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Plumber Bill Format

What is a Plumber Bill?

As is understood, a bill contains all the details of the work that has been done or all the services that have been provided. A plumber's work includes a lot of fixations and other work.

These works require many materials to be collected before the work starts. These can be tools or any material used in due course of work. The different types of work done by a plumber include :

  • Fixing the drainage system.
  • Fixing the water supply system.
  • Fixing any underground water tank and pump room problems.
  • Fixing sanitary equipment and other supporting pieces of equipment.
  • Septic tank fixations.
  • Other civil and external works

In this profession, the problems at work may seem easy. Still, the problem usually gets bigger as the plumber goes in further. So, the expenses increase with the increment in work for the plumber. And after all this, the plumber also needs to be paid for his work.

This is where a plumber bill format by Vyapar comes in handy. A plumber bill is a legal document that the plumber or a plumbing company provides.

The final plumbing bill contains all the information about the services provided by the plumber and the materials provided. This is usually provided in a format where the items are positioned along with their prices. The items also include the work done by the plumber.

Plumbing is a job that is used by every other household. And for any task like that, it is important to have a good billing system. It ensures that the plumbers get paid on time.

But, before a plumbing bill is generated, a plumber format is developed. It is important as it contains detailed information about the services rendered. A bill does not contain all these details. That is why it is also necessary to focus on a plumbing invoice.

A Plumbing Bill Invoice

Plumber Bill invoice

A plumbing invoice is a detailed list of all the goods used to complete work. This document also contains a written statement summing up the due amount for everything done and used.

Different Types of Plumbing Invoices are Used.

Professional Plumbing Invoices

There are various ways of doing a certain thing. Similarly, there are many ways to make invoices formats for plumbing. But, a certain format must be followed when making a plumbing bill.

While creating one such document, you need to remember several things, like the services provided, your business's structure, your client's specific needs, etc. It helps you select an invoice type that can fit everything you need.

So, to understand your type of plumbing invoice, let us have a look at the available options:

Standard Invoice

It is the most general format of an invoice used everywhere. It enlists details of the work done in a very straightforward way. This way, the client knows what they owe for the plumbing services.

Recurring Invoice

This form of invoice is used to collect and represent data on the services in motion.

Prepayment Invoice

This type of invoice records any advance payment, down payment, or deposit before the plumbing work is done. This type of payment listed in the prepayment invoice can also be done before the full amount is paid to the plumber or plumbing company.

Time-Based Invoice

This invoice is used to charge according to the number of hours you have worked on a project. If a plumber works for someone for, say, two hours, then he/she will be paid based on the per hour rate decided before the work was started. This is what will be listed in this type of invoice.

Credit Memo

This type of invoice only collects data about any form of credit made to the client.

Debit Invoice

This invoice is used to note down any form of payment due from the client's side, which can also increase due to variable factors.

Mixed Invoice

A mixed invoice is a mix of both a credit memo and a debit invoice. So, it records any form of credit, i.e., charges or debits made to a client.

So, whatever the situation or type of plumbing is being done for you, you can easily choose an invoice that will help you create a plumber bill with ease.

What is a Plumbing Shipment Invoice?

This type of invoice is used when a situation comes up where it becomes necessary to check the payment to be done for the delivery of plumbing equipment or material delivered for a specific purpose.

What is a Monthly Plumbing Invoice?

Monthly Plumbing Invoice

A plumber bill management app is handy for companies that provide plumbing services or have partnered with plumbers. It usually happens in circumstances where a company or a home needs plumbing maintenance every month.

In this case, the plumbers involved in the project get paid monthly, so by using the app, you can manage expenses and earnings seamlessly. It is done assuming that no extra costs will come up during the project due to any factors.

What is a Plumbing Bill of Quantities?

This document is made in the plumbing industry to specify details like materials used, labour, cost, etc. It is a form of a bill that works as a line of communication between the client, consultant, and contractor company.

The consultant usually develops it. This type of bill is usually used where plumbing is undertaken for a huge project.

The Plumbing Bill of quantities has two types which are :

  • Bill Of Materials And
  • Bill Of Labor

What are the Uses of a Plumbing Invoice?

Use of Plumbing Invoice

Various departments of your plumbing business can be taken care of through a plumbing invoice. These departments are as follows:

Billing Your Clients

One of the main functions of a plumber billing invoice is to bill your clients. It is a very professional way to represent your business and charge your clients for the costs of labour and materials incurred while completing the plumbing work.

Customer Account Management

Managing and keeping a good record of your customer's account is important. It helps you personalize your plumbing services according to the client's needs. But managing such a huge load of information which includes the name of the company, the contact details of the company, etc., is better said than done. This is where an invoice comes in to save your day. Now all you have to do is to actively manage your invoices.

Maintaining a Record of Sales.

By keeping your invoices in a record form, you can keep a record of sales for any particular period with ease. This makes the accountancy work of a company very smooth.

Keeping Everything Organized

You keep organizing and recording every little detail of everything that goes by in your plumbing company. Still, lack of time stands as a constraint in front of you. Don't worry; you just have to maintain a plumbing invoice template, and now you can have every record with a click away.

Essentials of a Plumbing Invoice Bill

There are various points to be covered that need to be included in a plumbing bill. Missing out on any of these points can lead to a grave mistake resulting in business losses. So, here are some essentials of a Plumbing Invoice Bill:

Information About the Plumbing Company

The information about the plumbing company includes:

  • The name of the plumber at work.
  • The name of the plumbing company.
  • The street address or location of the plumbing company.
  • Address in the form of the city, state, and postal code.
  • The contact number of the company.

Information About the Client Company

The information of the client company includes:

  • The client's name/ client company name.
  • The street address or location of the client company.
  • The address of the client company is in the form of the city, state, and postal code.
  • The contact number of the client company.

Invoice Information

Information on Invoice

Invoice Number

It is necessary to provide a special invoice number for every invoice. This helps in differentiating between invoices so that they can be searched easily. This also helps in organizing the records.

Invoice Date

Every invoice has a specific date on which the invoice was issued or created.

Date Of Payment

It is also important to mention the date on which the payment is due.

Glossary Of Items

Once the plumbing work is completed, the item information should be entered.


A proper description of the materials and services used in the plumbing process should be mentioned without a scope of discrepancy.


The number of materials used and the work hours of the plumber should also be mentioned in the plumber invoice.


The price should be mentioned in the form of a list of the items or services used during the plumbing process.

Total Cost

After placing the prices against the items used, the total cost should be mentioned at the end at the bottom of the plumbing invoice, which will sum up the invoice.


Before mentioning the total, a subtotal should be mentioned, after which the taxes applied to the services should be mentioned and calculated. After adding the taxes with the total value, a total cost should be presented at the bottom of the invoice.

Terms And Conditions

As decided by the parties involved, the terms and conditions should be mentioned for more clarity and transparency.

Payment Method

The payment method, along with the payment details, should be mentioned in the plumbing invoice to keep a check on balances.

What is a Plumbing Invoice Template?

A plumbing invoice template clearly represents how to break down the costs of labour and production incurred during the process of a plumbing job for a company or residence. This form will include all the information in the prescribed format for a plumbing invoice. It records the client's payment method, which is important so that there is no hidden account information between the parties.

Advantages of Using a Plumbing Bill of Quantities

Advantages of Plumbing Bill

Be Ready For Any Difficulty:

While writing down the description (brief) of the work to be done in the area of plumbing for a project, it becomes easy to assess everything. It includes any minor flaws in the plan or any problem that the plumber might encounter in the line of work.

Thus, after foreseeing these circumstances, some decisions can be taken on handling these situations. It saves the parties' time, energy, and money.

That is why companies often outsource this work to other companies, so there can be a different take on this area. It helps in the elimination of every possible curve on the way.

Create an Extensive Plan For the Project:

Once a budget has been decided and everything is planned, it becomes easier to start with the plumbing work. It helps create a complete picture of the requirements, i.e., materials and equipment, which helps the plumbers or the company to provide a quote for the work accordingly.

Elimination of Any Form of Guesswork:

The due process of creating a Plumbing Bill of quantities eliminates any form of guesswork for the project. This document helps list all the work that needs to be done through plumbing. This makes it a very transparent process that can be free of intruders eating money or other parties not part of the project.

Makes Management Seamless and Cost-Effective:

This document helps in following a plan laid down for the plumbing work in a way that, if followed, then saves the time and money invested in the project. This document also gives a good amount of time to compare various prices of the required services across the market. It helps in cost-based savings for the parties.

How Can Vyapar Help You in Managing Your Plumbing Business?

Management of Plumbing Business

Accounting Software Vyapar helps you develop plumbing bills for your plumbing business within a few minutes. It has readymade templates for your plumbing bills and invoices that you want to create day in and day out.

Saves Your Time:

The plumber bill formats in the Vyapar application are available in Word, Excel, and PDF formats. It ensures that you do not have to create a new bill every time for every business deal. You can open the application and click on the given templates to create a new bill in no time.

Resourceful Application:

This is a very resourceful application as you can easily open the application on most devices and share files, even in areas with connectivity issues. It ensures that your work doesn't have to wait.

Customizing Options:

You can choose from numerous options available in the application to create a bill of your own choice. It ensures that you can perfectly fit in your personal touch, which will help you grow your business with your clients and also keep you in touch with your professional side.

Adjusts to Your Needs:

This application easily adjusts to your needs. Now you can save and work on the go with this application which helps you complete your work in no time. Making it a win-win situation for your plumbing business.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

What is a Plumber Bill Format?

A plumber bill format is a simple format that allows you to develop a bill for the work done by a plumber in a specific project. The bill also includes the costs of materials used in due course of work.

How Do You Write a Plumber Bill Format?

You can easily follow the general format of a plumber bill in which you must include all the important information. Or you can just use the plumbing bill format created by inventory software Vyapar, which makes it an easy task for you to create and share Plumbing bills without going through the hassle.

This information includes the billing address, i.e., the address of the client, their name, their contact number, your address or your company address, your logo, the location of your company, the contact number of your company, the description of materials used in the plumbing work, the quantity of the materials, the price of the materials, the taxes applied on the materials, cost of labour, the terms and conditions, mode of payment and the final sum.

How Do I Create a Plumber Bill Format in Excel?

You can use the Plumber bill template available in the accounting app Vyapar, which allows you to create a Plumber bill in Excel format. This template allows you to create unlimited bills and invoices to satisfy your plumbing business needs.

How Do I Create a Plumber Bill Format in Word?

You can open the Vyapar application. Access the Plumber bill template and fully use it to create your plumbing bill in Microsoft word format. It will save you time and resources, which will help you in setting a foot forward in your plumbing business.