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You can quickly fetch product details in your invoice using the Vyapar invoicing software. Vyapar app is compatible with images of QR codes and using it you can retrieve the information stored within the QR code quickly. Your supplier can provide you with a QR code image that you can scan from the device to pay your supplier.

Free Online QR code Generator India

By fetching the data from QR codes, you can reduce manual work by automating the billing process. The app will add product/service details listed within the QR code in the invoice. The app can use information from all types of QR codes to provide you with complete convenience.

QR code scanner India, What is QR code scanner

What is a QR code in an image?

QR code saved within an image helps in retrieving information about a product, especially when the QR code on the packaging of the product is not readable due to external damage. You do not need a QR code scanner online from images compatible with the Vyapar app to read the information in the app.
You can use a QR code image to fetch product details for your bills. QR code is a great way to store sensitive business information too. You can encrypt information in a QR code and access it whenever required.

How to scan with QR code scanner

How do I scan the QR code in the image?

Scanning a QR code is a seamless process and the Vyapar app shares compatibility with a QR code scanner online from image. Using a QR code online scanner, you can get the exact information encoded in a QR code image without the requirement of an external scanner.

Using the Vyapar app, you can use the information fetched from the image of a QR code to bill your customers quickly. You can have this QR code stored in your device to fetch the product details correctly in a convenient way.

QR code scanner India, Why do businesses need QR code scanner

Why do businesses use QR code image to fetch product/payment details?

QR codes make it easier for businesses to handle their operations by eliminating repetitive manual tasks of adding product information each time customers enter your store. QR codes have a versatile nature and can help out businesses to store information for multiple purposes.
They are a great way to bill customers by providing them with a payment gateway using a QR code image. Alongside these, many other features make the QR scanner a vital part of any business. Vyapar app helps you add a QR code within the invoice, and your customer can scan it within the device itself to pay you.

List some benefits of using a QR code scanner with a device camera?

Benefits, of QR code scanner

QR codes have become widely popular due to their versatility. You can use them to make payments, submit your feedback, or fetch information about a product right from your device.
You can scan a camera using your device's camera, and the Vyapar app will fetch data from the scan. You can access the information of your QR code using a scanner tool using your smartphone camera seamlessly.

How to scan a QR code image for free?

You can scan a QR code image for free and retrieve the information using the Vyapar app. Here are three simple steps to follow:

Steps to follow for qr code scanning

Open QR image
Scan the image within the device

Steps to follow for qr code scanning

Once scanned, the data will get displayed on your screen. You can now use this information wherever required.

Steps to follow for qr code scanning

Use this information to fetch data for bills, send payments, or other purposes.

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Do more with Vyapar!

Over the years, QR codes have started dominating the market. More and more businesses are using QR codes images to save information about a product digitally. Using the Vyapar app, you can do much more than using details retrieved from a QR code scanner online from images. Here are some of the most used QR code features in Vyapar


Dynamic QR code

Using Vyapar, you can customise your QR codes to modify or delete the data stored within them. It can act as temporary storage for important information.


Analyse QR statistics

Get complete insights about scans made on your QR codes and track how well they are performing. It will help you understand which products interest your audience more, and how you can improve the sales for those products.


Customise QR codes

Choose from a wide range of designs and create a QR code unique to your business. It can help you look professional among your employees and provide them with the message of your brand.


Make QR codes for all products

You can create QR codes for all products available in the store to keep information regarding each product handy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you retrieve information from a QR code image scanner to an invoice for free?

Yes. You can use the Vyapar app to use the information retried from a QR code in an image for free. All you need is your Android/Windows device and Vyapar invoicing software in it.

Is it possible to track and analyse the QR scans?

Yes. Using the Vyapar software on your PC, you can gain access to a detailed analysis of QR scan. You can track the number of times your QR is scanned, where, and when. You can understand which operating system is used by your target audience.

Is there a scan limit associated with QR codes?

No. There isn't any can limit associated with a QR code in general. You can use your QR code image as many times as you require.

What if my QR code stops working?

There are a lot of reasons that can affect the usability of your QR code including picture tampering and error while generating QR code. Further, it stops working when the link associated with the QR code is either damaged or deleted.

Is it safe to use a QR code scanner online from images to facilitate billing in Vyapar?

Yes. Using the QR scanner is entirely safe. Using the app, you can automate cloud backup to ensure that no data is lost. The app uses security features to provide access to your data and information anytime.

Can I pay someone using a QR scan?

Yes. If the QR code has a link to the payment gateway, you can transfer the funds immediately. Using the data received from a QR code, you can eliminate the requirement to fill in information about the recipient's bank account.

Can I include a QR code image in my invoice?

Yes. Using the Vyapar app, you can provide your customers with an invoice having a QR code to make payments. Your customers can pay you by scanning the QR code in your invoice image.

Is it compulsory for my business to have a QR code image scanner?

No. Currently, there is no hard rule to have a QR code image scanner for a business. You can use mine to provide the convenience of payments to your customers.

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