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commercial building is a result of construction activity

What is the meaning of construction?

Construction is usually referred to as an activity to build something, especially buildings, roads, bridges, and similar things. An office building, residential house, or a commercial building is a result of construction activity.

especially buildings, roads, bridges, and similar things

In short, if anything is built over a land that is not detachable, is a construction on the ground. The construction activity is carried out by a general contractor, or a construction company.

What Is Accounting Software for Construction Companies?

Construction accounting software fulfils all general accounting requirements of a construction business. It is a software that is built to cater to the needs of a general contractor. Vyapar accounting software for construction business helps provide complete accounting assistance. It automates a large portion of redundant tasks to help you save time.

Construction accounting software fulfils
need of accounting Software for construction business

Why Do Construction Companies Need Accounting Software?

Construction accounting app help make a business more productive by providing them with every general accounting assistance. Using Vyapar accounting software, general contractors and construction businesses can save time and effort required for accounting purposes. Our construction accounting application gives a professional touch to all your business invoices, making you stand out among competitors. Vyapar app further helps you get paid faster by accepting digital payments directly to your bank account.

Benefits of Construction Accounting Software

Benefits of accounting Software for construction business

Using good construction accounting software benefits a business in the listed ways.

It helps in managing the stock/inventory items efficiently. So, you can place preorders forthe items well before exhausting them.

The accounting software helps create professional invoices that will help make a positiveoutlook of your brand among your customers.

The business accounting software for general contractors helps create GST reports that can help in filing taxes quickly.

You can safely keep records of all your digital and cash transactions using construction accounting software. It will help resolve any construction issues that incur during the projects.

Using the Vyapar construction accounting app, you can have analyzed your sale and purchase transactions over time. It will help develop a better business strategy and make well-informed decisions.

Why Vyapar Accounting Software for Construction?

Many small construction business owners and general contractors have started employing Vyapar accounting app in their business. It helps perform many financial tasks of a company with ease. Here are some reasons why Vyapar app is perfect construction accounting software.

You can enter all your business expenses

Helps organize business expenses

You can enter all your business expenses in Vyapar to track them down continuously. It will help you understand the profitability of your business. Using our accounting software, you can glanceat your current cash flow to ensure you have enough surplus in hand to keep your businesses running.

instantly receive payments from your customers

Simplify payments for your clients

You can instantly receive payments from your customers when you create an invoice using the best construction accounting app. Vyapar allows you to accept payments directly in your bank account using UPI, QR code, net banking, and other online methods.

track of your business from anywhere

Keep track of your business from anywhere

Vyapar’s construction accounting software helps you manage your business and send invoices to your clients from anywhere. Using the free mobile app, you can get access to important information regarding your business.

Tips to Choose the Best Accounting Software for Construction

Even though tons of business accounting apps are available in the market, not all of them deliver to a user’s expectations. A professional business accounting tool needs to have functions that can help you make your business activities simpler. Here are some vital things that you need to consider to make the right choice while selecting an app.


To improve your business efficiency, you need to use a business accounting tool that is user friendly. Vyapar construction accounting app is designed to cater to the needs of a construction business and general contractor. Anyone can use our software seamlessly for all their accounting requirements.


Most construction business owners like to have a single accounting app that can handle all financial requirements. Vyapar app comes with many features that can help you take care of your invoicing, accounting, reporting, bookkeeping, and many other things.


Your business data is undoubtedly an essential asset to your construction business. Using Vyapar, only you can have access to your business information. Further, you can create backups for your data in Drive or local storage for data safety purposes.

Construction Accounting Software Features

Accounting, free accounting software for construction business


Bookkeeping using an accountant is one of the most important aspects of running a construction business seamlessly. Having a professional accounting software, you can perform all the accounting tasks with ease. Further, Vyapar app allows you to check your financial statusand cash flow at any point of time to make sure that you can continue operations efficiently. Youcan look at your status from anywhere using our free accounting app for the construction business on your Android device.

Invoicing, best accounting software for construction business


A professional invoice can help you make a lasting impact on your potential customers. It can help improve the chances of your converting a lead into a paying customer. Using Vyapar, you can customize your invoices and make them appealing. It will help you portray the image of yourbrand and help you stand out among competitors.

Inventory Management, best accounting software for construction business

Inventory Management

Keeping track of your stock is crucial when it comes to a construction business. By using the best inventory management tool, a construction business can get a better idea of their stock availability at any point in time. It will help you set up alerts and reminders to place orders beforethe inventory gets exhausted. Using this accounting app feature, you can eliminate potential delays in the running projects.

Bank Accounts, free accounting software for construction company

Bank Accounts

A construction business often works with multiple clients, and payments for these projects often come to different bank accounts in varying dates. You can use Vyapar accounting software to take care of all your bank accounts and tally them together. Our app will make it easier for you to process your business income seamlessly.

Track Cash Flow, free accounting software for construction business

Track Cash Flow

Keep an account of your receivables and payables anytime through the business dashboard in the Vyapar app. By using our free accounting software, you can maintain your business cash flow and plan out a strategy to use of funds so that you do not run out of cash in the middle of projects. Further, it helps you track your unpaid invoices and send automated reminders to your customers to make sure that they pay you on time. Using this feature, you can provide your customers with a digital payment method so that they can transfer funds to you seamlessly.

Cheques, best accounting software for construction business


Handling cheques can get difficult, especially when many of your customers make payment through cheques. Using Vyapar, you can check the status of your open cheques and deal with bounced cheques seamlessly. It will help eliminate the redundant process where you have to spend a lot of time to verify the payment. Contractors prefer Vyapar over others as it makes it convenient for them to process cheque payments.

Business Status, free accounting software for construction company

Business Status

Understanding the progress of a business is crucial for any construction company. With vyapar accounting software, you can check all your running projects, requirements, and invoice status. Using one accounting app, you can maintain the finances of your business efficiently.

Business Reports, best accounting software for construction business

Business Reports

Vyapar app provides extensive and detailed analysis reports and balance sheets within the app in Kerala. It will help improve the efficiency of your business effectively. Further, it helps to create GST reports to file taxes with ease and multiple financial reports in just a click.

Data Safety and Security, free accounting software for construction business

Data Safety and Security

You need to safeguard your business details, mainly because it contains important information regarding your suppliers, buyers, inventory details, and sales history. Vyapar accounting software specializes in encrypting your data so that no one can use it against your will. Further, our business accounting app for a construction company allows you to create local and cloud backups of data to enhance unwanted data loss safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of construction?

The construction industry is often divided into three major sectors. They are buildings, industrial,and infrastructure. Here, the buildings sector is further subdivided into residential and non-residential sectors.

What is the best accounting software for a small construction business?

A small construction business needs to manage its cash flow effectively. It also requires to keeptrack of inventory items easily to make sure that material is available when needed. Vyapar accounting software for a construction business is the perfect choice as it offers all the required features with a user-friendly interface.