Catering Bill Format

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Catering Bill Format

What is a Catering Bill?

A catering bill is offered by vendors in the catering business, such as restaurants. The bill is recorded proof that an individual has dine-in a restaurant or bought food. For anyone who’s into the catering business, offering a catering bill is not just important but necessary.

Brands in the catering business definitely need to offer customers catering bills. It reflects professionalism, and it works as proof of sale. Suppose, in legal scenarios; someone refuses to accept that they bought food from you. So the receipt will be helpful as it will be proof of their dining.

Further, when you offer a catering bill to customers, it leaves a good impression. You can leave a professional impression on the customers, influencing them to return to your place. When it comes to a catering bill, it contains a wide range of information.

From the list of items ordered to the total amount to be paid for the order - a catering bill contains complete details of the customer’s dining. Having a catering bill might also help guests with managing their expenses. Most customers expect a bill after dining, so offering it to them will fulfil their expectations.

What are the Essential Contents of a Catering Bill Format?

Essential Contents of a Catering Bill Format

A catering bill consists of several essential details. You must ensure these details are constituted when working on your catering bill format. But what are those details? Here are some vital components of a catering bill format:

Company Information:

The company’s name and address are mandatory in a catering bill format. In addition to that, other important details about the brand need to be included. The details can be the company’s contact details, website, email, etc.

Besides, it’s the most prominent component of your catering bill. How would a customer know if it’s your brand’s bill? From your company’s details on the bill! Including the contact information ensures that customers know how to contact you.

Customer Details:

Just like the company’s details, it’s also essential to include the details of the customers. When a customer is placing the order, ask them - their full name, phone number, email address and residential address (in case they opted for home delivery).

Having correct customer details will allow you to send invoice formats to the correct address or email. In addition, it will also make the invoice legally liable.

T&C and Invoice Number:

T&C stands for terms and conditions. The T&C includes all the payment regulations, like due dates, penalties, etc. Having a dedicated section for T&C safeguards your legal disputes.

Besides including T&C in your catering bill format, don’t forget invoice numbers. Having an invoice number is beneficial for your own good. It helps you maintain records easily and provides easy access to invoices.

Service Information:

Another important content of a catering bill format is service information. The service detail section can include components such as the venue name, location, mobile number and other integral details of the catering team.

If the catering event is off-premise, the date and time of the event should also be mentioned. This will give customers an idea of how long your catering services will be served.

Food & Services:

Food and services consumed by customers is the most crucial detail of a catering bill format. Make sure you mention every food item guests have ordered and their quantity in your invoice.

Having this information will help customers confirm their orders. Moreover, it’s also advantageous for inventory management purposes as you can track what is utilised and how much.

Bill Amount and Taxes:

The last but not least detail to mention in your catering bill format is the amount paid and taxes on it. There are two ways to mention the food charges. You can either mention it in front of the item ordered or the total at the end.

Besides food charges, make sure you include GST charges separately. Most brands generally include the tax charges in the final amount. But you should prefer to reflect it separately as it reflects transparency.

What is the Importance of the Catering Bill?

Importance of the Catering Bill

If it’s your first time working on a catering bill format, you might think, “is it really important to offer catering bills to customers?” Yes, it’s essential. Let’s learn in detail about how important they are:

Record Maintenance:

One of the most important uses of catering bills is record maintenance. It helps you track how many guests you have served, what type of food is served, and so much more about the dining. Having an invoice record also helps in legal matters.

Let’s suppose your business got into some legal matters related to customers. In such scenarios, that invoice record can come handy. You can use it to defend your business or help the law find the guilty.

Protection of the Company:

It doesn’t matter what business you are into; having lawsuits on your firm is unpredictable. In such cases, your business can defend itself using the invoice record. The invoice record contains a wide range of details - from which guest dined on what date to how much payment method is opted.

Invoices can help protect your catering business from a false lawsuit. And we all know how expensive legal disputes can go in the long run. So save yourself from the hassle of court dates, and start issuing invoices.

File Taxes Easily

Every business is liable to pay taxes in India every year. If you don’t pay your income tax, you might expect legal penalties and charges issued to your name. A record is automatically maintained when you issue an invoice using an accounting app such as Vyapar.

The invoice record will help your brand in determining the annual income, which is the toughest part of calculating tax. Using your sales and purchase data, you can create GSTR reports to file taxes with ease.

Analyse Your Business

To grow your catering business, you need to perform timely analyses of your whole firm. It’s time-consuming, but having invoices by your side makes it simple. Invoices are records of financial transactions made between your catering business and customers.

You can use sales data to create a profit and loss statement. This statement can further be utilised for analysing the financials of your business. In other words, having invoices plays an integral part in determining the financial position of a firm.

Proof of Dining

Being in the catering business, you might usually come across customers who refuse to accept that they have placed an order. If in future you encounter such customers, an invoice can come in handy. An invoice is proof of dining or an order placed by customers.

If someone says they haven’t placed an order, you can show them a copy of the invoice. The invoice contains detailed data on order, so there’s no chance someone can delay that. Since it’s a transactional document, it’s also legally eligible, which is the best thing.

Great Impression

Imagine you had a nice dinner at a restaurant and were offered an invoice copy after paying for the food. What’s the impression it will leave on you? Professionalism. It’s not the big thing that creates a professional image in front of customers.

It’s the same moves, such as offering invoice copies. If you wish to leave a good impression of your business on guests, try offering them invoices. It’s a proven trick and works well for every business.

How to Use Catering Bill Format in the Vyapar App?

The Vyapar app is one of the best softwares for creating catering bills. It has a pre-designed catering bill format, which you can customise easily.

But if it’s your first time using this app, you might experience some complexities. So here are the steps for accessing the catering bill format in the Vyapar app:

  • On the homepage, tap on the + button.
  • Now tap on SALE INVOICES.
  • Enter the name of the customers and phone number.
  • Below the phone number, there’s an ADD ITEMS button.
  • Tap on the button and fill in the details of items ordered by customers.
  • Enter the cost of the items and tax. Tap on SAVE AND NEXT.
  • In the PAYMENT TYPE, choose the mode of payment and tap SAVE.
  • A preview of the invoice will appear. Choose your desired theme.
  • Tap on the ARROW symbol and choose between SHARE AS IMAGE and SHARE AS PDF.

You can follow the above steps to create a catering bill for your business. You can further offer them to your customers in offline as well as online modes. For online sharing, the Vyapar app facilitates invoice sharing in photo and pdf form.

On the other hand, for offline invoice sharing, the application offers a printing facility. You can print the invoice and give your customers the softcopy.

What are the Benefits of Offering a Catering Bill?

Benefits of Catering Bill

When it comes to offering catering bills to customers, it has some really wonderful benefits. Some of those advantages are as follows:

Beneficial in Legal Scenarios:

Legal matters are unexpected to arise. To handle such unexpected legal scenarios, invoices can help a lot. Even though they come in handy for tracking customer payments, they are equally helpful in legal disputes. “But what legal cases can invoice come in handy?” you might ask.

Let’s suppose a customer refuses to cash the bill or even acknowledges the order. An invoice can act as legally eligible proof of financial agreement. It’s evidence if the matter goes to court.

Keeps Customers Happy:

Invoicing is an underrated part of offering good customer service. Providing catering bills allows customers to know that they have to pay after the dine-in. Most customers find it a good move because it awares them of their payments.

Moreover, an invoice also helps customers track their finances. It’s because the document contains a detailed description of their purchase.

Showcasing your Brand:

A catering bill is a wonderful way of showcasing your branding. Your tone of voice and design in the invoice bill will decide how your customers will imagine your brand. When creating a template, make sure to take care of a few things.

For example, what layout you picked, the type of typography and the placement of your logo. With the Vyapar billing app, creating an invoice is an easy job.

Keep you Organised:

It’s an obvious advantage, but we still don’t want to miss it for you. Keeping an adequately organised record of invoices will help your business manage finances. The record will help you track your payments most efficiently.

Moreover, it will also help come in handy in learning about outstanding payments. In simple words, having an organised invoice is useful if you want to analyse the financial condition of your catering business.

Helps you Collect Payments:

Collecting pending payments is one of the most challenging jobs for any business owner. But using an invoice can become super easy. It’s a document which contains a list of details about the customer.

For example, how much they owe, the price of ordered food items, etc. The payment collection team can use that information to collect payments from the right customers on the due time.

Keep Things Professional:

Having a professional invoice has a significant impact on customer experience dramatically. When you offer an invoice to a customer, you show them that your business processes aren’t ordinary. This kind of realisation helps the customers trust your brand more easily.

Many small businesses think that creating a professional invoice is a time-consuming process. But with invoicing software Vyapar, creating a catering bill is super simple. The app comes with multiple beautifully designed professional catering bill formats.

What are the Advantages of Using Catering Bill Format by Vyapar?

Advantages of Using Catering Bill Format

In the Vyapar app, you can access the inbuilt catering bill format. This format is completely customisable, and its designs can further be changed easily. Here are some advantages of using the catering bill format by Vyapar:


The most significant benefit of using the catering bill format by Vyapar is it saves time. You just have to fill in the details in the template, and you are done. Your invoice will be ready in just a few minutes.

On the other hand, if you sit down to create your own template, it might take a lot of time. Every business wants to save as much time as possible on various tasks. With the Vyapar catering bill format, you can save time and effort considerably.


The Vyapar app is FREE to use. Therefore, by using the catering bill format, you don’t have to pay anything. On the other hand, if you hire an expert to create a template for you, it might cost you good.

But with the Vyapar app, the only thing you are going to invest is your time. Besides creating catering invoices, you can also use the application for various other accounting and management tasks. For example, inventory management, debit note creation, etc.

Attractive Format Designs:

Sometimes it’s just the design of the invoice that does all the magic. With the Vyapar app, you get the facility to customise your invoice the way you like. With multiple attractive designs, you can produce invoices that are more likely to grab the attention of your customers.

Furthermore, you can share those invoices with the guests through multiple mediums, from sharing the PDF through email, WhatsApp, etc. To print the hard copy of the invoice - the app offers multiple Invoice sharing options you can enjoy.

Easy to Use

The more complex an app is to use, the tougher it becomes to create an invoice using it. Luckily that’s not the case with the Vyapar app. This tool is designed in a user-friendly manner. Therefore you won’t find any inconvenience using the catering bill format in it.

Everything about Vyapar is so simple and straightforward that it indeed makes it effortless for catering service providers to bill customers. You can find all the important tabs on the homepage itself. So you don’t have to spend a good amount of time figuring out all the options.

Convenient Customisation

With most pre-designed templates, complex customisation is the most common issue. But with the catering bill format available on the Vyapar app, customisation is super simple. Therefore, you can perform as many edits as you want without worrying about any potential complexities.

You can include fields or remove them to make the format a perfect fit for your unique business requirements. Also, the customisation feature is available on both the desktop version and mobile versions of the app. And if you look at it, this is a huge advantage.

Simple and Straightforward Navigation

The first thing that comes into most people’s minds regarding accounting apps is complex navigation. It could be the case with other software but not with the Vyapar app. One of the best things about this software is its straightforward navigation.

First, you won’t find unnecessary buttons or sub-sections in the app. Further, the most commonly used features are available on the homepage itself. So it doesn’t matter if you use it for the first time. You are not going to find any complexity with the navigation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Catering bill format?

The catering bill format is a pre-designed template businesses use to create catering invoices. Using a catering bill format is cost-efficient and saves a lot of time.

How do I Make a Catering Bill?

You can use the Vyapar app’s pre-designed catering bill format to create a catering bill for your customer. The format is easy to customise and comes with attractive designs.

How do you Write a Catering Quote?

There are two ways of writing a catering Quote. Either create one from the start or use the Vyapar apps’ pre-designed formats to save time.

How do I Send a Catering Bill in Pdf Format?

Using the Vyapar app, you can download your catering bill format in various forms, including PDF. Before the sharing option, the application asks for your preferred choice of format download.

How Do You Calculate Catering Costs?

The catering cost is calculated on various bases depending on how many items have been ordered and their actual cost. Also, don’t forget about the GST applicable to the total cost.

What is the Standard Markup for Catering?

Caterers generally use a standardised method, i.e. multiplying the final cost of the food by 3. Also, many restaurants use a percentage method, i.e. 20-40% extra on food costs.

What are the 6 Items Included in a Catering Proposal?

The six most important items to include in a catering proposal are a manual order description, terms and conditions, the total order cost, a cover letter, additional charges and the restaurant’s contact information.