Why Do Businesses Need a Tally Alternative?

Tally uses traditional bookkeeping methods that are not focused to cater to the needs of small business owners. The annual subscription of Tally costs a lot, and it does not make any value addition to your business. By using a Tally alternative on your business, you can save the unnecessary yearly cost on their services.

Vyapar is among the best Tally alternatives available today. The business accounting software provided by Vyapar is capable of maintaining your business records effectively in a user-friendly manner. You can easily set up Vyapar for your business and start invoicing your customers.

Best Alternative to Tally

Here's Why Vyapar is The Best Alternative to Tally!

Best Alternative to Tally

Using Tally requires heavy training and accounting knowledge. For most businesses, it is a setback as they have to spend a lot of time and money on their employees to train them for using Tally. However, Vyapar comes with an easy to use interface. You can assign any employee in your Store or business to use Vyapar accounting management software.

Why Tally Is Not Suitable For Business Owners?

Tally is used by big agencies and enterprises to fulfil their accounting needs. They have dedicated employees with great knowledge of accounting. However, for startups, small businesses, and SMEs, Tally is not value for money investment. It is the reason why companies from old domains keep looking for tally alternatives.

Why do businesses need a Tally alternative

Apart from providing a better user interface, Vyapar helps set up payment reminders and low stock alerts. You can access your business data quickly using the Vyapar dashboard. It can help you understand the current cash flow of your business. Further, you can create a report to help you file taxes.

Features of Our Tally alternative

Vyapar app comes with many features that makes it stand out to Tally. You can use the features available in Vyapar to scale your business and reduce your expenses effectively. Here are some features that make Vyapar the best alternative for Tally.

safeguard your business sales data

Data security and backup

To safeguard your business sales data, Vyapar allows you to create a local as well as a google drive backup. It helps ensure that your data is not lost. The app encrypts your data so that only you can have access to the information.

Easily create invoices with customised logo

Fast GST invoicing

Easily create invoices with customised logo, style, font, and template designs. You can create GST compliant invoices and mention details about the transaction quickly with Vyapar. It can help you make yourself look professional to your customers. It helps in increasing the chances of you making a sale.

track of quantities in your inventory

Setting inventory alert

Set up alerts can help you keep track of quantities in your inventory. Using this feature, you can ensure that you have enough supplies available to keep your business running.

Record all expenses

Record all expenses

Record any payment you made to your customers using Vyapar. It can help you get a better idea of the cash flow of a business.

GST report readily

File taxes

Create your invoices and record expenses on Vyapar app and download the GST report readily. You can use it to file your taxes easily.

Setup payment reminders for your customers

Send payment reminders

Setup payment reminders for your customers to make sure they do not forget to make due payment.

What Are The benefits of Using an Alternative to tally?

Vyapar app has made accounting seamless for small and medium business owners. It helps them gain access to the latest technological developments. There are many benefits associated with Vyapar as an alternative to Tally. Some of the most critical benefits offered by Vyapar accounting software

Manage your inventory by understanding your customer behaviour. It can help you to track and purchase items that are always in demand by your customers.

Quickly file taxes by creating GST compliant reports.

Switch from the traditional bookkeeping methods by using Vyapar app.

Easily bill your customers using customised invoices and account management systems.

Make a more informed decision about your business by understanding what changes have impacted your business over time.

Provide convenience to your customers by allowing them to choose among all payment options like cash, e-wallets, debit and credit cards, UPI, NEFT, QR code, and RTGS.

Create a delivery challan and send your consignments with safety. You can use them to track down your delivery and convert them to invoices to collect payments once they reach the destination.

Get The Best Tally Alternative!

Tally having an easy to use interface

Businesses can use Vyapar to get ahead of their competitors. The business accounting software allows you to provide better customer service. We have set the price rate for where you can get a better deal. Vyapar billing app comes as an alternative to Tally having an easy to use interface. It allows you to handle all your business requirements on your own. Making it much more valuable for a business.

Tally having an easy to use interface

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Vyapar different from Tally?

Vyapar comes with a wide range of features that are not available in Tally software. Moreover, you can try out Vyapar free trial to check out how it functions. The same is not possible with Tally. You cannot use Tally on your mobile phone, while the Vyapar Android app comes with free usage.

Can I file taxes using the Vyapar app?

Vyapar accounting software makes it easier for any business owner to file taxes. You can use the Vyapar app to process bills throughout the year and on the basis of that, easily download GST complaint reports. You can use that to file your taxes.

Can I manage multiple stores using the Tally alternative?

Vyapar is compatible to cater to the needs of businesses with multiple stores. You can easily use the app to keep a check on your business activities. It can help you streamline the management process for multiple stores.

Which businesses can use Vyapar as an alternative to Tally?

Vyapar is widely considered as the best alternative for Tally available in India. It is best suited for any startup, small business, retail stores, pharmacies, E-Commerce, websites, and many more. The app is made to adapt to the needs of a business. You can use it for your business to scale your business.

Can I use the Tally alternative app for free?

Yes, Vyapar app for Android smartphone is available for free. Any business owner using Tally can try out the Vyapar app for free and make a choice to shift if they are pleased with the experience. Further, you can use the Vyapar software for desktop operating system with a 15-days free trial.

How much does it cost to use the Tally alternative?

The Vyapar software for Android smartphones is free to use. You can use it as many times to create invoices, manage inventory, accounting, and file taxes. To avail of the premium features, you can use Vyapar software for desktop .