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Hotel Bill Format In Word

What is a Hotel Bill Format?

A hotel bill refers to the bill or invoice given to guests or customers during their checkout. In general, a hotel bill is a receipt that conveys the amount paid by the customer for the services availed during their stay at the hotel. It’s written proof of their stay with the hotel. In addition, it’s also a recorded proof of a transaction.

For every emerging hotel brand, offering professional hotel bills is a step towards building a positive brand image. But when it comes to creating an invoice for a hotel, it’s an overwhelming task for many. The billing software Vyapar app offers ready-made hotel bills in Word format.

Customizable Hotel Bill Format In Word

Talking about the transaction, it’s the charges customers have paid in exchange for their stay at the hotel. The most important part of a hotel bill is the final amount paid written at the end. If we break down that amount, it contains charges for various facilities and services customers have used.

Moreover, a hotel is an integral part of the identity establishment of a hostel. When a hotel offers its customer a bill during checkout, it reflects professionally. Offering a bill will lay an impression of professionalism on the guests. To make a hotel brand popular, professionalism is an integral factor.

Before getting started with using hotel bill format in Word, it’s integral to understand the concept of the bill. Now that you have a good idea of what exactly this bill is, let's move to another topic. Let’s understand what all content a hotel bill format in Word must contain.

What are the Contents of a Hotel Bill Format?

Content in Hotel Bill Format In Word

For any hotel brand that wants to make its name in the market, offering hotel bills is important. But to offer a hotel bill, you must first know about its content. What exactly does a hotel bill format in Word contain?

The Word format for hotel bills contains a list of pointers. All of them have separate importance and are completely customisable according to your needs. In other words, it’s in your hand what pointer you would want to include. Coming to the point, here are a few important elements of a hotel bill format in Word:

  • The name of the hotel and Invoice number
  • The address where the hotel is situated or located
  • The email address and website of the hotel chain
  • The fax details and contact information of the front desk
  • Complete name of the guest staying in the hotel
  • The contact details of the customers
  • The total number of days the customers stayed in the hotel
  • The customer number of persons who stayed
  • The dates of the stay of the customer
  • The list of all the additional facilities and services availed
  • The total of all the charges
  • The percentage of tax, its specifications and the amount of tax
  • The payment method customer has picked for paying the bill
  • The invoice identifier of the hotel, if there’s any

If it’s your first time working on a hotel bill format in Word, these pointers are important to include. However, what you should include and what not totally depends upon your personal preference.

If you come across any other details that you find important, you can add them too in your hotel bill format. Now an important question here is - is a hotel bill really an important part of running a hotel? Yes, it is. Let’s learn why!

What’s the Importance of a Hotel Bill?

Of course, hotel bills are important. But what makes them so integral for your hotel brand? Here are points that prove how important hotel bills really are:

Importance of Hotel Bill Format In Word

Record of Transaction

The first point or reason why it’s important to issue a hotel bill is it’s a record of the transaction. The moment you issue a hotel bill from your system, it becomes a legal document. It becomes a record of the transaction made between the customer and the hotel. It shows the amount the customer has paid for staying in the hotel for a certain number of days.

Familiarise Guests with their Service Consumption

When customers get into your hotel, most of the time, they utilise the additional services and facilities. The charges for these facilities are separate from the charge for a hotel room. A hotel bill in Word format contains a list of all such service charges. The bill is used as a medium to familiarise customers with their utilisation of services.

Leaves A Professional Impression

For every hotel brand, leaving a professional impression is an integral part of their business. Using a bill is one of the best tactics. When your customers check out of the hotel, don’t just tell them the amount orally. Instead, give them a bill, containing the total amount for their stay. This will leave a professional mark on them, increasing their chances of being chosen by them again.

Necessary If the Hotel is Gst Registered

Is your hotel brand or chain GST registered with the income tax department of India? If yes, then a bill isn’t just a medium of showing your professionalism. Instead, it’s a necessity for your hotel. Every hotel or business associated with exchanging products and services is liable to offer bills to customers if GST-registered. Otherwise, you might have to pay some legal charges.

Helps in Maintaining Back-End Records

Another reason why it’s important to issue a hotel bill is that it helps in record maintenance. Every hotel maintains a record of customers and services availed by them. When you have a copy of bills issued to customers, it’ll help in maintaining your back-end records. Moreover, it’ll help you learn what all supplies have been utilised. You can therefore refill those supplied to maintain their availability.

Proof of Stay

From a legal point of view, offering hotel bills is a really wonderful practice. When you issue a bill, it becomes legally acceptable proof. It’s proof that an individual has stayed in your hotel. A bill contains a wide range of important details, such as chosen payment method, booking dates, etc. This makes it literally impossible for a person to delay their stay at a hotel.

What are the Necessary Requirements for a Hotel Bill Format?

When creating a hotel bill using Word format, there are some important necessities to take care of. These necessary points make your hotel bills legally acceptable and professional. Some of those critical key points are as follows:

Details of the Customer

When working on your first hotel bill format in Word, make sure to take care of this detail. It’s compulsory to include the details of the customers in the invoice. These details could be the customer’s name, state they are coming from, booking dates, etc. In addition to these details, make sure to include the duration of their stay, i.e. in terms of dates.

Amount to Be Paid with GST

The amount is the basic necessity of every hotel bill format in Word. Therefore, make sure you don’t forget to include it in the bill. The amount is generally supposed to appear at the end of the bill. However, you can keep the placement wherever you want. Besides, don’t just showcase the amount. Ensure that the amount reflected in the bill comes along with GST charges, shown separately.

Hotel’s Contact Details

Not every customer prefers booking hotel stay using online hotel booking websites. Some customers just prefer calling the front desk and asking for availability. Therefore, make sure to include contact details in the format for the hotel bill. If your hotel’s contact details are present in the receipt template, you don’t have to worry about it later. Adding contact makes your hotel more accessible to customers.

The Services Utilised by Customers

In addition to separately reflecting the GST charges, make sure to showcase the services utilised. If your guests have used some additional services such as laundry, food, etc., include it in the bill. By doing, you are making the guests aware of their spending. Moreover, it’s also a symbol of transparency, which customers really like.

Discount Offered and Advance Payment

Most hotel brands don’t include the discount and advance paid by customers in the bills. They simply deduct the amount and reflect a new number in the amount column. This isn’t an appropriate move. You have to show every single spending of the guest in the bill. Therefore, when you are working on a hotel bill format in Word, including a dedicated section for discount advance.

How to Use Hotel Bill Format in Word with the Vyapar App?

Use Free Hotel Bill Format in Word

Are you planning to create a hotel bill format in Word? Working on Word isn’t something that many brands nowadays prefer. Most hostel chains work with apps such as Vyapar, using their professional-looking invoices. Yes, you have read right.

The Vyapar app offers a read-to-use hotel bill format in Word, which is pretty easy to use. But now the question is - how to get started with the Vyapar app’s bill creation facility. Here are all the steps that you’ll need to create your first hotel bill format in Word using Vyapar:

  • Install the Vyapar application on your smartphone and open it
  • There will be a three vertical lined icon on the top left corner of your screen
  • Tap on it, and a slider will appear in front of you
  • Scroll through it to find the SALES section
  • Tap on the down arrow to open the extended option
  • Scroll through the list of features to find SALE INVOICE
  • To open SALE INVOICE, tap on it
  • Now a format will appear on your screen
  • First, fill in the section named BILLING NAME or CUSTOMER
  • Now enter the phone number of the customers
  • Click on the ADD ITEMS and enter all the services availed by a customer
  • Add their charges along with GST, if applicable
  • Now press enter and fill in the last section, TOTAL AMOUNT
  • Have a last look at the details you have just entered
  • Now click on SAVE, and the invoice will be created
  • If you want to share it with the customers, tap on SHARE
  • Multiple sharing options will appear, including WhatsApp, Gmail, etc
  • Choose the desired option and send the invoice to the customer
  • That’s it. This is how you access and use the hotel bill format in the Vyapar app.

These are precise steps for availing of the hotel bill format feature of the Vyapar app. Make sure to follow them carefully to create your invoice easily. Now let’s move forward to understanding the benefits of using the Vyapar app. Here we go!

Why Vyapar App is a better alternative to Hotel Bill Format?

Nowadays, every brand looks for softwares that can save their time towards managing their business. In the hospitality industry, too, certain tools can help you manage your hotel better. The Vyapar app is one of those time-efficient business management apps.

Hotel Bill Format in Word by Vyapar

As a hotel, you can use the Vyapar app to access the hotel bill in Word, Excel, Hotel bill in PDF format. Using the tool’s pre-designed format isn’t just time-efficient but work-efficient as well. There are so many benefits of using the Vyapar app’s hotel bill format. Here are some of them:

Saves a Lot of Time

The biggest and most prominent advantage of using the Word format for hotel bills is that it saves time. You will agree with us here that time is the biggest asset. It’s just spendable and never reusable. Everyone spends time. But what will make your hotel different from others is how efficiently you spend time. Creating the hotel bill in Word format potentially saves a good amount of time.

Convenient Than Manual Creation

Another huge advantage of using the hotel bill format in Word of Vyapar is that it’s pretty convenient. If you try creating a hotel bill in Word format yourself, you’ll find it complex. And complex tasks utilise lots of time, which isn’t something you would want. Vyapar’s pre-designed bill formats are simple and clean. With an exceptional UI, you will experience ZERO complexities using the hotel bill format maker app.

AI-Powered Automation Experience

The Vyapar app is AI-powered, offering users an excellent automation facility. Automation makes it easier for hotels to manage their customers. Using the Vyapar app, you can take advantage of the automatic invoice-sharing facility. With this feature, guests will be shared a soft copy of their hotel bill. The sharing will take place as soon as the guest status goes “CHECKED-OUT” in the hotel’s systems.

Easy to Customise

Most people, when creating a hotel bill format in Word, complain about complexities. To be specific, they experience complexities in making changes in the formats. In Word, that’s a pretty complex process because Word isn’t a tool that promotes customisation much. On the other hand, with the Vyapar app, it’s the least of a user’s concerns. All the invoice formats, including the hotel bills, are easy to customise. Getting started with customisation is just a click / tap away.

Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

The Vyapar app is an online software with a cloud-based UI. As long as you have access to the internet, you are good to go with the Vyapar app. You can access the application anywhere and at any time of the day. Therefore managers can take care of future bookings with complete convenience. In addition, as a hotel owner yourself, you can check the management of your property using just your phone. The presence at the property becomes a complete choice with this software.

Comes In A Wide Range Of Designs

Offering your customers bills is a great way to achieve professionalism. But do you know what’s even better? Leaving a long-lasting impression on them. You can do that by using designer hotel bills. At the Vyapar app, we got a wide range of designs for hotel bills. All of them are customisable; you won’t find them difficult to make changes in. Instead of using the basic hotel bill format, give our designer formats a try. Believe us, they are worth it.

Download Free Hotel Bill Format in Word

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hotel Bill Format in Word?

A hotel bill format in Word is typically a format used by hotels to create bills. These bills are offered to customers during checkout.

What are the Main Elements of a Hotel Invoice?

There are many main elements of a hotel invoice. Some of them are customer name, contact details, total payable amount, etc.

How Do You Create a Hotel Bill Format in Word?

To create a hotel bill in Word format, you can take the help of the Vyapar app. It’s the modern solution to creating hotel bill format conveniently.

How Do You Present Bills to Guests in a Hotel?

The guests are presented with bills when they are checking out from the hotel. The bills contain the amount they are liable to pay for their stay.

What’s the Easiest Way to Create a Hotel Bill?

The easiest way of creating a hotel bill is by using the accounting software Vyapar. It’s an advanced AI-power software and saves time in creating hotel bills using Word format.

What are the Charges for Using the Vyapar App?

The Vyapar app is FREE to use. You can create a hotel bill in Word format using the app for free. However, for advanced features such as automation, prefer the premium version.

How Do I Print a Bill From My Computer?

The Vyapar app printing facility is available for users. Once you are done designing your hotel bill format in Word, printing it merely takes a few minutes.

What is the Process of Billing?

The process of billing starts with creating a bill format in Word for your hotel. You can do that using the Vyapar app or manually. The process ends with customers receiving the bill.