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10 Tricks to Increase Sales during this Festive Season!

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The Big Indian Festivals are here. Needless to say, young, old, middle-aged men and women save up for these days. They buy new clothes, buy new jewelry, buy gifts, dress themselves up to celebrate joy while giving visits to their family, friends and relatives.

Festival in India means busy streets and shops full of customers. Every year, the festive season happens to be the BEST sale days for most of the businesses, especially in India. It is evident that this is the BEST season for small businesses like you to make MAXIMUM profit!

So, let’s list out “10 things (that’s proven!) smart sellers like you should do to make the most out of festival shoppers 

People are ready to buy! Give them a reason to buy from you. Offer extra discounts and attract them with the cheaper prices (Of course, without undergoing a loss!). Giveaway surprise gifts with each purchase, they’ll love it. It could be something as simple as a small keychain or even a small box of sweets with festive wishes written.

For purchases of bigger amounts, you can think of gifts like amazon/bookmyshow vouchers, kitchen set, dine out coupons, book vouchers, etc. Discounts, surprise, and good experience are proven to make your customers feel like they want to come back again and again.

What’s the point of giving discounts when no one gets to know about it?

Tell your customers about the offers beforehand through SMS, emails, hoardings, etc If they have information about what to expect, they might visit your store at least to check out.


You can’t expect sales to happen automatically. You need to market your business to the extent you can.

Distributing flyers and pamphlets seems to do wonders since there are a large number of people, especially aged people who are not tech-savvy who still prefer to follow hoardings and read newspapers and pamphlets to keep themselves aware of the discounts you’re yet to offer this festive season.


Let’s consider some interesting facts:
Facebook gets 2.23 billion monthly users
YouTube gets 1.9 billion monthly users
Whatsapp gets 1.5 billion monthly users.

Most of them will research the products and prices online and then walk into your store to strike a deal with you. Announcing your sale details on these social media platforms will go a long way in reaching a large number of people in and around your locality and thus increasing sales during the festive season.


Create a feel-good factor. Give away the festive vibes by decorating your store well. Make a great display outside your window. Attract your customers with the decoration outside while keeping your interiors decorated too. This will definitely cost you nothing when compared to the profit you’re going to make from the sales.

People judge your shop by looking at the displayed products outside your store. Make sure you display your best products, fast-moving ones to attract a lot of customers. Placing bad products will drive them off no matter how good your offer is.

It has been proven from time to time that good business billing App helps in the efficient management of all activities a business effortlessly.

Festive time is a rush time, and therefore, there is nothing more effective than implementing GST Billing software. The software will help you to manage the speedy sales of the festive season, reduce the waiting time of your customers, with utmost ease and efficiency.

What are you waiting for? Make use of technology by installing the billing AppVyapar on your mobile/desktop to meet demands at whatever shop you’re running!

Research says, 54% of the consumers prefer to pay through the digital wallets rather than paying through cash. Also, almost 68% of customers would like to order online if available. It is estimated by the year 2020, 8 out of 10 payment transactions will get digitized and 4 out of 5 people will adopt online shopping.

Even now, we can see a lot of digital wallets like PayTM, PhonePe ruling the market. There will be no need to meet your customers in person to collect payments, digital systems bring you money wherever you are in seconds.

So, it’s always better to be upgraded in terms of sending and receiving payments, receiving and delivering orders.


When the crowd doesn’t come to you, you must go to the crowd. Set up stalls at festival exhibitions, melas and other such gatherings in your city or town. There are heavy chances that you could earn all your month’s savings in a couple of days.

Of course, creating a festive mood will make your customers want to stay longer. Festivals are not just profitable, they are FUN! We celebrate festivals for a reason, don’t we? For our well being, for our family’s well being. Take some time out to celebrate the festival just for the sake of celebrating it.


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