POS Billing Software in India

Software that simplifies the way you do billing at your point of sale(POS). Instantly record sale & customer details and get powerful business insights.

POS Billing Software in India
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Bring in a new level of automation to your Point of Sale billing software

Uses of Point of Sale billing software

Streamline your POS billing software

This Point of sale Software ensures fast and accurate billing. Generate Invoices, Challans, Order forms and more through a single billing. With this free POS billing software, you can collect customer details instantly at the point of sale. Just ask for the name and mobile number and enhance customer experience by sharing bills on WhatsApp.

In addition to helping you cut printing costs, this Point of sale Software for billing also provides you with critical data points to further boost your business. You can keep track of your customers’ purchase history, maintain profiles of frequent customers and more through this POS billing software. The integrated accounting system helps you avoid problems like mismatched tallies or unrecorded sales.

Track paid, unpaid, partially paid invoices and be on top of your receivables & payables. Provide purchase on credit option to frequent customers and schedule payment reminders at the right time for a smooth repayment experience.

Sell your Items more efficiently

This Point of sale software features super quick item search at the time of billing. It reduces the manual effort to complete a sale transaction. You can even Identify pieces of inventory with a unique serial number, batch number or filter them down by expiry dates by accessing unique and useful inventory reports.

This helps you maintain a database of customer preferences and target accordingly. With a powerful combination of billing, inventory management and business reports, avoid over-stocking or under-stocking problems at all times.

Let this Point of sale software for billing do the number-crunching while you can focus all your efforts towards attending to your customers and making their store experience better.

Get access to all your sales data and critical reports, wherever you go

This POS billing software helps you monitor critical information about the sale and purchase transactions, wherever you are. You can access all data through Vyapar’s mobile app for android. Vyapar’s POS Software for billing can be used simultaneously on multiple Windows-based and Android devices.

Compare months of sales data in a few clicks, supervise your sales as they happen, generate detailed sales reports (based on sales, purchases, payments, the total cost of items sold, total retail amount, net profit, profit percentage, gross margin).

Easily generate user-friendly reports which allow you to gain detailed insights about your business.

Common Features of POS Software for SMEs

Common Features of POS Software for SMEs

Easy Invoicing

Quickly create GST invoices and get paid faster. Share invoices/bills with your customers/suppliers using Vyapar. Our POS billing software can help you manage your business finances better than any other business accounting software.

Order Acceptance

You can create and process all sale and purchase orders using our premium inventory option. Using the free billing software for POS, you can turn these orders into invoices once the order completes. It allows you to track and effectively manage orders efficiently.

Data Backup

Create backup seamlessly on your Drive and PC using our point of sale billing software for free. Vyapar POS software gives you a backup and restore feature to protect your business data from bad events or to transfer it from one device to another. It helps in tackling any data loss issues.

Device Compatibility

Vyapar’s POS billing software is compatible with android mobile and desktop devices. You can run it on multiple screens to manage your business seamlessly whenever, and wherever you want.


You can share fully detailed and professional estimates and quotations to your customers within minutes using Vyapar POS software. You can easily convert your estimates into professional invoices to create a lasting impression on your customers.

Manage Expenses

Quickly record expenses whenever you receive a bill from your supplier. Using the free softwarefor POS, you can create expense reports to understand and strategize your future payments. Further, it helps save time when you file for taxes. By optimizing your business expenditure you can save time and grow your business faster.

Record Expenses

Track your total receivables and payables effectively using our free POS billing software. Set upreminders within the POS app/software to collect payments. It will help you maintain the cash flow in your business by avoiding payment delays. You can track your transaction in the dashboard to send early reminders to your customers with a link to make payments digitally.

Delivery Challan

Attach delivery challans with your consignment to manage delivery orders and run your business effectively. You can keep track of acknowledgement records to know what is accepted, and what is returned by customers. Further, you can convert delivery challans into GST invoices to get paid quickly using India’s best GST billing software for point of sale.

Manage Payments

Get paid instantly by providing multiple payment options to your customers. You can track all payments received using Vyapar’s POS billing software and send payment reminders to avoid delays. Further, it allows you to add digital payment options to receive money directly in your bank account using e-wallets, UPI, and direct bank transfer options.

Receive Cheques

Using Vyapar POS software, you can manage cheque payments until you withdraw. It can help you handle bounced cheques by sending repayment reminders and record withdrawal status. Further, it can help you perform direct cheque transfer to your suppliers. You can keep track of all open cheques at one place using India’s favorite billing software for POS.

Business Reports

Keep track of your business by analyzing different elements that concern your current business strategy. Using the point of sale billing software, you can generate expense, sales, inventory, bank status, cash flow, and GST report to prepare a business strategy. Understand the performance growth of your business, and take adequate actions. Vyapar POS software helps you do it all seamlessly.

100% Data Security

Vyapar app pledges to keep your data secure at all costs. We store your business data in an encrypted format so that only you can have access to it. To avoid damage or loss of data, we provide you with an option to create a local backup in your Drive or PC. We guarantee 100% data security when you use our point of sale billing software.

Benefits of POS Software for Small Business Billing

  • Easy & convenient to generate bills
  • Long customer queues for billing get cleared faster
  • Makes payments, expenses and inventory management easy, alongside billing and invoicing
  • Everything is automated - billing, discounts & GST tax calculations. Less manual work and more free time
  • Look professional and surprise your customers by sending bills on WhatsApp
  • Get happier and repeat customers
  • Do more than just billing using this POS App

Our Free POS Billing Software is suited for Businesses

You can use Vyapar POS billing tool for free to create and manage bills for your business effectively. Our mobile app for point of sale billing is free for a lifetime, and thus you can use it toscale up your businesses' productivity without any delay. Our free tool is crafted to suit itself according to a business's requirements to provide complete control over the billing process.

You can use the paid Vyapar desktop app for premium features that will further boost your business growth. You can take a one-month trial for POS billing software too. Even though our POS software works best with every retail business, here are some shops where you can use it to boost your customer satisfaction.

Suited for Businesses

Grocery Stores

A wide variety of items are sold at a grocery store. You can keep track of your stock to make sure that every item is available in your store. You can set up automated alerts to help remind you for placing orders with your suppliers. Using Vyapar, you can create invoices that you can send to your customers directly through the POS app.


Vyapar POS billing software provides a comprehensive GST billing app for the restaurant business. You can use our billing tool to bill your customers as per their table number. Vyapar POS application will help avoid catering food to the wrong table due to manual errors.

Retail shop

Point of sale billing software helps generate bills faster for a retail business. Our free billing app enables you to keep account of all items available in your stock. You can use it effectively to make billing a seamless process. It will help you keep a record of all the transactions so that you can file taxes quickly.


By employing Vyapar in your supermarket, you can use multiple POS machines to bill multiple customers simultaneously. You can keep the data saved in your system so that you do not haveto fill in entries for every sale manually. It reduces the cost of billing effectively for a supermarket, and reduces the size of queues too.

Garment Shop

POS billing in garment shops can help make the sales seamless. By scanning the barcode in each item, you can track down the cost and bill the items without manually entering the data. Further, our billing app will allow you to analyze the sales according to the item to place new orders as per demands from the customers.


Every bakery shop produces processed bakery items for their customers. To make sure that stuff is available as per demand. The shop owner needs to analyze each item's everyday sale through POS billing software and order raw materials accordingly. As some raw material for bakery items are required to be fresh, it can help eliminate the chances of wastage of supplies due to lack of sales.


There is an increasing demand for cakes every year, and cake shops are coming up with many options for their customers. To showcase your product catalogue to your customers, you can create an online store using our point of sale billing tool for cake shops.

It will help you portray your product and service offerings to your customers in the best way. Further, you track down your deliveries by using a delivery challan on your consignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is POS Point of Sale Software?

POS software is a device that helps cashiers input all the products and services consumed or ordered by a customer. It helps tally the cost of items and make it possible to record the financial translation.

Professional POS software will communicate with inventory to keep the data in balance too. Many businesses employ a Vyapar billing app to boost the productivity of their business.

What is POS billing software?

A point of sale billing software performs its tasks every time a sale happens.

A POS tool can make your business run smoothly from creating an invoice, updating inventory numbers, and managing cash flow. A point of sale software is a great addition to all retail businesses as it makes the sales billing as smooth as it can get. Further, Vyapar can automate various processes like calculating totals and adding each item's details, including prices and names.

Which free POS software is best?

Your search for the best POS tool ends at Vyapar. It is a one-stop solution for all the financial, accounting, and billing requirements of a business. Our POS billing app is easy to use and can be operated with minimum knowledge of technicalities.

Vyapar automates the billing process to a great extent so that you need not enter details multiple times. You can create an invoice for your client within minutes using our billing tool. Our point of sale billing application helps you convert more leads into paying customers by appealing those using professionally built invoices.

Which is the best POS software for retail?

For retail businesses, saving time on invoicing is a critical aspect of pleasing customers. No one likes to wait in queues to get billed, and thus by employing retail POS software in your business, you can avoid long lines. You can set up the inventory details beforehand to not mention each item's details again and again. You can keep an automatic data backup tool.

It will help you overcome data loss without worrying. Further, by using the Vyapar billing app, you can have multiple POS tools deployed in your store so that the long queues can be divided efficiently.

What is the best POS system for restaurants?

In restaurants, you need to manage multiple tables and ensure that the orders do not get mixed up among customers. Using Vyapar POS billing software, you can set up a theme and customize it with your business requirements.

You can receive orders as per the table numbers so that the data does not get misplaces and food is served at the right place. Many small and medium scale restaurants have started using Vyapar as their trusted partner to safely keep their billing data stored digitally.