Cash Voucher Format In Excel

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Cash Voucher Format In Excel

What is a Cash Voucher?

Definition of Cash Voucher

The cash voucher is an accounting record that accountants use to collect relevant information. A cash voucher is used to document a petty cash payment. When someone needs to take money out of the cash fund, they fill out a cash voucher to explain why they need it.

The petty cash custodian gives them money in return. Petty cash custodians reconcile cash funds using cash vouchers. Adding all on-hand cash with the amounts stated on the cash vouchers should equal the designated cash total for the petty cash fund.

The Vyapar app can help you automate your business processes and find the best cash voucher format. You can streamline operational procedures for your company by adapting, automating, and using the Vyapar sales registers.

There are two types of Cash Vouchers:

Debit Voucher:

Debit vouchers are documentary evidence of cash payments. The payment voucher is another name for the debit voucher. It is prepared when the business pays cash. These vouchers help maintain records of cash business payments, such as capital and revenue payments.

Examples of debit vouchers: Payment of Wages and Salaries, Goods purchased for cash, rent paid, purchase of Plant by cash, etc.

Credit Voucher:

Credit vouchers provide documentary evidence of cash receipts. The vouchers are used to record various business cash receipts. When a payment is made, a credit voucher is a transaction record containing money value, including cash payments. Essentially, a voucher documents an amount made with cash or a check. The receipt voucher is another name for the credit voucher.

Examples of credit vouchers are: Sale of Goods for cash; the Sale of fixed assets or investments for cash; the amount received on the Sale of goods, etc.

Advantages of Using a Cash Voucher:

Maintaining a system of cash voucher format in Excel may seem tedious and time-consuming to some, but it has many advantages.

  • All necessary paperwork, including invoices, receipts, and orders, must be attached to maintain a cash voucher system. Thus, it is essential for the completeness of documents.
  • The numbering of cash vouchers ensures that there are no irregularities, that all cash is in order, and that records are kept in chronological order.
  • Cash vouchers speed up bookkeeping because they are easy to find, complete, and valid. Additionally, a record entry is made automatically if cash vouchers are computerised.
  • The importance of vouchers increases when an audit is conducted. Public companies are required by law to undergo an audit process that confirms the accuracy of the data in the financial statements.
  • The auditor can easily ensure that the business receives all the goods or services. The company's cash payments are thus justified and documented using vouchers.
  • On the other hand, vouchers are used internally to lower the possibility of employee misconduct and discourage them from banding together to steal company property.
  • The vouchers establish a paper trail that lists each person involved in that specific transaction along with their roles in that transaction. It is simpler to determine who is in charge of what when things are done this way.
  • Cash vouchers guarantee documents are neatly organised because of their nature. Lowering the number of errors also decreases the need for pricey audits and reviews. As a result, adopting a cash voucher system reduces the need for review and audit.
  • To maintain better control over the payables process, Cash Vouchers are helpful. The cashier is responsible for collecting invoices and reporting to the treasurer.
  • Invoice approval and payment are kept separate to maximise productivity and simplify planning.

Format of Cash Voucher in Excel:

Costumizable Cash Voucher Formats in Excel

The cash voucher format has the following features:

  • Company's logo, name, address and contact number.
  • A heading states that it is a CASH VOUCHER.
  • Date of purchase/sale
  • The total amount in figures and words.
  • The Mode of payment
  • Recipient details
  • Payee details.
  • Details regarding the transaction
  • Approval by an authorised signatory
  • The amount in a voucher is paid by the cashier handling the transactions.
  • The receiver's signs in the signature field

Difference Between Cash Voucher and Cash Invoice

A cash voucher is a document the business uses to keep accounting records. On the other hand, a cash invoice is a written commercial document that the seller issues to the buyer. It outlines the specifics of the Sale of the goods or services.

At the time of a sale, an invoice is produced. However, the preparation of the voucher happens after three documents have been matched. The purchase order, invoice, and receiving report are these documents.

The voucher's issuance suggests that the invoice has been approved. Additionally, it confirms that the firm will pay the invoice. We can therefore state that the coupon depends on the invoice.

Vouchers are official records that back up the transactions listed in the books of accounts. In contrast, the foundation for creating vouchers is an invoice.

Things to Know Before Making a Cash Voucher:

Things to Know Before Making a Cash Voucher Format

  • Create the appropriate payment voucher format in excel based on the payment information.
  • If the payment is made by check, fill out the "Date" field and include the number and details in the cash payment voucher.xls format.
  • Serialising your voucher numbers is one of the best accounting practices.
  • Clearly and legibly record the amount you paid in words and figures to avoid tampering, corrections, or fraud.
  • After the voucher is drawn, debit the appropriate account head.
  • Make sure the Cash Account is credited with the Amount and voucher number when making cash payments.
  • Make sure the recipient of the payment signs your voucher.
  • The designated signatory must sign vouchers for the cashier to process the transaction.
  • The payment voucher should reference and include the appropriate source documents.

Process of Preparing a Voucher:

  • The company creates orders for the supplier
  • The company receives the order from the supplier.
  • The person in charge ensures that the goods or services correspond to the order.
  • The voucher is created. It contains all the necessary details of the transaction.
  • All the documents are verified, and the company pays for the order.

How to Make a Cash Voucher in Excel Format?

Sellers can use customisable Excel cash vouchers for their customers. Here's how:

  • On your computer, launch Excel Format or look for a template for a cash voucher created by Vyapar. Make sure you have an internet connection.
  • Vyapar provides numerous Excel format options. Choose the template that best fits your company's requirements.
  • After locating a template that suits your needs, click it to view a preview before choosing "Create" to launch the Excel template in a new window.
  • Edit the voucher to include your company's information.
  • Once you've included all the required information in your invoice, save the finished spreadsheet to your computer.
  • Send your finished voucher to your customer by regular mail or email. Include a brief cover note summarising essential information like the invoice due date and the total amount owed.

Benefits of Using the Vyapar App to Create Cash Vouchers!

Benefits of Using the Vyapar App to Create Cash Voucher Format

Life-Long Free Basic Usage:

The core functions of the Vyapar app for businesses are free. Android users can use the free services to download and use the app's available cash voucher formats in Excel.

You can use the cash voucher maker app without extra cost if you sign up and get a free download from the Play Store. However, a company can use a subscription to access the premium features and desktop applications.

After each transaction, you and your client will receive a free SMS containing transaction information, such as the credit and debit values. It maintains transparency and alignment between the parties.

Flexible and Saves Time:

A business needs user-friendly and automated software to accept payments effectively and correctly. Automatic payment processing software manages all back-end operations when a transaction is made.

The automated software, Vyapar Cash Voucher Maker App, comes with all the necessary calculation tools. The business avoids countless hours of manual labour. Additionally, it guarantees that your records are accurately updated continuously.

The company can focus on managing its goals rather than worrying about accounting. Flexibility is necessary for payment processing as well. Our Vyapar billing app processes transactions quickly and easily.

Customisable Formats:

Vyapar Cash Voucher Format is entirely customisable. You can use our company's logo, style, font, and brand colours in your invoice to precisely represent your company's identity.

Our cash voucher maker app gives detailed information about your customers' purchases and helps you print bills professionally.

To assist you in including all of your business's requirements when creating a professional invoice format, create editable printing bill templates.

Various Payment Options:

Accept all forms of electronic payment and make it simple for existing and new customers to pay online with their preferred method.

You can send customers vouchers using the Vyapar app via email and Whatsapp. Cash, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, NEFT, RTGS, QR codes, e-wallets, pay-later options, and other payment methods are all accepted.

People value convenience, and the essential convenience you can offer is the ability for them to pay you in the manner of their choice. The Vyapar allows you to create professional invoices with various payment options.

Easy Business Management:

The Vyapar app allows you to manage your cash vouchers in one location. It can help you keep track of unpaid invoices and remind clients about them. Sellers can manage all accounting requirements through the application from a single location.

By tracking all open orders, you can ensure they are delivered on time. You can build your brand image and produce a polished sales invoice for your clients using the Vyapar cash voucher maker app.

You can win your customers' trust by using the app. Furthermore, the app allows you to manage your projects efficiently because you can access all crucial features in a single app via the business dashboard.

Build a Positive Image:

Giving customers cash vouchers and sending them expert quotes can help build a positive perception of your brand. You can also provide full disclosure about the transaction to foster trust.

You can create a professional brand with the help of the Vyapar Cash Voucher Format generator app. A customised tax-deductible cash voucher can help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Because the custom-built quote includes all the details required to close a deal, buyers trust it. Quote, data may consist of discounts, taxes, terms of Sale, and descriptions of the goods or services.

Helpful Features in Vyapar App For Businesses

Helpful Features in Vyapar App

Track Orders:

Making sales or purchase orders is easy with the help of our excel cash voucher generator app. You can easily set up a due date for orders to be tracked.

We receive an auto stock adjustment with the help of these inventory management tools in the app. It ensures that inventory items will be available. More satisfied customers are the result.

Having tracking features is very beneficial for completing orders on time. Tracking prevents needless losses. The search can help you save time that you can put toward other regular tasks.

Improving your purchase/sale order formats is simpler using our voucher and sales tracking app. Excel, Word, and PDF are just a few options available through the Vyapar App.

GST Invoicing / Billing:

Business owners could efficiently complete various tasks, including GST return filing, inventory management, invoicing, and billing, using the free invoicing app and business management tools.

Businesses can modify the fields in our free accounting app to suit their particular needs. The app allows you to quickly generate GST invoices for your clients, print them, and share them with them.

The GST invoice format is generally advised for bills, which you can create using our cash voucher management app. The barcode scanner can help you expedite the billing process.

The free GST mobile app creates multiple parties to manage all clients efficiently. Any business can quickly identify any overdue payments thanks to the Vyapar app.

Automatic Data Backup:

Vyapar cash voucher maker app is entirely secure, and accurate data storage is simple. By creating local, external, or online Google Drive backups, maintain the security of your data.

Our cash voucher management software is simple and will help you quickly restore data using backups. Vyapar encrypts data for added security and helps create automated backups too.

The "auto-backup" feature of the Vyapar app offers a hassle-free backup system. Vyapar produces an automatic backup every day when this Mode is enabled.

No one on the Vyapar team can access your company's data. Using various backup options, you can create data backups that meet your needs and contribute to the security of your data.

Online store:

Set up your online store using the Vyapar software within a few hours. The app lets you list every service or item you offer customers.

Your online sales will increase with the help of Vyapar as you present a catalogue of all the goods and services you offer. Utilising online store features is free.

Your customers can use the link you send them to place online orders with you and pick up their purchases from your physical store.

The best way to assist everyone in your community is by using your cash voucher generator to offer doorstep or pick-up services from your business.

Receivables and Payable:

The cash voucher generator app lets users maintain all transaction details and monitor company cash flow seamlessly. You now have a better method for protecting the details of your transactions.

You can track receivables and payables by the party using free GST invoicing software. Whoever failed to repay you is simple to find and observe.

You can set payment reminders to ensure that these customers pay their debts on time. Any party can receive free payment reminders via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Additionally, you can save time by sending payment reminders to all of your customers at once using the bulk payment reminder feature. The excel voucher generator makes calculations automatically.

Regular/Thermal Printer:

Vyapar can help you get the printout you want in just a few minutes and is compatible with thermal and standard (laser) printers.

Now you have a faster way to create prints in all appropriate sizes, including standard paper sizes A4 and A5, thermal paper sizes 2 and 3, and other custom paper size options.

Pair our app with your standard/thermal printer using Bluetooth or a plug-in to begin printing your invoices. The Vyapar app allows you to make and send polished invoices to your clients.

You can create an invoice with complete customisation using the free voucher format app by selecting from various Excel, Word, or PDF formats and printing it out for your clients.

Download Cash Voucher Format In Excel

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

What is a cash voucher? Explain with an example.

The cash voucher is an accounting record that accountants use to collect relevant information. Let's say the person asking for money is doing so because they need reimbursement for a cost they already covered with their own money. In that situation, they should staple the relevant receipt from the initial purchase transaction to the cash voucher.

What is a voucher in Excel?

With the Spreadsheet Voucher Upload feature, users can import and create vouchers directly into the myUFL database while entering data using Microsoft Excel. This functionality supports regular and one-time payment voucher additions.

How do I create a cash voucher in Excel?

Activate Excel, then select the File tab. Type the voucher into the search box. To view a receipt preview, click on it; to view it, click the Create button. Change the format to suit your needs, then save it. You can also use Vyapar software to directly select any Excel Cash Voucher format.

What is the size of the cash voucher?

Generally, the size of a cash voucher is 127 X 275 mm / 12.7 X 20.3 cm / 5 X 8 In.