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Vyapar's invoicing software for Windows simplifies billing and invoicing processes for your businesses, allowing them to efficiently manage their finances. Avail 15 Days Free Trial Now!

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Best Features of Invoicing Software for Windows

Countless invoicing software exists for your Windows desktop. So why should you choose Vyapar? Well, how about we give you countless reasons (figuratively speaking) to choose Vyapar? Let’s dive right into them!

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Inventory Management

Vyapar’s billing and invoicing software doubles as an inventory or stock management system. As transactions take place and your stock decreases, you can set live alerts at a certain level to send you reminders to stock up.
Vyapar software also enables you to track your inventory items as per their expiry date, col`our, size, batch number, and other properties of individual inventory items.`

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Party Management

No more wondering who owes you money and who you need to pay. Party management allows you to create separate accounts for all your different vendors keeping monetary relations crystal clear.
Further, you can send free transaction messages to your parties. You can also share inventory item details, online store link, PDF copy of invoices, payment reminder, greetings, visiting cards and offer related details to your parties from Vyapar app.

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Online Store

Vyapar gives you the ability to create a simple and easy-to-use online store. Add products in different categories, their price, available stock and so on. With the help of your new online store, your customers can now order from you right from the comfort of their homes.
It allows you to maximise your presence and ensure your availability for your customers.

Send estimates and quotations to your customers

Thermal and Laser Printer Compatibility

Most businesses require physical print copies of bills and invoices for their own reference since they cannot be tampered with or changed once printed. Keeping this in mind, we’ve ensured that the bills and invoices you create can be printed through thermal and laser printers.

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Business Report Creation

To monitor and gain a better understanding of your financial health, Vyapar is capable of creating many different types of reports. Here's a list of some of the different types of reports you can create:
1. Sales report
2. Purchase report
3. Daybook
4. Profit & Loss
5. Balance sheet
6. Cash flow
7. Party statement
8. GST reports
9. Tax reports
10. Expense reports
11. Stock detail report
12. Low stock report, and much more.

Manage your Inventory for Distributors Business

Business Dashboard

The business dashboard in Vyapar is a collection of all the important transactions that take place in your business. From your cash in hand, stock value, bank balance, sales orders, purchase orders, delivery challans, open cheques all the way to expenses and much more.