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What is Factory Inventory Management?

Factory inventory management helps the factories recognise which and how much stock to order at a particular time per your factory's requirement. It tracks your factory inventory from the purchase of goods to the sale of goods. It ensures there's always enough stock to fulfil clients' orders and proper warning on a shortage of goods you might be facing.

After selling the inventory goods, it gets quickly converted into revenue. Before goods are sold, inventory (although reported as an asset on the balance sheet) ties up cash. Therefore, keeping an extensive inventory stock costs money and reduces cash flow.

What Is Factory Inventory Management?

Accounting measures inventory turnover and reflects how often stock is sold in a period. A small business does go for a more extensive stock than sales. Poor inventory control & turnover can lead to deadstock or unsold stock.

Why do you Need Factory Inventory Management Software?

Managing inventory plays a very critical role in the health of your factory, as it helps you to keep informed about the low stock in your factory inventory and reduces the risk of stockouts and inaccurate records.

Why Do You Need Factory Inventory Management Software?

Major Benefits of Using Factory Inventory Management Software!

Major Benefits Of Using Factory Inventory Management Software!

Makes Inventory Management Cost-Effective In Factory:
Factory inventory management software makes you aware of the ongoing stock trends inside your factory, which means you can see how much of and where you have something in stock, so it helps you with better inventory control and order management of goods.

It enables you to keep less stock at each location (store, warehouse), as you can pull from anywhere to fulfil your sales orders. All of this decreases costs tied up in inventory level and reduces the amount of stock that goes unsold before it's obsolete.

Provides The Best Way To Improve Your Cash Flow:
With proper manufacturing management software for inventory, you spend money on inventory that sells, so cash is constantly moving through the business. Moreover, it helps your business to move with leaps and bounds and allows you to earn extra money as it significantly reduces deadstock or unsold stock in your industry.

Factory inventory management software by Vyapar comes at very affordable prices, and it makes your inventory process smooth and less time-consuming at the same time. It assists you in achieving your monthly or quarterly sales order goals.

Quick Way To Satisfy Your Customers:
One of the essential areas of creating loyal customers inside your business platform is to ensure they receive the items they want without waiting. It is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Your hospitality and service will attract more customers to your platform, making your business popular among mainstream people. A professional inventory management system ensures that your factory has all the raw materials available to keep production and delivery in check.

Improving Supply Chain Operations:
You may be aware of unexpected situations that come to your supply chain. With a proper and well-oiled working system in place for inventory management, retailers and ecommerce businesses can more effectively establish a supply chain with an appropriate diversification strategy.

More suppliers mean you significantly reduce the risk of low inventory and long wait times for products if one supplier can't deliver on time. You can prepare well ahead of a specific time, like peak season, to order the right amount of stock from a supplier and to mitigate any issues related to your inventory.

Succeed With Employee Efficiency:
This inventory management software empowers you and your employees to manage your inventory efficiently. Training employees to use robust factory inventory management software and other tools will help them to better use their time.

The Inventory Management app of Vyapar is straightforward to use for all factory workers. They can train themselves to manage the inventory using the app for their factory within hours.

How to Identify the Best Inventory Management Software for Your Factory?

How To Identify The Best Inventory Management Software For Your Factory?

Given below are the specific points that can help you to identify the best factory inventory management software:

Brings Transparency To Supply Chains:

Vyapar factory inventory management software is a vital tool for monitoring the entire supply chain of your business. These systems, for many slight and more considerable manufacturing operations, are often necessary to keep everything in order and prevent loss.

It is critical to have Vyapar-driven visibility into manufacturing inventory management software, transit, and inventory. Automating the audits necessary to keep track of your warehouse processes may help reduce the error rate otherwise possible with manual systems.

Comprehensive Information On Existing Stock:

The factory inventory management system of Vyapar provides you with a unique classification/codification system (grouping together materials of technical affinity & allocating parts, stock, code, or reference number). All information can be had for any stock items.

It helps to get real-time updates inside your factory of inventory stocks that are available and which are getting low. It has many features that make your work smooth and helps you to keep track of your supplies seamlessly.

Setup Auto Reminder For Stock Refilling:

By using Vyapar's factory inventory management software, you can check your factory's real-time stock updates and if they are getting low. If replenishment does not occur, Vyapar will send you a reminder notification on your device.

It is one of the best ways to keep yourself updated about your factory stocks. As an owner, you must constantly check your inventory; if you don't do it carefully, you might lose your valuable customer.

Dormant Stock Analysis:

If any stock item is not used for a considerable period, then software for factory inventory management by Vyapar will send you a reminder to the management for necessary action.

You can fill your stocks quickly and fulfil your sales order on time without facing any shortages. Vyapar comes at really affordable prices for your factory inventory management.

Why is Vyapar the Best Software for Inventory Management for Your Factory?

Why Is Vyapar The Best Software For Inventory Management For Your Factory?

Track Inventory On Your Smartphone:

Vyapar's professional inventory management platform keeps up with your sales order and does not pile up unnecessary stock in your factory. It enables you with sales reports, so you can plan your next purchase of items before they are about to get exhausted.

It enables you with all the required supplies to run your business effectively. Vyapar gives sufficient time to receive new products, and your employee can update the list in our software.

Create Sales/Purchase Orders Wherever You Are:

The factory inventory management system by Vyapar enables you to keep track of your inventory from anywhere. You have to travel inside and outside of the country for your business. Subsequently, here Vyapar helps you to keep track of your factory inventory from anywhere across India.

So you can replenish your stocks quickly without getting exhausted. It helps you with customer satisfaction by ensuring that your customer returns on time. Vyapar's inventory management supports many small and medium businesses in India by cutting down their unnecessary stockpiling.

Bill Faster With Barcode Scanner:

Vyapar manufacturing inventory management software enables you to generate barcodes and use it for scanning to add items to your bill. As you sell your products or purchase new ones, your factory inventory will keep you updated when you have to add the accounts. Using intelligent detection technology, items in your stock will get quickly updated accordingly.

Vyapar helps you with efficient enterprise resource planning. It allows you to keep records of your merchandise, eliminating the slightest possibility of mistakes. You can save valuable time and a copy of your data in the drive to ensure its safety.

Features that Make Vyapar Inventory Management Software Best for Factories!

Features That Make Vyapar Inventory Management Software Best For Factories!

Manage Your Factory Inventory Seamlessly:

Vyapar manufacturing inventory management software helps you to improve your factory performance. You can track your business's sales using Vyapar inventory management software features like business reports. It allows you to understand how effectively you have managed your inventory.

As the inventory management software, Vyapar keeps a business data record within the app. It makes it hassle-free for factory owners to generate an effective strategy. Using factory inventory tracking features enables you to maximise the utility of inventory space.

Using Vyapar, you can check the live status of your factory inventory. Moreover, it lets you set up alerts to place new orders with your suppliers. Also, by using Vyapar, you can track the location of packed orders using delivery challan anytime.

Gst Filing Made It Simpler And Faster:

Filing GST is a challenge for factory owners, as you know the complexity and ample time requirement associated with manual GST filing. You can generate GST reports using Vyapar inventory management software and make the GST filing process seamless.

Many factory owners spend their time and effort every month. It significantly reduces your workload and ensures they comply with the tax laws. After all, they must keep simplifying your manufacturing process and help you to track your monthly invoices, expenses, and accounting details.

Vyapar's factory management app helps you to create dedicated GSTR reports and saves time using automation. The report generation feature in the factory inventory management app enables you to create reports like GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3, GSTR4, and GSTR9.

Vyapar Keeps Your Data Safe With Backups:

You are using our free inventory management software to keep track of your stocks. It also helps you to set up an automatic data backup, enabling you to safeguard critical data stored in the app. For additional safety, you can generate a local backup too in your device.

Your factory data is one of the critical areas of your factory, as it might be the route map for your business. Keeping data safe is the utmost priority of any business today, as data is the backbone of a business.

However, losing this data can severely and adversely impact your small business and sales orders & numbers, so you must make backups using Vyapar to ensure you have all data safe. So, our free warehouse inventory management software in India enables you to set up an automatic data backup, helping ensure the safety of the data stored in the app.

Build A Positive Brand Image:

Providing professional quotes and estimates during negotiation for your raw materials finish or finished products builds a positive brand image. Moreover, you can give complete disclosure about the deal to build trust.

Vyapar software for inventory management for factories assists you in building a professional brand for you. A professionally built custom invoice can stand out among competitors and showcase yourself as a professional seller & eventually, it leads you to have more clients for your factory.

You can add and make your business logo, style, font, and brand colours to your invoice, as it assists you in presenting your brand's identity perfectly. You don't have to search for it separately, as it automatically comes with tools and functions to give your business a perfect and professional outlook.

Multiple Payment Options:

Vyapar factory inventory management software enables multiple payment modes, as you don't need an internet connection for QR codes and cash transactions for your business. It helps you avoid friction over the payment method with your customers.

It provides you with an online substitute for payment, such as choices like UPI, QR, NEFT, IMPS, e-wallet, and credit/debit cards. So you can keep your business going without facing any difficulty, and Vyapar makes your transaction seamless and smooth simultaneously.

Vyapar enables you to select payment options your customers likely prefer, or you can provide all options to them. Among offline payment options, you allow providing a QR code within the invoice to help your users send a payment to the UPI id attached. Further, you can mention your bank account details within the Vyapar.

Online/Offline Billing And Accounting:

Using our software with a barcode scanner, you need not stop business operations due to weak internet & network connectivity. You can use the offline billing features in the app to generate bills and invoices for your clients and keep records of your data.

You can create invoices/statements for your customers without requiring you to stay online. Vyapar inventory management software for factory works in all rugged terrain – hilly and forested.

You can add and create your business logo, style, font, and brand colours to your invoice, as it assists you in presenting your brand's identity perfectly. You don't have to search for it separately, as it automatically comes with tools and functions to give your business a perfect and professional outlook.

What do Factory Owners Say About our Inventory Management Software?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Software Is Best For Inventory Management?

One million small business owners recommend Vyapar factory inventory management software to keep track of your factory inventory. It is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. It comes at very affordable prices, and you don't have to pay additional costs to use its mind-blowing features.

How Do You Manage To Manufacture Inventory?

As a business owner, you know that managing your inventory manually requires enormous time and effort. You can use Vyapar warehouse inventory management software to manage your inventory seamlessly, as it is easy to track which stock is on the list and reduces overbuying of raw materials. It sends you a notification if your inventory is getting low or dormant.

What Is The Most Commonly Used Inventory System?

One million small business owners trust Vyapar to keep track of their inventory management. They highly recommend Vyapar's factory inventory management software for you to use for the same purpose. They are aware of all the benefits that come with any highly recommended use.

What Is MRO Inventory?

Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Supplies, MRO inventory lets you keep track of all minor details. It is the inventory required to assemble and sell the finished product, but at the same time, it gets built into the product itself.

Depending upon the specifics of your factory, this inventory might be in storage, at a supplier, or in transit out for delivery.

How Many Types Of Inventory Are In The Factory?

There are four types of inventory in the factory, which are frequently known given down below:

  • Raw materials
  • Work in progress
  • Finished goods
  • Overhaul/MRO

How Do You Manage Inventory In Excel?

You can use Vyapar factory inventory management software to manage your inventory in Excel, and it comes in all three formats – PDF, Word, and Excel. You can customise it as per your requirement. It is effortless to operate at the same time.

What Are The Types Of Inventory Management Systems?

There are three types of inventory management systems you can choose from either of the three inventory systems:

  • manual Inventory management
  • periodic inventory management
  • perpetual inventory management

Which Inventory System Should You Use And Why?

Vyapar's factory inventory management software is widely used and trusted by millions of small business owners for their day-to-day business activities.

Many useful inventory management features are available in Vyapar, simultaneously making your business more approachable and professional.