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New Update! Latest Vyapar Version 10.0.2 makes your Desktop Business-Friendly

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Another month, another release! We are continuously working to make a businessman’s life easier. The latest Vyapar version 10.0.2 is something people have been asking for months. And, for many of you out there, the latest Vyapar App is an absolute game-changer. So, what’s the big news with this release?

Let’s talk about them individually here:

  1. Other Income Transaction (Desktop and Mobile Update).

    Well, this is the key thing in this update.
    As a matter of fact, income derived from transactions that are not involved in the daily operations of a business such as commission, cash got by selling by-products/scrap obtained from your main product, rent received from other business properties, and so forth are your “other incomes”.
    – Such not-so-regular incomes, commissions can be maintained in a separate account with Vyapar.
    – Furthermore, reports on such incomes can be easily fetched through this software.

  2. New Low Stock Summary Report (Desktop Update)

    – In addition to getting the low stock alerts, you can now view the complete list of items going low in number. This gives you a better picture of what’s happening in your inventory.
    – This summary of what’s going out of stock helps you order everything at once instead of ordering individually. This certainly saves you lots of time reducing lots of repetitive workloads.
    – Having in-demand items available in your inventory lets a potential customer never go away disappointed.

  3. Party Import from Excel (Desktop Update)

    – An easy way of importing your parties saved in an excel sheet all at once in seconds to your Vyapar App. This surely saves you a lot of time reducing manual work that was taking days together.

  4. Reports in the form of a graph (Desktop Update)

    – View reports (Sale report and expense report) now in pictorial format.
    – A better graphical representation of the company’s ups and down to ease out decision making.

  5. Passcode for deletion (Desktop Update)

    Avoid accidental deletion of your business data with a passcode
    – Whenever somebody tries deleting an entry made in the Vyapar app, they will be asked for the password. This avoids your salesperson/helper/assistant deleting entries by mistake. Certainly, a good way to save your business data!

Apart from this, improvement in the performance, decreasing the App response time in larger and larger amounts is what Vyapar version 10.0.2 release is all about. Stay tuned for more updates.

How to update:

Vyapar App notifies you to update to the latest version whenever you’re connected to the internet and provided that there is a newer version of the software available.

In case, you want to update manually to latest and greatest Vyapar version 10.0.2 follow the steps given below:

STEP 1: Firstly, open “Vyapar App” on your device. Make sure you’re connected to the internet.

STEP 2: Click on “Vyapar Help” on the top left

STEP 3: Tap on “Check for updates”

STEP 4: Download starts and once done you will be asked to restart the application for updates to be applied ….YOU’RE DONE!!

It’s important to know that all our efforts are to make it easier for a businessman to run his business efficiently. If you don’t have Vyapar, DOWNLOAD the latest version TODAY>> www.vyaparapp.in

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