Delivery Challan Format

Vyapar app simplifies the creation of delivery challans using accessible formats. A Delivery Challan Format allows you to generate bills quickly for your business. The app helps sellers in managing all accounting requirements in one place.

Delivery Challan Format

What is Delivery Challan?

A seller creates a delivery challan when goods are delivered through shipment. Such transfer may or may not result in a sale. For instance, transfer of goods from head office to a branch office.
There are mainly two types of delivery challan.

1. Outward Delivery Challan
2. Inward Delivery Challan

An outward delivery challan informs sales authorities what items have been transported, to whom, etc. It is mainly used for job work and subcontracting purposes.
An inward delivery challan keeps records of all the materials received and sent for the job and includes raw materials.

GST Delivery Challan Format

According to rule 55(1) of the CGST Act, a consignor may issue a delivery challan instead of the invoice for:

(a) Liquid gas where the quantity removed by the supplier from their place of business is unknown.

(b) Transportation of goods for job work in any of the following situations:

  • Principal sends goods to the job worker.
  • Job worker sends goods to another worker.
  • Job worker returns goods to the principal.
  • The products are transferred from one warehouse to another warehouse or factory before they are ready for dispatch.

(c) Transportation of goods for purposes other than supply.

(d) Any other supplies that the Board may notify.

The consignor may issue a delivery Challan for subsequent consignments with a serial number of up to 16 characters in one or more series. CGST, SGST, and IGST must have separate columns.

The following are the circumstances in which a delivery challan is required for the transportation of goods:

Goods sent with approval:
It would be best if you issued the delivery challan at the time of removal of goods from the state or outside of the state with approval for sale or return and before supplying them.

Transporting Artwork to various galleries:
Artists carry their artworks to various galleries, where these are exhibited and sold from such galleries if the buyer selects work. An artist should transport the artworks from one gallery to another within or outside the state under delivery challan.

Sending products outside of India for display or export marketing:
The removal of goods from India for exhibition or on a consignment basis for export promotion is not considered either a "supply" or an "export," according to CBI&C Circular No. 108/27/2019-GST, dated July 18, 2019. LUT or a bond is unnecessary because it is not an "export." The seller must use a Delivery Challan to send the goods.

Goods Transfer in Multiple Shipments:
The supplier must issue the full invoice before dispatching the first shipment of goods when they are being transferred in multiple shipments. Also, they must issue a delivery challan for each additional shipment concerning the original copy of the invoice if the goods are being transported partially or entirely.

At the time of removal of goods:
The supplier may issue a delivery challan and transport the goods if the goods are intended for sale or supply, but the tax invoice cannot be issued under Rule 55(4) of the CGST and SGST Rules, 2017. The tax invoice will be issued after the goods are delivered.

When e-way bills are not necessary:
You can transport the goods using this Challan if the e-way bill, tax invoice, or Bill of Supply is unnecessary, following Rule 55A of the CGST Rules, which took effect on January 23, 2018.

Contents of a delivery challan under GST

A supplier must include the following details in a delivery challan:

  • Receiver's details like name and contact details.
  • Details of supplier such as name and mobile number.
  • Address and GSTIN or UIN.
  • The date and number of Challan.
  • Description of the goods.
  • HSN Code of the goods.
  • Total quantity and price of the goods in the shipment.
  • Tax rate, if applicable.
  • Place of supply of goods.
  • Signature of the supplier.

Material Delivery Challan Format

Material delivery challan Format By Vyapar

Material Delivery Challan Format or Inward Delivery Challan is a document mainly used to receive the customer's raw materials, record materials sent for the job, and track the finished product.

Job Work Delivery Challan Format

Job Work delivery challan Format By Vyapar

The principal must first download the GST job work challan to send the goods for job work processing.
The challan format is made per GST regulations.
The record will assist with keeping track of the GSTR 4 return.
The principal must make three copies of the Challan.
The job worker returns goods to the principal after processing them, and they do so using the job work challan.
If you need to make any additional changes, you can download the delivery challan format in excel.
You can also create a word file from it.

Delivery Challan Format in Word

delivery challan Format in Word By Vyapar

As a result, using the template, you will make your own delivery challan format in word.

  • Find your favourite template by browsing the available options.
  • Make the necessary changes based on your shipment needs.
  • Change the business name, goods description, client information, challan date and number, overall cost, and contact details.
  • Change your Challan's fonts, logos, and colours to suit your needs.
  • Keep the Delivery Challan for reference in the future. Now it's simple to create an invoice, download it, and submit it.

Delivery Challan Format in PDF

PDF delivery challan Format By Vyapar

PDF format is convenient, and you can easily share it with your clients. You need to download the delivery challan format in pdf, make the necessary changes, and share it with the buyer and transporter.
You can still download invoices in PDF format that are in other forms, like Word and Excel. Here are the steps:

Step 1: On the menu bar, click on 'File'
Step 2: Select the "Save" option
Step 3: Click on 'Save As'
Step 4: Then, under 'Save as Type,' choose "PDF."
Step 5: Lastly, click on 'Save'

Delivery Challan Format in Excel

delivery challan Format in Excel By Vyapar

When doing business, the supplier frequently cannot issue an invoice for each item delivered due to various factors. In those circumstances, he sends the materials, generates a Delivery Challan, and then bills for it. A "Delivery Challans Excel format" is something that many business owners search for because it makes the process easier to follow.

A delivery challan is a collection of data represented through tables, and Excel naturally works with data that includes tables. Due to Excel's extensive library of formulas, calculations take less time to complete. Excel's best feature is that it gives the Delivery Challan a beautiful appearance, which is why trading businesses prefer it for internal use.

How do you create a Vyapar delivery challan?

Steps To Create delivery challan Format In Vyapar App

Before creating the delivery challan, you need to know the basic settings.

  • Open the Vyapar app on your mobile or desktop.
  • Click on Settings in the left menu.
  • You can select Delivery Challan from the section for general settings.
  • To create a delivery challan, you must enable that option.
  • By doing this, you can include the delivery challan in your transaction section.
  • To learn more, click the information icon.

When you enable the delivery challan option, two additional options will appear on your screen.

1. Goods returned on Delivery Challan:

We advise always keeping this option selected because it is necessary when there is a chance that the other party will return the goods you sent.

2. Print Amount on Delivery Challan:

You must enable this option if you want to include the cost of the goods on the Challan.
Further, go to the transaction section and turn on the required fields if you want more information in the Challan. You must also include the party's shipping address in the delivery challan. Make sure the party shipping address checkbox is selected in the party section.

  • Click the plus (+) sign on the homepage, then the delivery challan.
  • Additionally, you can select delivery challan by going to the sale section in the left menu.
  • Mention the date and challan number at the top, and add the party's name and any items.
  • Complete all the required fields, then save the form.
  • Your delivery challan is now available.
  • You can print it out or store it as a PDF.
  • Additionally, you can send it to your client and transporter via WhatsApp, email, or SMS.

Benefits of using Delivery Challan Format by Vyapar:

Benefits Of Using delivery challan Format By Vyapar

Build a positive brand image

Using the Vyapar app, you can provide customised professional quotes to your clients, which builds a positive brand image. Your delivery challan can include our company's logo, style, font, and brand colours.
An expertly created custom invoice can help you stand out from the competition. A buyer will likely purchase from a seller who uses expert custom quotation formats instead of plain text.
A custom challan can contain all the details required to close the deal. The information in the quotes may include details about the goods or services, price breaks, taxes, and terms of sale.

Track business status

Manage your company's payments, open orders, inventory status, and cash flow all in one place. Using Vyapar's business dashboard, you can streamline your whole management process.
With our business accounting software and invoicing tools, you can manage your business while on the go. With the help of this free billing software, accounting in your company is made very easy and effective. You can always receive thorough updates on your company.
The GST billing app aids the analysis of your overall business operations. Using the observations, you can alter your business strategy whenever you want. It guarantees the smooth operation of your company.

Provide multiple payment options

Using the Vyapar invoicing app, you can create invoices with various payment options. Your clients can pay you in the usual ways, like bank transfers (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS).
To make it easier for your customers to send a payment to the UPI id attached, you can include a QR code as one of the payment options within the invoice.
You can also accept cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards. It will allow you to extend your customers better credit and entice them to do business with you more frequently.

Online/Offline billing

You can continue running your business despite poor internet connectivity by using various features in the simple delivery challan maker app. You can use offline billing software to accept payments in your retail business.
For India's remote locations, cash and eWallets are ideal because they do not require a connection to the internet. Additionally, you can create invoices for your clients offline using the Vyapar app.
Our business accounting software automatically validates and updates your transactions when you connect your database to the internet. Using our software, you can produce invoices for your customers as soon as they purchase.

Simple and time-saving

There is no need for specialised accounting knowledge to use the Vyapar software. The app's user-friendly interface makes it simpler for freelancers to use different freelance invoice formats.
The Vyapar app automatically records your transaction data. You can analyse your company and check the reports quickly. In Vyapar, any team member can manage transactions.
Manual bookkeeping is time-consuming and prone to error. Using the automated software from Vyapar will help you avoid this problem. The required reports will be accurately generated by it.

Access features for free

For Android users, the Vyapar app's basic plan is free. You don't have to pay to use the necessary features and accounting tools. At Vyapar, we strive to give our customers the best service possible.
Our mission to include millions of small business owners in the digital economy includes providing free access. Vyapar simplifies the management and scaling of business operations.
The accounting app is available from the Play Store for free download and registration. You can, however, sign up for a subscription to gain access to the paid features and desktop applications.

Other valuable features of Vyapar:

Track Delivery Challan

Vyapar allows you to create delivery challan for your shipment quickly. You can set up a date for the shipment and track the Challan. The auto-stock adjustment helps to guarantee that you have stock available at all times.

The tracking feature can help you deliver the shipment on time, and if it gets misplaced, you can point the right direction. This way, you can satisfy the customers, save time and focus on other essential tasks.

Issuing a tax invoice with the order and tracking payment if due is easy with the app. You can more easily enhance your challan formats because the Vyapar App offers a variety of options, such as Word, PDF, and Excel.

Using our free billing app, you can keep track of open, closed, and overdue orders. It makes it the ideal option for companies. Businesses can easily track everything by utilising these features. In other words, it enhances worker performance.

Create Delivery Challans

Using the Vyapar app, you can make delivery challans and include them with your consignment. It confirms that the recipient has accepted the receipt and made the delivery.

You can track your delivery challans using Vyapar. So that you can be sure your goods have arrived where they are supposed to. If your shipment is lost, you can provide directions by knowing where it is. It guarantees that shipments get to customers safely.

You can include the terms and conditions of the order in the delivery challan, which also includes the shipment information. In this way, it aids in avoiding disagreements and streamlines the procedure.

When the delivery reaches the customer, the delivery challans can be transformed into invoices. You can make all forms of offline and online payment available to your customers.

GST Invoicing / Billing

Your business will benefit greatly from using our all-in-one free GST billing software because it will enable you to automate your billing needs. Business owners could efficiently complete various tasks, including GST return filing and inventory management.

The app allows you to quickly generate GST challans for your clients, print them, and share them with them. The GST invoice format is generally advised for bills, which you can create using the Vyapar app.

The barcode scanner and shortcut keys can help you complete repetitive tasks faster during the billing process. One of the critical features of the Vyapar app is "bill-wise payment," which makes it simple to connect payments to sales invoices.

The free GST mobile app creates multiple parties to manage all clients efficiently. This feature makes it simpler to keep track of all the invoice due dates and to look up previous invoices at any time. Any business can quickly find any overdue payments using the Vyapar app.

Download Free Delivery Challan Format

Free Delivery Challan Format in Excel

Free Delivery Challan Format in Word

Free Delivery Challan Format in PDF

Free Delivery Challan Format in Google Docs

Free Delivery Challan Format in Google Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery challan format?

The format includes the consignor and consignee's name and address. Mention the GSTIN if registered. HSN code for the goods. The product's HSN code.

How do you make a delivery Challan?

You can make a delivery challan using word or excel.

How many copies of the delivery challan should be prepared?

You must make three copies of the delivery challan per rule 55(2) of the CGST Act.
Original copy - For the Buyer
Duplicate copy - For the Transporter
Triplicate copy - For the Seller

Why is delivery challan required?

A delivery challan is generated when you must send goods or capital goods; however, GST does not apply in this situation. Therefore, a delivery challan records the number of goods delivered and serves as proof when payment is not made at the time of supply.

Is an e-way bill required for delivery challan?

The movement of goods up to a distance of 20 km does not require an e-Way bill. After implementing GST, sending the e-Way bill with the Delivery Challan is necessary.

What is the difference between invoice and delivery challan?

A tax invoice carries legal obligations and serves as proof of ownership. Contrarily, a delivery challan has no legal obligations and offers no evidence of ownership.

Can we make an e-way Bill on delivery challan?

Yes, delivery Challan will work as an e-Way Bill. Any registered taxpayer or transporter may generate an e-way bill on the delivery challan using the GST portal.

How is the delivery challan issued?

A seller gives the buyer a delivery challan when delivering goods. A sale may or may not arise out of these goods.