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How to create a Receipt online with our Free Online Receipt Maker / Generator

Our online receipt generator makes it seamless to create a receipt. Follow these three simple steps to create a receipt.

Step 1: Enter Details of Business and Customer

Fill out your business details and contact information in the "From" section. Fill out the necessary contact details of your customer in the "For" section.

Step 2: Mention Products and Charges

Provide proper name, quantity, and description of each service or product delivered. Include the invoice number, date, and instructions in the end.

Step 3: Preview and Share/Download

Have a preview of all the details that you have mentioned, if any changes, you can go back and edit. Once finished, you can email the receipt to your customer, get a print-out of the receipt or download it as a PDF file.

A Better Alternative to online Receipt Maker / Generator

Alternative to online Receipt Generator

A receipt maker tool allows you to create simple receipts. It is a great choice when you have to do it once in a while. However, if you have to run a business, you need to employ a quick method to create a receipt. The best choice is to have software that can automate the receipt making process as much as possible.

Vyapar allows you to create professional receipts with a simple click. You can get the required data from your invoice, thereby eliminating any redundant tasks. Further, Vyapar is a complete solution for all your accounting requirements. So, you can handle your finances in one place using our free accounting software.

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Everything you need to know about Receipts

What Does Receipt Mean?

A receipt is an acknowledgement provided by the vendor to the buyer. It contains the details of goods or services that are delivered by the seller. Many suppliers and sellers use this receipt as proof for processing returns or refunds.

You can use an online receipt generator to create a professional receipt.
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How to Send a Receipt to your Client?

You can download your receipt as a PDF, attach it to email, copy the link, or print it using our online invoice maker. After doing it, you can easily send it to your customer. You can use a Vyapar online receipt generator to make it more professional.

Why Use Our Online Receipt Maker / Generator?

The receipt you give to your customer is an acknowledgement slip. Customers often keep it for future reference for claiming returns or refunds. It portrays your brands' image and showcases your professionalism. It will help create a lasting impression on your customers.

Our online receipt maker provides you with the listed benefits: 1. Create receipts quickly and efficiently by using a user-friendly interface for making receipts.

2. Use Vyapar Logo Maker to add a logo, fonts and colors that resemble your brands' image.

3. Vyapar makes it seamless to send the receipt you created to your customer. It helps you keep track of your receipt.

4. Our online receipt maker / generator is free to use, so you can create unlimited receipts whenever you want. Vyapar is compatible with browsers, android, and PC too.

5. Choose the most professional receipt maker / Generator. Say no to old fashioned templates and make a lasting impression on your customers.
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Tips to Make a Great Receipt

Giving your receipt a professional touch can help you stand out among competitors as your customer's valued partner. Creating a good receipt requires you to include all professional standards. You can follow these things to make a good receipt for your customer.

Go Digital

Use digital receipts instead of manual ones as they look professional.

Be consistent

Provide a receipt to the buyer as soon as you receive the payment.

Don't forget about instructions

Write refund and return policies along with other instructions

Be thourough

List all the products and services purchased with the quantity of each. Include amount paid, and the payment method used by your customer

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  • Who issues a receipt?
    The seller issues the receipt for a transaction to the buyer. It is proof of the exchange of services between the two parties. It is given after the payment is successfully made by the buyer. The buyer can use the receipt later for reasons like claiming a refund.
  • What is a payment receipt?
    A payment receipt is legal proof of full or partial payment for a product or service. It is issued to the customer by the seller to acknowledge that they have received the payment.
    Sometimes it is also referred to as a "Receipt for payment". These receipts are useful to both buyers and sellers, as they act as a method to drive clear communication between the buyer and the seller during a sale process. It also serves as a reminder to the customer for making a due payment.
  • What are the types of receipts?
    Receipts are mainly classified into two types:
    1. Revenue receipts:
      The receipts that arise through core business activities are termed "Revenue receipts". These receipts occur many times as they are part of everyday business activity. However, it is includedonly in the current accounting year as its effects are short term. It is issued against all daily business operations that bring income like:

      • Sale of goods from the inventory
      • Services provided to the customer
      • Interest received on income
      • Discount received from suppliers
      • Rent or dividend received
      • Sale of waste material

    2. Capital receipts:
      The receipt that occurs due to non-recurring income sources is termed as "Capital receipts". Mostly, the investing and financing activities generate this income. These receipts either increase the liability of a business or reduce its assets. It is issued against the listed sources:

      • Claiming an insurance
      • Loan received from any financial institution
      • Issue of debt instruments
      • Issue of shares of a business
      • Government grants
      • Fresh capital introduced by proprietor
  • What is the main difference between an invoice and a receipt?
    The seller issues an invoice before receiving payment as a document for requesting payment. It is provided once the items are delivered to the buyer. However, a receipt is issued by the seller after receiving payment as an acknowledgement. A sales receipt confirms that a particular product is purchased from this seller. It can be used to claim a warranty or return a product if it is faulty.
  • What is the major difference between receipt and payment?
    Payment is made against the invoice of goods and services purchased by a buyer. It is the amount that the seller asks a customer to pay in return for the purchase. However, a receipt is an acknowledgement that clarifies that the buyer made a payment, partial or full. It is a proof of payment that the buyer is no longer liable for the amount they have paid already. You can create a receipt using ourĀ online receipt generator.
  • What should a receipt include?
    A receipt is essential for maintaining a business record. It should include all vital information to create a professional document. Here is a list of crucial things that should be included in a receipt.
    1. Contact details of your business with address
    2. Transaction date and time
    3. Complete list of goods and services involved in the transaction
    4. Quantity of each item delivered
    5. Payment method used by the buyer to pay
    6. Taxes and charges involved
    7. Terms and conditions with return or refund policy
  • How do I make a handwritten receipt?
    You can quickly make a handwritten receipt by following the steps listed below. However, we will suggest using Vyapar to handle all the transactions to reduce the error involved in the manual process.
    1. Buy a receipt book to make receipt quickly
    2. Write the date and receipt number on top of the receipt
    3. Enter the contact details of your business
    4. Make a list of goods and services purchased
    5. Enter the quantity and cost of each product
    6. Add subtotal at the bottom of the list
    7. Include all taxes and other charges liable to the order
    8. Provide a grand total of the order
    9. Write down customer name, necessary contact details, and payment method
    10. Hand over the receipt to the buyer and keep one copy of the receipt for yourself
  • Is it safe to throw receipts away?
    A receipt is safe to throw if it does not include any personal information other than the buyer's name. Some such receipts are grocery receipts and coffee shop receipts. It is better to shred the receipts as they might contain important information like those in ATM receipts and bank statements.
    Make sure to shred away any receipt that contains your credit card number, contactdetails, or signature. Also, it is better for a seller to keep a record of the sales as it helps in filing taxes. So, have a digital or physical record of all transactions and save a backup for the same.
  • Why do stores ask if you want a receipt?
    The store's cashiers are concerned that the buyer might not keep the receipt and throw it away on their way out of the store. So, when a customer refuses to take it, they put it in the garbage and shred it off so that no one can access details of the customer written on receipts. However, you should take the receipt and keep it as proof of payment.
  • Is a receipt a debit or a credit?
    Every accounting transaction is a mixture of credits and debits. To maintain balance, the value of debits equals to that of credits. Our accounting software can help you take care of credits and debits in a receipt. Credit or Debit is mentioned on top of receipt to indicate a debit or a credit receipt.
  • Can you make a fake receipt?
    You can make a fake receipt for trial purposes only. Before finalizing a design for your receipt, businesses often create fake receipts by mentioning "Fake Receipt" on the title. It can help you understand how your receipt will look like to finalize your design after customization. However, make sure to never issue a fake receipt to the customer as it can portray a negative image of your brand.
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