GST Quotation Format

A GST quotation is referred to a document issued by the seller to a buyer. It contains an offer at which the prescribed requirements of products/services gets settled.

GST Quotation Format

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GST Quotation Format in Excel, PDF, and Word

Quotations are the first draft document sent by the seller to a buyer before finalising a transaction. A seller can create them in Excel, PDF, and Word format as per their requirement and convenience. The most suitable format is used to provide an estimated cost of service/product so that the buyer can finalise if they are willing to place the order or not.

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Why Do We Need a Quotation?

A quotation needs to have details like the name and quantity of goods or services that are expected to sell and the price at which the seller is ready to provide them. It can include the due date, tax details, and other terms and conditions if the buyer asks. As per the GST law, it's advisable and necessary for taxpayers to issue invoices when they make a sale. Still, before finalising an invoice, you can use a quotation to provide an estimate. It helps sellers portray a positive brand image to increase the chances of making a sale.

What Are Different Types of Quotation Formats?

The type of quotation issued by the seller depends on the nature of goods or services, business size, terms discussed, etc. Since quotations are so crucial for day-to-day activities, you must know the format for generating these quotations. Using the format would make it easier for you to create correct quotes and prevent issues when you issue a final invoice. Using Vyapar, you can create a GST quotation format in Word, Excel, and PDF formats using customisable templates.

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Best Formats to Create GST Quotations

Even though a simple GST quotation format seems a convenient way of generating GST quotations, some alternatives are usually considered better by business people. Look at the forms listed below and choose the one that is best for you:

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Excel Quotation format

Excel is popularly used to structure data in tabular form, especially quotations. It avoids the mess that appears in PDF or Word form and makes the process seamless. Until it also supports multiple formulas that make it easier to perform calculations when you prepare the quotation itself. In other cases, you would need to complete the calculations yourself. Vyapar excel quotation formats can help you create your quotations accurately, especially when there is a lot of calculation.

Create GST Quotation Format in Excel

PDF Quotation Format

A PDF quotation format is the easiest way to share an attractive and well-structured quotation with clients. You need to download the quotation format from Vyapar and customise the details according to your business requirements and client expectations. Then, you can email or print that quotation to your Customer in PDF format. But, PDF quotations aren't easy to edit if required. Check out the other options for that case.

Create GST Quotation Format in Word

Word Quotation Format

A word quotation format is the simplest way to generate a quotation as you can type everything you need to include in it. Anyone who faces difficulty creating Excel or PDF quotation formats can use Word quotation formats by Vyapar. It will help take away all the technicalities, and you can calculate and add values yourself. It is the best way to generate a quotation for a beginner.

Details to Include In The GST Quotation Format

What matters the most in a GST quotation format are details you've entered for your customer to notice. These details can be an estimate so that you can provide a rough estimate before finalising a transaction.

Create Professional GST Quotation Format in Word

It is recommended to enter the following details in a GST quotation format:

  • Company's identity
  • Company's address
  • Company's city
  • ZIP code
  • Email for effective communication
  • The phone number for instant communication
  • GST quotation number
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank IFSC code
  • Company PAN details
  • Applicable GST tax
  • Quantity of purchase
  • Amount of purchase
  • Payment due

All the details mentioned above are important, but you can include/exclude some of them as per the requirements in the pre-sale phase. But make sure to add them when you finalise an invoice before forwarding it to your customer.

Features Of Vyapar GST Quotation Format

Send estimates and quotations to your customers

Creating quotations

You can choose from multiple GST quotation formats and themes in the Vyapar quotation maker app. We provide you complete access to the customizability of the themes to help you create a quotation that can help you represent your brand in the best way.

Print Bills for Distributors Business

Print and send invoices

You can include all the information you need to have in the quotation and print it out to send it over to the customer. You can use WhatsApp or email to send digital quotations too. Further, once you have finalised the order, you can convert the quotation into an invoice within minutes.

Automated data backups for Distributors Business

Data safety and security

Your quotations are secure using Vyapar. You can save all the information in the app and separate it from the accounting section unless it is converted to an invoice and sent to the customer. It ensures that your accounting information is correct.

sales report every year and compare your yearly growth

Generating reports

Once you have created invoices, you can use the data collected in the app to create reports to analyse different metrics. By creating a sales report, you can analyse which products sell more and focus on keeping that item in-store. Similarly, a tax report can help you in filing taxes seamlessly.

encourages customers to use your credit features


You can use the Vyapar app quotation maker to make it easier to display the right discount for a customer. You can set up discounts for particular items so that you do not have to enter them manually each time you work on the quotations. It will help you save time in creating quotations for your potential customers.

accounting requirements using our utility billing software

Business accounting

Manage your accounts for your store(s) using the Vyapar quotation generator app. You can keep track of every transaction you have in our app. You can create GST as well as non-GST transactions and use the data to manage finances efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GST quotation format useful for your business?

Yes. Creating a GST quotation format for your customers help you send quotes to your potential customer and provide them with approx estimates of your prices. It will help you save the information regarding discounts and taxes, to help you speed up the sales.

Is the Vyapar GST quotation maker available on iOS devices?

No. The GST quotation maker app by Vyapar isn't available on iOS devices. You can use your Windows Desktop computer or an Android mobile to use the app.

How does Vyapar make it easy to quote for services?

By using Vyapar, you can create GST-ready invoices anytime. Using custom formats makes it easier for you to prepare a GST quotation for your customers. You can convert the quotations to invoices and get paid for them using multiple payment options.