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How to create a Quotation with our Online Quotation Maker

You can seamlessly create a quotation for your potential customer using our online quotation generator. The only thing you are supposed to do is fill in the details as listed in the form of quotation maker. Our quotation maker provides you user-friendly UI, and once you generate your quotation, you can download and send it over to your client.
It is the best choice when you have to create an estimate for your potential customer. Also, if you have to send quotations regularly, you can switch to using Vyapar app. It will help you save time by filling out all redundant fields itself.

Step 1: Enter Details

With Vyapar, you can add all the necessary details related to your business as-well-as your customer.
Here you can add no. of items & description to make clear everything in estimation/Quotation.

Step 2: Preview

After entering all the details, you can see through the preview how your estimate/quote looks like.
If after viewing you think that any changes are needed in it, then you can make any changes by going to the previous tab.

Step 3: Share/Download

Once the entire process is over, you can send the estimate to your customer via WhatsApp, SMS and Email,
as well as get a print-out of the estimate/Quotation or download it as a PDF file.

A Better Alternative to online Quotation Maker / Generator

Better Alternative to online Quotation Generator

You might have created a few quotations using quote templates in word and excel. They can help you make the quotations with complete information. However, you have to fill in all the information each time you create a quote for your client. It takes time and energy to perform all the redundant tasks every time.

So, it is better to use complete accounting software that can save your time and efforts. Vyapar allows you to create appealing quotations for your potential customers. Professional quotes will help you stand out among your competitors who rely on manual quotations. Vyapar app is the best choice as it allows you to turn your quotation to invoice once the customer accepts it.

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What is a quotation?

A quotation is the proposed price for the supply of products and services. It is issued by a supplier on the buyer’s request to understand the costs involved if they avail their services. Remember that the price you quote to your buyer can not be altered once accepted by them.
A buyer often asks various suppliers for quotation to get the best deal before making a deal. A quotation is essential for a buyer when there is no fixed market rate of service. It helps them avail the services of desired quality in a proposed budget.

Creating a quotation vs Creating an estimates

A quotation includes the entire list of products and services with a price. It provides a detailed description of every item involved in the transaction, so it can’t be altered once quoted. However, some businesses can’t offer a fixed price unless the task is completed.
In such cases, an estimate of the service is provided by the seller. These estimates vary depending on the addition or removal of tasks from a project while it runs.

Why Use Our Online Quotation Maker?

Using our user-friendly quotation generator, you can save time and efforts required for creating a quotation. Using our online quotation maker is simple, and you need not re-enter details to convert it into an invoice.

Further, we allow you to have your brands logo, colors, and fonts integrated with the quotation so that your quotation can reflect your brand’s identity. In case you want to handle all quotation and other accounting requirements for your business, you can use the Vyapar app.
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How to Send a Quotation to your Client?

Once you finish creating a quotation using our online quotation generator, download the quote in PDF format and share it to your customers through Email. Also, you can print it out to provide them with a physical copy for the same. Also, you can print it out to provide them with a physical copy for the same.

What are the features of an online quotation generator?

An online quote maker makes it simpler for sellers to create a quotation.
Here are some fantastic features of our online quotation maker.

Simple UI design

Anyone can operate the Vyapar quotation maker online. It has a user-friendly design that helps you fill in the details quickly.


Add your business address, logo, colors and fonts using Vyapar app to make it compatible with your brand’s identity.

PDF downloads

Download and send quotations in PDF formats so that your buyer can view it on any device seamlessly.

E-mail quotations

You can attach the PDF to a mail and avoid printing the quote unless required by the buyer.

Conversion to invoice

Easily convert your quotation to an invoice once you get the project and make a delivery to the customer.

Tips to Make a Great Quotation

You can seamlessly create a professional quotation for your potential buyer using Vyapar. Our online quotation generator helps you with all the required entries in the form. Making a good quotation requires in-depth research for estimates, costs, and time projections. You can do the listed things to boost your chances of receiving the order.

Understand the Requirement

If you do not understand the requirement, you won’t be able to execute the project properly. Carefully examine the conditions of your buyer. Understand the quality of service they need. Think about the costs involved in your end and how quantity affects this cost. It will help you make a better estimate for your customer.

Estimate Timeline

Calculate the time you need to deliver the products and services requested by your buyer. It should include the time you need to source material and make the product. Give them an estimated timeline accordingly so that you can avoid disputes in future.

Estimate Cost Materials

Before quoting your charges, make sure to evaluate all costs from your end. It includes the material cost, making charges, manpower required, and travel expenses (if any). You can provide an overall estimate for the service as a whole in your quotation. It will ensure that you do not face losses due to the project.

Research and Competition

Make sure to check out what competitors charge for the service requested by your potential buyer. Also, understand which technologies can help you make the quality better. By doing thorough market research, you can give your client a better deal compared to your competitors.

On top of considering all these points, make sure to use a professional quotation maker. Vyapar helps you create highly appealing quotations that can help you provide a unique quote to your potential customer.

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  • What is the most significant difference between an invoice and a quotation?
    An invoice is generated once the products and services are delivered to the customer to request a payment. It includes the list of items purchased by the buyer from the seller. However, a quotation is an estimate provided to a potential customer. It contains the estimated price for the goods and services requested by the client. If the customer agrees to the supplier’s pricing, the order is placed, and the seller starts working on the project.
  • What is the difference between quotation and tender?
    A quotation is a document provided by the seller to a potential customer. It highlights the estimated costs for the products or services requested by the customer. The customer asks multiple suppliers to submit a quotation that lists the description of their services. Now, the buyer decides which one is best suited for them according to their budget and requirements. However, a tender is a process where multiple suppliers bid to take on a project. All the suppliers agree to perform the same task at their bid price. The tender is won by a credible supplier with the lowest bid.
  • How do you write a quote to a company?
    As you receive a request for a potential buyer quotation, you need to act fast and correctly quote your prices. To write a quote to any company, you can follow these steps to avoid making your quotation mistakes.

    1. Visualize the project and make sure it is feasible:
    If you have to supply a product or service that does not have any standard market price, you need to visualize the project properly. List out all the requirements and understand the complexity of the task.

    2. Estimate your expenses and technology requirements:
    You might not have all the materials required to complete the project. So, make sure to add the cost of all the inventory items and technology you need to provide quality service to your customer.

    3. Research competitors and think of a timeline:
    To complete a project, you need time to get the raw materials, understand the technology involved, develop a strategy, and create the final product. Consider all of this time to provide a rough estimate. It will help you avoid issues with your buyer later.

    4. Use a quote generator:
    Once you have completed all the project research, you can use an online quote maker to make a quotation for your client. It will provide you with all the fields to fill the form with information gathered in the above steps.

    5. Send quotation to your customer:
    You can now send the quotation you have generated using Vyapar quote maker online. You can download the completed quote in PDF format and attach it to an e-mail.

  • What is a price quotation?
    A “price quote” or “quotation” refers to a document stating a fixed price for a service or product requested by the buyer. A buyer may request the quote from various sellers. It provides the exact price that the seller would charge for completing the requested project. Once accepted, the seller can start performing the tasks. The price quote is then changed into an invoice upon completion of the project.
  • Is a quote a fixed price?
    Yes, a quotation is a fixed price offered by the seller to supply the listed products and services. Once the buyer accepts, the cost cannot be altered by the supplier. So, a seller needs to ensurethat the quotation is correct before providing an offer to your potential customer. Changing the prices mentioned in a quote can create issues between buyer and seller, and your buyer might cancel the order. Also, it can harm your brand’s image.
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