E-Way Bill Software For PC

E-way Bill Software For PC

Use Vyapar’s e-way bill software for PC and create your e-way bills without hassle. A free 15-day trial is available. Try it now on your Windows or Mac device!

Free E-way Bill Software For PC

What is an E-Way Bill?

Define E-Way Bill

An e-way bill is an electronic document required for the movement of goods valued at more than Rs. 50,000 in India, either within a state or across the country.

The e-way bill includes information such as the consignor’s, consignee’s, and transporter’s names, the products being transported, their value, and the origin and destination locations. 

It serves as evidence of the movement of goods and ensures that the tax authorities can track the movement of goods and prevent tax evasion.

The e-way bill can be generated on the GST portal by registered taxpayers or transporters, and it must be carried with the goods being transported. Failure to generate or carry the e-way bill can result in penalties and the seizure of goods.

Necessary Documents to Create an E-Way Bill

Documents to Create an E-Way Bill

The following documents are necessary to generate an e-way bill:

Invoice/Bill Of Supply/Delivery Challan: 

It contains details of the goods being transported, such as the description of goods, quantity, value, tax rate, and tax amount. The supplier issues the invoice or bill of supply, while the transporter issues the delivery challan.

Transporter ID Or Vehicle Number: 

The Transporter ID or vehicle number is mandatory to generate an e-way bill. It helps to track the movement of goods and ensure that an authorized transporter is transporting them.

GST Registration Certificate: 

The GST registration certificate is required to generate an e-way bill. It contains the details of the registered person or entity.

Packing List: 

The packing list contains the details of the goods being transported. It includes the description of the goods, their quantity, weight, and dimensions.

Purchase Order Or Contract Of Supply: 

A purchase order or supply contract may be required to generate an e-way bill if the goods are being transported on behalf of a third party.

Payment Receipt Or Proof Of Delivery: 

A payment receipt or proof of delivery may also be required to generate an e-way bill.

Different Modes to Generate E-Way Bills

Here are the modes of generating an e-way bill:

Online/Cloud-Based E- Way Bill: 

E-way bills can be generated online through the government portal. This mode requires the user to have an internet connection and a web browser to access the portal.


E-way bills can be generated through an SMS by sending the required details to a specific number provided by the government. The SMS must be sent in a specific format as specified by the government.

Mobile App-Based: 

E-way bills can also be generated using the government’s mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. The user needs to download and install the app on their mobile device.


E-way bills can also be generated using an Application Programming Interface (API) provided by the government. This mode requires the user to integrate their software or application with the government’s API.


E-way bills can also be generated through a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP), which is a third-party vendor approved by the government to provide GST-related services. This mode requires the user to register with a GSP and use their services to generate the e-way bill.

Importance Of E-Way Bills

Importance Of E-Way Bills

The GST E-Way Bill System ensures compliance with GST regulations and helps to prevent tax evasion. It ensures that the necessary documents accompany the goods being transported and that taxes are paid as required.

The E-Way Bill System has made the movement of goods faster and more efficient by reducing the time and effort required for manual documentation and checks. It helps streamline the transportation process and reduces the time for goods to reach their destination.

The GST E-Way Bill System provides transparency in the transportation process by enabling tax authorities to track the movement of goods. It prevents tax evasion and reduces the chances of theft. It ensures that the goods reach their intended destination.

The E-Way Bill System has also reduced transportation costs as it eliminates the need for multiple documentation and checks. It has also reduced the chances of delays, which can lead to additional charges for the transporter.

The GST E-Way Bill System has boosted efficiency and production by eliminating the time and effort necessary for manual paperwork and checks. It has also decreased the possibility of errors and delays.

Errors and Mistakes that You Should Avoid While Generating E-Way Bills

Providing incorrect details, such as the GSTIN, name of the consignee, consignor, etc., can lead to issues with the e-way bill. Hence, it is important to double-check all the details before generating an e-way bill.

Providing incomplete details, such as the pin code, address, state, etc., can lead to issues with the e-way bill. Hence, it is important to provide all the necessary details while generating an e-way bill.

In case the details in the invoice and e-way bill do not match, it can lead to discrepancies and may result in penalties. Hence, it is important to ensure that the details in both documents are the same.

Delays in generating an e-way bill can lead to issues with transportation and delivery of goods. Hence, it is important to generate the e-way bill on time to avoid any delays.

In case there are any changes in the details provided in the e-way bill, it is important to update it immediately.

Validity Of an E-Way Bill

Validity Of an E-Way Bill
  • The validity of an e-way bill depends on the distance that needs to be covered for the transportation of goods.
  • For distances less than 100 km, the e-way bill will be valid for 1 day from the date of e-way bill generation.
  • The validity of the E-Way Bills will then be increased by one day from the applicable date for every additional 100 km.
  • An e-way bill for over-dimensional cargo is valid for one day for every 20 kilometers of travel.

Cancellation Of an E-Way Bill

  • An e-way bill can be cancelled by the generator of the e-way bill or the transporter assigned to transport the goods.
  • The e-way bill can be cancelled within 24 hours of its creation.
  • In case the goods are not transported or are not transported as per the details provided in the e-way bill, the generator of the e-way bill or the transporter assigned to transport the goods can cancel the e-way bill.
  • In case the e-way bill has been verified by any tax officer, it cannot be cancelled. However, the generator can update the details in the e-way bill before the commencement of transportation.

How to Generate E-Way Bills Using the E-Way Bill Portal?

Generate E-Way Bills Using the E-Way Bill

To generate e-way bills on the e-way bill portal, follow these steps:

1. Visit the e-way bill portal at https://ewaybillgst.gov.in.

2. Log in to the portal using your credentials.

3. Click on the “Generate New” option under the “E-waybill” tab.

4. Fill in the required details such as the transaction type, invoice or challan number, date of the document, goods and services details, and the transportation details such as the mode of transport and vehicle number.

5. After filling in all the required details, click the “Generate e-way bill” button.

6. The e-way bill will be generated, and you can download or print it for your records.

The e-way bill portal also allows users to bulk e-way bill Generation for distributors by uploading a file containing all the required details in the prescribed format.

How to Generate E-Way Bill For Free Using Vyapar’s E-Way Bill Software For Pc?

Using Vyapar’s E-Way Bill Software For Pc
  • Log in to Vyapar’s e-way bill app for PC.
  • Go to settings on the left-hand side menu.
  • Click on “Transaction” and enable the feature “generate e-way bill”
  • Now create a sales invoice. Click on the “Generate e-way bill” button. 
  • You must enter your GST credentials and GSTIN for the first time to create an e-way bill. 
  • After entering the required details, you can generate your e-way bills. 
  • You can preview, save, and download it using our e-way bill generator online for free.

Benefits Of Using E-Way Bill Software For PC:

Here are some benefits of using Vyapar’s e-way bill software for PC:

1. Fast And Easy Generation Of E-Way Bills:

With Vyapar’s e-way bill software for PC, you can easily generate e-way bills for Free for the transportation of your goods. It has pre-filled templates that you can customize as per your needs.

You can edit the details of the consignor, consignee, goods, and transportation details. You can also add the logo of your business and your business details.

E-way bill software for PC can help you generate e-way bills for free quickly and accurately. It saves you time and reduces the likelihood of errors. It eliminates the need to enter everything manually.

2. Improved Efficiency: 

The e-way bill software for PC helps to improve your business efficiency by reducing paperwork. It simplifies the e-way bill generation and minimizes errors.

E-way bill software can automate the calculations of taxes and other details. It reduces the time required for manual calculations. Automation helps improve efficiency and reduce errors.

E-way bill software for PC can provide real-time data on e-way bills generated, pending, and rejected. It helps businesses to manage their operations more efficiently and make informed decisions.

3. User-Friendly

The software’s interface is user-friendly, which makes it easy for businesses to navigate and use the software’s various features. The software also provides helpful tips and guidance at every step, ensuring that users can use the software with ease.

Users can enter the required details, such as invoice number, product description, quantity, and value, and the software automatically generates the e-way bill.

Vyapar’s e-way bill software offers multiple modes of data entry, including manual data entry, bulk upload, and integration with other software. It makes it easy for businesses to use the software according to their needs and preferences.

4. Helps Keep Accurate Records:

Online e-way Bill Creator helps in keeping accurate records by automating the process of generating e-way bills. The software captures all the relevant information required for generating the e-way bill.

By using e-way bill software, businesses can avoid errors that may occur while generating e-way bills manually. The software validates the data entered and ensures that all the required fields are filled in accurately. 

Our e-way bill software for PC maintains a record of all the e-way bills generated by the business, which can be easily accessed and retrieved as and when required. 

5. Builds a Positive Brand Image

Vyapar’s e-way bill software for Pc is designed to be efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. Users can generate e-way bills for free quickly without any errors or delays. It can help build trust and confidence in the brand among customers and stakeholders.

By using Vyapar’s e-way bill software for PC, businesses can ensure that they are complying with the GST regulations, which can help build a positive image among tax authorities and other regulatory bodies.

Vyapar’s online e-way Bill creator is customizable, which means that businesses can add their logo and other branding elements to the e-way bills. It creates a professional and consistent image for the brand.

6. Significantly Reduce Human Error:

Manually entering every detail in E-Way Bills raises the possibility of inaccuracy. It is prudent to select an E-Way Bill Format that will assist you in reducing repetitive data entering and preventing errors.

Automation improves efficiency and helps to eliminate human errors. By following a professional format, you may concentrate on the important areas that require your attention. Vyapar’s e-way bill generator online free is simple to use. It reduces the need to hire people to generate an E-Way Bill Template for your company.

Amazing Features Of Vyapar E-Way Bill Software For PC:

Features Of Vyapar E-Way Bill Software For PC

Online GST E-Way Invoice:

By offering efficient GST billing choices, the Vyapar billing software aids in developing a trustworthy brand identity. You can adhere to the regulations of the Indian Goods and Service Tax.

With Vyapar, you may quickly produce bills. It’s a straightforward procedure that won’t need extensive, hard training. You can choose from more than 12+ GST invoice formats and billing templates in the application to create professional and distinctive bills.

Both online and offline usage of the Vyapar app is possible. An SME can more easily follow the best accounting practices with the help of the software. For enterprises, it streamlines the bookkeeping procedure.

Use our online e-way bill creator to adhere to GST regulations. Invoices for clients can be made in a few simple steps. You can send them to your clients via print, email, or WhatsApp.

Keep Track Of Expenses:

For accounting and tax preparation, it is crucial to keep track of and document all expenses made during the delivery of the items. Vyapar small business accounting software facilitates precise report generation and tracking of expenditures.

A free programme is a valuable tool for budgeting. Businesses that must submit e-way Bill Format can quickly optimize their expenses, resulting in significant savings. You can track GST and non-GST spending using our free GST billing software.

You receive several advantages from Vyapar’s billing solutions as well. It encourages revenue growth and cost reduction. You may easily keep track of outstanding obligations using the free Invoice Format Maker programme. Additionally, it helps in future tracking of them.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can manage their finances with the help of our E-way bill software for PCs. Additionally, tracking your expenditure will make it easier to develop solutions that work. It boosts business profitability.

Send Your Product Estimates:

With the Vyapar app, you can easily generate estimates and o bills. Using the GST billing software’s built-in features, you can send clients prices and estimates anytime.

Vyapar billing software provides a professional appearance and instant estimates and quotes. The Vyapar app can automate the majority of operations. It removes inaccuracies from quotations and estimates.

You may also convert your quotes and estimates into sales invoices anytime. Because of Vyapar’s free billing software, the company can save time and obtain rapid estimations. You can run your business more efficiently.

Our billing software simplifies the creation of estimates and bids. Your regular customers will be amazed by the professionalism the billing app provides. Assessments can be instantly sent via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or printing.

Track All Orders:

Having tracking capabilities makes it much easier to fulfil orders quickly. Establishing a due date simplifies managing orders effectively and ensures that inventory items are available.

Tracking aids in loss avoidance. Use the time you would have spent tracking to complete other routine tasks. You can track when payments are due using the Vyapar software for PC.

You can track open, closed, and late orders using our free billing software. Businesses can easily track everything. You may improve the order types for your purchases and sales using our GST billing solution. 

Order creation for sales or purchases is made simpler by Vyapar. Use our GST invoicing software to cut labour expenses and time. Time can be saved by automating the transformation of orders into sale/purchase invoices.

Send Payment Reminders:

Vyapar’s accounting and billing software helps maintain track of any overdue debts in the company dashboard. You may send payment reminders to your clients using the app’s reminder feature.

Using WhatsApp and email to remind them of the total amount owed and the due date will help. Customers are issued reminders to ensure that they remember to pay. This lets you keep your company’s cash flow stable and avoid unnecessary delays.

Vyapar’s top billing software has a number of payment alternatives to help your clients pay on time. These include modes like cash, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, QR codes, and other methods.

With the Vyapar billing software, many small and medium-sized business owners can avoid payment delays. It ensures that the dues do not affect the business’s cash flow. You can build reports to change your business strategy based on available cash flow.

Enhance Data Protection:

Vyapar allows you to create local or online Google Drive backups often to store all data, including E-Way Bill Format PDF bills. You also get constant access to your company’s financial data via multiple devices.

The Vyapar billing and accounting app simplifies corporate administration. The app’s detailed dashboard lets you analyze your company’s daily operations in real-time.

As an added layer of security, the software employs encryption technology to restrict data access to the owner only. Vyapar will not save or disseminate user e-way bill login information for future use.

Other members of your staff and third parties can not access your company’s data. It ensures its long-term security. Using the “auto-backup” feature of the bill generation programme, you can resume where you left off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs’)

What is E-Way Bill Software?

An e-way bill software is an electronic tool that helps businesses generate and manage e-way bills. It helps businesses create, edit, and manage e-way bill documents securely and efficiently.

How Can I Make My E-Way Bill Automatically?

You can Auto-Generate E-Way Bills with the help of Vyapar’s e-way bill software for PC.

How Do I Make an E-Way Bill Online?

You need to register yourself on the e-way bill portal with your GSTIN to make an e-way bill online. After registration, click “Generate New” and make your e-way bills online. You can also use Vyapar e-way bill software for PC to make your e-way invoices online.

Can We Generate an E-Way Bill Without Login?

No, you can not generate an e-way bill without login. A valid e-way bill login is mandatory to create an e-way bill.

How Do I Generate an E-Way Bill Without an Hsn Code?

You need an HSN code to generate an e-way bill. However, you can refer to the government’s HSN code list if you don’t know the HSN code.

What is the Minimum Amount For the E-Way Bill?

It is mandatory to issue an e-way bill along with an invoice when there is movement of goods worth Rs 50,000 or more.

How Do I Create an Ewaybill E-Invoice?

You can create an e-way bill e-invoice through an online e-waybill system. You can also create an e-way bill e-invoice online through Vyapar e-way bill software for PC.

Can We Generate an E-Invoice Online?

Yes. You can generate an e-way invoice online through the official e-way bill portal.

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