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What is a Society Maintenance Receipt Format?

A society maintenance receipt format acknowledges that a person has paid the society maintenance charges. It is issued by the society’s secretary or management authority who collects such payments. People living in a residential society must pay society maintenance fees.

It is collected to maintain the apartment buildings. It covers the cost of managing, repairing, and maintaining communal amenities such as water, electricity, elevators, gyms, parking, and property taxes within an apartment complex or cooperative society.

Residents must pay these maintenance charges to the building secretary or in the society bank account on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis for the upkeep of the common area. These maintenance fees are determined by various factors and differ from society to society.

Contents of a Society Maintenance Receipt Format

Contents of a Society Maintenance Receipt Format

Name and Address of the Society

At the top of the receipt, enter the society’s name and mention the address below the society’s name. You can also add a logo if your society has one. 

Registration Number

The maintenance receipt must contain the registration and PAN number if the society is registered. 

Receipt Number and Date

You must assign a unique receipt number to the maintenance receipt. You can use that number in the future to easily find the transaction details. Moreover, write a date on which the resident received the maintenance or the receipt was issued. 

Resident’s Name

A society maintenance bill format must have the owner’s name or the resident who had paid the maintenance charges. Mentioning the name differentiates the receipt from other residents’ receipts and gives it a personalized touch. 

House No./Flat No. 

Next, you should include the resident’s flat number or house number in the Society Maintenance Receipt Format.

Description of Maintenance Charges

In this section, you must describe expenses incurred from maintenance. 

Total Amount

You must write the total amount of maintenance in words and figures. 


The issuer must sign the society maintenance receipt. 

Types of Society Maintenance Charges

Types of Society Maintenance Charges

Maintenance is the fixed monthly amount residents pay to society to keep the common areas. Here is the list of charges that maintenance covers:

Service Charges

The service charges for society maintenance include electricity in open areas, security staff, elevator staff, cleaning crew, gardeners, and other amenities. Service charges are borne equally by all members of society.

Repair and Maintenance Charges

Repair and maintenance fees cover internal roads, pumps, drainage, lifts, tanks, generators, street lights, and security equipment. The society’s secretary or governing body determines the rates, which are subject to a minimum of 0.75% per annum of each flat’s construction cost.

Parking Charges

Some societies charge costs to use the parking space for an additional vehicle in the buildings. Parking charges apply to those members who own vehicles. Generally, charges vary for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Non-Occupancy Charges

Non-occupancy charges are levied when the developer/society transfers ownership of a property to the owner, but the unit remains vacant despite being in ready-to-move condition. These, however, are only applicable when the apartment is sublet. These fees are waived if the flat is not sublet and kept locked or occupied by a family member such as a spouse or parent.

Sinking Fund

The governing body of the society determines the emergency fund for unforeseeable situations, subject to a minimum of 0.25% per annum of the construction cost of each flat.

Water Charges

Water charges include Municipal Body or Corporation fees and Water Tanker Fees if the Municipal Water Supply does not meet the residents’ needs. Water charges are mandatory for all residents based on the total number and size of inlets provided in each flat.

Lift Repair Charges

The secretary of a building or society must collect maintenance charges for lift/elevator operations. These charges cover Elevator hoisting machines, control equipment, and motor generators. Routine maintenance will consist of servicing the system’s motors, switches, generators, brakes, controls, and oil changes.

Additional Charges

The governing body of the society determines the other charges. It may include costs to maintain the common area, playground, electricity bill payment, and related expenses.

How Do You Calculate Maintenance Fees?

Calculate Maintenance Fees

Maintenance charges are calculated differently in each society. You can use the following calculation system:

Equal Fee:

When the apartment sizes are the same, charging all residents the same amount is the best way to calculate maintenance charges. This method adds up the monthly maintenance charge and divides it equally among all residents.

You can create and manage all bills in one place by using the Vyapar society maintenance features. However, in cases where apartments receive services dependent on apartment size, such as cleaning services, many society members will find it unfair that all apartments are charged the same.

Charges Per Square Foot:

This calculation system is used when the sizes of apartments differ. The total square footage of your apartment will determine your maintenance fees.

For example, if the committee decides to charge Rs 10 per square foot and your apartment is 600 square feet, the fee will be Rs 6000. If your apartment is 1200 square feet, you will be charged Rs 12000. You can seamlessly automate the calculations by using our society receipt maker app.

The disadvantage of this method is that if apartments are charged by the square foot, larger apartments will likely pay more for maintenance and repairs. In comparison, smaller apartments will pay less, even if utilities and access are the same.

Hybrid Fee:

This method combines the previous two, removing the need to choose between the two and ensuring that all members are treated equally. This method applies charges based on square feet to a single clubbed component, such as repair and maintenance charges and sinking funds.

A similar fee calculation is used for other charge categories, such as service fees and lift expenses, at the same time. Specific guidelines in the model bye-laws already cover other categories.

A hybrid method is extremely effective for distributing maintenance charges fairly and unbiasedly. It ensures that everyone gets a fair and square deal. It is simple to calculate and free of disputes, but it is not an impartial method if the apartment sizes vary greatly.

Is it Required to Pay the Society Maintenance Bill?

Required to Pay the Society Maintenance Bill

It is legally required to pay the maintenance fees. The residents of the society use common areas and amenities. Residents are required by law to pay the charges for the same.

As soon as you become a registered member, you and the builder sign a maintenance contract, which legally binds both parties to carry out their duties. After the builder has handed over the affairs to the society, the managing committee takes over service management.

Maintenance fees are a valid and preferable arrangement because they eliminate the need to pay large sums of money to use common services; all members share the cost.

How to Make a Society Maintainance Receipt in the Vyapar App?

Vyapar Free Jewelry Receipt Template

You can create a receipt using the society maintenance receipt format seamlessly with Vyapar’s receipt generator feature. Here are the steps you must follow:

Enter Society Details

In the “From” section, enter your society’s information, address, and important contact information. Fill out the “For” section with additional information about the residents.

Mention the Description of Expenses and the Total Amount

In the receipt, mention the expenses incurred for managing the society. Also, include the maintenance paid by the member for a specified period along with the payment date.

Preview the Receipt

Preview the receipt after filling in the details. If necessary, you can go back and make changes. You can also modify the society maintenance receipt Format to meet your specific requirements.

Share and Download

Once you have made the society maintenance receipt format, you can share it with respective residents. You can share the receipt online through Email or WhatsApp. You can also print the receipt or download it in PDF form.

Useful Features of the Vyapar App For Any Society

Residents Can Pay Maintenance Using Their Preferred Method:

Convenience is essential for everyone; the most important comfort you can provide is the ability to pay you in the manner they choose. You can generate maintenance bills with multiple payment options using the society receipt maker app.

Residents can make payments using suitable methods, such as bank transfers (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS). Cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards are all accepted in the Vyapar accounting app. It is preferable if you can offer all payment options to everyone.

It helps in ensuring that your tenants pay you on time. It is an excellent method for building trust among members of society. You can select which payment options residents likely prefer or offer them all.

You can include a QR code as one of the payment options in the maintenance invoices to assist your users in sending a payment to the UPI ID attached. You can also use the app to enter your bank account information.

Accounting and Billing In Society:

Maintain a record of all accounting transactions. Create custom maintenance receipts to make invoicing easier for your society. To meet the needs of your society, you can also download and modify various balance sheet formats.

The Vyapar maintenance receipt generator enables societies to classify transactions as they occur throughout the day. Enter the particulars of the society maintenance bill, and your receipt will be generated automatically.

Our free society receipt formats make it simple to create important documents. When it comes time to file your taxes, you can easily keep track of your cash flow and have all the necessary documents ready. 

The app accurately records your transaction, ensuring you remember to pay a bill and avoid future issues. Users can use a housing society accounting app to automate most tasks and save time and effort.

Society Data Management:

Keep and access your common society’s documents, such as meeting minutes and registers. Vyapar receipt generator software is completely secure, allowing you to create local or online Google Drive backups regularly.

Furthermore, you have 24-hour access to the financial data of your society via multiple devices. The app has an encryption system that allows the owner to access the data for added security. 

Vyapar does not store or share user authentication information. Any team member or third party cannot access society’s data. The comprehensive dashboard of Vyapar allows you to analyze your housing society’s activities in real time. 

Vyapar includes an “auto-backup” feature that lets you resume where you left off. When you use the society maintenance app’s auto-backup mode, automatic backup is created daily. You can create data backups and ensure the security of your data.

Manage Society Bank Accounts:

Society secretaries can quickly add, manage, and track online and offline payments. The tasks become more manageable when they use an easy-to-use free receipt maker

You can manage your cash flow by transferring funds from one bank to another and sending and receiving funds from bank accounts. The Vyapar society receipt maker is ideal for all cash-ins and cash-outs in societies.

You must first connect a society bank account in your bank to the Vyapar app before using the app’s bank accounts feature. It also makes it simple to withdraw or deposit funds from your bank accounts.

The billing software Vyapar allows users to deposit, withdraw funds, and close open checks quickly. We allow you to track cheque payments in addition to the many other payment options available in the app.

Keep Track of Maintenance Receivables and Payables:

Using Vyapar’s society maintenance receipt format, users can save all transaction information and track their business’s cash flow in real-time. The programme can keep track of the resident’s payables and receivables.

You can send payment reminders to residents via WhatsApp, SMS, or email to ensure they pay their bills on time. You can use the bulk payment reminder option and save time by reminding society members to make payments at once.

Your method of safeguarding transaction data is now more secure. Using the accounting software business dashboard, you can keep track of the money you need to receive and pay.

The software automatically performs the necessary calculations. Vyapar’s cash flow management system detects early signs of cash flow issues.

Print Maintenance Receipts With Thermal and Regular Printers:

This free billing software is ideal if you can generate maintenance bills in the perfect society maintenance bill format. Vyapar online receipt maker works with thermal and standard (laser) printers, allowing you to get the printout you need in minutes.

Vyapar’s society maintenance receipt format maker allows you to print maintenance invoices and bills quickly and easily. Users can generate prints in any size, including A4 and A5, thermal paper sizes 2” and 3”, and custom paper sizes.

Connect our app to your printer via Bluetooth or plug-in to begin printing society maintenance receipt formats. Using the Vyapar maintenance receipt generator, you can create and send receipts to your residents. You can also send it digitally via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

You can use the free housing society billing app to select the most appropriate format, create a receipt with full customization, and print it out for your residents. The procedure is simple and saves you time.

Benefits of Using the Vyapar App in Your Society

Vyapar Jewelry Receipt Template

Saves Time and Effort:

Using a society maintenance receipt format maker that can manage complex operations automatically and effectively is preferable. Vyapar includes automated systems. Vyapar does not require any advanced accounting knowledge.

With a single click, tasks like calculating interest on late payments can be automated and automatically posted by the system. If a ticket is not acted on within a certain amount of time, it may be escalated to the person on the next level.

The user-friendly structure of the maintenance receipt maker format makes it simple for anyone to use receipt formats. You can quickly review the reports and analyze your society’s expenses. It also sends reminders to collect payments and refund debts, which helps to avoid future issues.

Basic Usage is Free:

The basic features of our Vyapar accounting and billing software are free. Android users have unlimited access to free services. They can use the basic features anytime and from anywhere.

You can use the maintenance receipt maker app for free if you register and download the free app from the Play Store. On the other hand, a society can use a subscription to gain access to premium functions and desktop programmes.

Following each transaction, the manager and resident will receive a free SMS with transaction details such as credit and debit values. It keeps both parties on the same page and makes everything clear.

Create Society Maintenance Receipt Formats Without Using the Internet:

Using the society maintenance bill format generator, you can generate receipts without being connected to the internet. Once you have internet access, the software will update the transaction.

Because transactions can be recorded as soon as they occur, it simplifies the billing process. Societies can use our maintenance receipt template to generate maintenance bills for offline and online transactions.

Residents will receive cash receipt formats immediately; they will not have to wait. It is advantageous when you are in a remote location where network issues are common. You don’t need to halt your accounting operations.

Complex Data Management Made Simple:

You will spend most of your time as a secretary filling cash registers and spreadsheets. Using the Vyapar maintenance bill format, you can automate the procedure for your housing society. 

Thousands of people live in apartment complexes, making society management difficult. You can easily manage even the most complex data with comprehensive society receipt maker software. Data can be transferred instantly from mobile to desktop and desktop to mobile.

The app has a straightforward user interface that allows you to manage society’s financial requirements. The manager can use Vyapar to generate maintenance records for tenants, vendors, staff, vehicles (owned by residents), parks, gyms, and auditoriums.

Customise Society Maintenance Receipts:

You can completely customize Vyapar’s society maintenance receipt formats. To fully represent your society’s identity, you can include our company logo, style, font, and brand colours in your maintenance invoice.

You can also add or delete any row or column. Using our receipt format maker app’s numerous templates, you can create custom receipts that will make you appear professional to your residents.

Everything on the maintenance receipts in order informs your residents how much you’re charging and why. To avoid late payments, you can also schedule payment reminders and email them to society members.

Improves Goodwill:

Providing professional society maintenance receipts helps develop and promote the society’s good reputation. You can also provide complete disclosure about the expenses to build trust.

Residents believe the custom-built estimate because it includes all of the details required of owners and costs incurred. The final receipt may include information about the terms of the transaction, a description of services, the total amount, etc.

Using the Vyapar maintenance receipt format, you can establish a credible presence. You can distinguish your society and apartment building from other societies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Should Be Included in a Society Maintenance Receipt Format?

A society maintenance receipt format should include the society’s name, the tenant or house owner’s name (who is liable to pay the maintenance), the building and flat number, and the total amount.

Is There a Specific Format That Society Maintenance Receipts Should Follow?

There is no specific format for a society maintenance receipt, but it should cover all the necessary details.

Can Society Maintenance Receipts Be Issued Electronically?

Yes, you can issue society maintenance receipts electronically. You can do it quickly using Vyapar accounting and billing software.

How Often Should Society Maintenance Receipts Be Issued?

Receipts can be issued monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually. Every society follows a different timeframe.

What Should I Do If There is an Error in My Society Maintenance Receipt Format?

If there is an error in your society maintenance receipt format, you should contact your society’s secretary or the receipt issuer to reconcile the mistake.

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