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small business accounting software, Take control of your finances

Take control of your finances efficiently

Explore a wide range of features, including billing, invoicing, and reporting. You can produce tax invoices, sync your expenses, and balance your books to make the taxation process seamless. Vyapar's simplified user interface makes it the best accounting software for businesses.

Why Accounting software for small businesses?

small business accounting software free, Keep accurate records

Keep accurate records
Simply categorize transactions on Vyapar as they happen each day. It will make it easier for you to keep track of cash flow and have all documents ready when you need to file for taxes. We make sure that you don't forget a bill to avoid issues later.

Keep watch on business health
Tracking finances has never been so straightforward! You can have an overview of sales and expenses with simplified charts. As soon as you update a deal or expanse, the data gets updated without delay. It will help you make relevant decisions to boost the growth of your business.

best small business accounting software, Keep watch on business health
small business accounting software in india, Get paid faster with Vyapar

Get paid faster
Are you worried about delayed payments? You can send payment reminders to your customers through the automated reminders within the app and get paid directly to your bank account through UPI. In this way, you can get paid faster than ever before, and chase the outstandings like a pro.

Look professional
Sending GST invoices not only helps you simplify your taxation. It allows you to look more professional to your customer and provide them with a better service. It delivers a clear picture of the sales and makes a positive impact on your customer's mind about your business.

small business accounting software india, Look professional
free small business accounting software download, Save time and money

Save time and money
Manual accounting requires a lot of time, and you might have to hire many accountants to do it for you. However, doing it digitally makes it a seamless process. Any employee in your team can operate the process and assure that no calculation mistakes are made. Time is crucial for small businesses; Vyapar app saves a lot of it.

Grow your business faster!
Using the small business accounting software, you can be assured about the accounts of your business. It will allow you to make plans for the future by using data and give you enough time to look after other aspects of your business.

free small business accounting software, Grow your business faster with Vyapar

Features to run your small business

business Accounting software, Business performance dashboard

Business performance dashboard

Quickly, take a glance at your business performance by tracking sales, purchases, cash in hand, stock value, expenses, open cheques, and loan amount on your dashboard. It contains all the suitable features for your business requirements. Our app enables you to access this data from anywhere through live status tracking.

business Accounting software, Inventory Management with vyapar

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is one of the most challenging operations for every small business. You can keep track of the items, products or equipment that you need to sell your services. It will help you avoid halting operations due to lack of inventory. Moreover, it will let you know about excess inventory to avoid making unnecessary purchases.

best small business accounting software, Easy Invoicing

Easy Invoicing

Simplify invoicing for your business by creating custom invoices. You can use templates and modify them to suit your business requirements. Now, you just have to add the items and your invoice will get generated. It will make the process seamless and help you avoid mathematical errors that happen in manual billing.

best business accounting software, Sale/Purchase orders

Sale/Purchase orders

Vyapar app provides a separate section for purchase and sale orders so that you can manage them separately. It will help you have better control over the bills of your customers and suppliers. You can track the payments and make outstanding payments from the app itself. 

best accounting software, Send estimates & quotations

Send estimates & quotations

If you have a potential lead asking for a quotation, you can send a detailed estimate of the overall bill to boost your sales. You can not only send them the total amount of the service but give them accurate information about what you will deliver at that price.

best free accounting software, Reporting in Vyapar app


Vyapar helps you create reports for all your business needs like transaction report, GST report, business status report, party reports, Item / Stock report. You can utilise the reporting feature to avoid delay in timely actions within the company, and avoiding interruptions in the workflow.

best free accounting software, Managing finance reports in Vyapar

Managing finance reports

Managing finances can get troublesome if you have multiple operations. You can save a lot of time by creating financial reports like expense report, sale/purchase order report, and loan report from the app. It will help you maintain the cash flow of your business and send timely reminders for outstanding credit payments.

free accounting software, Delivery Challan

Delivery Challan

A lot of businesses face trouble in creating challans to send them along with the shipment of their goods. Vyapar apps come with exclusive features to provide detailed information about each item. Challan is helpful when you transfer assets from your head office to a branch so that when received, the details can be tracked easily.

best free accounting software download, Record Payments

Record Payments

As soon as you receive payments, you can update it on the app. It will help you maintain payment records that can speed up the tax process later. Further, it will help you track down outstanding clearly so that you can send reminders and get paid on time.

free accounting software download, Self Payment Reminder to customers

Self Payment Reminder

To maintain a good relationship with your suppliers, you need to make timely payments. You can add self-payment reminders within the app that will notify you about the outstanding debt you have to make. It will make sure you do not forget any payment and your relationships with your suppliers get more durable over time.

free small business accounting software, Manage Expenses

Manage Expenses

Expenses of a business can determine its growth, and by evaluating costs, you can manage your business in a better way. The app provides a separate section to manage expenses. You can track down where you are spending more and find ways to cut unnecessary costs to boost profits.

business accounting software download, Record Transactions

Record Transactions

Organising transactions can improve the clarity of operations within an organisation, and they happen in a variety of ways. Looking at all of them together can confuse you. But, by using Vyapar, you can record the smallest transactions and manage them professionally.

small business accounting software download, Online/UPI Payments

Online/UPI Payments

Getting paid in cash and cheques is a time-consuming process. You can get paid online by including the UPI QR code on Invoice. You can link your bank accounts and get paid in them directly through UPI. It will help you maintain the cash flow of your business.

free small business accounting software download, Accept Cheque

Accept Cheque

Many businesses prefer making payments with cheques to make the transactions secure. You can add payments made or received through it within the app. You can check their open status in the app and close them once the bank completes the transaction.

free business accounting software in India, Cash


As you receive a cash payment, you can add it in the app so that the status of outstanding amounts gets updated, and reminders are sent with updated status of payments.

business accounting software India, Multiple themes

Multiple themes

Choose from various theme options to customise your experience. You can go to print settings and choose from different colour schemes and looks of the invoice. 

business accounting software India, Data security & backup in Vyapar

Data security & backup

The primary concern of businesses is to make a backup of data and have it secure from unexpected losses. Through Vyapar app, you can back up your data in your internal storage or email address. It will help you get your data back by installing the backup anytime.

small business accounting, Works on mobile & desktop

Works on mobile & desktop

You can use the Vyapar app on your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer. It works well on all operating systems. The mobile version of the app is entirely free to use, and the desktop version comes at a price after one-month free trial.

free business accounting software, Regular / Thermal Printer

Regular / Thermal Printer

You can print your invoices using a regular or thermal printer through the app. It allows you to set a default setting for the type of printer you are using. It will help you create a better quality invoice that will be specifically generated for the printer you are using.

business accounting software, GST filing with Vyapar

GST filing

Through Vyapar, filing GST becomes much simpler. You get all the required options to generate GST reports as per your business requirements. You can get a GST detail report for sales, purchases, or CDN through a simple click using the app.

Suited for Businesses

Grocery Stores

Managing accounts for your grocery store gets more straightforward with our free accounting software. You can keep track of all your sale and purchase orders and tally your accounts with ease. Vyapar helps you create invoices with complete transaction information that makes it easier for you to create GST reports for filing taxes.

Transport Business

A transport business deals with multiple consignments, and you have to deliver them to the rightplace. You need to keep track of your consignments' location so that they are not lost on their way. Using Vyapar, you can create a delivery challan for each consignment to track them at every moment and use them as an invoice once they are delivered.


A supermarket sells during all working hours to multiple customers at the same time. To maintain book records and keep the sales in check, you have to employ the best accounting software for a supermarket. Vyapar accounting app is free for a lifetime for all supermarkets.

Startup business

Startups have to keep the focus on growing business and learning from previous mistakes. By analysing yearly balance sheets and sales reports, you can make the right decisions for your startup. Vyapar accounting software for startups is the best fit as it helps fulfil all accounting requirements for any business.


With so many items to sell, creating invoices with accounting software can help save time and efforts of entering redundant information. Vyapar, an accounting management tool, works best for stationery businesses to manage accounts and keep records of sales seamlessly.

Paint shop

Easily manage all the orders in your paint shop with our free accounting software. You can keeptrack of all the paint types and shade options available in your store. It will help you deliver the best services to your customers.

Provision store

A wide variety of food products and daily essentials are sold in a provisional store. Customers often come with orders for multiple items, and you need to keep track of your inventory to make sure you have enough supplies to meet demand. Using Vyapar accounting tool, you can manage all financials for a provision store and plan supply purchase acc demand of products.


By using Vyapar accounting software for a salon, you can analyse the sales of various cosmetic products and services. It will help you upsell the right products and services that your customerslike more.

Mobile shop

A wide variety of smartphones are sold at a mobile shop. Since the cost of many smartphones is high, you need to keep track of each model's units available in your store. It will allow you to make purchases of models with higher demand and avoid those already in stock.

Hardware business

Using the Vyapar accounting tool for hardware businesses, you can manage your equipment seamlessly. From listing items and spare parts as small as a bolt to those as big as a vehicle, you can keep track of your inventory.

Electrical shop

Keep all account receivables and payables in check using Vyapar accounting app. By maintaining the cash flow, you can place your orders with suppliers for the running orders. You can keep track of equipment and tools available in your shop not to purchase items you have in stock.

Automobile shop

Use Vyapar accounting app for automobile shops to keep your sales in check. You can create GST reports to save time while filing for taxes. Vyapar app comes handy to keep track of spare parts, tools, and vehicles available in your store.


Every pharmacy needs to have all essential medicines in place. To make sure you have all enough supplies to cater to the demand, you should use our free inventory software. You can set up automated alerts to know when the expiry of medicine is nearby or when you are about torun out of stock.

Apparel shop

The best apparel accounting software should help you fulfil all the financial and accounting requirements of a business. You can analyse the sales and order for different cloth size and product style according to demands. It will help you save money and maximise profits.

Footwear shop

Using free software for accounting in a footwear shop, you can plan to place orders as per the demand of products. You can analyse what footwear style your customers like and the most common size among customers.

Furniture store

Managing space is crucial to make profits out of a furniture business. By understanding what products sell more, you can choose the items from the best categories to stay on display. Vyapar can fetch the sale trends that can help you make informed decisions.

Construction material

Vyapar accounting software for the construction business and general contractors is a perfect tool to keep accounts for construction materials. You can use our software to track all the required raw materials and set up alerts to place pre-orders.

Retail shops

Billing a lot of customers can become a challenge for retail shop owners. Vyapar allows you to automate the billing process to a large extent. It helps retail shop owners keep track of all the purchase and expense transactions. Our Android app for retail shop accounting software is free for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting software makes the process efficient. You can complete your bookkeeping with a few steps. As you enter the transactions in the Vyapar app, it computes all totals itself.

Accounting software allows simple data entry and generates comprehensive financial reports. It will enable automated record keeping. Using Vyapar improves efficiency and increases accuracy by eliminating manual procedures.

Vyapar is among the most used accounting software in India. It is available in mobile and desktop versions that make it accessible to all types of businesses.

The software that can resolve all accounting requirements of a business and simplify the process is the best. Over the years, Vyapar has gained trust among businesses.

Simplicity is the reason why Vyapar is considered as the easiest accounting software. Using it is as simple as using a social media app.

Accountants of small businesses prefer using Vyapar to deal with their accounting requirements. It covers more minute details than any competitive app in the market.

Accounting refers to recording a financial transaction of a business. It is vital for creating a summary and analyzing sales and creating summary reports. You can report these transactions to file taxes or make a plan for the next year.

There are many types of accounting. Some major ones are listed below:

1. Cost accounting
2. Tax accounting
3. Auditing
4. Forensic accounting
5. Managerial accounting

Accounting helps in assisting all forms of digital activity. It helps prevent misuse of assets and enhance profits. By having adequate information regarding the receivables and payables, you can carve out a better business strategy.

1. It helps you process orders faster.
2. Anyone can use the software seamlessly.
3. Helps avoid manual calculation errors.
4. Allows you to keep the health of your business in check.
5. Saves money by using automation

In personal life, you can learn the lesson of financial awareness. By monitoring your cash flow, you can plan and start living up beyond your means. By comparing your current debt to sales and income in a period, you learn to avoid unnecessary expenses. It helps you understand how you can keep the cash flow in check by maintaining the good cash flow.

Anyone can use accounting software to understand different aspect of their business. Users are broadly categorized into two types.

1. Internal users:
The internal users range from an employee, manager or owner. They are provided access to the data as per their mission. Internal users take action in response to their learnings from a session.

2. External users:
External users have no direct authority to the data illustrated in accounting software. The list includes suppliers, customers, banks, potential investors, and tax authorities.

Bookkeeping refers to the act of keeping a record of data for a business. Using the information gathered through bookkeeping, you can understand how it can help a child make investing and financing decisions. For companies, all the financial data is handled by bookkeepers.

It allows businesses to understand your current financial position, cash flow, growth history, and many more things. Bookkeeping provides a reliable measure of performance to companies, so it is critical to maintaining books for your business.

Bookkeeping software, or more commonly accounting software, are designed to record and process business transactions. Alongside bookkeeping, Vyapar bookkeeping software helps businesses understand the sales reports.

It helps companies decide to place orders of products with higher demand. Vyapar app can help you fulfill all the accounting, financial, inventory, and billing requirements for your business.

Businesses often get confused among bookkeeping and accounting. Bookkeeping is more transactional, and it focuses on recording more financial transactions. Accountants make good use of the financial information compiled by bookkeepers over the years.

Even though there are many features that your accounting software should possess, you need to have some critical ones in check. Before employing any accounting software, make sure to go through the things listed below.

1. Feature availability:
The best bookkeeping software would do much more than accounting for your business. Ensure that you choose the accounting software that provides you with complete financial, accounting, billing, and inventory management tools.

2. Data security and safety
Your business data is essential for continuous growth. To ensure that you do not lose your data,make sure that the accounting app you use employs encryption of data. It will ensure that only you can access your data, thereby making it safe for you to use the app.

3. Customer support
At times, you might face difficulty due to technical issues, and other times, there might be a serious issue. If your business provides customer support, you can reduce the chances of getting trapped with issues. With Vyapar, you get access to a very responsive team of experts.