Delivery challan format in Word

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Delivery challan format in Word

What is a delivery challan in Word?

A Delivery Challan refers to a formal document generated when goods are being shipped from one place to another, which may or may not result in sales. Example: Transfer of goods from the Amazon Head office to its branches.

Delivery Challans created using word formats are sent along with the consignment for error-free transportation of goods. It accommodates the details of items and quantity of goods being delivered. The best part is that using the delivery challan format in word by Vyapar requires no technical knowledge.

When do we issue a delivery challan format in word?

The delivery challan is issued in the following cases given down below:

  • Where goods are shipped on a sale or return basis.
  • When goods are shipped for job work
For example, the printing of Times of India newspapers.
  • Where goods are shipped for reasons other than for supply
Let's take the example of shipping goods from the old warehouse to a new one.
  • It is also issued when the quantity of the goods supplied is unknown.
  • At the time of supply of liquified gas from the supplier's place, the quantity is not known to the receiver.
  • Where goods being shipped are works of art to be delivered to galleries for art shows.
  • Where goods are being shipped abroad for an event such as an exhibition, fair or promotional purposes
A delivery challan is not referred to as a "supply" or "export" since the goods are going for a specific short-term purpose and returning.
  • Where, at the time of removal of goods, the seller cannot issue a tax invoice to the customer.

What are the critical GST rules on Delivery Challan Format in Word?

GST rules, word delivery challan format

A tax invoice should be issued when a registered taxpayer intends to transport goods from one place of supply to another as per Section 31 of the CGST Act of the Government of India. Particulars regarding the following invoice value, description of the goods supplied, their quantities, rates and amount and the GST applicable will form part of the tax invoice.

Certain cases arise where the shipping. Of goods does not result in a sale; hence, no tax invoice is issued. In these cases, instead of issuing the tax invoice, a delivery challan is issued. Therefore, a delivery challan is a formal document that permits the transportation of goods from one place to another. It also goes alongside the name dispatch slip or delivery slip.

Rule 55 (2) of the CGST Rules of GoI, delivery challans must be issued in three copies as follows-

  • For the buyer, the delivery challan must be marked as "Original."
  • For the transporter, the delivery challan is marked as "Duplicate."
  • For the seller, the delivery challan is marked as "Triplicate."

What are the advantages of using the delivery challan format in word?

Word Delivery Challan Advantages

Some of the advantages and uses of a delivery challan are given down below:

  • Used as proof of delivery:

    A delivery challan is sent alongside the goods supplied, having all the essential details. It assists the recipient in checking which goods have been transferred and cross-checking the same with the order placed. An acknowledged copy of the client's delivery challan serves as proof of delivery.

  • Used when the goods are sent on an approval basis:

    It is helpful in cases when the actual invoice is not put together as the goods are sent to the customer's place for sale or return. In such cases, a delivery challan is issued at the time of supply of the goods.

  • Used when the e-way bill is not required

    As per Rule 55A of the CGST Rules of the Government of India, delivery of challan must be sent with the goods supplied when an e-way bill is not needed and a tax invoice or a statement of supply is not prepared.

  • The HSN code of every good that is transported:

    The HSN code or Harmonized System of Nomenclature is a six-digit code. The job of this code is to classify different goods. It makes it easier for various manufacturers, suppliers, and others to differentiate goods.

  • Used when goods are supplied in multiple shipments:

    There are various known cases where goods are transported in multiple shipments in a semi-knocked or completely knocked down condition. In such cases, the supplier issues an invoice before sending the first consignment. The product then uses a delivery challan for each subsequent consignment along with the details of the original invoice.

  • Used when goods are transported outside India for exhibition or export promotion:
    Such transport is neither considered as supply nor export by the supplier. As no export exists, a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) or bond is not needed in such circumstances, must send such goods along with a delivery challan.

What is the format of the delivery challan?

Format Of Delivery Challan in Word By Vyapar

Delivery challans should be serially numbered in one or multiple series, not outpacing sixteen characters. The format of the delivery challan should have the following information given down below:

  • It must have the date and number.
  • Contains name, address and GSTIN of the consigner, if registered.
  • It should have the consignee's name, address, and GSTIN or Unique Identity Number if registered, and also have an unregistered name, address and place of supply.
  • Accommodates HSN code for the goods.
  • Should have the description of goods.
  • It should have the number of goods supplied (provisional, if unable to determine the supply of the exact quantity) and the taxable value of a collection.
  • Accommodates the GST tax rate, and the tax amount is broken down as CGST, SGST, IGST and GST Cess – where the transportation is for supply to the consignee.
  • Contains the place of supply, in case of inter-state movement of goods, and lastly, Signature.
In case of a supply of goods with a taxable value exceeding more than Rs.50,000, a GST E-way bill should be issued by the supplier.

What is the difference between a tax invoice and a delivery challan in Word?

The essential difference between the tax invoice and the delivery challan is given down below:

  • The tax invoice contains ownership proof and legal responsibilities with all the risks and liabilities the invoices carry along with them; on the other hand, the delivery challan does not have any evidence of ownership or legal obligations.
  • Tax invoices show the actual value of goods, while the delivery challan shows that the customer has acknowledged receipt of the goods.
  • A tax invoice is used during the transportation of goods from one place to another, mentioning the description, condition and quantity of the goods, but the tax invoice may not result in a sale. Meanwhile, the delivery challan does not show the actual value of the goods; the delivery challan can contain the value of the goods mentioned on it but will not include the tax charged to customers.

How to create a delivery challan in Word by using the Vyapar app?

Here are the following steps to create a delivery challan format in word by using the Vyapar app below.

  • Open the Vyapar app, and go to the left menu in the settings option. You will get the chance to deliver challan in the general setting section. If you want to create a delivery challan, you have to enable the delivery challan box. As soon as you allow this delivery, add challan to your transaction section.
  • After enabling the delivery challan section, two more options will be visible on your screen. First is the return of the goods on the delivery challan section. Second is the print amount on the delivery challan section. As it is used in the case, you want the price to be printed on goods you are shipping to your client.
  • In case you want to fill in the additional details like additional fields, transaction details, and the additional charges. In that case, you can go to the transaction setting section and enable the following options.
  • You will also require the details of the party's shipping address. So make sure it should be on in the party section of settings.
  • Go to the homepage, click the add more option, then click on the delivery challan, or you can go to the left menu sale section and use the delivery challan option. ( You can use the shortcut key (Alt+D) to open the delivery challan.
  • Then enter the party's name and the shipping address, and on the right side, you will get additional details like challan number, date, and place of supply. Now, the products you can add as an item.
  • Add the other details of the delivery challan, such as the transport name, vehicle number and delivery date. Save the following information.
Your delivery challan format in word is ready, and now you can share it with your respective clients.

Additional benefits of using the Vyapar app.

Benefits of Vyapar Delivery Challan in Word

It manages commodities like Products and Services.

The Vyapar app is geared toward automatic stock / inventory management, which itself checks the stock quantity, reserved quantity and the stock value, and goods are being transferred at the same time seamlessly.

Vyapar gives you the option to adjust the stocks manually. You can also activate and deactivate the manual stock management options and add a new item unit per your needs. Vyapar app is also geared toward the item category.

You can add and assign the items to your comfort and create and manage your online store seamlessly. Vyapar makes your job work a lot easier.

Multiple payment types

Vyapar helps you with multiple payment options at the same time. Your clients may request you for different ways of payment, and sometimes you are not equipped with multiple payment options.

Vyapar app has different modes of charge at the same time. You can receive and send payments through Cash and cheque, and you can also use debit and credit cards to receive your compensation.

Vyapar app also offers you online modes of payment such as Net banking, UPI payments, and printed QR codes. You can efficiently manage your job work and quickly issue the delivery challan format in word seamlessly without any restriction of payment modes.

Instant Inventory status checks.

We all know that doing a business is not an armchair job, and you have to focus on various things simultaneously. Small businesses also face the problem of getting details about specific goods and products that get out of stock or low.

Not having seamless free inventory management makes your job challenging to stretch at various places simultaneously for different requirements of your small business. The Vyapar app here helps you with instant information about the details of certain goods. You may receive the notification on your android phone and PC when certain stocks get low.

Vyapar lets you track all the orders and inventory digitally simultaneously on the single platform along with the unique serial number so that you can issue the delivery challan format seamlessly.

High-Grade Security.

Vyapar billing software is one of the best platforms that ensure customer data information security. Vyapar ensures that customers' valuable information, product, and data are not compromised simultaneously.

The Vyapar app provides data security and helps you with authorized access to such professional platforms. Vyapar app also comes with specific features like in-built backup and recovery features that ensure the safety of your valuable information product and data.

Generate delivery challan.

The traders might face difficulty issuing the word delivery challan on some online platforms. But here, the Vyapar app helps you to deliver challans and helps you with linking them with your products and services simultaneously.

Using a professional delivery challan format in word helps businesses provide delivery services seamlessly without errors. Vyapar professional billing software also allows you to attach challans to your consignments and keep a delivery record.


Vyapar word delivery challan maker app offers you a multiple Invoices theme. So you can change the Invoice themes on the dashboard per your requirement. It also assists you with the professional invoices template that lets you send well-designed Invoices and get paid on time by using the multiple payments method of Vyapar billing software.

Vyapar app also allows the user to enable/disable the respective information they want to print over the invoice using the invoice printer. You can share invoice pdf over digital platforms such as Email and What's app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who creates the delivery challan in word format?

A seller usually issues a delivery challan in word format to the buyer while the goods are delivered. These goods being transferred may or may not result in a sale.

What is the difference between a delivery challan and a delivery note?

A delivery note is a non-binding document that accompanies a shipment of goods. On the other hand, delivery challans are issued while transferring goods to the buyer and impact the inventory levels since it decreases the inventory stock.

What do you understand about a non-returnable delivery challan?

If a non-returnable gate pass accompanies the delivery challan, it helps the authorities ensure that the goods are delivered permanently and cannot be returned.

What do you mean by a returnable challan?

We will issue the returnable challan where the goods are shipped out of the warehouse for a specific purpose and are due for return shortly.

Can we generate an e-way bill using a delivery challan?

Yes. Any registered taxpayer or transporter can make an e-way bill using the GST portal. Tax invoices, bills of sale, delivery challan, etc., are some formal documents that can be issued while creating the e-way statement.