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A GST quotation is referred to a document issued by the seller to a buyer. It contains an offer at which the prescribed requirements of products/services gets settled.

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How to make a PDF quotation format using the Vyapar app?

To draft a quote in PDF for your potential buyer, you can use the Vyapar quotation maker app. In the app, go to the quotation/estimate option under sales and follow the listed steps:

Add details:

Insert all required details to create a quotation like party details, products/services, quantities, prices, taxes, and discounts.


Before finalising, check for any errors or changes. Rectify errors (if any).


Create a unique format by customising the colour, font, and style that resonates with your brand.


Once created, the Vyapar app lets you download & send the quotation in PDF format and send it to your prospect through email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

What Are The Benefits Of Using PDF Quotation Format?

A professional quotation format created using the Vyapar PDF quotation app allows you to provide a clear estimate of the product/service to make it easier for your prospect to decide. Some benefits associated with PDF quotation formats are listed below.

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Save time and efforts:

Using PDF formats created by Vyapar team, you can have all the required details prefilled, making the quotation preparation process simpler using Vyapar. You can use the time for implementing your business plan rather than struggling with sheets. You can easily convert the PDF quotation into an invoice without re-entering the data. Further, you can ensure that data isn’t altered as PDF stays intact.

Improved conversion rates:

An appealing PDF quotation format makes you look like a reliable brand. It helps you to stand out from those providing simple quotations. You can send quotes in PDF formats as soon as possible and convert them into purchase orders. You can use it for filing your taxes too.

Complete customisation:

You can make changes to any quotation formats as per your business requirements, and represent your brand personality. Customise themes, logos, and colours to create an attractive PDF quotation that customers can send to their employers.

What To Include In a PDF Quotation Format?

For providing clear details about the pricing of a project by both parties, it is advised to include the listed details appropriately in your PDF quotation.

Choose Your Format of Photography Bill Book, Photgraphy bill book format
Party details:

Mention your company and client details like name, address, etc. Add a quotation reference number for seamless identification.

Project Cost:

State the rough estimate or total amount for your product/service. You can also list items and other factors (applicable taxes and discounts). Vyapar app will help you create an aggregate amount.


Specify the date of issue, how long it will take you to deliver the project, and validity time. It is essential if costs keep fluctuating in your business.

Terms and Conditions:

You can state payment methods and terms of contract under this section (e.g., lump-sum / EMI payments). Set down the additional charges in case of modifications and extra work. Include other variables that can affect the timeline, e.g., mention work timing, set up office hours with weekends off.

Features of Vyapar PDF Quotation Maker App

Here are the reasons to love Vyapar quotation maker and make it your new business secret:

 Quotations and estimates, Features of Vyapar PDF quotation maker app

Quotations and estimates

Vyapar PDF quotation maker app makes the client onboarding process seamless by making it easier to create a quotation. You can select from our collection of fully customizable quotation formats to find a suitable PDF format for your requirements. With the Vyapar app, you need to fill in the details, draft the project scope, and it’s ready to download/send. Once it’s approved, you can convert the estimate by Jack into an invoice with a single click.

 Data safety, Features of Vyapar GST Quotation Maker

Data safety

Vyapar accounting app keeps your transaction records and business data secure. You can create a passcode to restrict any unauthorized access. The app allows you to control any edits/deletions at the transaction level, and lets users provide a satisfaction.. It provides auto-backup to Google Drive so you can recover any data loss. However, it facilitates manual backup to pen-drive too. Your data remains safe behind the firewall of Vyapar and Google Drive.

 Managing business, Features of Vyapar GST Quotation Maker

Managing business

Manage your business seamlessly across all the stores you own with the help of Vyapar dashboard. The PDF quotation format provides you with a brief analysis of sales/expenses, cash flow, inventory, etc., and it lets you keep a check on your finances. It can be taxing to manage bookkeeping when you have many businesses. But, with Vyapar, you can set up multiple businesses and easily control the accountings in single and multiple devices. If you have stores in multiple locations, you can look after them from anywhere through our app.

Taxes and discounts, Features of Vyapar GST Quotation Maker

Taxes and discounts

Vyapar provides transaction-wise tax and discount options. You can include or change tax rates as per the product/service you sell. When you’ve recorded all your transactions, it is easy to file your taxes without any worry. Once you allocate discounts to items, you will not need to fill them repeatedly in every transaction.

 Multiple payment options, Features of Vyapar GST Quotation Maker

Multiple payment options

With the intent to make your payment process smooth and fast, Vyapar allows multiple payment methods over the platform. From debit/credit cards, UPI, NEFT, cash, cheque, your clients can choose what’s easy for them.

 Printer setup, Features of Vyapar GST Quotation Maker

Printer setup

Manage your books using the Vyapar quotation generator. You can keep track of every sale transaction you have in our app. You can conduct taxable/non-table transactions and use the data to manage finances for your small business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which accounting app is best for quotation formats?

With over 30 lakhs registered users, Vyapar is perfect to create professional and quotation formats. In addition to quotation makers, it offers invoice maker, GST reports, inventory/expense records, payments, and many other accounting solutions.

Can I use the Vyapar quotation maker on my iOS devices?

No, it is not available on iOS devices. However, you can get a seamless UI design on Android mobile phones and Windows desktops.

What is the cost of using Vyapar quotation formats?

The basic mobile app is free of cost and the mobile app is lifetime free. It has all the main features required for accounting in small businesses. However, if you wish to try the premium or desktop version, you can get a free trial period of 15 Days. Once the subscription is over, you can use Vyapar at very low yearly cost.