Debit Note Format in Word

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Debit Note Format in Word

What is a Debit note format in word?

A debit note is a commercial note evidencing that a debit has been made to the account of the party named in the debit note. A debit note is generally issued to the sellers. However, a seller can issue a debit note too.

The debit note is a commercial note used as a source document for recording the purchase return in accounting books. The debit note in word format can help businesses professionally present data in a debit note.

Why is a debit note format in word used?

A debit note is permitted by section 36 of the CGST Act. The buyer issues the word debit note to the seller as a means to request a credit note. A seller can issue the debit note to the buyer when they wish to adjust the invoice amount upwards. It is done when the earlier invoice is recorded in the wrong value.

Professional Debit Note Format in Word

We came across these debit notes in business to business transactions. The use of debit notes is as follows:

Issued by the seller:

  • When the amount stated in the invoice is not correct.
  • Receipt of damaged and defective goods.
  • When there is an overstatement of the value of the invoice.
  • On the cancellation of the purchase of products/services.
  • When goods received are not up to the buyers expected standards.

Issued by the buyer:

  • When the payable amount to the seller increases significantly.
  • When the value is understated in the invoice.
  • When the addition is made to the order of product/service.