Cash Flow Statement Format

You can download the Vyapar Cash Flow Statement Format to manage your cash flow efficiently. Also use Vyapar App for all your business requirements like Billing, Accounting, and Inventory Management. Avail of your 15 Days Free Trial Now!

Cash Flow Statement Format
Best Cash Flow Statement Software

You can download the Vyapar Cash Flow Statement Format to manage your cash flow efficiently. Also use Vyapar App for all your business requirements like Billing, Accounting, and Inventory Management. Avail of your 15 Days Free Trial Now!

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What is a Cash Flow Statement?

The cash flow statement is a financial statement that outlines the movement of cash and cash equivalents (CCE) that enter and leave a business. You can use a professional cash flow statement format by Vyapar to draft your cash flow statement.

The Cash Flow Statement helps assess a company’s ability to manage its cash position. It showcases how successfully it generates cash to meet debt commitments and support operating expenses. The Cash Flow Statement supplements the balance sheet and income statement as one of the three primary financial statements. 

What is the Format of a Cash Flow Statement?

Format of a Cash Flow Statement

Here are the three cash flow statement formats:

Operating Activities:

The cash flow records the spending and income from the daily business financial statement. Expenses from operating operations relate to the main business activity like staff payroll, production cost, customer payment, taxes, and other cash payments. 

Income from commercial activity includes cash receipts, product sales, and dividends. Usually, successful organizations produce money from their everyday operations and use income from their investments to offset expenses from operations.

This component of the cash flow statement format helps record the company’s net earnings that you may derive from the net income column of the income statement. After this, list all non-cash items related to operating activities. 

You may then turn them into cash. When corporations cannot generate adequate cash flow for operational growth, they acquire financing from other sources. Also, a corporation with a strong cash flow can handle everyday business activities.


Investment Activities:

The second part of investment activities shows how much cash flow from financing activities a company makes or loses when it invests in things like property, equipment, and plant. These cash flows from investment activities show how a company’s income and balance statement position has changed.

When analysts want to know how the company invests in property, they look at how the cash flow statement has changed. Analysts also look at the cash flow operation or the investments section of a cash flow statement to see how capital expenditures, or CAPEX, have changed. When CAPEX goes up, the cash flow goes down.

Most of the time, a company with a high CAPEX is growing. When a company’s high CAPEX shows that it is investing in its future operations. You can use the best cash flow statement format to record all details professionally.

Even though positive cash outflows from investments are a good sign, investors prefer to put their money into businesses that make money from doing business rather than from investments. Most of the time, companies get money from their investments by selling property or equipment.


Financial Activities:

The last part of the cash flow statement shows how cash inflows and outflows are between the company, its owners, and its creditors. This part talks about the dividend, the money from investors, and the sales of company stock. Also, equity and debt can be part of financial activities. 

When a company raises or pays dividends, you keep track of the money that comes in and goes out. Analysts use the cash flow from the section on financing to figure out how much the company paid out in dividends or to buy back shares. Businesses can maintain their financial activities using a fully customizable cash flow statement format.

For example, when a company trades its stocks, it gets money from investors and pays stock dividends to its shareholders. If this section shows a negative cash flow, it usually means that a company spends most of its money in cash payments of loans and dividends rather than making money from trading stocks.

What are the Methods of Preparing a Cash Flow Statement format?

Cash Flow Management Software

Here are the two methods of preparing cash flow format given down below:


  1. Indirect Method:

The indirect method starts with the net income and adds and subtracts balance sheet items and transactions that don’t involve cash to figure out the cash flow. On the statement and balance sheet, the assets and liabilities of a company are listed as things that are not cash.

To figure out the cash flow, you add or subtract things like inventory, depreciation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and expenses already paid. With the indirect method, you can put negative numbers in parentheses and list positive numbers as you normally would. 

Most businesses and organizations use a different method than the indirect one because it takes more time to prepare and consider changes. They go for the generally accepted accounting principle GAAP.


  1. Direct Method:

The direct method shows each transaction on the business’s cash flow statement. Because of this, a straightforward approach takes less time to set up because it keeps track of all the money a company makes and spends. 

You put the cash coming in first on the list of operating activities. The cash receipts section keeps track of the money a business gets from dividends, customers, and interest. This part doesn’t count transactions that don’t involve cash, like depreciation and amortization.

The company’s money, such as payments to suppliers and income tax, is listed in the next section. In parentheses, you can write down the transaction that is going out. This financial statement gives an overview of employees’ wages, the total sales revenue, the cost of goods sold (COGS), and the interest costs.

What are the Benefits of Using Cash Flow Management Software?

Cash Flow management software

Using this software to structure your cash flow statements format has the following advantages.


Better Cash Liquidity:

It is challenging to keep track of available cash when cash management software is not utilized. If a company needs more cash, it may get compelled to take out loans or pay its debts to suppliers and banks later than usual. 

Because of this, you may be subject to incurring late penalties for your utilities or bills. The firm’s credit score could suffer due to late payments, making it more challenging for the company to receive credit account privileges and loans in the future.

By using cash flow management software, you can easily keep track of your cash. You can easily track your day-to-day Business operations using this cash management software which helps you get better hindsight over your business affairs.


Helps Reduce Cost of the Resources:

Keeping a positive cash flow requires a range of operations, such as accounting fees, advertising costs, insurance premiums, interest, legal fees, labour costs, rental fees, repair costs, supply costs, tax payments, phone bills, and expenses related to travel.

In addition, a significant quantity of human resources is required to complete this procedure manually without using cash management software.

You can minimize your human resources to a great extent by using innovative cash management software for your business, which assists you in your various Business operations at each step.


Helps in Better Decision-Making:

A lack of adequate cash management can result in a variety of issues, including misunderstanding and false reporting, among other things. In other words, ineffective cash flow management causes the Treasury department to lose track of its cash assets.

As a direct consequence, it may become more challenging to recognize patterns and problems in the corporate world. Because of this, allocating a budget and making intelligent decisions regarding the company’s direction are far more challenging.

Cash management software automatically creates all essential reports for your business. These reports play a crucial role in your small business’s success as they allow you to keep a close eye on your critical Business areas.


Expenses Categorization:

Keeping the firm structured, creating a budget, and figuring out which expenses can get deducted from the taxable revenue are all made easier by adequately classifying and categorizing the company’s outgoing financial obligations.

The software for managing cash flows enables managers and treasury teams to adjust procedures and policies in response to changing circumstances easily.

In addition, the information regarding payment requests is kept in a protected centralized cloud storage, making it easy for treasury teams to maintain accurate records and access them in a timely manner.


Better Inter-Company Lending:

The analysts will only be able to respond to clients promptly if they have adequate record management. The negative impact could potentially harm the reputation of your company and result in the loss of valuable clients.

Collecting data from multiple departments using manual processes can be difficult, and staying up to date with current data collection efforts can be even more challenging.

Cash management software allows for the automatic capturing of operations that take place between companies, the monitoring of balances, and the recording of interest across all mirrored and pretend bank accounts.


Budget Tracking and Cash Positioning:

Cash flow management software is helpful in determining an accurate prediction of a company’s cash flows over a certain amount of time. It allows you to make better business decisions for your company’s future.

Keeping a budget for a week, month, quarter, or year could benefit from using this. The budget is used to establish whether or not the business has sufficient cash to continue functioning throughout the allotted time periods.

This cash management software comes at a very affordable price for your business which helps you in all essential areas of your business, along with budget tracking.

How to choose the best Cash Flow management software?

Vyapar cash flow management software

Selecting the best cash flow management software is a challenging task. Given down below are the few steps which will assist you in choosing the best possible cash software for cash flow statement format for your business:


Know Your Business Requirement:

There is a large variety of cash management software solutions on the market today; however, not all of these products provide the same features, functionalities, and long-term asset planning.

Therefore, outlining and writing down the requirements of your organization is one of the simplest ways to narrow your search for the very finest cash flow management software system available for your firm. 

Your choices will be significantly reduced as a result, which will make the process of selecting the appropriate cash flow software much simpler for you.


Select Between Web-Based and Offline Versions:

The vast majority of cash management systems are typically made available in a pair of distinct variants: the first is a web-based version provided as a SaaS, and the second is locally installed and executed on your systems.

You have to make a decision between the two options and choose which of these is the one that best fulfills your requirements. In general, web-based models are based on a subscription model, although they do regular supply updates. 

On the other hand, locally installed versions typically need the purchase of a single license, after which they use them permanently without further payment or authorization.


Industry-Specific System:

The way in which companies that belong to various sectors conduct their business is distinct. On the other hand, when we begin our search for cash management systems, we frequently need to consider our industry’s specific requirements.

Begin your search for software applications that have been developed with your particular business sector in mind if you want to ensure that the system you choose is the most suitable one for your company. 

Consider the size of your company in addition to the other factors, as it may tailor many different solutions to the different sizes of businesses.


Consider the Functioning of Your Supply Chain:

When trying to choose which cash management system would work best for your business, it is essential to think about the method by which your supply chain operates. 

Answering queries like “how does your company deal with its vendors?” is one of the few things you need to keep in mind, and you should give careful thought to it. “What kinds of business dealings take place between your company and the companies that supply it with goods and services?” Do you need to indulge in automatic purchase orders and regularly scheduled deliveries of new material? Etc.

These questions help you in making better choices in cash management software. Better software allows you to manage cash flow from investing and helps your business to become more viable and efficient simultaneously.


Automation of Financial Operations:

The most complex and modern cash management systems have the capability to automate a vast number of financial activities, including the entirety of account management chores, cash flow from operating activities, bookkeeping, tax administration, the complete process of reporting, cash and cash equivalent etc.

You will, however, be required to decide on the extent to which you want your jobs to be automated and the quantity of manual labour you like in order to be left alone. 

You should also keep the budget in mind as there is multiple cash management software that charges you extra for these features, yet there is software that is free of cost and makes your business better than ever. 


Provides Access to Customers:

Two distinct kinds of systems can get purchased in today’s market. The first system is the one that allows customers to view their account information and other relevant details online. 

The other systems do not engage the customers in any way. You will be able to make the ideal decision for your company’s cash management system by considering whether you want to grant any access to your consumers.

When searching for the best cash management software for your company, you need to exercise caution by considering the software’s level of protection, features, and cost range.

Why choose Vyapar cash flow management software?

Free cash flow management software

Vyapar is highly recommended by one crore small business owners for your business. Here are a few reasons why you should use Vyapar software for cash flow statement format for your business;


Track Expenses:

Accounting and tax filing requirements that all business expenses be tracked and recorded. Vyapar software for Cash flow statement format makes it easier to track spending and generate an accurate report.

Our free inventory management software for cash flow statement format is an efficient choice for recording expenses. Businesses can readily optimize their business expenses to save money. With our free GST cash flow management software, you can track GST and non-GST spending.

Furthermore, Vyapar cash flow management solutions have some advantages over competitors. It allows you to cut costs while increasing sales. Free cash management software is an efficient solution for promptly recording overdue bills. It will also aid in future tracking.


GST Invoicing/Billing:

Our free billing software for cash flow statement format is all-in-one software in addition to your business because it helps you automate your billing needs. It works to help small and medium-sized businesses save more time on accounting and cash balance.

With the help of free cash management software with GST, business owners could do things like file GST returns, manage their inventory, send out invoices, and send out bills. Businesses can change the fields by using Vyapar to meet their own needs.

You can use the app to make GST bills for your clients in less than a few minutes, which you can then print or send to your clients. Most statements should be in the GST invoice format, and you can make them with our cash management software.


Online/Offline Software:

Using our cash management solution, you can continue to conduct business operations despite a lack of Internet connectivity. It can use the app’s offline management features to manage your cash operations effortlessly.

Small Business Accounting Software Vyapar allows you to produce reports and bills for your clients without being connected to the internet. When connected to the internet, you can rely on our business cash flow management software to validate your transactions and update your database.

Using our cash management software features, you may continue to operate your business with poor internet and network connection. 


Keep Your Data Safe With Additional Backup:

Losing data might have a negative impact on your cash management and sales figures. Therefore, you must create backups to ensure that all data is protected. 

As a result, our free cash flow management software in India enables you to set up an automatic backup of data, assisting in the security of the data contained in the app. You can build a local backup once in a while for added security.

It will assist secure your data in a secret place like a pen drive or hard disc. Using the free cash management app, you can safeguard the safety of your business by setting up automatic backups or generating secure backups on a regular basis.


Business Reports:

Businesses must make informed judgments in order to maintain continuous cash inflows and outflows. For all of your business needs, use our free cash flow management software to generate 40+ business reports.

Professional balance sheets are included with Vyapar cash management software. Using Vyapar significantly improves your company’s operational efficiency because you can easily export reports in PDF or Excel.

  • Accounting and Administration
  • Billing and electronic payments
  • Taxation and GST Reports

Our free cash management Software allows users to examine and analyze data quickly. You may generate graphical reports for tracking sales and expenses using the software.


Provide Multiple Payment Options to Customers:

Clients are less likely to default on payments if you offer various payment alternatives for convenience. You can offer options such as UPI, QR, NEFT, IMPS, e-wallet, and credit/debit cards.

Customers value convenience; the most excellent comfort you can provide is allowing them to select how they pay you. You may create invoice formats with several payment choices using the Vyapar invoicing tool.

You can choose which payment choices your clients will likely choose, or you can offer them all. It makes your business operations more customer-oriented and keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.

Features that Make Vyapar App Best For Cash Flow Management

Free Download cash flow management software

Track Your Business Status:

It is essential to keep track of and run a business. Vyapar makes it easy to keep track of your business’s cash flow, inventory, orders, and payments. Using Vyapar makes keeping track of money in your business easy and quick.

The app’s business dashboard makes the process easy, and you can put your income and expenses into different groups. It will help you see your business transactions more clearly.

The business dashboard from Vyapar makes it easy for employees to keep track of and manage everything. They can look at the status of their business’s cash flow, inventory, open orders, and payments all in one place.


Barcode Scanner Compatibility:

Customers might get annoyed if they have to wait a long time to pay. The Vyapar Barcode inventory management software can help if your store has long lines. The features of Vyapar make the billing process faster and easier.

With the software, you can connect a barcode scanner to your PC and get information about a product. It eliminates the need to type in small details about each item, like its name, number, and price.

When billing is done by hand, mistakes can happen. You might need to remember to add something or the same thing twice. To avoid mistakes as much as possible, Vyapar’s barcode billing software is recommended.


Send Payment Reminders to Recover Dues:

Vyapar cash management software assists SMEs in ensuring timely payments and maintaining cash flow. Vyapar handles it by keeping track of all outstanding payments on the business dashboard.

You can send payback reminders to your customers using the app’s reminder feature. It will use WhatsApp and email to remind customers of the total amount owed and the due date. 

Sending reminders ensures that the customer remembers to pay. You can use this to keep cash flowing in your firm and avoid unnecessary delays.


Online Store:

Using the Vyapar cash management software, you may set up your online store in a matter of hours. You can list all the services/products you sell to your consumers online using our mobile cash management software, and it will help you display a catalogue of all the services/products you sell and enhance your online sales.

Furthermore, Vyapar cash management software does not charge fees for using online store features that assist you in taking your business online. You can provide your clients with a link to your online store, and they can use the link to place orders with you online and pick up the products from your store once they are packed.

Using the online shop feature in the Vyapar cash management software and invoicing software for your business can help you save time at the store counter by having the package ready for your clients before they arrive.


Transaction SMS:

Sending text messages (SMS) to your consumers whenever a transaction involves them is a good idea. For example, when a customer gets created, they should receive an SMS with the phrase “welcome message” or “customer code.” 

Vyapar cash management solution also Enables you to send the customer’s bill amount by text message at the same time the bill is being printed. At the moment of receiving pending payments from the customer, you may send out an SMS message.

When payment is made, Vyapar also allows you to send an SMS to the vendor. Your business will achieve more customer support by using our service.


POS Billing Software:

You may produce and manage bills for your business with the Vyapar POS billing software for free. Our mobile app for point-of-sale billing is free, so you can use it immediately to boost your company’s efficiency.

Our free application is tailored to a company’s needs in order to provide them with complete control over the billing process. You can download the paid Vyapar desktop app for premium features to help your business expand even further.

Using Vyapar POS software makes your billing journey smooth and effective. This software works best with all retail businesses. All these features are free of cost for your business.


Avail Free-Lifetime Basic Usage:

Vyapar is dedicated to offering high-quality services. It has become an essential component of every growing industry in the country. The Vyapar cash management software provides free access to a variety of invoice forms.

You can control your dashboard, keep track of inventories, and use a variety of additional services. It’s completely free with the Vyapar app for Android phones. Furthermore, any organization can acquire a 15-day free trial of the PC versions.

A business, on the other hand, can access the premium features and desktop applications through a subscription. Vyapar cash management software simplifies business management in all industries. SMEs, freelancers, and professionals are all included.


Manage Cash Flow Efficiently:

A cash flow statement is an essential document for short-term planning. It keeps track of cash flow, which aids in the prevention of business dangers.

Vyapar cash management software allows users to keep track of all business transactions. You can also use the app to track your payments. The app’s automatic administration prevents accounting errors.

Our free cash management solution is more helpful in keeping a running cash book. It can help preserve business cash flow. We are keeping track of spending, payments, purchases, and other data.

Suited for Businesses

Finance and Insurance Companies:

Independent insurance firms and financial planners benefit from consistent cash flow year after year without the severe seasonal peaks and valleys seen in other industries. It requires constant monitoring of cash flows.

Vyapar allows the finance and insurance companies to keep a check on their cash flow efficiently without leaving any loophole which may be detrimental to your long-term business.


Healthcare and Social Assistance:

The need for senior care institutions, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities is increasing as Baby Boomers retire. Privately owned businesses in these categories are able to sustain a healthy cash flow even in the face of considerable labour and facility expenditures since demand currently outpaces supply in these sectors.

Vyapar cash management software is acid-tested software for these industries, which helps you constantly monitor Cash Flow inflows and outflows in your business sectors.


Home-Based Businesses:

Home-based businesses and child and pet care are reliable income flow generators in the modern world, especially if you have long-term contracts with clients.

By using Vyapar cash management software, you can ensure long-term cash flow will be stable as long as you have a solid clientele and reasonable prices.


Niche Restaurants:

Local, independent restaurants, cafes, and food trucks are able to break the trend of razor-thin restaurant profit margins, despite the prevalence of cautionary tales to that effect. They are firms with a consistent, loyal consumer base that are well-targeted and have constant cash flows.

You can easily manage your finances using Vyapar cash management software, and these companies can use its features.


Real-Estate And Rental Leasing:

Like the other businesses on our list, real estate renting and leasing also has a constant cash flow and require continuous monitoring. Both private real estate renting and business leasing provide a predictable revenue flow when leased at competitive rates.

Vyapar cash management software can help your business constantly monitor your cash flow in your Real-Estate Business. Vyapar is free-of-cost cash management software that makes your business operate better than ever.


Retainer-Based Professional Businesses:

Professional services such as marketing and advertising agencies, law firms, and real estate agencies operate on a retainer basis. Clients who pay a retainer agree to pay a certain sum at regular periods in advance for the services rendered.

Due to these predictable payment conditions, these professions may more easily maintain a consistent cash flow. Vyapar cash management software is a one-time panacea for your cash flow problems.



Franchises, particularly popular, well-known franchises, will generate revenue from day one. In addition to pre-existing brand recognition, the business models have been refined to maximize sales while minimizing expenses.

Vyapar cash management software enables your business to monitor your cash flows constantly. It also provides you with 40+ essential reports for your business.


Hotel Industry:

Modern-day hotels are also the subject of constant cash flow, and they also have to generate the bills and invoices for their clients who check into their hotels for the rooms and services.

Vyapar cash flow management software allows the hotel industry to check their cash inflow regularly. Plus, it helps them generate free-of-cost GST bills and invoices within a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Format of the Cash Flow Statement?

The three formats for cash flow activities are:

1- Operating Activities

2- Investment Activities

3- Business Activities


What is the Cash Flow Formula?

Add your net income and non-cash expenses, then remove your change in working capital and capital expenditure to determine free cash flow. Net Income + Non-Cash Expenses – Change in Working Capital – Capital Expenditure = Free Cash Flow.


What are the Seven Steps to Preparing a Cash Flow Statement?

Here are the seven steps to prepare a cash flow statement:

  1. Start by gathering fundamental papers and data
  2. Compute the adjustments to the Balance Sheet
  3. Add each modification to the balance sheet to the cash flow statement.
  4. Adjust the Non-cash expenses on the Statement of Profit and Loss.
  5. Adjust all non-cash transactions based on further data.
  6. Verify each step about modifications to the balance sheet.
  7. Perform one last check


What are the Three Cash Flow Statements?

Here are three sections in a cash flow statement:

  • Operating activities
  • Investments activities
  • Financial activities.


What are the Rules Of Cash Flow?

When making your cash flow statement, there are three simple rules to remember:

  • Cash flow goes down when an asset goes up because of a transaction. 
  • When an investment goes down because of a transaction, cash flow goes up
  • When a trade shows an increase in liabilities, cash flow goes up.

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