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GST Tax Invoice Format in Excel, PDF, and Word

GST Bill Tax Invoice Format

Invoices are generally the only evidence of a transaction made between a customer and seller to purchase and sell goods or services. The seller uses these documents to collect assured payments from the buyer as and when it was promised. Thus, an invoice needs to have details like the goods or services that were sold, the quantity of the sold goods or services, price, due payment, tax details, and other terms and conditions, if any. It's not only advisable but also necessary as per the GST law for the taxpayers to issue invoices when they make a sale. Without GST this doesn't help the seller collect a payment.

There's not just one but multiple types of invoices that are issued by the taxpayers. The type actually used would depend on the taxpayer, nature of goods or services, terms discussed, business size, etc. Since invoices are so crucial for day-to-day activities ranging from recording sales, preventing fraudulent activities, and, most importantly, collecting input credit, you must know the format for generating these invoices. Knowing the format would make it easier for you to create correct invoices and prevent any smooth business transactions. Here at Vyapar, you'll know the GST Format in Word and Excel.

A Better alternative to GST Bill or Invoice Format

Even though a GST bill book format a convenient way of generating GST invoices, there are alternatives that are usually considered better by people. Look at the ones listed below and choose the best

GST Tax Invoice Bill Format in PDF

PDF Invoice Format

Invoice Template PDF is the easiest way to share an attractive and well-structured invoice to clients. You need to download the GST format and edit the details according to your own company and client details. Then, all you need to do is email or print that invoice to your Customer in PDF format. But, PDF invoices aren't easy to edit if required. Check out the other options for that case.

Bill Format in Excel

MS Excel Invoice Format

Microsoft Excel is popular to be used for structured data in tabular form, especially invoices. It avoids the mess that seems unattractive in a PDF or Word form. It also supports multiple formulas that make it easier for you to perform calculations when you prepare the invoice itself. In other cases, you would generally need to perform the calculations yourself.

Best Online invoice generator

Online invoice generator

Some don't use Excel or PDF invoice formats since they prefer using an online invoice generator instead. There, you will have all the features of Excel, Word, and PDF invoice formatsincluded.

Details to be captured in the GST Tax Invoice Format

What matters the most in a GST Tax invoice format are details that you've entered for your Customer to notice. These details must be accurate and precise so that it's convenient to read.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

You should enter the following details in a GST invoice format:

  • Company details: Name, Address, ZIP code, Phone number, and email
  • Client details: Name, Address, and contact details
  • Invoice number as per your records
  • Goods/Services details: Description, Quantity, Cost, and Amount due
  • Applicable GST tax and Total Amount in the end
  • Bank details: Name, Account Number, and IFSC code
  • Payment Terms and expected date for payment

All the details mentioned above are very important, and hence you need to add them to a GST Tax invoice format before forwarding it to your Customer. Without GST Invoice format you cannot forward to your customer.

Tally GST invoice format

A tally GST invoice must reflect the details of all the goods and services the business supplies. It must have the company logo, details of the company and customer, invoice details, description of goods and services, taxes applicable, and signature of the authority.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

With Vyapar, you can create tally GST invoices within minutes and export data from Vyapar to tally software. It helps you manage your accounts and handle the cash flow of business.

You can get payments on time without delay when you issue an invoice. Making invoices for your company is simpler with Vyapar's Tally invoice format, which incorporates everything you need effortlessly.

The B2C invoice format in GST

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

B2C or business-to-consumer is a model in which goods or services move directly from a business to the end user. The consumer purchases products for personal use and not for reselling purposes.

B2C invoices are those invoices where the end user will not be claiming the input tax credit. Using B2C invoices is not currently subject to electronic invoicing. To enable digital payments on B2C bills, a taxpayer must create a dynamic QR code, per Notification No.

GST export invoice format

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

A document known as an export invoice lists the products or services that an exporter provides together with the importer's payment obligations. With a few extra details, the format is rather resemblant to a standard tax invoice.

Exports of goods or services are now governed by the IGST Act and are classified as interstate supplies under the GST Law. Exports of products or services that qualify as "zero rated supplies" are exempt from GST assessed at either the input or final product stage.

Non-GST invoice format

The non-GST invoice is issued for the supply of goods and services which are not covered under the ambit of GST. There are no rules and mandatory fields in non-GST invoice format. Any unregistered person not liable to register under GST can issue a bill of supply.

It is effortless to make the non-GST invoice. You can prepare the invoice in word, excel, or doc format. Vyapar has a variety of templates available, and you can choose any template and make necessary changes per your requirements.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

You can customize your invoice, which makes it look professional. The saved templates save you time and let you generate bills at any time.

Sez invoice format under GST

A special economic zone (SEZ) is a unique region with different economic rules from the other areas in the same nation. The businesses in SEZ enjoy tax benefits and fewer legal compliances. Although SEZ is found within a country's national border, it is considered a foreign territory for tax purposes.

A supply of goods or services to anyone by SEZ is considered an interstate supply, and IGST is payable for such supply. Any goods, services, or both supplied to a developer or unit within a Special Economic Zone shall be regarded as zero-rated. So, under GST, it is a zero-rated supply.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

As a result, suppliers that provide goods to SEZs have two options:

  • Supply under a bond or LUT without paying the IGST and claiming an ITC credit; or
  • Supply after paying the IGST and claiming a refund of taxes paid.

GST invoice format composition scheme

The composition system is a different way to impose a tax under the GST. The composition plan is available to any taxpayer whose annual revenue was less than Rs 1.5 crore in the last fiscal year.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

Small dealers and enterprises can pay GST at a predetermined turnover rate and submit quarterly GST reports under the GST Composition Scheme. Thus, the composition scheme lessens the compliance work of small taxpayers and makes the whole process affordable.

The composition dealer must issue the Bill of Supply instead of a tax invoice when opting for the composition scheme. There is no concern about claiming the Input Tax Credit because the composition dealer will not be the one to issue the tax invoice.

The rent invoice format in GST

A rent invoice is a type of general invoice that an owner of the property issues when they rent out their property to another person, lessee, tenant, etc. Once the tenant pays the rent, the landlord must issue an invoice to maintain all documents to ensure proper payment records.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

Under the GST Act, renting out immovable property is treated as a supply of services. However, the GST is applicable only on certain types of rent, which include:

When the landlord gives property on lease, rent, easement, or licensed to occupy Leases (or rentals) of commercial, industrial, or residential properties for business (partially or fully)

This renting is considered a supply of services and would thus attract tax. GST is not applicable when renting residential property for residential purposes. Any lease or renting of the real estate for business purposes would be subject to GST at 18% because it is a supply.

Sample GST invoice format

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

The supplier must include GSTIN and a unique serial number in the tax invoice. Therefore, businesses must employ an invoice numbering system that complies with GST rules, and GST invoices must contain some necessary details.

The invoice date, the sender and recipient's names and addresses, the goods' descriptions, quantities, total supply values, taxable supply values, tax rates, amounts, and final values are all universal in all invoice formats.

Our app contains templates including word, excel, and doc. You can easily convert your invoice into PDF format with the help of Vyapar invoicing software.

Simple GST invoice format

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

You must give your customers GST Invoices, also known as GST Bills, as a GST registered merchant. Businesses must therefore use an invoice numbering scheme that complies with GST regulations. The supplier must mention GSTIN in the tax invoice along with a unique serial number.

All invoice types include the date of the invoice, the sender and recipient's names and addresses, the items' descriptions, quantities, total supply values, taxable supply values, tax rates, amounts, and final values.

A list of the products supplied or services rendered, along with the payment amount due, is contained in an invoice or GST bill. With the help of Vyapar Software, you may generate GST-compliant invoices for free.

The stock transfer invoice format in GST

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

Since transfers are included in the definition of a "supply" under the GST, branches must be recognized as separate companies. Therefore, any stock transactions in the following two scenarios are taxable:

Intrastate stock transfer: Only when an entity has more than one registration in a state Interstate stock transfer: Transfers between two entities with different state addresses are taxed.

Cash flow will be impacted by whether stock transfers are subject to GST taxation. It is because tax is paid on the date of stock transfer, and ITC is effectively used when the receiving branch liquidates stock.

Commercial invoice format under GST

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

An export document known as a commercial invoice is used to prove a sale transaction between the buyer and the seller in court. It helps determine and assess the number of duties and taxes that must be paid and is mainly used for customs clearance reasons.

It includes a detailed list of the items sold, their quantities, and their agreed-upon prices. An "invoice" or "tax invoice" under the GST regime refers to the tax invoice described in section 31 of the CGST Act, 2017. According to this section, a supplier must issue an invoice for the supply of goods or services.

GST invoice format for manufacturer

With GST, it has become easy for suppliers to calculate taxes. Octroi, central sales tax, and other indirect taxes are subsumed under GST, reducing manufacturers' burden. Before the application of GST, manufacturers had to pay 25% extra production cost, but now the cost is reduced.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

As per GST regulations, the tax rate is 18% if manufacturing services are done on items owned by unregistered persons. When a principal manufacturer sends goods for further processing to a job worker, they can claim an input tax credit of tax paid on the purchase of such goods sent on job work. However, an invoice is required to avail ITC.

ITC will be allowed when goods are sent to job workers:

  • From the principal's place of business
  • Directly from the supplier's place of supply

GST invoice format for event management services

Any services provided regarding the planning, promotion, organization, and presentation of any arts, entertainment, business, sports, wedding, or other events can be classified as Event Management.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

When preparing an invoice for an event, you must add your company logo, name, and contact details. Outline the specifics of all the services you provided and the amount you charged. Add all the materials, props, or equipment you used to prepare for the event.

It might be challenging to add everything to the invoice manually. Our invoicing app is here to help. We have various templates available that let you customize your invoice. All the fields are mentioned beforehand; you need to edit them per your requirements.

GST invoice format for services

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

Any supplier of services whose aggregate turnover exceeds the threshold limit of Rs 20 lakhs is liable to get registered under GST. However, the threshold for the special category states is as low as 10 lakh INR. The supplier must issue a GST invoice at the time of supply of services.

Time of supply of services is earliest of:

  • Date of issue of invoice, or
  • Date of receipt of advance/ payment, or
  • Date of provision of services if the invoice is not issued within the prescribed period

GST margin scheme tax invoice format

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

The GST margin policy helps prevent double taxation on the supply of items that have already been subject to tax. Suppliers or sellers of goods can calculate the margin between the value of goods supplied by the seller and the value of goods received by the customer under the Margin Scheme, GST.

However, a person dealing in such goods may be permitted to pay tax on the margin for used products. Usually, GST is paid on the actual transaction value of the delivery of the items per valuation regulations. No GST would be due on the transaction if there were no margins, and the GST margin scheme is founded on this.

GST service invoice format

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

A GST invoice is generated whenever a registered taxable person provides taxable goods or services. An invoice that complies with GST must be issued and received to be eligible for an ITC.

If a taxpayer fails to provide such an invoice to a registered taxable customer, the customer forfeits the right to claim the ITC, and the taxpayer loses those clients.

Depending on the nature of the supply, the tax is paid. CGST+SGST must be paid as tax if the supply is an intra-state supply, and IGST must be paid as tax if the supply is an inter-state supply.

Hotel invoice format GST

As per the GST laws, the services provided by a hotel are taxable. The place of supply will be the hotel's location, even if the guest is registered in another state. The GST rate on hotel accommodation services is 18%, although it can be 12% per the hotel's room tariff.

The hospitality industry stands to gain from standardized and consistent tax rates as well as simple and improved input tax credit use under the Goods and Service Tax. The sector draws more foreign tourists as the end customer's overall cost declines.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

Hotels that are users of Vyapar can create a GST-compliant invoice in a few simple steps. Choose any format from the available templates, edit your customer's details, make necessary changes, and your invoice is ready.

Pure agent invoice format under GST

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

A pure agent is someone who, while making a supply to the recipient, also obtains and purchases another supply on the recipient's behalf. Then they seek compensation (as actual, without increasing the worth of his supply) for those other supplies from the primary supply recipient.

If all requirements are met, the expense or expenses incurred by the service provider acting solely as an agent of the service recipient are not included in the value of the taxable service. However, if the conditions are not satisfied, the invoice shall include such expenses in the supply value under GST.

Reimbursement invoice format under GST

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

The repayment of money spent by an individual is referred to as reimbursement of expenses. It occurs in business transactions when a supplier incurs expenses on behalf of the recipient who is obliged to bear such expenses.

Two types of expenses may get reimbursed to the supplier under GST:

  • Incidental expenses incurred by the supplier in the course of supply. The supplied value may include commissions, packing charges, travel expenses, etc.
  • Expenses that the supplier incurs as a pure agent.

The supplier cannot charge GST on the amount of reimbursement of expenses since it is not included in the value of the supply; instead, they can only charge the actual amount paid to the recipient.

Reverse charge GST invoice format

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

A reverse charge would be applicable if a seller who is not registered supplied goods to a registered person. As a result, the government receives the GST directly from the recipient rather than the supplier. For Inter-state purchases, the buyer has to pay IGST.

You must self-invoice when you buy products or services from an unregistered provider, and the transaction qualifies for reverse charge. It is because your supplier cannot send you a GST-compliant invoice, and as a result, you are responsible for paying taxes on their behalf. As a result, self-invoicing is required in this scenario.

Supply to sez under GST invoice format

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

You can provide goods or services to SEZ by paying IGST. In this situation, a clear statement that reads "Supply meant for SEZ with payment of integrated tax" must be present on the supplier's invoice. According to section 16(3) of the IGST Act, suppliers who cannot employ LUT for whatever reason may choose to charge IGST instead.

Any supply of products, services, or both to a developer or unit within a Special Economic Zone shall be regarded as zero-rated. Therefore, these goods and services are GST-free.

Transporter invoice format under GST

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

Except for services provided by GTA and courier services, all road transportation services are GST-exempt. Any person who offers a consignment note for the delivery of goods will be considered a GTA.

The 5% GST rate that applies to GTA's transportation services provided on an RCM basis means that the recipient must pay the tax, and the transporter cannot claim an ITC. GST rate of 12% on a forward charge basis (ITC is available to transporters).

Unregistered dealer under GST invoice format

According to GST law, any registered person who purchases goods or services from an unregistered party must submit a payment voucher and a tax invoice. The category of the registered person making the supply determines the sort of invoice that needs to be provided.

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

In cases when the supplier is not registered, the consumer creates a self-invoice format. Usually, a provider is responsible for paying the tax on supplies, but with the reverse charge mechanism, chargeability is switched.

The person who receives the goods and services is now responsible for paying the tax. The reverse charge mechanism only applies to specific kinds of business entities. The purpose of shifting GST payments to recipients is to increase tax levies on various unorganized sectors.

GST invoice format as per GST act

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

If your company is GST-registered, you must issue GST-compliant invoices to customers to sell products, services, or both. A tax invoice is typically provided to charge the tax and transfer the input tax credit. The following required fields must be present on a GST invoice:

  • Date and invoice number
  • Client name
  • Addresses for shipping and billing
  • GSTIN of the customer and the taxpayer (if registered)
  • Location of supply
  • SAC code in case of services or HSN code in case of goods
  • Details of the item, including its description, number, unit (meter, kg, etc.), and total price
  • Discounts and taxable value
  • Tax rates and amounts, including CGST, SGST, and IGST
  • the existence of a reverse charge basis for GST payment
  • Authentication of the vendor

GST invoice format for the supply of goods

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

Any supplier of goods whose aggregate turnover exceeds the threshold limit of Rs 40 lakhs is liable to get registered under GST. However, the threshold is as low as 10 lakh INR for the hill and northeastern states. The supplier needs to issue a GST invoice at the time of supply of goods.

The earlier of the following dates shall be the time of supply of the goods,

  • The date on which the supplier issues the invoice or the final date on which he is required by Section 31 to issue the invoice for the supply; or
  • The date on which the supplier receives the payment concerning the supply

Jewellery invoice format GST

GST Bill In Tax Invoice Format

When consumers purchase gold in India, they are charged a GST of 3% by the seller. GST making charges amount to 5% of the price of the making charges. A 10% import duty may also be charged to sellers importing gold abroad.

It might be challenging for a jeweller to keep track of the accounts. With our fantastic collection of invoice templates, you may save time and effort with some assistance with the administrative aspect of running a jewellery business.

These beautiful invoices, accessible in Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, will help you save time so you can return to making gorgeous jewellery items rather than concentrating on your invoicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Limit of issuing the GST Tax Invoice Format

In case you've supplied goods to your Customer, you'll need to issue a GST Tax Invoice on the same date or even before the day of delivery of those goods. Whereas, if you've delivered services, you have 30 days to issue a GST Tax Invoice to your customers.

GST Invoice Format in Excel

You can create a free GST invoice format in Excel very easily using the steps below:
Step 1: Go to Microsoft Excel
When you go to Microsoft Excel, click on the "file" option, and then click "new." Then, you'll need to double click the 'blank workbook' to be able to open a new excel sheet.
Step 2: Remove Gridlines.
Simply click the 'view' tab, and uncheck the 'gridlines' column.
Step 3: Add the company Logo and other Details
Now, to make this excel sheet belong to your company, add your company's logo and other important details such as name, address, contact details, etc.
Step 4: Add customer details
You only need to perform this step once since Excel will remember the customer details the next time. So, edit the sheet and add customer details
Step 5: Enter the Transaction Details
Now, add the transaction details wherein you describe the goods/services that were sold with their price, quantity, total amount, etc. This way, the Customer won't have to look into his records to confirm the transactions that were made.
Step 6: Provide Payment Details
Add your Bank details with your preferred payment option and due date so that the ultimate purpose of the invoice can be served.

GST Invoice Format in PDF

create a free GST invoice format in PDF, you need to use a few steps involved in Word or Excel format. Use the following steps to do so:
Step 1: Go to Microsoft Excel/Word
As told earlier, you'll need Word or Excel to create a GST invoice format in PDF.
Step 2: Edit Columns, Tables, etc.
Insert tables like you did in Excel or Word and adjust it according to the requirements of the invoice.
Step 3: Enter Company Details
Now, enter the company's name, address, ZIP code, and email address of the company to the invoice.
Step 4: Add company logo
By adding the company Logo, the invoice looks more professional and is received well by the Customer.
Step 5: Enter Customer Details
Add Customer's name, phone number, email address, company address, and ZIP code to the invoice.
Step 6: Enter transaction details and bank details
Enter the transaction details and your bank account number, IFSC code, etc. to the invoice.
Step 7: Select 'File' and then choose 'download'
Choose the file from the main menu, and then click download from the drop-down menu that appears.
Step 8: Click on 'PDF Document'
Select 'PDF document' from the menu that appears on the screen.

Your invoice is now downloaded in PDF format in the device you're using.

GST Invoice Format in Word

In the same way that you created a GST invoice format in PDF and Microsoft Excel, you can do it Microsoft Word as well. You need to follow the steps below:
Step 1: Go to Microsoft Word
You will need to go to Microsoft Word to create a blank word document.
Step 2: Insert Tables
The next step would be to insert tables by simply clicking on the 'insert' tab, and then clicking on'table.' You're free to change the number of rows and columns as per your invoice requirements.
Step 3: Edit Columns
If your columns have extra space other than the entered details, it will look messy and unattractive. So, adjust their size as per the details you need to mention
Step 4: Enter Important Details
Start with entering your company details, including its name, address, contact details, zip code, etc. Then, enter the invoice date, payment due date, order numbers, date of purchase, etc. Mostimportantly, enter your customer details wherein you mention the transaction details, the quantity of goods/services sold, applicable GST tax, etc. Remember that you must keep the calculations in handy since the word doesn't allow you to use formulas. Add your bank details too.
Step 5: Save the Word document