Delivery Challan Format In Excel

With Vyapar, you can easily manage your entire business and issue delivery challans in excel seamlessly. Using our app, you can find the most suitable delivery challan format and automate your business processes. The application assists sellers in managing all accounting requirements in one place.

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Delivery Challan Format In Excel

What Is An Excel Delivery Challan?

According to Section 31 of the CGST Act of 2017, a tax invoice must be issued if a registered supplier transports taxable goods from one location to another. The number of goods, description, value, GST charged, and other information are all included in this tax invoice. The excel format helps include all required details professionally.

However, a tax invoice is not always issued because transportation of goods does not always result in a sale or supply. In such cases, a supplier will instead issue a delivery challan in excel format. Upon reaching the customers, the delivery challan can be used to collect payments and act as an invoice for the customer.

Suppliers create a delivery challan format in excel when transporting goods not intended for immediate sale; no GST applies to such supplies. A delivery challan, also known as a dispatch challan or a delivery slip, is a document that contains information about the goods in transit.

How Many Copies Of The Excel Delivery Challan Should You Prepare?

As per rule 55(2) of the CGST Act, you must make three copies of the excel delivery challan:

  • Original copy - For the Buyer
  • Duplicate copy - For the Transporter
  • Triplicate copy - For the Seller

How To Create Delivery Challan Format In Excel?

Steps to create delivery challan format in excel

There are five sections in the GST delivery challan format in excel:


The Header section will include the heading "GST Delivery Challan" at the top. It would be best if you also mentioned the company's name, address, GSTIN, and logo.

Information On The Consignee

The consignee is the person who receives the cargo during transportation. This section will include the consignee's information such as name, delivery challan number, place of supply, date of issue, address and GSTIN.

Transport Information

Transport details are included in this section, such as the mode of transport (air/land/sea), the name of the transport company, the number of the vehicle, and the dispatch date. It must be accompanied by copies of delivery challan.

Product Specifications

Here you need to mention the details of the product, which are as follows:

  • Serial Number
  • Colour, size, and dimension descriptions
  • HSN code
  • Quantity of Goods Units of the products
  • The product's price
  • Tax rate
  • The total sale is the product quantity multiplied by the rate.
  • If available, a discount.

The taxable value column is automatically calculated in excel format.

Signatures And Remarks

This section contains Challan total in words, a box for authorised signatories, notes, and business greetings.

Why Is Excel Delivery Challan Issued?

Section 55(1) of the CGST Act states that a supplier can issue an excel delivery challan in the following instances:

Supply Of Liquid Gas

Supply of liquid gas where the quantity at the time of removal from the supplier's place of business is unknown is valid on the delivery challan.

Transport Of Goods For Job Work

You can send the goods for job work on the delivery challan under GST. However, a job worker must return these goods to the principal supplier after processing.

Transportation From One Warehouse To Another

The goods can be transported from one warehouse to another for various reasons. As a result, the trading and manufacturing units may use the delivery challan for internal transfers.

Transportation Of Goods For Reasons Other Than Supply

The delivery challan can be issued if there is a sufficient reason proving that the material is not for supply or sale.

Goods Sent On Trial Basis

For trial purposes, you can send tax-paid goods on a delivery challan. For example, suppose a manufacturer wants to send a few samples to a customer. In that case, he can reverse the proportionate input tax credit available on raw materials and ship them to the customer.

Exhibition Material

You can use delivery challans to transport works of art to galleries for exhibition purposes.

Single Shipment In Multiple Vehicles

The supplier must issue a tax invoice when transporting the first consignment if goods are transferred in a partially or entirely unassembled state using different shipment modes. Then, a supplier should issue a challan with the copy of the invoice reference for each subsequent consignment.

Transport Of Goods On An Approval Basis

A delivery challan format in excel is required if delivery of goods is inter- or intra-state for sale or return and are removed before supply of goods.

When An E-Way Bill Isn't Required

According to Rule 55A of the CGST Rules, which went into effect on January 23, 2018, you can transport the goods using this Challan if the e-way bill, tax invoice, or Bill of Supply are not required.

Benefits Of Using Vyapar To Create A Delivery Challan In Excel:

Benefits of Using delivery challan format in excel

Easily Manage Your Cash Flow:

Users can record transactions and track payments using our delivery challan formats in excel. The app aids in management automation and the prevention of accounting errors. The cash flow data allows users to make timely decisions.

Vyapar billing software allows you to manage your company's cash flow efficiently. Our all-in-one software allows for the management of cash transactions and provides a better option for keeping financial records.

The free GST delivery challan maker app assists in the creation of a real-time cash book. It can also help businesses maintain their cash flow, and managing cash with this app is relatively simple.

Provide A Variety Of Payment Options:

Using the Vyapar delivery challan generator app, you can create challans with various payment options. Customers can make regular payments to you through bank transfers (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS).

You can include a QR code as one of the payment options on the invoice to make it easier for your customers to transfer funds to the UPI id linked.

All forms of payment, including cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards, are accepted. You'll be able to give your customers more credit, encouraging them to do business with you more frequently.

Online/Offline Billing:

You do not have to halt your business operations due to poor internet connectivity if you use the various features in the delivery challan maker app. Using offline billing software, you can accept payments in your retail business. Download GST Delivery Challan to create and share excel challans with your clients.

Cash and eWallets, which do not require an active internet connection, can be used to collect payments, making them ideal for India's remote locations and hilly regions. The Vyapar app allows you to generate invoices for your customers without being connected to the internet.

When you connect your database to the internet, our business accounting software automatically validates and updates your transactions. Using our GST accounting software, you can generate bills for your customers as soon as they purchase.

Free Features:

The basic plan of the delivery challan generator app is free for Android users. It is kept free to help simplify the growth and management of business activities. Using free features, Vyapar strives to provide the highest quality service to all of our clients.

The core functions of our business accounting application remain free of charge. Our commitment to bringing millions of small business owners into the digital economy includes providing free access.

The accounting app is free to download and register from the Google Play Store. However, you can subscribe if you want access to the premium features and desktop programmes.

Saves Time And Effort:

Users do not need to be accounting experts to use the Vyapar app features. The software's user-friendly layout makes it easier for small business owners to use various functions in the excel delivery challan maker app.

The excel format for delivery challan automatically records your transaction data. You can quickly go over the reports and analyse your business. In Vyapar, any team member can manage transactions.

Manual bookkeeping is time-consuming and error-prone. You can avoid this problem by using automation in the Vyapar app. Using the delivery format maker app, you can generate the required reports correctly.

Eliminate Human Error:

A mistake in creating an excel delivery challan manually can cost you a lot of money. To avoid errors, you must select the appropriate programme. Your company can handle data much more quickly with Vyapar.

Automation streamlines the process while eliminating human error. You can concentrate on other tasks and save a lot of time. The user interface for the Vyapar ledger balance sheet formats is straightforward.

Data from compatible programmes can be imported and exported. It also sends reminders to collect payments and reimbursements, which aids in the avoidance of future disputes.

Features Of Delivery Challan Format In Excel

Create Delivery Challans

Using the Vyapar app, you can create delivery challans in excel format and attach them to your consignment. It confirms that the delivery was made and that the receiver accepted the receipt.

You can track your delivery challans with Vyapar. As a result, you can be sure that your goods have arrived at their destination.

You can locate your shipment and provide directions if it becomes misplaced. It ensures that packages reach their destinations safely.

A delivery challan format in excel includes the shipment details as well as the terms and conditions of the order. It helps to avoid disputes and makes the process run smoothly.

When the shipment arrives at the customer, the delivery challans can be converted into invoices. For the convenience of your customers, you can offer both offline and online payment options.

Bank Accounts

The Vyapar delivery challan generator for mobile allows businesses to add, monitor, and track payments. Companies can enter data quickly into free billing software received as payment.

To use the app's bank accounts feature, you must first link a business account with your bank to Vyapar. You can send and receive money by transferring money between banks and using bank accounts.

If you have an internet connection, you can use your smartphone to access the delivery challan maker app from anywhere. It will allow you to manage your financial flow better. Vyapar manually adjusts the amount and manages all cheque payments.

Our free delivery challan maker app allows you to easily manage your credit card, OD, and loan accounts. You can also use it to withdraw and deposit funds into bank accounts.

The Vyapar app can track open cheques, allowing users to deposit or withdraw funds and close them quickly. We will enable you to keep track of cheque payments in addition to many other payment options available in the app.

Receivables And Payables

Users can save all transaction details and track their company's cash flow in real-time with our excel delivery challan format. You can use the software to keep track of the party's receivables and payables.

You now have a more secure method of protecting your transaction data. You can track the money you must receive and pay using the app's business dashboard.

You can quickly determine who did not repay you. You can set up payment reminders to ensure that these customers pay their bills promptly using WhatsApp, SMS, or email.

You can also save time by using the bulk payment reminder feature to send payment reminders to all of your customers at once. Calculations are performed automatically by the GST Billing and Invoicing software.

With Vyapar's cash flow management system, you can avoid taking on too much debt and revisit your business plan because it signals early signs of cash flow issues.

Plan Your Inventory Space

Inventory management is critical for businesses that offer a variety of products. Using our GST delivery challan maker app, you can keep track of available inventory items in your store.

The characteristics of Vyapar's delivery challan format in excel can assist you in detecting theft in your store. You can check your security cameras when you notice that some items are missing.

A professional inventory management tool can assist you in more effectively managing items in your warehouse. It can help you organise your stock space per your customers' needs.

Using the best billing software is beneficial because you can use the data to generate sales reports and understand how much inventory is ideal based on last year's sales and current trends.

When using the inventory management system of the delivery challan generator app, periodic checks can help detect inventory mismatches. You can set up alerts to help you place an order before you run out of essentials if your inventory runs low.

Data Safety And Security:

Vyapar delivery challan format in excel is entirely secure, allowing you to create local or online Google Drive backups regularly. Furthermore, you have access to your company's financial data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across multiple devices.

For added security, the app has an encryption system that only allows the owner to access the data. Vyapar will not save or share user authentication data for future use.

Vyapar's delivery challan maker app simplifies business management. The comprehensive dashboard of the app allows you to analyse your business activities in real time.

Any team member or third party cannot access your company's data, ensuring its long-term security. The excel challan generator app comes with an "auto-backup" feature that lets you resume where you left off.

An automatic backup is created every day when you use the auto-backup mode. To help ensure the security of your data, you can create data backups based on your needs.

Track Delivery Challan

Vyapar helps you create a delivery challan in excel for your package quickly. You can set a delivery date and list it on the Challan. The auto-stock adjustment feature helps to ensure that you always have enough stock on hand.

You can record and identify items using the inventory tracking features. The batch number, expiry date, manufacturing date, slot number, and other details are used for tracking.

The tracking feature can help you deliver the package on time and locate it if it gets lost during transit. It may please your customers, save time, and allow you to focus on other essential responsibilities.

Tracking past-due payments and issuing a tax invoice with the order is simple with this app. The Vyapar app offers several alternatives, including Word, PDF, and Excel, to help you improve your challan formats.

Our free billing software lets you keep track of open, closed, and past-due orders. It is the best business option, improving worker performance and making everything more accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Delivery Challan?

It is a document used to transport goods from one location to another. Sales may or may not result from transportation. This delivery challan is delivered along with the goods. It includes the following information: the item shipped, the number of products offered, the delivery address, and the buyer's address.

Why Prefer Excel Delivery Challan Format?

Many businesses require invoices to include Excel capabilities for easy calculation and time savings. A delivery challan format is simple to create in Microsoft Excel. Choose and customise the template that best meets your needs. You can create an outstanding challan for your customers in minutes using Vyapar's free excel delivery challan templates.

How Do You Send An Excel Delivery Challan Invoice?

Once you've created an Excel challan, you're ready to send it to your customers. Take the following steps:

Step 1: Open the.xls file that is on your device.
Step 2: Double-check and confirm the invoice's information.
Step 3: To send an Excel invoice to your client, open your email and attach the Excel template.