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Simple Quotation Format

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What Are The Benefits of Using a Simple Quotation Format?

A well-drafted simple quotation format allows you to maintain clear communication and avoid any scope disputes. Here are the three benefits of Vyapar quotation formats that help you in a successful client acquisition:


Accelerate your quote preparation process using Vyapar. You would better invest time in business plans rather than struggling with sheets. With Vyapar, create your quote in just minutes. You can easily convert its format into an invoice without re-entering the data. You can communicate with more clarity and transparency all at once, so no need to waste time in more meetings.

Easy Conversions:

An appealing and professional quotation format shows you as a reliable and credible brand. It helps you to stand out if prospects compare your brand with others in the marketplace. Send these formats as soon as possible and convert them into sale.


You can tailor the simple quotation format by Vyapar to represent your brand personality. Customize themes, logos, and colors to create an attractive quotation that customers will adore.

What to Include In a Simple Quotation Format?

For a clear understanding of the project by both parties, you should include these important particulars in your quotation:

Create Professional Simple Quotation Format

Party details:

Mention your company and client details like name, address, etc. Add a quote number for identification.

Project Cost:

State the total amount. You can also list items and other factors (labor cost, materials, and applicable taxes/discounts) that combined to form the aggregate amount.


Specify the date of issue, how long you will take to deliver the project, and validity time. It is essential if costs keep fluctuating in your business.

Terms and Conditions:

You can state payment methods and frequency under this section (e.g., lump-sum/ installments). Set down the additional charges in case of modifications, e.g., $70 for an extra hour. Include other variables that can affect the timeline, e.g., construction workers cannot work on rainy days. You can also mention what you won’t cover in the scope.

Notes: Use this section for schedules, project descriptions, and instructions. You can include a thank you message for the prospect.