Sales Report Format in Excel

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Sales report Format in Excel

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Download Free Sales Report Format in Excel

What is a Sales Report Format in Excel?

Define Sales report Format in Excel

A specific sales report format in Excel can help you track and measure your company’s number when selling your services or products. These formats are not designed rigidly in advance but can be customized per a company’s personal goals and requirements. The sales report format in Excel can be equally helpful for small businesses, large companies, and entrepreneurs. 

Once you start tracking your sales, you can identify specific trends and patterns. Identifying these patterns will make it easier to plan practical strategies and set company goals. Sales report format in Excel will also help you track every employee’s performance, forecast future numbers, and carefully measure the success of your marketing campaigns. You will find that these sales report formats are also super-easy to use and can save you money and time.

How Many Types of Sales Report Formats are There?

Types of Sales Report Formats

Sales reports provide essential insights into your sales efforts. Below are eight types of sales report formats that you can start using today: 

  • Revenue By Salesperson

This report will help you assess which individual on your sales team is doing the best and which needs to improve. You will also figure out what market trends have affected the team’s performance, and you can strategize to adjust to those fluctuations. 

  • Loss Rate Report

This report will give you an insight into the deals and potential sales you have listed in a particular finance period. By determining when you are losing most of your deals, you can develop better strategies to deal with the losses. 

  • Deal Size 

This report gives you a gist of the revenue you have earned from all your deals. You can produce a monthly or yearly report to track your revenue. Based on this report, you can also strategize your sales team objectives and quotas. 

  • Lead Aging Report

The lead aging report will explain how your sales team has been doing with their communication with the prospects. Since the report has the date of the last contact and the content during that contact, you will be able to analyze that communication better. You will know if your team is giving the appropriate amount of attention to essential leads. When left without contact for an extended period, prospects turn into a lost deal, which is not a positive output for sales efforts. 

  • Conversion Rate 

This report will give you the percentage of deals you have won against the percentage of deals you have lost in a financial period. This report can be run monthly, yearly, or quarterly to determine the number of deals won by an individual, department, or organization. While other reports help you understand an entire organization’s revenue, this report helps you dive deeper into the sales team efforts that caused a decrease or increase in sales. 

How to Prepare a Sales Report Format in Excel?

Prepare a Sales Report Format in Excel

There are six quick and easy steps to create your own sales report format  in Excel. Please go through each of them below to understand the process carefully. 

Step 1: List Down the Product Names From Your List of Products

Your first step is to create a product list with every product’s code, name, and unit price. Now, you can use this list to calculate the daily sales of your products. Finally, make another data table to calculate a product’s monthly sales. It can be done using the daily sales table. 

Step 2: Using the Sales Report, Find the Unit Price 

Whatever products you mentioned in the list in the previous data table, it is time to calculate their unit prices. Select the unit price cell and enter the VLOOKUP formula in it. As you press enter, Excel will calculate the unit price value. Then, pull down the “fill handle.” This way, you will have a unit price sold for every product in a day. 

Step 3: Calculating Total Sales For a Day

Make a total sales column and select the first cell below that column. Now, apply the formula; Unit qty* unit price. Pressing enter and dragging down the “fill handle” will give you the total sales for every product. 

Now, the present format in front of you is your sales report format in Excel, which helps you calculate your total daily sales. Similarly, we will now prepare a monthly sales report. 

Step 4: Calculating Monthly Sales For a Product in Excel 

Daily sales report formats cannot be counted as sales reports. You need to be able to calculate monthly sales from your dataset. To do that, you first need a list of all products you sell in a month. 

Step 5: Calculating the Quantity of Sold Products

To start calculating the total quantity of products sold in a month, select a cell where you want to get the desired number. Put the SUMIF formula in the same. This formula will return the sum of cells that meet the given condition. Press enter and drag down the fill handle option. You will get the quantity of each product sold in a month. 

Step 6: Calculating the Total Sales

As a finishing move, you must calculate the total amount you sold for in a month. Now, choose a cell that will display the total volume. Apply the SUMIF formula in that cell. Click enter and drag down the fill handle option. With this simple process, you get the total amount you earned in a month by selling the products. 

Benefits of Using the Sales Report Format in Excel

Although you can always use the above method to create your sales report format in Excel, it is optional, primarily if you operate a larger sales team. You can instead opt for Vyapar’s ready-to-use Sales Report Format in Excel. You need to put the values in these formats and get started. Here are a few benefits of using these templates by Vyapar: 

  • Better Time Management 

Even if you repeat the above process repeatedly, it will take you at least half an hour to prepare. This time is only for the individual sales figures. Imagine doing that for all your sales report every day. It would be best if you had them for everything, including objectives, sales transactions, and desired business results. 

So, instead of making everything point to point above, you can choose Vyapar’s ready-to-use Sales Report Format in Excel. You can apply different formats to suit your varied requirements. You will save all the time you would otherwise spend entering all the data manually into Excel. More time will be spent turning that Excel data into graphs that can help you. The best part would be saving all the time gathering this data in the first place. You can use this time for better operations as a sales team head. 

  • Quicker and More Accurate Data Entry

Let us accept it. As mentioned above, Excel cannot be used when calculating sales data for people out on the road. Excel has limited mobility only, especially for manual data entry. Using sales report format in Excel helps make a quick and accurate data entry.

Your sales reps who go door-to-door making face-to-face visits need better mobility. Ready-to-use formats from Vyapar provide that mobility. They are intuitive, easy to use, and can record sales data within 10 seconds. Otherwise, you must wait for hours until the sales team has entered sufficient data in Excel sheets. So, use Vyapar now to shift to a better and more accurate sales report. 

  • Accurate Real-Time Data

Vyapar’s ready-made Sales format in Excel also employs a better knock-on effect of the high user adoption rate.

Your on-field sales team is responsible for entering data after their visit or a call. They don’t wait to return to their head office and enter that data under supervision. Data accuracy and quality are literally second to none. Using Vyapar’s Sales Report Format in Excel will allow you to create a 100% confident sales report. 

  • Improved Performance

With all the valuable details that sales reports have, you will make better decisions about your sales performance. Looking at the number of arrangements, you can figure out what sales strategy worked in your favor and got you results. The parts that require your attention can be assessed better too. These efforts and assessments will hence help you achieve your objectives quicker and in a better way. 

Moreover, your team’s performance will be evident with the report, which will help you boost the productivity of low-performing individuals. Using the sales report format in Excel by Vyapar enhances the overall performance of your business management processes.

How to Choose the Best Format For a Sales Report?

Choose best Sales Report Format in Excel

It would help if you considered a few factors that decide how effective your sales report format in Excel can be for you. It would help if you choose Excel templates that work the best for your business carefully, and here is how you can decide that: 

  • Decide How You Want the Sales Report to Look:

A sales report is not limited to being a document full of your sales numbers. When someone starts looking at it, especially your analysts, they should understand it. It needs to be eye-catching and easy to read for someone to feel safe looking at all the numbers. For this, you can look at Vyapar’s collection of varied sales report templates. 

  • Take Your Audience into Consideration:

It matters who is going to look at your sales report. If you have sales team members who need to represent this report to the sales head, the report must include many KPIs. On the other hand, executives will look for a more concise summary. Your CFO would be looking for different aspects than your CEO. Your sales report should be such that everyone on the receiving end is satisfied. 

  • Include the Required Information:

When you look at various sales report templates on Vyapar or anywhere else, see what those include. Knowing who your audience is and what is expected from the report makes it easier to filter the specific information you need in the template. 

  • Determine Both Current and Previous Financial Periods:

Given whatever factors you have analyzed above, you now need to determine how your information can be best conveyed. Is it best suited to annual sales report formats, monthly sales report formats, weekly sales report formats, or daily sales report formats? Then, compare the information of the current period with the previous equivalent period. 

  • Presentation is the Key:

When it is about your reports, the presentation is just as crucial as the numbers in it. Some graphs or other helpful images will help everyone make sense of your numbers. Of course, this pictorial representation needs to be right too. For example, a line chart will help reflect revenues from all months if you’re presenting an annual report. Vyapar can help you auto-generate such charts based on your data.

Why Choose Vyapar Software For Sales Report Format in Excel?

Vyapar best Sales Report Format in Excel

Here is why Vyapar can prove to be the best choice for your business to create a sales report: 

  • It Offers a 15-Day Free Trial:

You can always test Vyapar for choosing a sales report format in Excel since it offers a risk-free 15-day trial before you purchase the subscription. Accounting Software Vyapar is not just a benefit to your business but a way to cater to all your business requirements. 

You can use this trial to put Vyapar’s sales report format in Excel sheet to assess if it works according to your company’s requirements. You will also find that Vyapar is one of the most professional billing software in the market regarding cost, integration, features, and more. Moreover, you need not worry about Vyapar adapting to your industry since all its features are easily adaptable to any industry. 

  • It Helps You Present a Professional Approach:

Vyapar offers you a professional sales report format in Excel that can help portray a positive brand image in front of any concerned parties. Although the sales report is usually something your team uses, it may be needed for investors sometimes too. When presenting the same in front of them, it is vital that they understand it thoroughly. 

The professional sales report format in Excel by Vyapar will not just neatly present the numbers. Still, it will also help you with graphs and other things that make analysis much more effortless. You can also customize it according to your company’s requirements by adding your logo. 

  • Make Better Decisions:

If you go beyond the sales report formats in Vyapar, everything you need to track your business’s growth is there. Features like cash flow management and other invoice formats will help you keep track of all your transactions. At any point in time, you can access the software to check your revenues, expenses, savings, and more. Moreover, the formats of efficient and complete sales help you make better short- and long-term business decisions. 

When everything that goes on in your business is in one place, as analyzed data, it gets easier to make informed decisions. Vyapar is a one-place platform where all your business requirements get fulfilled. 

  • Plan Your Inventory With an Online/Offline Software:

One of the many features of Vyapar is that it helps you see when your inventory runs low. By periodically visiting your Vyapar dashboard, you can avoid possible inventory discrepancies. This professional tool will also help you with flawless warehouse inventory management software. Feel free to empty your inventory whenever you feel there are items you do not require anymore. 

Moreover, the best part about using Vyapar is that you do not need to always rely on internet connectivity. There are many features that are also available offline, including downloading sales formats as and when required. This feature proves very useful when used in remote areas of India. 

  • Multiple Payment Modes on Your Online Store:

As mentioned earlier, Vyapar acts like an all-in-one platform for all businesses. Once you start using it, you figure out its unique features over time. One of those is opening an online store with utmost convenience. You will be almost done by adding the products or services you wish to mention in the catalog. 

Also, you need not worry about your customers struggling to find a credit card every time they need to pay. Vyapar offers an all-payment mode feature for your online business. All standard payment modes acceptable worldwide will be available for your customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Sales Report Format in Excel? 

For a business, it is important that it keeps track of all the sales that take place. By analyzing those, one can make informed decisions for future goals. A sales format in Excel helps you do that by putting all your numbers so that you get to a decision quicker and in a better way. 


How Do I Create a Sales Report Format In Excel? 

As mentioned above in the article, there are six steps using which you can prepare a sales report format in Excel. Using these, you only have to enter the relevant details and get the final valuable numbers. 


How to Write a Sales Report in Excel? 

For this, you have two options. You can either make a sales report from scratch or use a pre-existing format. Vyapar, amongst many other online software, offers the best sales report templates. These are not just easy to use but also customizable as per your specific business requirements. 


What are the Three Report Formats in Excel? 

The three report formats in Excel include compact, tabular, and outline formats. The compact is the default format for new tables in Excel, which can be changed from Report Layout Menu. Outline format presents data in a less-slim form. The tabular report puts the details in separate columns. Using Vyapar, you can use the best sales report templates to create your reports.

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