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Customizable Hotel Bill Format

What is a Hotel Bill?

Hotels make bills to ask their guests for payments which also helps them maintain their financial records. Hotel invoices provide guests with an itemised statement of fees incurred for lodging, food, movies, and WiFi usage, etc.

Hotel bills include payment details and serve as a record of your stay when you file for reimbursement or tax purposes. Using hotel bill formats by Vyapar makes it seamless to create professional hotel bills.

Contents of a Hotel Bill Format

Contents included in Hotel Bill Format

Title Of The Hotel Bill

A hotel bill must include a title like "hotel invoice" at the top.

Name Of Hotel

You must print the name and Logo of the hotel on the Hotel invoice. The name and company logo of your hotel is your brand identity. It helps in marketing your hotel.

Hotel's Contact Information

Next, you must mention the complete address with the pin code and contact information of the hotel on the bill so that if your guests have any queries or want to contact you, they can easily do it. You must include a phone number, email address, and social media accounts to make it easy for customers to reach out.

Guest's Details

The hotel bill format must include the details of the guest staying in your hotel. You must ask for an identification card to gather their details so you can contact them in case of any problem with payment.

Invoice Date And Number

Mention the date you are creating a bill. The invoice date is an essential record. The invoice number refers to the serial number of the bill.

Hotel Room Number

Include the room number in which the guests stay and their total number of stays. The total number of visits is a metric to charge prices.

Include Other Services

While making a bill, add all the additional charges for services like food, mini fridge, spa, WiFi, drinks, etc.

Total Amount

Write the total amount of all the charges and services. The total amount should be inclusive of all taxes.

Check-Out And Pay

Once the guests are ready to check out, hand them their invoices. The visitor must pay using any method the hotel accepts, including cash, checks, credit cards, company cards, foreign currencies, etc.

Hoteliers need to keep track of payments and provide safe receipts for visitors. The hotel receipt template from Vyapar instantly calculates fees and presents them as attractive bills that you can print out, email, or send to your customers via WhatsApp.

What is the Difference Between Hotel and Restaurant?

Difference Between Hotel and Restaurant

People often use hotels and restaurants as synonyms. But they are entirely different. Hotel is a broader term which sometimes includes restaurants. Restaurants are part of hotels.

  • An establishment that offers temporary lodging is known as a hotel. A restaurant prepares and provides customers with food and beverages.
  • Hotels are bigger than a restaurant because it has accommodation options. Given that it does not provide lodging, a restaurant is sufficiently smaller than a hotel.
  • Hotel accommodations sometimes include meals. Restaurants serve meals on the premises, but some offer take-out or delivery.
  • A hotel's star rating is determined by its facilities and services. A restaurant is generally classified according to the cuisine or style of the food and the price.
  • A restaurant is a minimum requirement, and other services like conference rooms, room service, and laundry are also required in a hotel. A restaurant can be a standalone establishment serving food or drinks, or it can be a component of a larger establishment like a hotel, shopping centre, etc.
  • All main meals are typically available at hotels with restaurant services, or complete courses are served. Some restaurants serve all of the main courses, while others might only serve one or two.
  • Hotels may offer private bathrooms, dining options, nightclubs, swimming pools, lounges, meeting spaces, bars, room service, and child care. Restaurants may provide parking, restrooms, a lounge, and a play area for children.
  • Comparatively speaking, a hotel has a larger workforce than a standalone cafe. When compared to a hotel, a restaurant typically employs fewer people.
  • A hotelier is someone who owns a hotel. The owner of the restaurant is a restaurateur.

Use Vyapar to Manage All Hotel Departments

Various hotel departments must collaborate to achieve common goals and provide guests with a positive experience. In a hotel, the primary divisions are:

Management And Finance

The management and finance department is responsible for overseeing the primary daily operations, which are essential to the success of a hotel business. It may involve organising events, managing hotel services, developing strategies, resolving issues, and meeting with business partners.

The management of the hotel's finances, on the other hand, entails keeping track of revenue and expenses and developing financial plans. You can rely on Vyapar for your business management requirements with a hotel bill management system.

Food And Beverages

Since many hotels generate a sizable portion of their income from serving food and beverages to visitors, the food and beverage department also plays a crucial role in effective hotel management.

This department must purchase the ingredients and supplies required by hotel restaurants and bars. Meals must also be prepared and served by this department. Using the business dashboard in the hotel bill maker app like Vyapar, you can keep a check on your cash flow and set up alerts to place new orders with suppliers.


A hotel's housekeeping division strives to offer visitors a setting that is secure, cosy, hygienic, and appealing to the eye.

Cleaning rooms, changing sheets, doing laundry, upholding quality standards, and reporting problems to maintenance crews or senior hotel management members are among the core responsibilities.

Front Office Department

The front office hotel department manages reservations, guest services, and payment processing tasks. It acts as the hotel's public face. The front office must work closely with hotel management and other departments as it frequently interacts with customers.

Hotel bill formats keep billing professional for a seamless customer experience. You can provide multiple payment options to avoid issues regarding payment methods during check-in and check-out.

Maintenance Department

Repairing broken pipes, heating systems, air conditioning units, and other items in hotel rooms and public spaces are all tasks that the maintenance department of a hotel is in charge of performing. The housekeeping staff or hotel management will frequently make requests for repairs.

Reservation And Marketing Department

The reservations processing, changing bookings, and updating room availability information are all responsibilities of the reservations and marketing department. Additionally, marketing responsibilities can involve print and online advertising, content marketing, SEO, and more.

Human Resource Department

Human Resources is responsible for several workplace responsibilities, including recruiting top talent and training and developing employees. It ensures that hotel management adheres to labour laws and regulations, conducts interviews, and helps employees receive benefits.

How to Create a Hotel Bill Format with the Vyapar App?

Professional Hotel Bill Format

In a few simple steps, you can create professional invoices with Vyapar.

Enter Relevant Information About the Hotel and Guests: Include the billing date and other pertinent details about your hotel and visitors. To ensure everything is clear, you can add any column and make notes on the invoice.

Examine the Information: After inputting the details, the preview lets you see how your invoice will look. The hotel invoice builder lets you switch to the previous tab if you need to make changes.

Download the Invoice and Share It with the Visitors: Using the Vyapar online hotel invoice generator, you can download and send the completed invoice to your guest online or print it.

What are the Benefits of Using Hotel Bill Format by Vyapar?

Manage Your Hotel Seamlessly

The Vyapar hotel bill formats can help you manage your hotel more effectively. You can collect data to analyse your hotel operations and create reports using it. The hotel bill format can help you manage your business by getting all relevant data in the bills.

You can manage your expenses, bookkeeping, and records with this accounting software. Keeping track of all transactions is easy due to the accessibility and simplicity of the hotel bill format. Also, the formats are compatible with hotel bill management apps. You don't need to manually fill in all invoice details for each visitor when the format is ready.

You can modify the features and other details of your hotel bill on the Vyapar app. The app can also automatically calculate taxes, and you can add or subtract additional fees.

Create Personalised Hotel Bills for Your Guests:

The benefit of our hotel bill format is that you can modify the bills to suit your hotel's requirements. You can create a more detailed hotel invoice by using customised hotel bill formats.

You can customise hotel bill formats to display branding elements for your hotel's service, such as logos, styles, headers, footers, and colours. Custom invoices can be an effective marketing tool as well.

If your client needs additional information, customer-specific messages, or other services, you can add them to the format. Hotel managers can create hotel bills in a few minutes. They may be printed or emailed, or sent via WhatsApp to visitors.

Quickly Enter Hotel Data:

Manual Bill generation and bookkeeping require handwritten entries. Use the Vyapar hotel bill format to automate making invoices and calculations.

The Vyapar hotel bill formats reduce time-consuming, repetitive manual entries, giving you more time to concentrate on what matters most. Further, you can use the hotel invoicing software to track and modify your bill amounts.

Thanks to its user-friendly formats, creating hotel bills is seamless. Professional hotel bill formats make it seamless to collect required data and enable quick billing for customers.

Create A Positive Hotel Identity

Building a positive hotel image involves offering your visitors printed, expert estimates and invoices. The Vyapar GST hotel bill formats help you establish a credible brand.

You can also make all relevant information about the transaction available to foster trust. You can differentiate yourself from the competition and establish yourself as a reputable seller using an expertly designed custom format.

Buyers perceive the custom-built quote as reliable and include all the details needed for a hotel bill. The information in the section may contain terms, taxes, discounts, and descriptions of the goods or services.

Valuable Features of Vyapar App for Hotel Businesses

Features of Hotel Bill Format

The Interactive Dashboard Makes the Task Easy

Vyapar's desktop hotel bill software and mobile app offer a comprehensive hotel management dashboard that gathers all the crucial information about your daily activities in one location.

Cash on hand and bank balance can both be quickly analysed. You can control services, food, amenities, and more by analysing consumption and sales data in the reports.

It is the most effective system for invoicing your hotel guests. With this complete setup, you'll be able to keep tabs on the financial situation of your hotel and make wise choices.

Access the Hotel Bill Format without an Internet Connection:

The offline Vyapar hotel bill generator app is available. You can use it without having internet access or connectivity. Hotel managers can use the offline billing features of the bill maker app to generate bills for your hotel.

Easy Billing Software Vyapar instantly validates your transactions and updates your database when you connect it to the internet. Vyapar's online and offline features are helpful in remote areas with common network and connectivity issues.

You can use the invoice-generating application features to keep your hotel operating without an internet connection. Further, having a standard hotel billing format helps you keep all details in check for later reference.

Provide Various Payment Options to Your Hotel Guests:

To receive payments on time, hotel owners must create an appropriate invoice. The Vyapar hotel invoicing tool allows you to create invoices with various payment options. The variety of payment methods offered by Vyapar significantly increases accessibility.

Payment default is less likely if you give your visitors various straightforward payment options. You can use credit/debit cards, e-wallets, NEFT, QR, UPI, and QR in the Vyapar app.

Visitors are more likely to choose you if you accept their preferred payment method. Customers will choose you over rivals who don't offer a wide range of solutions because they can trust you.

Visitors who are travelling want convenience, and one of the most basic forms of comfort you can offer is the ability to choose how they want to pay. Customers' relationships are strengthened when you let them settle in the way they prefer.

Make Hotel Invoice without Any Hassle

It's a great addition to your hotel business because our Vyapar hotel bill maker software automates your billing requirements. It helps small and medium-sized businesses save time on accounting, which is pretty helpful.

Hotel owners can complete several tasks, such as GST return filing, inventory management, invoicing, and billing, with the help of a free hotel management system by Vyapar.

Hoteliers can modify the fields in our free Vyapar hotel management application to suit their unique needs. You can create and print/share commercial invoices for your visitors using the software.

Hotels should prepare invoices using the GST hotel invoice format, which is possible with our GST hotel bill maker software. To effectively manage all guests, the free invoicing app creates multiple parties.

Create and Send Hotel Estimates to Guests

Hotel managers can easily create valuable records with the help of our free hotel bill-maker software. Thanks to the built-in features of the Vyapar hotel bill app, you can send visitors bills at any time.

It eliminates estimated errors and can set invoice tracking due dates. You can change estimates and quotes into invoices at any time.

The hotel management software from Vyapar provides a complete answer for hotels to save time and get instant invoices. You can manage your hotel business more effectively thanks to the hotel management software by Vyapar.

The hotel management app promotes professionalism. The billing functions in our hotel management software make billing easier with different formats like Microsoft Word, MS Excel, PDF, etc.

Receive Detailed Hotel Reports

Hotel owners must make decisions wisely. Managing all financial and operational obligations at once can be difficult. The solution to each of these problems is the Vyapar hotel management app.

You can create over 37 different types of reports using Vyapar hotel bills. GST reports can produce balance sheets and total expense or revenue reports.

Examining the hotel reports will allow you to gauge the hotel's financial situation. You can adjust your service pricing to reflect current market conditions.

The app might make tax filing simpler. You can prevent workflow disruptions while maintaining the hotel's cash flow.

Manage All Your Hotel Bank Accounts in One Place

Through Vyapar, hoteliers can easily track online and offline payments in their bank. You can add the information to the hotel management app regardless of whether your revenue comes from banks or e-wallets.

By controlling data from bank accounts, you can manage your cash flow. Since the Vyapar invoicing app handles all cash-ins and cash-outs, it is perfect for hotels.

To use the app's bank accounts feature, you must first link your hotel account with your bank to Hotel Bill Generator Software. You can quickly withdraw or deposit money from your bank accounts using this.

The Vyapar App supports open checks, which allow users to deposit or withdraw money and quickly close them. You can easily track cheque payments with the Vyapar hotel bill format and the many other payment options available to clients.

Choose Or Customise Your Hotel Invoice Theme

When you send bills to your guests, you establish the reputation and identity of your hotel. Our Vyapar hotel bill maker software offers two thermal printer templates and twelve invoicing styles for standard printers.

You can quickly improve the hotel invoice's visual appeal using our hotel bill format. Many companies use our free invoice template app to present a professional image.

Simple-to-use customisation options are available. You can quickly get the visitor's portfolio ready. Select the hotel invoice templates that best suit your requirements.

Our app's ability to be tailored to your guest bill is its most significant benefit. You can create a more detailed invoice using hotelier custom bill formats. Any additional information, including your client needs, customer-specific messages, and other services, can all be added.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hotel Bill Called?

A hotel bill is also referred to as a folio or guest folio.

How Do I Make a Hotel Bill?

You must mention the guest's name and contact information on the hotel bill. Also, include:

  • The total number of nights.
  • Charges for all amenities.
  • Total cost inclusive of taxes.

Which Software is Used For Billing in Hotels?

The Vyapar app provides a simple and helpful hotel bill template to assist you in correctly billing your customers. This template outlines all the charges incurred during your customer's stay. Download the template, fill it out, and send it to your guests.

How Do You Present a Bill to a Guest in a Hotel?

Print the hotel bill and place it in the bill folder. Place a pen and present it to the guest.