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What is an Artist Invoice Template?

When you set out to pursue your art in such a creative manner, you did not know that there are multiple administrative tasks that you will have to take care of. Whether you are an artist collective or are pursuing your art on your own, you need to know the invoicing process

You can download an artist invoice template for sending invoices quickly. However, a lot goes into invoicing, and you need to understand it.

Simply put, you must give your patrons a created artist invoice to mark the payment process. As a freelance artist, your small business will only get validity when you create professional invoices

An invoice is a statement of the entire payment process highlighting different goods and services. It is not a receipt. It tells your customers and patrons how much they need to pay for what item. An invoice is essential for most businesses and companies to issue payments from their business accounts. It is the first step in the payment process

An invoice has different formats when import and export artist bills are involved. Essentially, an artist invoice must clearly state the goods and services purchased and how each item has been marked. 

What is the Need to Use Professional Artist Invoice Formats By Vyapar?

Use Artist Invoice Formats By Vyapar

Suppose you are starting as an artist professionally and need to set up your business. In that case, administrative measures need to be in place when you have professional invoice formats by Vyapar to help you out. 

You can easily use the given formats in Vyapar invoicing software. They have excellent quality and are visually appealing as well. More importantly, you will not have any layout errors when you rely on a ready-made format. 

These are the advantages of using professional artist invoice templates:

  • You can download free artist invoice template formats at Vyapar in every possible format. For example, the most commonly used templates are Word, Excel, and PDF.
  • These artist invoice formats are free of cost, and you will have complete access to all the features once you subscribe to the premium subscription. 
  • The artist invoices have great graphics and a professional look that is perfect for any small business.
  • You can get customizable artist invoice templates the way you like. The process to do so is easy and quick. 
  • All the relevant information, like your company’s and necessary client contact information, is listed clearly. 

What are the Elements of a Good Artist Invoice?

Elements of Artist Invoice Tempalte

To stay on top of your artistic venture and artist collective, you need to have specific essential components to ensure that it is a sound artist invoice format. You must create an artist invoice that has the following components: 


  1. Clearly Mentioned Information: 

While it may seem obvious, more than writing, invoices, and payments require information to be clearly stated to ensure that no party is running into any issues.

You can have the best graphics and design for your artist invoice, but if it doesn’t convey information clearly to your clients, there is no point. 


  1. Correct Labelling:

A good invoice will always have the name of your company and artist collective clearly at the top of the invoice. More importantly, the invoice needs to state that it is an invoice.

It is simply because the document’s purpose has clearly been stated to the individual and organisation receiving it. Having the right labels saves you time and effort. 


  1. Defines Payment Terms:

While this feature is included in almost every artist invoice template, you must include all the available payment options. It will ensure that the payment process is smooth and that the payment due date is met. 

The standard payment methods may differ in every industry, and you need to specify your payment methods in particular. Most artist invoices also mention the hourly rate based on the industry standard.   


  1. Transparent Client Information: 

The party to which the invoice is being given must also be written. The company’s legal name, address, email address, and other contact information must always be mentioned.   

These elements are the key to a good artist invoice. However, all fields are readily available when you download an artist invoice template.

Steps to Access the Vyapar Billing and Invoicing Software

Steps to Access the Vyapar for Artist invoice template

There are many features and functions in the Vyapar app. You can access all essential features in the Android app for free, but some special features will only be available to you with the premium subscribers.

Here are the steps to access the Vyapar billing and invoicing software in simple steps:


Step 1: Install the Vyapar App: 

You can browse the Vyapar website on any PC or laptop. However, to use all the features and gain access to the free features, you will need to download the Vyapar app on your desktop or mobile. The app is easily available and needs to be downloaded from their website or Play Store.

After successfully downloading the Vyapar app, you must complete the following steps to ensure a flawless experience at Vyapar. 


Step 2: Multiple Login Access: 

It is evident that you will need multiple login access if you have a company, organisation, artist collective, or individual entrepreneur. That means you can make multiple logins to the same app from different operating systems, phones, and other devices. 

You can access any information you may have stored in the app. You can also add any information you deem necessary. It is particularly beneficial for our work environment as most of us work from home and in different locations. 


Step 3: Categorise Data:

Most of these Vyapar features are available to you for free. One of these features allows you to organise your organisation’s data on the app itself. Having your own venture means you must be on top of everything. The only way to ensure that is by having all your data organised. 

Many operational and administrative processes rely on having quick access to information. This information needs to be accessible to everyone on your team. The entire team will have direct access even when working on something in the folder. You do not have to worry about forwarding the same sheet daily to the same staff.   

General Features of Using an Artist Invoice App:

Features of Using an Artist Invoice App
  • Create an artist invoice for yourself and save it as a PDF, ready to be used anytime.
  • Customise the company logos you want to add. While you can add it anywhere you want, it is best to put it right at the top. Either in the top left or right corner.
  • An artist invoice has ample space to add all the information you need in a transaction. 
  • A professional artist invoice template is fully customizable with good graphics and attractive clear fonts. You can use the format to build a positive brand image.
  • Subtotal, total cost and all the taxes must be stated separately and then included in the total amount. 
  • A good artist invoice template helps you personalise the invoice as much as possible.
  • You can send the artist invoice to your clients using WhatsApp or email addresses to ensure it reaches them on time. 
  • You can print or send customers an e-copy. 
  • You can provide multiple payment options, including various online and offline payment methods.
  • Automated payment reminders can be set at regular intervals if the invoice is not paid promptly.

Benefits of Using a Professional Artist Invoice Format

Getting a professional free invoice format is critical to the success of an artist. It can help an artist represent their creativity to the customers. You can download an artist invoice template from Vyapar and customise it to make it unique to your business needs.

There are multiple benefits to using a professional artist invoice template by Vyapar. Here is a list of some of the best benefits: 

1. Quick Access to Multiple Features: 

Many apps will only open and show you their features once you have downloaded and paid for their subscription. That is not the case with Vyapar. You will know what features are available to you right now and what will be available once you have signed up for the premium membership.

The best part is that you can access the Vyapar Android app to create your artist invoices free of cost. Further, you can avail of a 15-day premium subscription for free to try out all the features and use the app on Android and Windows devices.

2. Provide Better Customer Experience:

It is often the case with small businesses that they are not considered reliable or severe because of the after-sales services and conduct. It is vital to meet the requirements of the clients from day one. Having a customised artist invoice template will show how serious you are about providing a better customer experience.

Using the Vyapar app will help you organise this data and send across invoices as quickly as possible. You can complete all these tasks within a few minutes and use your email address and WhatsApp to share your invoices.

Many billing formats are available for you to use, which can help you create a unique invoice. You can add all the details required for better convenience for customers, including multiple payment options and payment terms.

3. Make Billing and Accounting Seamless

Most traditional billing and accounting methods require you to work repeatedly to make the same file available to every customer each time you have a new client. Half of your time goes into updating and forwarding the repetitive tasks. You can automate the entire process for your business with a professional artist invoice template that can include all repetitive details in it.

Using an artist invoice template for your sales, you can avoid typing out all the details that stay constant for a while, like your company details and address. Further, it can make it easier for you to do accounting tasks as the data can be used in accounting app like Vyapar to further automate your business needs.

4. Improve After-Sales Service: 

More than delivering the invoice at a time, you need to ensure adequate communication and reminders to the client to ensure that the payment process is followed in an orderly fashion. Using a professional artist template compatible with Vyapar, you can add the details in the Vyapar app.

Using the details, you can keep track of payments made by the customer and manage your cash flow. Further, you can send automated reminders to your customers so that they make your payments on time.

What to Include in Your Artist Invoice Template?

What include your Artist Invoice App

An artist invoice is a billing document you send to your clients and patrons once the order has been processed. It will also help you get any advances if there is a need. You will need to add a separate column to add what kind of advance you need to receive. 

Here are some things you can include to make your artist invoice template suitable for your business needs:

1. Proper Headers:

You need to state the headers in your invoice correctly to ensure no confusion to any individual receiving it. You must clearly state the words’ Artist Invoice’ right at the beginning.

Further, ensure all the details mentioned in the invoice are under the correct heading. It will help avoid any possible legal disputes and issues in the future.

2. Contact Information:

You do not have to give in any personal information if it is not required. But, it is better to provide contact information to your customers. It helps them reach you whenever they have any queries regarding the transaction.

So, include an email address or phone number to make it easier for your customers to reach out. Further, your customers can use the same info to refer you to someone, which can also help you grow your business.

3. Client Details:

The name of the person you directly dealt with in the organisation that approached. You also need to add the legal name of the organisation you work for. It will help ensure that you can refer to the details whenever required.

All recent addresses and contact information needs to be mentioned. These will be provided to you by the client as soon as you start working with them. If they used any reference codes to approach your business, those codes could be mentioned for convenience. 

4. Date of Invoice: 

The invoice date usually mentions both the date of commission and the date of deliverance. However, the date of deliverance is more critical. So, make sure to include the date in your invoice.

The invoice date is also helpful to keep tax filing compliances in check. So, ensure you are using the correct info to avoid further issues in the tax filing process.

5. Unique Identification Number:

You will be able to get artist invoices with a unique identification number. They are auto-generated; you do not have to go through the entire process of generating your unique identification number system.     

Further, if you wish to keep separate invoice patterns for seamless identification, you can do that too. But make sure not to avoid repeating the same invoice number, as the invoice numbers cannot be the same for multiple sales.

6. GST Tax Details:

Different countries have different laws and terms for it. In India, a GSTIN is used to identify your company as a legitimate organisation when your clients’ organisations submit these invoices as proof of purchase in their taxes.

So, make sure to add your business GSTIN to the invoice. Further, you can add the GSTIN of your business customers if they represent a registered business. Else, you can create an invoice for them as a regular taxpayer. These are essential steps to ensure complete transparency for every party involved. 

7. List Of Goods and Services Provided: 

An invoice ultimately needs to discuss the work that has been agreed upon by both parties. There needs to be a clear description of the exact details for them. For example, if you have used a framing material and technique, you must also mention that. 

Once you have mentioned all the details of goods and services supplied to the customers, you can use the data to calculate the total and create the final invoice for your customers.

8. Legal Rights of Artwork Produced: 

Legal rights of the artwork are essential for customers to ensure that their purchase grants them access to the artwork. It is where you or the client can hold each other responsible if any condition has not been met. 

You may have to give them a certificate of originality if you sell valuable artwork. They need to know whether the work they have commissioned was original or whether there are any replicas of it. More importantly, the ownership rights of your client over the artwork.

9. Payment Information: 

The exact extent of the work carried out by you, and your organisation needs to be co-related to the payment the organisation is supposed to make during the payment process. The GST or any other tax payable needs to be mentioned separately. 

If it is a digital product or service, GST is applicable. Providing this information will clarify the tax component and base amount of your product or service.

10. Payment Methods: 

You may or may not be accepting traditional forms of payment. Also, your preferred payment method must be written clearly to avoid confusion. Ideally, you can add multiple payment options to make this process easy. 

Using the artist invoice format, you can mention all the payment options you wish to make available to your customers. You can take both online and offline payments to offer better convenience to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs’):

What is an Artist Invoice Template?

It is a simple billing document that includes all the relevant details about the business providing the services to the organisation that has commissioned the work. In the case of artwork, the procedure is the same. However, only the VAT will change depending on whether it is a physical copy of the original or digital work. 


What is the Best Free Artist Invoice Template?

You can download Vyapar’s free artist invoices when it’s tax time. You can download Vyapar’s free artist invoices when it’s tax time. They have great graphics and features, even if you are not a premium member at Vyapar. You can easily customise the artist invoice to the specifications you want and download it in any format you require.  


Is There an Artist Invoice Template in Word?

There is no in-built artist invoice template in Word. Even then, you would have to spend a lot of time customising it to your liking. Why do you want to work extra when Vyapar provides you with all the features and more?  


What Should an Artist Invoice Include?

An artist invoice must include all the correct headers and clear font. The font and legal information must be clearly stated even if you are trying to create a beautiful invoice template. The artist invoice needs to include all the parties’ contact information. 

More importantly, it needs to state the work carried out in the entire process, which must be correlated to the different kinds of payments included in the invoice. If applicable, there will be a separate section for the GST and other taxes.   


How Do I Invoice a Freelance Artist? 

The format for an artist invoice to a freelancer is the same as you would make one for a company. The details and specifications are the same. It may be easier to have a solo client rather than deal with multiple people in the same order.

Further, if you are a freelance artist, you can use a free invoice template to create bills for your customers. Starting a business on your own is the easiest and most common way people start pursuing their passion. Chances are that you, too, are a solo entrepreneur. You may have expanded your team, but you are essentially working independently.

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