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Professional Tour Package Bill Format

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What is a Tour Package Bill Format?

Being a travel agency, you are required to have specialized skills in arranging tour packages for clients. The one thing that should not bother you is the hardcore business-related tasks like billing, accounting, invoicing, etc. 

Instead of spending time generating bills and invoices, agencies should focus on creating tour packages. The invoices and bill part of the work are made easier by using the Vyapar software.  

A tour package bill format is needed to help travel companies get paid for their services. A tour package invoice template is used to charge clients. It makes it easier for clients to pay them for their services rendered. Further, Vyapar allows users to manage their business conveniently by quickly generating bills. 

A professional tour bill makes it easier for agencies to bill clients for their services. The free tour package bill format by the Vyapar software is designed in the best manner. The Vyapar software allows the travel agency to create and generate bills smoothly.

What are the Key Components of a Tour Package Bill Format?

Components Tour Package Bill Format

The main components that a tour package bill format should consist of are as follows:-

  • Your tour and travel company name and address.
  • Your travel company email address and contact information.
  • Website address of your travel company.
  • Licensing information of your company.
  • Your professional qualifications.
  • The professional brand logo of your company.
  • Name of your client, along with their contact information.
  • Your client’s address, email address, and other details.
  • The unique invoice number should be mentioned.
  • Date of the invoice and due date of the payment to be made.
  • Add a detailed list of your tour package services rendered.
  • Mention the fee that you charge for your respective tour services.
  • Mention the terms and conditions of payment.
  • State the different modes of payments.
  • Include the applicable taxes and the total amount.
  • Mention the company privacy policy, if any.

The components mentioned above list all the things a tour package bill format should contain. Vyapar app provides a professional tour package bill format.

How to Charge Clients For Travel Time?

Charges Tour Package Bill Format

Travel time is an essential aspect of the travel industry. It must be looked into with utmost consideration and sincerity. It will help you know and understand the true worth of your services rendered. Once you are aware of your costs, it will help you get paid for them appropriately. 

As a travel agency, you take steps to ensure cost-bearing services for your clients. However, it is also essential to know the worth of the services. Several methods can be adopted to charge clients for a tour package. Depending on the business requirements, you can choose any method to charge for your clients’ travel time. 

The various methods of charging clients for time traveled in a tour package are as listed below:- 

  1. Hourly Rate:

A flat hourly rate is a simple and convenient way to charge a client for travel time. A different rate may be charged for traveling to a client for work.

This method of charging for travel time is easy for the client to understand. Return tour and travel prices can be entirely avoided. Clients are usually more comfortable paying the travel time fee by this method. 


  1. Distance-Based Rate:

The distance-based rate method is useful for charging clients for travel distance. It is a convenient way to recover fuel costs for an onsite visit. The price comes along with the cost of the time spent while traveling.

Travel companies can create a simple mile-based rate to charge clients for travel time. This method helps in recovering both costs.  


  1. Onsite Rate:

The onsite rate is another way to charge clients for travel time. It is a visiting fee for each of the onsite visits done by the client. This rate does not state the travel costs incurred. It just states the price that will be charged to clients for each of their onsite visits. This method of charging travel time leaves no confusion for the client. 

The client gets a clear idea of what is to be paid concerning the visiting fee. As per the situation, one can use the combination of the cost of service and all travel expenses. 


  1. Progressive Rate:

A progressive rate for traveling distance is a handy method of travel time. Low prices are charged for shorter distances and more for long distances.

The client should not have a problem with this method of travel time. It is because the more effort you put in, the more will be the price charged. 

How to Create a Tour Package Bill Using the Vyapar App?

CreateTour Package Bill Format

Creating a tour package bill using the Vyapar app is easy and simple. You need to follow the steps that are mentioned below:-

  • Firstly, you should open the Vyapar app to access the tour package bill format.
  • Next, you should update all the fields and settings. Remember to preview the tour package bill format that you have used. 
  • Enter the details about your company and your respective client. It should include name, address, contact details, email address, etc.
  • Remember to state the date of billing in the bill format. 
  • The next thing to do is state the total services rendered. Also, add descriptive notes beside each service. 
  • After entering all the necessary details, you can make final changes to your tour package bill.
  • You can make changes to the bill you have made. You can return to the previous tab and make the required changes.
  • Once you have made the necessary changes, you can forward the bill to your respective client. 
  • The tour package bill can be printed or downloaded using the Vyapar billing software.

By following the steps above, your tour package bill is created. The bill can be created using the tour package bill format in the Vyapar app.

Benefits of Using the Vyapar App For Your Tour Package Business

Features of the Vyapar App that Make It Best For Professional Quotes

For a tour package business/travel business, simple and easy-to-use accounting software is a must-have. Vyapar app helps travel agents create professional GST bills using invoice templates. The bills and invoices can be directly mailed to your clients. It also provides them with several digital payment options.

Travel agencies need accounting software that is 100% safe and secure. It is quite affordable for agencies. It also provides the best way to satisfy the needs related to the tourism industry. Using Vyapar billing software, you can list your online store. It can be done by stating complete details of all the services you provide your clients. 

Vyapar billing and accounting software make billing simple for all travel agencies. It has easy-to-use features that allow agencies to manage inventory and request payments. Vyapar app is made keeping in mind the interests of businesses. 

Vyapar provides industry-related benefits and features that are a good investment for your business. Businesses get to access the correct data from sales and expense records. The other benefits associated with using Vyapar software for the travel industry are as follows:- 

  • Manage travel business expenses
  • Seamless billing and invoicing
  • Digital payment options
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use

Vyapar billing software provides businesses with the best ways to keep track of their business accounting requirements. Vyapar helps businesses to make sound decisions regarding their financial goals. This is done by creating sales report formats on the Vyapar app. The tour package billing app includes a complete set of accounting needs for business. 

Travel companies need the Vyapar app’s simplified and easy-to-use expense tracking system. This system is used for the cash flow management format of the travel agency. Businesses can instantly add external payment options to keep track of business expenses. 

The other benefit of using Vyapar is it allows monitoring spending in the dashboard. It ensures that users have enough cash reserves to keep the travel business running smoothly. These are the benefits of using the Vyapar app to create tour package bills. 

Features of the Vyapar App For the Travel and Tourism Industry

Vyapar Features of Tour Package Bill Format

1. Send Estimate and Quotations:

Using the free tour package billing software, you easily get to create invoices using professional tour package bill formats. The inbuilt features in the Vyapar app allow customers to send bills and estimates to customers anytime. These can be sent to them directly through email, printing, or by SMS. 

Vyapar app portrays professionalism for its customers to attract them. Choosing this advanced GST billing software for the travel industry is one of the best investments for any industry. The GST billing software helps simplify bills, estimates, and quotations. The Vyapar app allows you to manage your business efficiently and efficiently.  

Vyapar makes the quotes, bills, and estimates error-free. A due date can also be set up for tracking invoices and bills seamlessly. Vyapar billing software for the travel industry offers businesses a complete app for saving more time. It is done by getting instant bills, estimates, and quotes. 

2. GST Billing and Invoicing:

The tour package billing software by Vyapar is a great addition to your travel business. The Vyapar app helps in automating the billing requirements of your agency. It is very efficient in assisting companies to save more time in billing and accounting.

You can use the Vyapar app to create GST invoice formats for the tour packages of your customers. The entire process takes a few minutes. You can print or share the invoices with the customers. 

The tour package bills can be created seamlessly using the GST software for billing. The Vyapar app allows travel business owners to customize their bill format according to their requirements. 

3. Business Reports:

All businesses must make sound decisions to grow. It is done to make sure that there is a consistent growth trajectory for your business. The Vyapar app offers 40+ business reports for all the necessary business requirements. It can be used to maintain detailed records related to business. 

The Vyapar accounting and billing software come with professional balance sheet formats. It helps in improving your business’s operational efficiency. The Vyapar app allows you to make billing, e-payments, accounting, taxation, and GST reports. 

Business owners also get to view and analyze the data instantly and easily. It is done by using the GST billing and accounting software. Graphical reports can also be created for tracking sales and expenses by using the Vyapar app.  

4. Automatic Data Backup:

The Vyapar billing software is 100% safe and secure. Businesses can easily store and save data accurately. The data is kept secure by creating local, online, or external backups. The data of your company is encrypted with added safety and security. 

The Vyapar app is an advanced free invoicing, billing, and accounting software. The tour package bill formats maker app has a hassle-free backup system with the “auto-backup” feature. Once the feature is activated, your data is automatically backed up every day. 

Businesses use the tour package bill formats within the app to simplify the job with added data safety. The Vyapar app has an encryption system with extra security. It allows for making the data easily accessible to the owner. It enhances the data safety and security of your business. 

5. Record Expenses:

The Vyapar tour package invoicing app is a great option for recording business expenses. Businesses easily get to optimize their expenditure to save more money. The GST accounting software for billing allows you to record both GST and non-GST expenses.

Vyapar tour package billing software has many benefits. Using the app helps you maximize sales and reduce costs. The Vyapar app is a good option for instantly recording outstanding expenses.

Tracking and keeping a record of all expenses in a business is essential. It is because you have to have accounting and tax filing. Optimizing and creating an accurate and efficient report with the GST billing and accounting software is easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Tour Package Bill Format?

The tour package bill format is a bill format that is used in the travel industry. In the travel and tourism industry, the agents carry out various tasks. They render a variety of services. It starts from transportation to consultation and also includes accommodation services. The clients might need to realize how much goes into the work of a travel industry company.

So, a tour package bill format is used exactly for this purpose. It is created to make the clients aware of the services rendered. The tour package bill formats is a detailed summary of the amount to be paid for the services. Descriptively break your services. It allows the clients to be aware of what exactly they are paying for.


How Do I Make a Travel Package Bill?

You can create your travel bill using the Vyapar App. You get to do this by downloading, creating, and customizing the free template provided by the Vyapar app. The travel bill can also be modified as per your requirement. However, there are a few basic required fields that need to be filled out. 

  • Create a detailed and structured travel bill by following these simple steps:
  • Download the free bill template format from Vyapar software
  • Mention your company name and basic contact information
  • Insert your company logo or brand image
  • Add the name of your client and their basic contact information
  • Mention the invoice number and the invoice date 
  • Do not forget to state the payment due date
  • Mention all the travel-related services provided 
  • State a detailed description of each of the services
  • List the total price for each service you have provided 
  • Add the sales and service tax, if it is applicable
  • Calculate the total payable amount
  • State the terms and conditions of payment at the bottom of the bill, if any
  • Mention the mode of payment for the services rendered 
  • Attach any relevant documents such as photos, tour plans, etc.  
  • Email the travel and tour bill to your respective client
  • You can also print it and hand over the hardcopy  

By following all these steps, you create a travel bill for your customers. 


How Do You Design a Tour Package Bill Format?

To design a tour bill format, you need to follow a few basic steps:-

  • Design an overall bill structure that you desire for your company 
  • Do not forget to include your brand logo, brand style, and brand name
  • Structure the design in a way in which the design is readable
  • Leave ample amount of space for stating the description of services
  • Make the box of total payment stand out, along with stating the deadline
  • In the end, do not forget to mention the terms and conditions of payment


How Do You Make a Tour Package Bill?

You can make a tour bill by using the Vyapar App. The steps to make a tour bill are quite similar to that of making a travel bill. The steps to make a travel bill is mentioned above clearly. So, apart from following those steps, follow the ones below too. Take note of the following additional steps to create a tour bill:- 

  • Name of the travel company
  • Company brand logo 
  • Name, phone number, and address of the customer 
  • Basic travel details of the customer 
  • The amount that is paid by the customers for their travels
  • Any other detail that is relevant to the travels 

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