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Learn to manage your Restaurant through Vyapar App in Simple Steps

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business through a simplified platform

Customer Satisfaction

Simplified Platform

Vyapar app provides you with complete access to your restaurant business through a simplified platform. It allows you to speed up the billing process and create appealing invoices to attract more customers. Moreover, it will enable you to manage your inventory so that you can avoid unnecessary losses.

Boosts Business Growth

The Vyapar app makes it simple for you to customise the billing according to your business requirements. Moreover, it helps boost business growth and enhance customer satisfaction. Even though there are numerous reasons to use a restaurant billing software, we have listed some that are very important for every business. 

Top 9 reasons to choose Vyapar app for managing your restaurant business

Social Distancing Norms

1. Adhere to Social Distancing Norms
To maintain compliance with the guidelines authorised by the government. We have promoted the use of pdf bills sent to customers through Whatsapp to make billing a contactless experience. Moreover, the customers can make payments through the QR code that can get attested within the invoice or pdf bill.

2. Gain sale insights
You need to understand the interests of your customers, and ideas can help you simplify the process. Through Vyapar app, you can check out the popularity of a particular dish, and understand its quantities consumed by your customer. By using item stock tracking, you can improve your future orders and save money by limiting the purchase of unused raw material. 

understand the interests of your customers
mobile number and name of your customer

3. Personalised customer experiences
By asking for the mobile number and name of your customer, you can provide specialised services to enhance their experience. It will help you understand what they like to eat, and you can ask them if they would like to have their favourite dishes. You can reach out to your regular customers by assigning credit notes to them with discounts on their next order.

4. Multi-device Experience
The Vyapar app allows you to have the best multi-device experience. You can use it in laptops, Android phones, and desktop devices at the same time. So, when you are in a restaurant, you can check the stats on a computer. If you want to access data from a remote location, you can use it on your mobile phone.

restaurant billing software, Multi-device Experience
free restaurant billing software, Customisation

5. Customisation
We have created a specialised solution that is helpful in business automation with proper looking invoices. You can customise the look and feel of your favourite template to make it attractive to your customers.

6. Compliance with GST
You can create GST compliant invoices through the app. Moreover, it will assist you in making the tax calculations, and financial reports so that it gets more comfortable for you to file GST.

free restaurant billing software, Compliance with GST
free restaurant billing software, Boost businesses

7. Boost businesses
Our software helps you boost your business growth by enabling faster invoicing and providing an advantage over your competitors. You can improve the performance of your business by utilising the features of the restaurant billing software.

8. Simplified implementation
Vyapar app enables you to start billing within minutes. Multiple employees can use this app simultaneously, and it will help you boost the speed of transactions effectively.  

free restaurant billing software, Simplified implementation
restaurant billing software free, Collaboration

9. Collaboration
A restaurant billing software allows you to send order invoices to your supplier. It will help them bring the supplies according to demand in your restaurant.  

restaurant billing software free, Exciting Features of Vyapar

Exciting Features

Most restaurant owners have found restaurant invoice generator tools to be helpful. Every year more and more restaurant owners are opting to switch to billing software. The reason for this changed behaviour among business owners is understandable, considering the exciting features included in the restaurant billing software. We have listed some of the best features below. 

Top 5 features of a restaurant billing software

restaurant billing software free, Auto backup

1. Auto backup

You can simply save your data on a local drive. It will enable you to have access to your billing history from anywhere. By making a backup regularly, you won't ever lose the data that you have collected over years of experience.

restaurant billing software india, Simplify inventory

2. Simplify inventory

A restaurant billing software helps you manage data at various levels. You can have table-wise sales reports, employee performance charts, and live inventory status. It will allow you to make reorders before your stock gets exhausted and help you avoid over purchasing to save losses from expired products.

restaurant billing software india, Security and privacy features

3. Security and privacy features

You can save your data through the server protections. It allows you to have a password authorisation for data recovery and backup. So, you won't lose your data to anyone.

restaurant billing software free download, Fast billing

4. Fast billing

The software allows you to speed up the billing process through natural item selection and order management. You can add the items and print the bill instantly.

restaurant billing software free download, Expiry management

5. Expiry management

By using the restaurant billing software, you can identify the items that are going to expire soon. So, you can initiate a return to the supplier and avoid making losses.

Today, many restaurants owners are opting for the exclusive features of the Vyapar app to provide a better experience to the customers. Exciting features and technological advancements are updated regularly to maintain the security of the application.

Top 3 ways in which the billing software help your restaurant business

1. Recipe management

You can track consumption for every recipe and understand your expenses in a better way. It will help you know which methods are in high demand and how you can enhance the customer experience.

2. Simplify your orders

Integrating billing software can help you manage all requests through a single channel. It will help you have a space to manage your online orders and in-store orders in the same place.

3. Access data from anywhere

Vyapar app allows you to track your restaurant sales anytime, with a few simple clicks. You can ensure that your data is safe by enabling employee access to the information after entering a security code.


Today, billing software is the lifeline of restaurant services. It helps a restaurant owner track the sales and manage inventory so that you don't run out on supplies, and avoid buying unnecessary stock items. You can opt for Vyapar app to get the best restaurant billing services.