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Rent Receipt Format PDF

What is a Rent Receipt Format PDF?

Professional Rent Receipt Format PDF

A Rent Receipt Format PDF or rent receipt is a legal document containing records of rent given to the landlord. The landlord is responsible for issuing and maintaining a copy of this document. It will help during the events of disputes.

Moreover, tenants are liable for keeping their rent receipts safe and secured. If a rent receipt isn’t provided, the tenant can ask for one from the property manager or landlord. The rent receipt reflects that the landlord receives the rent for a particular month.

The document comes in handy when landlords refuse to acknowledge the transaction. Or they make claims such as rent not being received. When it comes to a rent receipt format PDF, it must contain the name of the landlord, the tenant, the amount, and the date of issue.

In particular circumstances, such as rent reduction, it is required to mention it on that rent receipt. This further will help the tenant show why and how the monthly rent history has unusual entries.

What are the Contents in a PDF Rent Receipt Format?

The Rental receipt is made by the landlord, which we have learned. But as a landlord, creating a receipt with no idea what to include could be tricky.

The rent receipt is not subject to an obligation of form or mention. However, when you are creating it, specific data must be included. Here are some important contents your Rent Receipt Format PDF must have:

  • The surname, first name, and address of the tenant.
  • The surname, first name, and address of the landlord.
  • The address of the accommodation.
  • The date of sending the rent receipt and the date of paying rent.
  • The rental period corresponds to the payment.
  • The amount of the rent excluding charges.
  • Discount on rent given to the tenant.
  • The number of rental costs.
  • The total amount paid.
  • The signature of the tenant.
  • The signature of the landlord.
  • Stap of the agent/landlord, if any.

When working on a rent receipt format PDF, it’s essential to include every detail. It can reduce the potential risk of disputes.

In addition, misunderstandings between the two parties can also get eliminated by adequately creating a rent receipt.

Make sure your rent receipt format has all the above details. They are all important from the perspective of the landlord. Thus, there’s no way you could miss out on one of them.

Now that you have understood the content of a rent receipt format PDF, let’s move on to its importance. What advantages, as a landlord, do you get by offering a rent receipt to the tenant? Let’s explore!

Importance of Rent Receipts Format PDF for Landlords

Importance of Rent Receipts Format PDF

If you are a landlord, you must offer the tenant a rent receipt. Now you might ask, “what’s in it for you?” There are so many reasons why providing a rent receipt is essential for a landlord.

Firstly, it’ll help the property management company or landlord establish a professional image. Moreover, rent receipts help determine which tenant’s rent has been received and which is left. The tenants who haven’t provided rent can then be reminded of the payment.

Moreover, making a proper record of all the annual rent receipts is also recommended. During circumstances of disputes, the record can be presented as an essential resource. It can help resolve misunderstandings and conflicts very efficiently.

Crucial Things to Note About a Rent Receipts

A rent receipt is a legal document if you have mentioned its existence in the rental agreement. Therefore being a legal document, there are certain things about it a landlord must know. Before you start working on a rent receipt format, here are some considerations to ensure:

  • A revenue stamp is required if cash payment against rent is made for an amount more than INR 5,000. In case of payment of rent via cheque, no revenue stamp is required on a rent receipt.
  • To claim HRA exemption, a tenant can ask for PAN NO. Its landlord chooses to provide it or not. If provided, that copy of PAN must get attached with the rent receipt given to the tenant.
  • In case the payment of rent is made through UPI or net banking, a copy of the transaction must get filed in the rent receipt format.

When issuing a rent receipt, ensure the above considerations. It’ll help you avoid any potential legal consequences in the future. Also, if you have a dedicated attorney or legal team, ask for their assistance. They’ll ensure your rent receipt format PDF complies with all the necessary legal clauses.

How to Create a Rent Receipt Format by Using Vyapar?

Create a Rent Receipt Format

If you are new to Vyapar, creating a rent receipt might take a while. To save you time, we have shared steps for recording rent in your accounting books below. These steps should be followed by the mobile users.

  • Download the Vyapar app on your Android Mobile or Windows devices.
  • Once installed, Open The Vyapar app.
  • On the Home screen you will get three lines in the left top corner click on it.
  • Scroll down and go to the Settings option and click on it.
  • Now click on "Items" and select "What do you sell" as "Services" ( As rental business will be considered as a rental business) and click on "close" button on the desktop.(Back button in Mobile)
  • Now again click on "three lines" from top left corner (in mobile), and then click on Items.
  • Then go back to the Service Tab, click on "Items" and then click on the "Add Service" button.
  • Add, "Service Name" as "Rent", "Service code", sale price as rent price, if you are charging any GST then add GST rate and then click on "Save" button.
  • If you would like to give "Unit" for your service like month or days, then go to the Unit bar and click on "add Units" or "+" icon and add a new unit as month and use this as your service unit.
  • If you would like to add your tenants GST number and PAN number on Invoice, then Go to the Left menu.(Top left corner three line in mobile)
  • In the Left Menu click on Settings then click on "Party" and Enable "Additional Party Details"
  • Select the first additional party details and Rename it as PAN Number and click on"Back button" or "Close Button"
  • In the same settings click on "Taxes and GST" and then "Enable GST" option. (it will be auto enabled)
  • Now, on the home screen click on "Party" and then click on the "Add Party"button.
  • In the "Party name" section add "Tenant" name & his Phone number, Email ID, GST Number, PAN number (It will be available on Additional details)
  • Before creating any rent receipt, Go to the Left Menu, scroll down and click on Settings and then click the "Print/Invoice Print" option.
  • Scroll down and click on "Change Transaction Names", Go to the Sale section and remove "Tax Invoice" and rename it as "Rent Receipt" and then click on "Save" Button.
  • Now to create "Rent Receipt", click on "+" or "Add Sale" button, Select the "Tenant" name from the party section.
  • Now, select the "Item" as "Rent" and click on "Save" Button.

To maintain proper accounting follow the below steps to create payment receipt:

  • There will be an (+) icon, tap on it.
  • Tapping on it will open various billing facilities.
  • In the list until you find Payment-In. It’s the sub-section in SALE, tap on it.
  • There will be a total of six sections that you have to fill.
  • Enter the name of your tenant in the CUSTOMER NAME section.
  • Select the receipt number and choose the current date.
  • In the PAYMENT TYPE, you’ll have two options - cash and cheque.
  • If your tenant pays the rent in cash, tap on money.
  • If your tenant has made the rent in a cheque, tap on the cheque.
  • The description section writes - “Rent For The Month.”
  • Besides this section, there’s a dedicated section for a photo.
  • Tap on it and choose CAMERA.
  • Now your camera will open. Click the picture of the cheque and tap the tick.
  • The picture will automatically be recorded with this entry of rent.
  • Now scroll to SAVE and tap on it.
  • With this, you have successfully recorded the rent of a tenant.

So this is how you record your tenants’ rent in your accounts’ books using Vyapar. Make sure you follow the steps in a similar manner as they are provided above. It won’t take much time to create a rent receipt using Vyapar.

Why Vyapar App is a better alternative to Rent Receipt Format PDF?

Vyapar App is a better alternative to Rent Receipt Format PDF

Before using the Vyapar rent receipt formats PDF, you might want to understand the benefits. What are the benefits of creating a rent receipt using the Vyapar app? The list of benefits is pretty long. So here are some of the major advantages you should know about:

Simple Data Entries:

Being a landlord, you wouldn’t want to get into the complex manual bookkeeping process. Manual bookkeeping is time-consuming and super tricky if you are a beginner. It is where Vyapar rent receipt formats help businesses.

Vyapar app is made to automatically simplify accounting processes, like creating a rent receipt. With the rent receipt format maker app, you can make a receipt within minutes. Plus, you can always mention detailed changes and make edits to your receipts easily.

Multiple Rent Receipt Themes:

With the professional theme, landlords can improve their identity as a brand. With Vyapar billing software, you can enjoy 12 conventional themes and two thermal invoice themes. These Themes will make your receipt look more attractive and professional.

Further, all the themes available on Vyapar App are fully customisable. Therefore, you can personalize them according to your needs whenever you want. Try out these themes and give your rent receipt format PDF an elegantly different look.

Cost Efficient Solution:

Many landlords spend a lot of money yearly on administrative and accounting expenses. Especially businesses that are centered around renting. The Vyapar app can be the best cost-efficient solution if you are one of those landlords.

Our rent receipt maker app eliminates all the unnecessary costs of accounting. Moreover, managing the books of your accounts with the Vyapar app is super convenient and time-saving.

Create Reports:

If you are into the business of property renting, making wise decisions is the key to growth. The decisions related to money especially are of great importance. Managing your funds as an established renting business owner could be challenging.

Vyapar rent receipt maker app can make it convenient for you. You can use this app to create more than 37 different types of reports. In addition, you can also create balance sheets and profit and loss reports within seconds using the app.

Discounts And Taxes:

If you are offering a recent receipt, it, of course, includes the amount of rent. Moreover, if you are also charging or offering discounts, reflecting them in the invoice is essential. Using the Vyapar app, you get transaction-wise discounts and tax features.

You just have to add the tax amount, and the app will calculate the new house rent amount accordingly. The automation feature of Vyapar makes accounting pretty convenient. Plus, a rent receipt template in PDF is customisable, so you can make edits whenever you want.

Wide Printer Compatibility:

Nowadays, people prefer storing their documents in digital format on their phones. The Vyapar App allows you to create digital and physical versions of rent receipts. You can share the PDF of your tenant’s rent receipt.

Moreover, the Vyapar app also offers a printable rent receipt in case the tenant wants a physical receipt. Our application is compatible with regular as well as thermal printing sizes. Therefore, the least you have to worry about is your printer not supporting the app because it does.

Some Other Integral Features of Using the Vyapar App

Other Integral Features of Vyapar

The helpful features of the Vyapar App aren’t limited to rent receipts. Its wide range of features is why it’s the favorite accounting software for many businesses. Following are some vital features of using the Vyapar App:

Data Security and Safety:

With the Vyapar rent receipt generator app, your data security is the last thing you need to worry about. Users are provided with the facility to secure their app using a password. Moreover, you can also set passcodes on the transaction levels for deletion and editing.

This way, every time you are about to delete an edit record, you have to enter the password to do so. Further, auto backup is also performed frequently. Besides, you also get the features to perform a backup to Google Drive or manual local backups.

Record Multiple Transaction:

The features of Vyapar aren’t limited to just creating rent receipts. You can also record a wide range of transactions in our app. From sales, purchases, expenses, and other incomes to delivery challan, credit, and debit notes, recording transactions becomes super easy with our app.

Moreover, returns on sales and purchases are the most complicated to adjust in the books of account. The Vyapar app has a dedicated section for each of these, allowing you to manage and maintain your records conveniently.

Gst Billing and Invoices:

Creating GST-compliant and accurate invoices is essential for every property rent in business. The Vyapar app offers a wide range of features for effective GST billing and accounting. Further, the app makes creating credit and debit notes simple and cost-efficient.

Landlords can create GST bills complying with the GST legislation via this app. Doesn’t matter if your business is medium-sized or small size. The Vyapar rent receipt maker app supports various formats, making the app suitable for all businesses.

Delivery Challan:

The “delivery invoice” of the Vyapar app acts as the confirmation for delivery. Users can use our app’s help to create delivery challans formats and then link those to the desired shipments. Doing this will ensure that every item arrives at its designated destination securely.

Moreover, our accounting software also makes it convenient for businesses to track down their shipments. Therefore if something goes wrong, one can use that tracking information to provide necessary instructions to the customer or to support it.

Multiple Payment Options:

Accept every digital payment gateway and make it convenient for your new and current tenants to pay their rent using their preferred mode of payment. You can do that using the Vyapar App.

Our app allows users to send the rent receipt to tenants through WhatsApp and email. Further, you can add a QR code in your GST rent receipt format. Adding a QR code makes it easier for tenants to pay their rent. It will, in return, improve your professional image.

Unlimited Basic Usage:

All the essential features of the Vyapar app are free. If you are an Android user, you can use the PDF rent receipt formats available on our software without any charges. As useful as the free services of our application are, the premium package is the next level.

In today’s modern era, automation is the need for every business. With our premium package, you can avail proper automation facilities. It will help you manage your accounting process in the most time-efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

What is a Rent Receipt Format PDF?

A rent receipt format PDF is proof of a transaction made against rent. It’s a document containing crucial details about rent being paid. It acts as proof in case of misunderstandings and disputes among landlords and tenants. It’ll show if the rent is paid or not.

What is the Rent Receipt Copy?

When you make a digital or physical copy of a rent receipt, it’s known as a rent receipt copy. Every landlord is suggested to have a dedicated record of rent receipts paid to tenants. This record can be a helpful resource during legal disputes.

How Do I Write a Rent Receipt Format PDF?

You can use the Vyapar app to manually create your rent receipt. Further, you can download it in PDF form using the app itself. For a better accounting experience, you should try the automated accounting services of the Vyapar app. It’s time as well as cost-efficient.

Can Rent Receipts be Handwritten?

Yes, it’s possible to write rent receipts with your hands. However, that’s the traditional and expired method of creating a rent receipt.

Since accounting technology is pretty good these days, using them would be more time-efficient. With the Vyapar app, you can utilize the pre-existing rent receipt format to save time.

How Many Months of Rent Receipts to Submit For Income Tax?

Generally, an employee must submit rent receipts for the last three months to get an HRA exemption. In addition to receipts, you’ll also need the PAN of the landlord if the total rent paid is more than INR 1,00,000.

Attaching the PAN with the rent receipt is necessary in such a case. Once you have submitted rent receipts with PAN, your exception process will start.