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How to generate a online barcode using Vyapar?

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Step 1: Enter Your Item Information in Barcode Generator Tool

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Step 2: Click on Generate Barcode to create your barcode .

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Step 3: Choose the size of your barcode then download in PNG, JPG or PDF.

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Generate unlimited barcodes
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Generate unlimited barcodes

and manage product sales

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Free Barcode generator online.

Using the free barcode generator by Vyapar, you can create barcodes for every item in your inventory with a few simple steps. You can also use a barcode generator to create barcodes that lets users scan for shipping details or for payment links that can act as a convenient way to get payments digitally.

What is a barcode?

A barcode encrypts information about an item. It gets generated by using parallel bars of black and white. The thickness of parallel bars and space between them is read by a barcode scanner. It helps decrypt the data stored within a barcode. To decrypt the data, a barcode scanner is required. Using it, you can read the information stored in a barcode instantly.

What is a barcode?, Barcode generator

Why do businesses use barcodes?

Barcodes make it seamless for businesses and corporations. Some benefits of using barcodes are listed below.

Bookkeeping software, Complete Accounting

Monitoring assets

Easily track the movement of portable assets in your business by using a barcode. You can use the Vyapar app to generate a barcode for any underlying asset in your company.

Bookkeeping software, Complete Accounting

Tracking inventory

Easily track down items in your warehouse, check out expiry dates, and identify products using serial codes and batch numbers. Using the barcode generated by the Vyapar app, you can store this information instantly.

Bookkeeping software, Complete Accounting

Delivery Challan

Before making a delivery, you can scan barcode information on the package. It will help your logistics teams to cross-check details by scanning the item at any point in time.

How can barcodes help in managing inventory?

Saving time :

Using a barcode sticker, you can make it quicker for your employees to feed information into your system.

Helping monitor stock item :

Store the batch number, expiry dates, and other product information easily using barcodes generated online.

Providing better customer service :

Quickly bill your customers by using barcodes generated by the Vyapar app. It can help you provide better customer service by eliminating the requirement of typing data in each bill.

Reducing errors :

Barcodes essentially eliminate the risk of manual entry errors. It can help you reduce the chances of making any expensive mistake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do once I generate a barcode using Vyapar?

Once generated, you can start using your barcode for your requirements. Print it and attach it to the package or an inventory item as required in your business.

Is the barcode different from SKU?

Barcode is a specially generated code that can be read using a barcode scanner only. However, SKU is a unique alphanumeric code, and it is used to assist internal references for the products and services. Being alphanumeric, you need not scan SKU to read it.

How to select the best type of barcode for my business?

Consider the three parameters while choosing your barcode.
The scanner you are using.
The type of data you need to store
The industry standards that you are obliged to meet

What is the difference between 1D and 2D barcodes?

The visible difference between 1D and 2D barcodes is that the 1D barcodes have vertical parallel lines in white and black colors. However, in 2D barcodes, both vertical and horizontal lines exist.

Are the barcodes generated unique to my business?

Once you register for GS1, you comply with Global standards for barcoding. It allows you to create barcodes that include your company code, making it unique to your company.

Is it necessary to include a country code in a barcode?

It depends on the barcode you are using. In some barcodes, it is mandatory to have a country code like in EAN-13. However, in barcodes like UPC, you need not include a country code.

How are barcodes used in the packaging industry?

Once an item is to get delivered, a unique barcode is generated and attached to the package. The information in this barcode helps determine buyer identification, pickup location, and destination.

Is it free to use the Vyapar barcode generator?

Yes, using the Vyapar barcode generator is free of cost. You can create unlimited barcodes for your business using the Vyapar app.

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