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Free QR Code Scanner Online Using Camera

Scan unlimited QR codes using the Vyapar online QR code scanner camera. Our app is compatible with scanning all types of QR codes, and you can review them to get the required information. Using a Vyapar QR scanner doesn't require you to pay. You can scan a QR with your device camera.

Free Online QR code scanner India

Further, you can access the premium features for your business's billing and accounting requirements by using Vyapar management software.

QR code scanner India, What is QR code Generator

What is a QR code scanner?

A QR code scanner online camera is a tool used to scan the QR code. "QR" stands for "quick response," which means that it provides instant access to all the information encrypted within the code.
QR code scans the two-dimensional barcode pattern to get the updated information. You can scan any QR code with your device camera to fetch the data that you need. They are widely popular across industries for providing quick access seamlessly.

List some benefits of using a QR code scanner with a device camera?

Benefits, QR code scanner

QR codes have become widely popular due to their versatility. You can use them to make payments, submit your feedback, or fetch information about a product right from your device.
You can scan qr code using your device's camera, and the Vyapar app will fetch data from the scan. You can access the information of your QR code using a scanner tool using your smartphone camera seamlessly.

How to Scan a QR Code for Free?

Scanning QR codes is a simple process. You can use your device camera to scan a QR code for your business requirements. You can use this QR code info in your bills or pay customers according to your business requirements.
Here are three simple steps to scan a QR code scanner online camera.

Scan your qr code

Open QR scanner in your device
You can choose any QR scanner and allow it to use your device camera to scan a QR code.

Scan your qr code

Fetch all the details
Get all the information from the QR code that you need to keep yourself safe. You can redirect to the link to text contact data or any other type of info. Once you have scanned the QR, you can fetch the information and use it for your billing, payment, or other business requirements.

Scan your qr code

Use data scanned from QR code using a camera with mobile, pc & web
Once scanned, you can use the QR code wherever it is required. It is a great way to make the transactions seamless, as you can scan the QR codes and make payments seamlessly using your device camera with mobile, pc & web.

Scan Your QR Codes

What are some popular types of QR codes to scan with your mobile & web camera



URLs help open links to a contact from a web page. You can use it to redirect the user scanning the QR code using their device to a particular website.



Use vCard QR codes to create your digital business card having to save to the phone feature. It will help you send your contact details to a person with a single scan.



Using a QR code for a Wi-Fi setup, you can eliminate the requirement of manually typing the password. You can share the password to other devices with a scan. It will help reduce the transaction costs significantly.


Plain Text

A QR code can save up to 300 characters in any language and display them on the screen when scanned. It will help fetch all the product details and make the final payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR code camera scanner?

A QR code scanner is a tool that scans different types of QR codes and fetches information from them. Depending on the requirement, you can use your Android smartphone as a QR code scanner for billing and accounting purposes.

Is it free to scan a QR code using a camera?

Yes. You can create a static QR code instantly for free using the Vyapar QR code scanner. Once created, you can use them forever without paying any fees. You can use premium features like QR insights to manage your business efficiently using the paid version with a minimum yearly subscription fee.

What type of information gets stored in a QR code?

You can keep a wide variety of data stored within a QR code. Their popularity lies in their versatility. You can use them to make it easier to open a web page, or you can save contact details. It is to eliminate the requirement of manual typing of name, phone number, and address. There are many more use cases of QR codes.

Can I use the QR codes generated using Vyapar for commercial purposes?

Yes. You can use the QR codes as per your requirement. They are fit to use for all sorts of commercial purposes.

Do QR codes expire?

No. The QR codes do not expire. You can use them for as long as you want. The only case when they are left unusable is when the data stored in them gets distorted. For example, when the link in the QR code gets damaged for the content is removed.

How can I manage QR codes?

You can easily manage your QR codes using Vyapar. After signing up in the Vyapar app, you can access all the QR codes you have generated. You can modify or delete information using the app.

What are some measurable differences between a static and a dynamic QR code?

Static QR code cannot get tracked once it gets generated. It is Virtually Indestructible and gets used when you have a fixed set of information. On the other hand, information in the dynamic QR codes can get tracked whenever required. You can update the content and change their links even after you have printed the QR code.

Do I need to train an employee to generate QR codes online?

No. It requires no skills to generate a QR code using the Vyapar QR code generator online. Anyone with the knowledge to use a computer can create QR codes using the Vyapar app.

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