Challan Format PDF


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Challan Format PDF

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Download Free Challan Format PDF

What is a Challan?

Define Challan Format PDF

A Challan is a document used in many professional requirements with a wide range of use cases. This document represents a form of important document involved in various financial transactions. 

In simple words, a Challan can be defined as an essential document, a receipt of an acknowledgment, a document of proof, necessary paperwork, etc., which is used to fulfill part of various financial transactions

You can create a Challan Format in PDF, Challan Format in Word, and Challan Format in Excel and customize them. You can download the best Challan Format PDF using Vyapar and create Challan.

Why Choose Vyapar App For Challan Format PDF?

Accounting Software Vyapar provides the best Challan Format PDF for any business requirement. Using the app, you can use Challan Format PDF to create GST Challan. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to easily follow up on steps to create their Challan.

Vyapar app complies with the rules and regulations for India’s Goods and Services Tax. The best part about this app is that it is accessible online and offline. You can seamlessly customize and edit your GST challan Format and share it with others.

It is best to choose Challan Format PDF by Vyapar for creating Delivery Challan Format as it allows you to include everything you need in your bill with details. Further, you can use the data to manage your accounts seamlessly in the Vyapar app.

What are the Different Types of Challans?

Different Types of Challans

Banking Challan:

This is a document-based process in which a receipt is provided to the other party for crediting money to their bank account. Banking Challan is also referred to as a receipt of payment or delivery to the other party.

This Banking Challan Format PDF is common in many countries like India. This document contains a “CIN” or a “challan identification number,” which helps differentiate one bank challan from another.


Tax Challan:

Tax challan is a way for people to pay taxes to the government. The tax in the form of some amount is first deposited with the authorized banks and then transferred to the Income tax department. 

There are various modes for providing these types of payments using Tax Challan Formats. Also, different types of challans are covered under tax challans. Some of them are as follows:-

  • TDS Challan

TDS Challan is deducted from the source of the income. This type of tax challan is deducted before the party receives their payment for their job. You can create it using TDS Challan Format PDF.

The TDS Challan includes specific areas such as interest, salary, rent, commission, etc. A specific percentage of TDS is cut from the source as fixed by the Income Tax Department.

  • Challan 280

This type of Challan is used to pay specific areas such as advance tax, tax on regular assessment, surtax, and income distribution to unit holders.

  • Challan 281

Challan 281 is for TDS and TCS by company/ non-company deductees. You can create it using the Challan Format in PDF, Word, or Excel Formats.


General Receipt Challan:

This is a general term used for a payment receipt given to any individual by an institution, especially a government institution. Using Vyapar Challan Format PDF, you can create a general receipt Challan and send it over to the Challan recipient.

A very common example of a situation when this type of Challan is used is when we need to show our form before sitting for an entrance exam. The general receipt challans can be created using Word, PDF, or Excel Formats.



E-Challan or electronic Challan is the modern version of challans. Earlier challans used to be issued only on paper. But in the present scenario, challans can be prepared and filed online. Also, the payments for the challans can be made online.

This electronic method of Challan is now being used on a huge scale in various areas such as:


  • Banking E-Challan:

A bank mostly acts as a third party for paying challans in various cases through which you can complete your online challan payments.

You can also provide an online receipt for payments in the bank account through an online challan.


Delivery Challan:

It is one of the most famous forms of challans in business transactions worldwide. It is a very helpful tool when it comes to tracking and verifying the contents of a transaction.

It is a legal document prerequisite when transporting goods from one place to another. Transactions of this type might or might not be covered under sales. You can create a professional delivery challan format in PDF, delivery challan format in Word, and delivery challan format in Excel using the Vyapar app.

The job of this document is to accompany the items being delivered through a transaction. It contains all the information about the product in a descriptive form. This helps the seller and the buyer distinguishes between the goods being transported in a transaction. 

There are three types of copies that are circulated during a business transaction. These three types of copies of a delivery challan are: 

  • The original delivery challan – This document is issued to the client.
  • The duplicate delivery challan – This document is issued to the transporter or the person transporting the goods.
  • The triplicate delivery challan – This document is issued to the seller or the consignor.

A delivery challan is commonly known as a slip of delivery or a dispatch challan. The description provided in this document includes the product’s shape, size, quantity, and other specifications. 


Outward Delivery Challan:

Many large and medium-sized businesses and companies believe in outsourcing their work to other companies or subcontractors. This is done to complete the work within the desired time without compromising quality. This also becomes a business transaction.

These subcontractors must receive the work material from the principal company and then send it back. In this transaction, the principal company still owns the material, and the subcontractor company charges some fees for completing their work.

The main function of the outward delivery challan is to identify what items are being delivered and what work is to be done with them. Many principal companies send their items to subcontractor companies in challan format in PDF. 

You can download an outward delivery challan format and customize it. It will help you save time and effort whenever you create a Challan for your delivery consignments.


GST Payment Challan:

The provisions for a GST payment challan are laid down under section 87(2) of the CHST act, 2017. According to this law, every taxpayer or any individual paying taxes on their behalf must generate a payment challan.

This payment challan shall be created online on the GST portal. It is crucial as it is the first step that takes the user forward in paying their taxes.


GST Delivery Challan:

GST Delivery Challan is a document generated when the process involves the supply of various goods and services from one place to another. It is done regardless of whether there will be a sale or not. This type of Challan is sent out while shipping a product.

In most conditions, this document in itself is sufficient for the completion of a shipment. You can create your GST delivery challan format using the Vyapar app for free.

More About Challan Format PDF

About Challan Format pdf

As mentioned above, a GST Challan is an important document for completing various business transactions that might or might not result in sales. A Challan Format PDF is a template that can help create a GST Challan seamlessly.

Various reasons for using a GST Delivery Challan are important in completing a transaction. Let us know about a few of them:


Transportation in the Course of Job Work:

In a transportation process for a job, the principal or the primary company sends their product for completion to another company. Even though the products have been transported to this contractor company, the primary company remains the product owner.

Later, in this case, the contractor returns the goods to the primary company so that they can deliver them to their clients. This transaction between the primary and the contractor company, i.e., the delivery and return, needs to be used to complete a GST Delivery Challan.


Transportation of Goods With an Unknown Quantity:

A GST Delivery Challan is required to complete various transactions, such as liquid gas delivery. It is done because the quantity of the delivered item here is unknown when it is being sent from the supplier’s place.


Goods Delivered Outside the Country For Exhibition Only:

This document is necessary for the completion of a process of transportation that does not include delivery with the intention of sales, supply, or export.


Non-Preparation of a Tax Invoice:

There are situations where the goods or items have been delivered to the receiver, which constitutes the purpose of sales. Still, a GST invoice has not been prepared for the same.

The supplier can issue a GST Delivery Challan for the goods in such a case using Challan Format. The GST invoice can be sent later via email, WhatsApp, or SMS.


Goods to Be Supplied Based on Approval:

This document also comes in handy in cases where the goods are transported outside the state for approval of the sale. They are then either approved for sale or denied, in which case they are returned.

There are various formats of issuing a GST Delivery Challan. These are PDF, Word, and Excel formats. The Challan Format PDF by Vyapar is popular across all businesses. 

Understanding the Contents of a GST Delivery Challan

Contents of a GST Delivery Challan
  • The Date of Issue and Number

It is important to mention the date on which the Challan was issued and the number of the Challan. Numbering the Challan helps differentiate the Challan from other challans and easily find it.


  • Name and Contact Details of the Supplier

It is important to mention the name, address, and company contact details, such as the GSTIN phone number and other details of the supplier or the consigner involved in the transaction. 


  • Name and Contact Details of the Recipient

Just like mentioning the supplier’s contact details, it is also important to mention the contact details of the recipient or the consignee. These details include the company’s name, GSTIN address, logo, contact number, etc.


  • Description and Hsn Code 

It is important to provide a comprehensive description of the goods and their HSN number.


  • Quantity of the Goods

The contents of the Challan also include details about the number of goods transported.


  • Tax-Related Details

The details of the GST challan also include the taxable value, tax rate, and the tax amount in the form of IGST, CGST, SGST, and UTGST.


  • Details of the Place of Supply

It is important to mention the place of supply in case of interstate or out-of-country supply.


  • Signature 

The signature of the authorized person or authority is important for furnishing the document.

Features that Make Vyapar Best Among All Challan Generator Apps

Features that Make Vyapar Best Among All Challan Generator

Manage Business Seamlessly:

Vyapar is a popular application that solves most of your business with seamless accounting management. It can be used for billing, inventory management, order tracking, and everyday business tasks.


Track Orders and Transactions:

Through the Vyapar app, you can easily keep track of your orders and transactions. The best part is that it is easily accessible for free through your Android smartphone and other devices with an internet connection. 


Send Payment Reminders:

The Vyapar app helps you manage your cash flow and keep track of parties with pending payments. You can send automated payment reminders with a single click to remind customers about due dates to avoid late fees.


Print Invoices Instantly:

The Vyapar app is compatible with all types of printers, which helps you instantly print your bills and invoices and share them with your customers. Further, you can share invoices online via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.


Manage Expenses and Taxes:

This app can single-handedly take care of your business-related work like GST filing, Inventory management, product tracking, expenses incurred, etc.


Access to Best Customer Support:

Also, the Vyapar app provides the best customer service so that you don’t get stuck behind in the race of this business world. The support team is available to resolve any issue at the earliest to avoid delays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Challan Format Pdf Be Modified?

Yes, it can be edited and modified. You can use the Vyapar application for such purposes as it allows you to create and access challan formats PDF easily.

The Challan created using Challan Format PDF can be saved on a cloud to secure your work. Also, it is compatible with all devices, so you don’t have to worry if you have to use your document on a different device. 


How to Create a Challan Format PDf?

You can easily create a challan using the Challan Format PDF available on our website. Further, you can use the Vyapar app to create Challan in Word, PDF, and Excel Formats.

Through its smooth interface, you will always be able to create your GST challan seamlessly.


Can a Challan Format PDF be Cancelled?

Yes, a challan can be canceled. But, this can only be done in cases where the Challan has not been paid. You can mention Challan’s terms and conditions and cancellation policy in the Challan Format PDF to ensure clear communication with the recipient of the Challan.

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