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Why use a billing Software for Medical Shop?

Uses of billing Software for medical shop

Time is crucial in a medical business, and a medical shop needs to ensure that the bill is professionally generated in the least possible time. Billing software can simplify the process of creating an invoice, and all you need to do is fill in the items and print the invoice. Using Vyapar, you can enter all necessary GST details within your invoice to create a professional bill for your customers. It helps make the process faster to save the crucial time of the customers and allow medical shops to keep complete details of transactions too.

Vyapar is a free GST billing software that allows the medical shop to make the whole billing process smooth and straightforward. It helps the medical shop owners in creating custom designs for the bills to help reflect the details in a simplified way. It makes it seamless to print the invoices with a single click.

The transaction data is secured in the app, and the medical shop can create timely backups in Google drive or a storage device to keep the data safe. The best part is that Vyapar is a multi-device platform that works on mobile and desktop devices.

Features of Billing Software for Medical Shop

Different Features of medical shop billing software

Paperless Billing

Vyapar enables medical shop owners to generate e-bills and send them to the customers directly without requiring them to print on papers. It makes the billing process seamless, and the recipient customer can make payments directly through the details mentioned in the bill. It helps save the time of the customers and make the process more convenient in cases of emergencies.

Choose Invoice themes

You need not limit yourself to a particular theme to generate an invoice. In Vyapar app,you get many invoice templates to choose from and customise them according to yourbrand colours and requirements. You can add additional data fields in it to automaterecurring data to get printed each time you generate a bill automatically.

Low stock alerts

Availability of medicines in the inventory is crucial for a medical business owner. Customers visit a store to get all the required medications, and getting short of inventory can lead to problems for a patient. So, by enabling low stock alerts, Vyapar billing app gives you real-time low-stock summary reports with one click.

Contact-Less Experience

To promote digitisation and create a contactless experience for the customers. A medical shop can use the Vyapar app to generate bills and share them over WhatsApp. The bills have UPI codes that can be used by the customers to pay the bills. It makes the bills look more professional and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Organise Inventory

Maintaining an inventory gets easier with Vyapar. You can add all the details about the products you have in store by using additional item columns. It allows you to add batch numbers, expiry and manufacture date, serial number, and MRPquickly every time new inventory flows into your shop.

Track Items/Stock seamlessly

Using a billing software, you need not remember which medicines you have present in stock and which ones you need to buy next. You can easily track all the items in your store by monitoring the stock quantities using a batc number and serial number. It allows you to track which medicines are going to expire or get out of stock so that you can replace it on time.

Get timely alerts

Some medicines are more in demand than others, and it can get tricky for a medical shop to arrange an essential medicine if there is any delay in tracking the low inventory. In Vyapar billing software, you get an option to set minimum stock quantity that you want to have before you place a new order. So, every time you exhausta particular medicine, you will know well in time that you need to place an order or it will get out of stock.

Various unit options

Medicines are sold either in entire packs or partly in several forms. So, manually changing the pattern each time can make it a lengthier process. Using the Vyapar- billing software for medical shop, you can set primary and secondary units for each item you sell in your shop. E.g. in a pack of 10 tablets, set the primary unit as a pack (Pac) and secondary unit as tablets (Tabs) with conversion rate set as 1 Pac = 10 Tabs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of billing software for a medical shop?

Using billing software for a medical shop is free. You can use Vyapar mobile app to create free bills and avail a 15-day trial on the Vyapar desktop app for free.

Is Vyapar app good for a medical shop?

Vyapar app constitutes of all the features required by a medical shop. It makes the billing process seamless by enabling customised and professional billing experience and generating inventory tracking reports.

Which software is used for billing in the medical shop?

Medical stores prefer to have software like Vyapar that can give the ability to create a good quality bill with ease and allow them to handle the complete billing operations within a single app.