time. Using our proforma invoicing software, you can fast-track the proforma invoicing by automation.

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Everything you need to know about Proforma-Invoices

What is Proforma Invoice?

A Proforma invoice refers to a document created by the seller. It highlights their intention to deliver the listed goods and services at an estimated price.
It contains the information about taxes, commission, shipping costs, and the terms and conditions regarding the order.

If accepted, the proforma invoice becomes a binding agreement, and the seller starts delivering their promises.
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What is the purpose of a proforma invoice?

Businesses use proforma invoices for internal purchase approval processes. It helps the financeteam agree on an amount estimate for the requirements. Some critical purposes of a proforma invoice are listed below.

1. It is a document sent to the buyer before the goods or services are delivered.

2. It provides the buyer with a precise sale price before placing an order.

3. No exact guidelines for proforma invoice, makes it convenient for sellers to send it quickly.

4. It contains enough information required for the transaction to occur.

5. Having a proforma invoice helps bring clarity regarding the sale offer to the buyer.
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What is a Proforma Invoice generator?

A proforma invoice generator is a tool to create and send proforma invoices to buyers. Sellers use it to provide essential details about the transaction to their customers before the transaction occurs.
Vyapar’s online proforma invoice maker tool offers all fields required for a professional requirement. Using Vyapar, you can customize it and create a professional proforma invoice.

How to Send a Proforma Invoice to the Client?

Once you finish creating your proforma invoice, you can send it to your client seamlessly with Vyapar. Here are two ways you can send a proforma invoice to your buyer.

1. The First method is to send a digital copy using e-mail or WhatsApp to your client. You can send it by using a link to your invoice or attaching your invoice’s PDF format. The client can clickon the link or attachment to check the proforma invoice.

2. The Second method is to send a physical copy of the proforma invoice you generated using the online proforma invoice maker. You can download the invoice, print it and deliver to your client’s address.
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Why Use Our Online Proforma Invoice Maker?

Proforma Invoices are a step before your client signs an agreement with you. To boost the chances that your proforma invoice gets accepted, you need to make it look professional.
Vyapar allows you to create a highly appealing proforma invoice that can make you stand out among competitors. It can help you showcase your authority and seriousness regarding the work. Further, it reduces the chances of errors that occur in the manual creation of proforma invoices.

Further, the beautifully designed proforma invoices can be easily converted into invoices using Vyapar. It helps save your time of re-entering data, making it extremely useful in cutting down your business costs. The online proforma invoice generator is a tool to instantly create a proforma invoice, so it does not come with template options. To make a professional proforma invoice, you can use Vyapar accounting software and create an appealing proforma bill that suits your business the best. Vyapar helps you send, print, and download the generated invoice seamlessly.
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Tips to Make a Great Proforma Invoice

Creating a professional proforma invoice is similar to creating an actual commercial invoice sent to request payment. The difference is that the proforma invoice is sent to a potential buyer before finalizing a deal. To make an excellent proforma invoice, you can follow the tips below.

Understand the Requirement

Determine the terms and quantity of the sales for each product or service involved in the transaction. Provide a detailed description of each commitment that you are supposed to deliver to your customer.

Add all details correctly

Add the contact details of your business and mention the buyer’s contact details for which the proforma invoice is issued. Try to enter only the essential information to make it easier for your buyer to understand, decide and revert soon.

Remember to Authorize

Authorize your proforma invoice with signature and mention dates if the offer is available for a specific time span. If your offer is accepted, the buyer will sign it and sendit back to you.

Create a professional impression

Use a professional proforma invoice generator to make a positive impression on your customer. It helps you stand out among competitors by showcasing your professionalism.

Be descriptive about the costs

Add all project details like pricing, shipping charges, taxes, and other estimates. The information of pricing is used by many businesses internally for approval. As a buyer might request proforma invoices from multiple suppliers, it does not necessarily convert into a sale.

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  • What is the difference between a final invoice and a proforma invoice?
    A proforma invoice is referred to as a confirmed purchase order and not a finalised bill. It is a document of commitment from a seller to deliver the goods and services as described. The buyer has the option to confirm the purchase. An invoice, on the other hand, is a document that demonstrates a confirmed sale. It is used as a record of account receivable for a seller and account payable for a buyer.
  • Can a proforma invoice be paid?
    One crucial difference that distinguishes proforma invoice with a standard invoice is the terms of payment. The proforma invoice does not contain a payment method or payment request as it is sent to a buyer before the deal gets finalized. At times, the terms might change, and the price may vary slightly in the seller’s final invoice. So, the answer is no; you cannot pay a proforma invoice. However, the seller can easily convert it into a standard invoice and send it back for receiving payment.
  • Can a proforma invoice be cancelled?
    Yes, you can cancel a proforma invoice. However, it is not essential to cancel it as it acts as a dummy invoice. It will have no financial impact in any way as it is not included in any financial document. However, you can notify the seller if you want a modified proforma invoice.
  • Who signs the proforma invoice?
    The proforma invoice is first signed by the seller and sent to the client for approval. After the buyer accepts the proforma invoice, it should be signed and returned to the seller. Both parties’ sign is a confirmation that allows the seller to start delivering the goods and services as agreed in the proforma invoice.
  • Does a proforma invoice have a number?
    No, a proforma invoice is not yet the final invoice. So, unlike final invoices, they are not required to have an invoice number. At times, proforma bills get used as an estimate or quotation for the requested goods and services. It just contains a reference number for records.
  • How do proforma invoices work?
    Unlike a simple price quotation, a proforma invoice is a legally binding document if accepted by the buyer. Even when the terms of sales are subject to change, it is used until the final invoice is created. The deal is signed by both parties involved in the transaction, so it makes it run smoothly. By providing a precise estimate, it becomes simpler for buyers to finalize the deal.

    Even though the proforma invoice contains the details about pricing and other costs, it does not demand payment. Once the delivery is made, an invoice can be issued to the buyer for requesting payment. Using Vyapar, you can convert your proforma invoice into a final invoice with a simple click. It helps you save time by eliminating the process to create the invoice again.
  • What is a proforma invoice example?
    A professional invoice is used when a sale is completed. However, when the transaction has not yet occurred, the seller can use the proforma invoice. Further, it can be used when the sale contract terms specify that full payment is not due until the buyer receives certain goods.

    For example, a pizza customer orders a pizza at an agreed price written in a proforma bill. Once the pizza is made and delivered, the customer receives the invoice along with it. The amount on the invoice is either the same or close to that on the proforma invoice.
  • What should be included in a proforma?
    Proforma invoice should provide all essential information related to the transaction. It includes information similar to the final tax invoice. However, you need not enter the bill number and payment gateway in it. Here are some vital things that should get included in a professional proforma bill.

    1. Contact details of buyer and seller involved in the transaction

    2. Date and title of the invoice. Mention the title as “Proforma Invoice”.

    3. Include descriptions of all products and services that the seller will deliver

    4. Details regarding shipping and taxes involved. Try to provide a precise estimate to your buyer.

    5. Terms and conditions of the agreement.
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