Hotel Receipt Format

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Hotel Receipt Format

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What is a Hotel Receipt Format?

A hotel receipt is a type of receipt that is offered to customers or guests before they check out the property. More specifically, it’s a receipt containing the amount customers have paid in exchange for your services. Moreover, we can also refer to it as proof of a customer’s stay in your hotel and the transaction between you. 

Offering a professional hotel receipt is an effective practice for hotels that want to beat the growing competition. It helps in building brand image, which attracts more potential customers. However, things can become simple if you get a great start. That start is nothing but the creation of a hotel receipt format. 

With the Vyapar app, you can create hotel receipts in the most time-efficient way. It’s accounting software you can use to take care of many business processes. The application has an inbuilt hotel receipt format designed by experienced designers, considering time and effort as integral factors. You can use the format to create as many hotel receipts as you want without worrying about limits. 

Now when it comes to trying business software, price is an essential concern for many. Vyapar is an ideal choice here because it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything to access its basic yet efficient features. Besides, you can always upgrade your plan to premium to access advanced features such as automation. It will promote convenience in managing your hotel business.

What are Some Major Contents of a Hotel Receipt?

Define hotel receipt format

By now, it’s clear that you need to offer hotel receipts to establish a professional market image. Creating a hotel receipt starts with creating its format. If you always have a hotel receipt format ready, you won’t face inconvenience creating receipts. 

To create your first hotel receipt format, you should explore its content. You can include a big list of items in your hotel receipt format. Following are some of the major content pointers of a hotel receipt format. Have a look:

  • Hotel’s name and invoice number.
  • Complete address of the hotel.
  • Website, if any, and email address of the hotel.
  • Contact information such as number, fax, etc., of the hotel.
  • Full name along with contact details of the guest.
  • The total day’s customers have stayed in the hotel.
  • The total number of persons who stayed, along with ID.
  • The check-in and check-out details of the guest.
  • List of services and extra facilities ordered by your customers.
  • Total amount to be paid by the guest.
  • The details about sales tax, such as tax percentage, etc.
  • The mode of payment customers has made the transition through.

For anyone creating a hotel receipt format, these points will guide them correctly. With these contents, you can create a professional hotel receipt to offer your customers.

Besides these pointers, you can add whatever headings you want. Of course, it’s your hotel, and you have all the rights to include whatever you want. Just make sure you do everything correctly.

How Important is a Hotel Receipt Format?

Hotel receipts are significant, especially if your hotel is newly established. Following are some pointers reflecting the justification for why hotel receipts are vital:

Important is a Hotel Receipt Format

Record Transactions

The first and most apparent reason hotel receipts are essential is that they are transaction records. Once you issue a hotel receipt from your system, it becomes proof of transaction. The receipt has everything to prove that customers have stayed in your hotel. For example, payment details, customer name, age, contact details, etc.

Not just a record, but a hotel receipt is also a legally acceptable document. In cases of disputes in courts between customers and hotels, hotel receipts can be used as evidence. Customers cannot back off, as their details and signature are present on the document. So, it is wise to issue hotel receipts to save yourself from unwanted legal hurdles.


Educate Customers

Another good reason it’s crucial to offer hotel receipts is that it’s important from an awareness perspective. If you scroll up, you’ll find a list of details a hotel receipt contains. If you analyze the content, you will understand that they are essential from the perspective of educating customers. 

With all the details in one document, it becomes easy for customers to understand what and where they spent. Believe us, it might not be a big deal for you, but it’s a great advantage for customers. They don’t have to worry about tracking their hotel expenses because the receipt already has done that.


Create Professional Image

It doesn’t matter if a hotel is old or newly established; everyone cares about its image. Especially in the hospitality industry, we all know how important a brand image is. The better your hotel’s image is among customers, the more target leads you’ll convert. In other words, you’ll attract more customers to your hotel if your image is professional.

Offering hotel receipts is an ideal approach to establishing a professional hotel image. It is a proven way of laying out a good image for customers and winning them. You can use an advanced solution such as Vyapar to create hotel receipts. Vyapar has a read-to-use hotel receipt format for users to create hotel receipts effortlessly.


Vital if GST-registered

Is your hotel registered with the GST? If you have a GST number issued against your business, you are legally liable to offer receipts. You might have to face some legal charges from the income tax department of India if you fail to submit the GST amount associated with the sales. Now what many businesses do is avoid offering receipts just for the GST advantage.

If you ask us, we don’t recommend doing the same. By doing so, such hotels are just making things worse for them. They will have to face the worst consequences, even jail time if they are reported to the income tax. Their total sales will not meet the amount they pay GST against, causing legal charges like license cancellation. 


Helps in Back-End Records

Offering a hotel receipt isn’t just good for customers. It can help maintain accounts of your hotel too. When you provide hotel receipts, a computerized record is maintained in real-time. That’s the case if you use small business accounting software such as Vyapar. Coming to the point, you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping. 

You can check your receipt records and take care of the bookkeeping easily. You don’t have to remember things using your brand. Issuing receipts comes with an extensive advantage to your back-end records. Since everything about hotel stays is on the receipts, the last thing to worry about is remembering things on your own.


Simplifies Resource Management

Resource management is an essential process of a hotel. If you manage resources better, you can offer customers an extensive experience. For example, a guest orders an extra towel. But you have to decline customer requests because you are out of stock. What impression do you think customers will have? Bad, of course, but you can avoid that.

With hotel receipts, you can track the utilization of resources. You can know when and which stock is utilized and how much more you need to order. It allows you to order new stock and maintain availability all the time. Maintaining resources will benefit you and harm no one. Why not put in extra effort by issuing receipts?

How to Create a Hotel Receipt Format Using the Vyapar App?

Create a Hotel Receipt Format Using the Vyapar

If you are new to Vyapar, you should explore the hotel receipt format. It will help save you the time and effort required to issue a professional hotel receipt. Below are the steps to access the hotel receipt format:

  1. Download the app, fill in your login details and visit Vyapar’s homepage.
  2. Tap on the + Button and then tap on PAYMENT-IN.
  3. Enter the name of the customers and their phone numbers.
  4. Now enter the amount received.
  5. Next, fill in the PAYMENT TYPE. Choose the payment method customers have picked.
  6. Tap on SAVE.
  7. Lastly, tab on the ARROW Icon, and you are done.

By following these steps, any beginner can easily create a hotel receipt format effortlessly. Once you are done with the last step, you’ll get an option to choose sharing options. The options will contain mediums such as Gmail, WhatsApp, and much more. You can pick any options and share the hotel receipt with the customers.

Moreover, you will always encounter counters you might not want a softcopy of the receipt. For them, you use the printing feature of the Vyapar. Vyapar supports various printing options, allowing you to offer customers hardcopy of receipts. Now that you know how to access Vyapar’s hotel receipt format let’s explore the benefits of doing so. 

What are the Benefits of Vyapar's Hotel Receipt Format?

Benefits of Vyapar's Hotel Receipt Format

Vyapar is among the top accounting & invoicing software in the market. Being used by more than 1 Crore businesses, it’s perfect to create hotel receipts. Here are some significant benefits of using Vyapar for hotel receipts:

It’s Time-efficient:

The most significant advantage of having Vyapar take care of your billing needs is its time savings. Creating receipts using Vyapar’s hotel receipt format is much better than creating and using a hotel receipt template from scratch. You don’t just have to put in lots of resources and time. And being a business owner, you have to use time efficiently.

Vyapar is a time-efficient solution for creating hotel receipts. The hotel receipt format it offers is easy to use, thanks to the experienced designers who made it. You can develop receipts on-the-go, without worrying about any decided setup. It’s just you, your phone, and the guest’s details. These three are enough to create a hotel receipt.

Better than Manually-created Formats:

You can always create your first hotel receipt format manually. But do we recommend that? Absolutely not. Creating a hotel receipt format from scratch requires expertise, funds, and time utilization. You can’t spend time without considering the returns in an industry where every minute is essential.

With Vyapar’s hotel receipt format, you will get exceptional returns on your time. First, you don’t have to put much time into it. It is because the application comes with a pre-designed hotel receipt template with a customization facility. So it will save you a lot of time creating hotel receipts for your customers.

Premium Automation Experience:

In today’s modern era, automation is one of those technologies that can be a game changer for your business. You may have technical or clerical tasks within your business processes that you perform daily. By automating those tasks, you can save a lot of time and resources required for them.

Vyapar comes with a wide range of features, automation being one of them. Although automation comes with a premium account, you will find it worth every penny you invest. According to GlobeNewswire, 37% of the workforce will adopt industrial automation by 2025. If you want to adapt to the changing market environment, use billing software Vyapar for automation now!

Convenient to Customize:

With most hotel receipt formats, customization is the biggest issue. For example, if you want to edit your hotel receipt format created in Word, you must recreate it. Changing a manually created hotel receipt format is a super complex and time-consuming process. But with Vyapar, customization is super convenient.

The hotel receipt format by Vyapar is designed by an experienced team of Vyapar. Customization is the most significant factor kept in mind during the development stage. As a result, the Vyapar hotel receipt template is easily customizable. You can make edits, such as changing headings, adding business logos, titles, etc., without difficulty. 

Accessible Anywhere and Anytime:

Vyapar is an business accounting software that works both online and offline. Plus, it has a mobile application, allowing you to use the system on your smartphone. Now the advantage you get here is accessibility. Being available on mobile, you can access Vyapar anytime and wherever. All edits are synced in real-time as long as you are connected to the internet.

Not just that, you can still access and use the application if you don’t have the internet. You may run out of internet or lose connection. Since Vyapar uses your smartphone’s storage to work, you can always use the inventory software offline. Most features are available offline, but some are online. But anyway, you can always use the application on the go whenever you want.

Multiple Designs Choice:

When it comes to hotel receipt formats in Word or hotel receipt formats in excel, you can choose from multiple design options offered by the Vyapar app. But that’s not the case with Vyapar. Vyapar’s hotel receipt format comes with a wide range of attractive designs. You can use them to create eye-catching receipts for your hotels. Plus, with these stunning designs, you can lay a good impression on customers. 

Moreover, a common issue with designing formats is that they are generally hard to share. But if we talk about Vyapar’s hotel receipts, they are super easy to share. The platform offers multiple sharing options, allowing you to serve your customers most favorably. Whatever recept-sharing mode customers prefer, the application already has it. 

Benefits of Offering Hotel Receipts to Customers

There are so many benefits of offering hotel receipts to customers. Valuing your time, let’s talk about the significant advantages you get by providing receipts:


Improved Customer Experience:

Today’s customer gets attracted to brands that offer seamless customer experience. Customers are aware of their value to a brand and are willing to engage with those who nurture them right. Therefore, improving customer experience is vital, however, a long-term process. 

You must continuously work on multiple aspects to improve the customer’s shopping experience. Offering hotel receipts gives the customer experience an exceptional boost. Adopting the idea of providing hotel receipts will benefit your business in the long run. 


Great For Branding:

Marketing a business is important from a growth perspective. But branding yourself is even more critical in today’s competitive work environment. Branding refers to creating a targeted or desired image of yourself or your brand among customers. 

With highly qualified branding, you can convert customers better. Offering hotel receipts is one of the efficient practices of branding. Using accounting software such as Vyapar, you can create personalized receipts with your brand logo or symbol. Choose a design for receipts that reflects your branding objective.


Track Sales:

In a business, especially in the hospitality industry, having a proper record of everything is essential. Most importantly, having a record of sales is highly vital. With a decent sales record, you will be able to figure out the financial condition of your business timely. It will make it easy to understand where your business stands.

Moreover, having a sales record is also essential for various accounting purposes. Issuing hotel receipts can help you track sales efficiency. Receipts contain details about sales, allowing you to create sales records accurately and without hassle. 


Educate Customers:

Improving the customer experience is an essential practice for business growth. An integral part of that is educating customers. Hotel receipts help customers identify their expenditures with your hotel. Educating them about their spending makes it easy for them to track their expenses and manage their money.

It might appear like a small task, but it’s precious for customers. This practice reflects that you value them and their money. It leaves a good impression on customers, increasing their chances to offer their loyalty to your brand.


Protection in Legal Scenarios:

In legal cases, brands lose lots of money, resources, and time. But that’s all recoverable. What’s hard to recover is the image that’s destroyed or affected when your business gets involved in legal cases. To avoid negative criticism, you must prepare yourself for such a time. You never know when, due to customers, you have to get into court. 

When that happens, you need a strong shield, such as hotel receipts. As soon as your hotel issues a receipt, it becomes a legal document that can be presented in court. In legal scenarios, having a record of hotel receipts will help you avoid some unrecoverable damage.


Leaves Long-lasting Impression:

You should target impressing customers and leave a long-lasting impression as a business. In the hospitality industry, one way of doing so is by offering exceptional services to customers. Satisfy them to the core, so they only choose your hotel for their next visit. 

An underrated yet effective practice of leaving a lasting impression on customers is through hotel receipts. Even today, most hotels are seen to offer no receipts to physical receipts. When you offer customers receipts, which most of them don’t expect, you showcase yourself as better than others. Especially with digital receipts, the chances of them remembering your brand increases prominently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs’)

What is a Hotel Receipt Format?

A hotel receipt format is a format or structure used to create hotel receipts. You have to fill in the details inside that format, and you are done with a receipt. It’s as easy as that.


How Do I Make a Hotel Receipt Format?

You can use the Vyapar app to create a hotel receipt format. The platform has a pre-designed hotel receipt format and a hotel receipt format in Word. You can use whatever format you find most appropriate.


How Do You Write a Receipt For a Hotel?

You can use the hotel receipt format by Vyapar to write a receipt for your hotel. The format is easy to use and comes with multiple designs. Download the Vyapar app on your smartphone or desktop to try the format!


Does the Hotel Receipt Show the Number of Guests?

Yes, the hotel receipt shows the number of guests that stayed in the hotel. If your hotel receipt format doesn’t have a column for that, you can always customize it and add it there. 


What are the Critical Elements of a Hotel Receipt?

Some critical elements of a hotel receipt are the receipt number, guest details, hotel name, and contact information. For more details about hotel receipt elements, scroll up. We have shared a list of the important content of hotel receipts.


When to Offer a Hotel Receipt to a Customer?

Generally, a hotel receipt is meant to be offered to customers during their check-out phase. When guests are about to leave or check out your property, print the receipt or share it on their registered contact details.


What’s the Easiest Way of Creating a Hotel Receipt Format?

The easiest way to create a hotel receipt format is via Vyapar. It’s accounting software used by more than 1 Crore businesses. It has got an expert-designed hotel receipt format that is easy to customize and accessible anytime and from anywhere.


Can I Print My Hotel Receipt?

Yes, you can print your hotel receipt. Vyapar supports multiple printing options, allowing you to offer guests a hard copy of their receipts conveniently.

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