Barcode Scanner Online with Camera

Barcode Scanner Online with Camera

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Barcode Scanner Online with Camera

Vyapar app allows you to scan barcodes using your android device. You can easily retrieve information stored in barcodes. It can help you get the correct data about a product whenever it is required.

Barcode Scanner Online Free From Camera

By scanning the barcode on the packaging, you can enter details in the invoice without performing any manual data entry work.

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What is a Barcode Scanner?

The barcode scanner is a feature that scans the white and black line width and spacing in a bar code. By using the barcode scanner in the Vyapar app, you can retrieve information stored within a barcode. The data is then transferred to the computer to perform the desired actions.

Types of Barcode

Read EAN Barcode Online


EAN-13 barcodes get used for POS terminals within a supermarket. It is a 13 digit code that includes the country code, article number, check digit, and the manufacturer’s name.

Code 39 Barcode Reader Online

Code 39

Code 39 allows up to 43 characters. It is a variable barcode that can include uppercase letters numerals from 0 to 9 and other special characters.

Read UPC Barcode Online


UPC-A or Universal Product Code is the most popular barcode on consumer goods. It gets used worldwide.

ITF Barcode scanner Online


ITF gets used for items that contain GTIN. The data stored in this barcode should be in an even number of digits.

Get the Right Barcode Scanner for your Business

Why do businesses use barcode scanners?

Barcode scanner helps in automatic product identification and fast recognition. It facilitates quick access to data. Further, it helps enhance security and theft detection by reporting missing/lost items. In short, barcodes help simplify processes for businesses. Using it, you can eliminate the manual effort required to fill in order details in each invoice.
Also, it allows customers to pay you using digital money transfer methods. Barcode scanners provide convenience to the customers in many direct and indirect ways, making it a crucial requirement for every business.

Here are Some Benefits of Using the Vyapar Barcode Scanner

Quick Identification of Products

Using a Vyapar barcode scanner feature, you can identify product information quickly. It depends on what information is available on the barcode and can include expiration date, MRP, batch number, units in your stock, and other information.

Smoother Internal Operations

You can use the information retrieved from a barcode quickly to add products for billing by using the Vyapar app. It eliminates the requirement to transfer data from other Scanner Apps to Vyapar.

Eliminate Mistakes

Human errors occur during the manual identification of products and services. Using the Vyapar barcode scanner, you can eliminate the possibility of making mistakes while identifying any underlying asset.

Boost Efficiency

By scanning barcodes, anyone can find out everything about an item instantly. Without using a barcode scanner, you have to dig up old files, and the whole process can consume a lot of time and energy.

How to Scan a Barcode Using Vyapar Barcode Scanner?

Follow these steps to scan a barcode using the Vyapar app:

Vyapar App Online Barcode Scanner

Step 1
Open the Vyapar app on your android device, or attach a barcode scanning device to your PC.
Go to settings and turn on the “Barcode Scan” option

 Scan Barcode Online Using Camera

Step 2
Scan your barcode by aligning it into the scanning area displayed on the screen.

Vyapar App Scan Results on your Screen

Step 3
You will have information stored in the barcode on your screen. Now, you can use it as per your requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which items can I scan using Vyapar Barcode Scanner online?

You can scan any item with the barcode using the Vyapar barcode scanner. It gets used in retail stores to track inventory, shipping companies to identify packaging and many more industrial applications.

What is the output that I receive after scanning a barcode?

Once you scan a barcode, you will receive data after the program decodes information stored within it. It will get displayed on your screen within a few seconds.

Is a barcode scanner free to use?

Yes. Using the Vyapar app on android devices, you can scan a barcode for free. You need not have a premium version of Vyapar to use the barcode scanning feature.

Is it necessary for my business to have a barcode scanner?

No. It is not an obligation for a business to have a barcode scanner. However, to provide a better customer experience,it is advisable to have a barcode scanner.

Do I have to train my employees to scan barcodes?

No. Anyone can use the “Scan any code” feature in the Vyapar app to retrieve information from a barcode to do billing. You need not provide additional training to your employees to use this feature.

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