Cash Receipt Template PDF

You can freely download the Cash Receipt Template PDF for your client. Or use Vyapar App to track your payment history, payment modes, manage inventory, and outstanding easily, and grow your business faster! Avail 15 Days Free Trial Now!

Cash Receipt Template PDF
Cash Receipt Template PDF

You can freely download the Cash Receipt Template PDF for your client. Or use Vyapar App to track your payment history, payment modes, manage inventory, and outstanding easily, and grow your business faster! Avail 15 Days Free Trial Now!

Cash Receipt Template PDF

What is a PDF Cash Receipt?

A cash transaction occurs when a buyer purchases an item, product, or service from a business and pays with cash. A cash receipt is a document that acknowledges the buyer’s cash payment during a transaction. 

The buyer receives the original receipt before the deadline, while the seller keeps a copy for accounting purposes. When sellers collect payments from customers or third parties, they issue cash receipts.

Cash receipts appear as an increase to the cash account or another asset account on a financial summary. Cash payments received for services are credited to accounts receivable by the business.

Why Should You Make Cash Receipts?

Cash Receipt in PDF
  • A cash receipt establishes product ownership and acts as proof of purchase.
  • Cash receipts are legally binding documents.
  • A cash receipt is helpful to a consumer in case of an exchange or return of items. It also makes issuing a credit note simple.
  • It can be helpful when dealing with consumer product warranty claims.
  • Sellers can use cash receipts to verify the quantity of cash on hand at any moment.
  • It is easier to claim the input tax credit and keep track of payments received or made for business transactions when you have a cash receipt.
  • Cash receipts and disbursements can improve profitability by giving you more control over cash flow.
  • A cash receipt makes it easier to keep track of business transactions and calculate the remaining receivable or payable balance.
  • A cash receipt is also required when an audit is performed to confirm that a transaction occurred.

Why Do You Need a Cash Receipt in PDF?

PDF Cash Receipts

A business relies mainly on cash to keep their business running, manage investors, inventory, debtors, and customers daily. Keeping cash records is critical for a company to understand its financial situation accurately. Receipts and payments are the two primary components of cash transactions in business.

One of the primary benefits of official PDF cash receipts is the completeness of accounting records in proving the existence of recorded transactions. Your accounting records include an official receipt format, lowering your risk over time.

PDF Cash receipts are usually created by sellers when cash is received. Cash transfers can enhance the possibility of fraud. Maintaining cash records is therefore critical to uncover irrelevant practices.

You are accountable as a vendor for recording the cash receipt in PDF for any cash sales. For cash sales, the following payment options are accepted:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Purchases using store credit

All cash transactions are recorded in the Cash Receipts Journal. In your sales journal or accounts payable ledger, record the cash transaction.

What is the Purpose of PDF Cash Receipts?

Cash Receipt in PDF Format in Vyapar

A cash receipt is an official record of a cash-based transaction. It can also be used when paying with a check or store credit. However, you’re more likely to see them when a transaction involves cash.

Purchase Transaction:

Every time you make a purchase, get a PDF cash receipt to track how much you spent. These documents will be helpful later when reconciling your accounting records and may be necessary if you have any issues regarding your taxes.

Sale Transaction:

Many customers prefer cash payments. You can maintain a proper sales record when you give cash receipts for your sale transactions. It will help you understand which item is trending and performing well.

Contents of Cash Receipt Template PDF


You must give an appropriate title to the receipt. It should have the words “Cash Receipt” on the top so the client can know which type of receipt they have.

Date and Invoice Number:

The receipt date is the date the cash receipt is created and issued. It is an essential aspect that you must mention. Every receipt contains a unique invoice number, which helps retrieve the record in the future.

Business Details:

You must mention the details of your business, like name, address, and phone number. If you have a logo, put that too. It helps people to recognize you and builds a solid brand name.

Customer’s Details:

Add the customer’s name and phone number to the receipt. Businesses deal with a lot of people daily. It would be confusing if the receipt didn’t have the customer’s name, leading to mistakes. Thus, always mention your buyer’s name and contact details for convenience.

Description of Goods or Services:

Enter the details of the goods or services that the customer bought. It helps in accounting and tracking inventory items.

The Total Amount and Payment Method:

On the receipt, mention the total amount that a customer needs to pay. Also, note the due date of the payment, so customers remember to pay you. Please include the mode of payment, whether cash, online transfer, or check.


Sign the receipt and take the signature of the client. Signatures confirm that the payment has been made.

How to Generate a Cash Receipt in PDF Format in Vyapar?

If you run a business that includes a lot of cash transactions, using a cash receipt template by Vyapar will help you tremendously. A Free cash receipt template PDF will help you track cash flow and records efficiently. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Simply download the Vyapar app, and create your account.
  • Open the app, and click on the (+) button. You will see multiple options related to sales and purchase transactions.
  • Click on the “Payment-In” option to create a receipt for the customer.
  • Enter the receipt number, date, customer’s name, contact details, and the total amount received.
  • Also, mention the mode of payment, the customer used to pay you, and a description of goods or services.
  • You can preview the receipt before saving it and make changes according to your business needs.
  • Click on “Save” to save the cash receipt, and you will see an arrow beside the save button. You can use it to share the cash receipt with your customers.
  • To create the receipt in PDF format, go to the saved receipt’s party details.
  • At the top right corner, you will see three dots. Click on it and then select the option “Send PDF.”
  • You can share that PDF via any mode like WhatsApp or email.

Differences Between a PDF Cash Receipt and An Invoice

  • The primary distinction between a cash receipt and an invoice is the purpose and time of issuing. An invoice can be issued before a payment is made. A cash receipt is given after the payment process is completed.
  • A cash receipt is a document the buyer receives as proof of payment, whereas an invoice is the seller’s request for payment.
  • An invoice serves as a record of a company’s product and service sales. A cash receipt verifies the amount paid by the consumer for the goods or services.
  • A cash receipt specifies the total amount paid and the means of payment, whereas an invoice specifies the total amount paid and the payment deadline.
  • When customers pay after receiving an invoice, they will receive a cash receipt. On the other hand, customers who pay at the point of sale will not receive an invoice.

Advantages of Using Vyapar’s Cash Receipt Template

Personalised Cash Receipt Templates:

The Vyapar cash receipt template PDF is entirely customizable. It helps you create professional-looking cash receipts. You can use your receipt to reflect your brand’s identity precisely.

Your consumer will understand the cost and justification of your charges if everything on the bill is in the right place. Your business can stand out from the competition with customized cash receipt formats.

The cash receipt template PDF contains all the information, such as the customer’s name, payment details, description of goods or services, and receiver’s name. You can customize all the fields and designs and add or delete any row.

Manage Your Business Cash Flow:

Your business needs accounting software that satisfies your accounting requirements. Your firm’s cash flow ensures you have enough money to keep the operation going.

Vyapar’s dashboard can show you whether you can easily cover current costs without missing payments. You may effortlessly monitor the cash flow of your company with the help of this free billing software.

Businesses can keep track of transactions, and it facilitates the tracking of payment receipts. Using Vyapar, you may send your clients free payment reminders. It will help to make sure they pay on time.

Save Time and Prevent Errors:

You don’t need proper accounting knowledge to use cash receipt formats by Vyapar. The app’s user-friendly design makes it simple to use cash bill forms. Immediately moving data from a mobile app to a desktop computer is possible.

Manual bookkeeping is time-consuming and prone to error. Automation eliminates human mistakes while accelerating the process. You may spend more time on other chores while still saving a lot of time. 

Your transaction information, which includes debit and credit notes, is automatically recorded by the Vyapar app. It also sends reminders to collect payments and repay debts, which helps avoid future problems.

Builds Positive Goodwill:

During negotiations, offering qualified quotations and estimates helps to promote a positive brand image. You can also give full disclosure about the transaction to build trust.

As the custom-built estimate has all the details required to close a deal, buyers trust it. The final receipt may also include information about the terms of the transaction, discounts, and the service tax rate.

You may establish a credible online presence using the Vyapar cash receipt format PDF. You may differentiate yourself from the competition and present yourself as a seasoned seller using a customized cash receipt.

Easily Manage Your Business:

Keep track of your invoices using the Vyapar cash receipt generator. You can use it to send reminders to clients and keep track of overdue invoices. 

Start using the Vyapar cash receipt generator software to establish your brand identity and generate a polished cash receipt in PDF for your clients. You can quickly prepare a monthly invoice for each client and save all their information in one place.

Using reputable billing software can help you win your client’s trust. Furthermore, the app enables you to easily manage your projects because you can access all crucial functions in a single app via the business dashboard.

Make Cash Receipts Without the Internet:

With our cash receipt generator, you can create receipts without being connected to the internet. The software will update the transaction once you have access to the net.

Using it simplifies the billing process because transactions can be recorded as soon as they occur. Sellers can use our cash receipt template PDF to create invoices for offline and online transactions.

Your customers will get cash receipts instantly; they don’t have to wait. It is beneficial when you are at a remote location where network issues are common because you don’t have to halt your business operations.

Features That Make Vyapar Best For Small Businesses

Keep Track of Inventory Items:

You can set low inventory alerts using the Vyapar app. It provides you with a list of products that are low in quantity. It automatically updates the availability of items and saves you time for other tasks.

Tracking stock enables you to fulfill orders on time. Based on reports generated by Vyapar, you can place orders before you run out of all the goods. It helps you make the optimum use of your inventory space.

You can avoid losses when you track your inventory. You will instantly know if there is a robbery. Moreover, you can know about pending and completed orders.

Vyapar makes it easy to improve sale/purchase order formats and your brand image. It also enhances customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Make Estimates Error-Free:

You can easily create estimates to send to customers with the help of the Vyapar app. It automates most of the process, and you get your quotes error-free.

Vyapar adds professionalism to your estimates and simplifies the management process with cash receipts. Customers can easily understand them, which helps the retention of clients.

The inbuilt system lets you send quotations anytime directly through the app. You can also convert those estimates to sale invoices as soon as you finalize the deal. So there is no need to make an invoice from scratch.

Vyapar gives you the option to get instant quotes. You can generate them from anywhere and manage your business with higher productivity. In addition, you can track invoices seamlessly by setting a due date.

Track Cash Receivables and Payables:

Users can save all transaction information and track the cash flow of their business in real-time using our PDF cash receipts format. The program is capable of monitoring the party’s payables and receivables.

To ensure that your clients pay their bills on time, you can set up payment reminders via WhatsApp, SMS, or email. Using the bulk payment reminder option, you may save time by reminding your clients to make payments at once.

Your method for protecting your transaction data is now more secure. You can track the money you need to receive and pay using the software’s business dashboard.

The cash receipt maker performs the required calculations automatically. You can avoid taking on too much debt and revisit your business plan with Vyapar’s cash flow management system because it detects early signs of cash flow issues.

Manage Bank Accounts Seamlessly:

Businesses can quickly add, manage, and track online and offline payments with Vyapar. Whether your revenue comes from banks or e-wallets, you can rapidly enter data into the free billing software.

You may control your business’s financial flow by sending and receiving money from bank accounts and transferring money from one bank to another. 

The Vyapar App supports open checks, enabling users to deposit or withdraw money and promptly close them. In addition to the many other payment methods offered in the app, it allows you to track cheque payments.

Before using the app’s bank accounts feature, you must first link a business account in your bank to the GST cash billing software. You can also rapidly deposit or withdraw money from your bank accounts with it.

Data Protection and Security:

Data security is becoming every business owner’s top concern. Using Vyapar, you may configure automatic data backups and safeguard your app data. For even more protection, you can make a local backup.

It would help secure data in a private location, like a pen drive or hard drive. By using the free billing app to set up automatic backups or perform secure backups regularly, you can protect the security of your business.

The accounting features of the Vyapar billing software will guarantee that you can analyze your sales data whenever necessary and develop a business strategy after examining the business reports produced by the Vyapar app.

Vyapar online receipt maker app enables you to set up an automatic data backup, ensuring the safety of the data stored in the app. You can also use your sales data to generate reports and analyse sales data for future growth prospects.

Open Your Online Store: 

With the Vyapar billing software, you can set up your online business in hours. You can list all the goods and services you offer to your clients using our mobile billing app.

It will help you present a catalogue of all the goods and services you offer and boost your online sales. Sending links to your online store allows you to accept online orders from clients who can then pick up their packed goods from your business.

Offering doorstep or pick-up services from your store helps the business grow by increasing sales. Using GST billing software, you can update your online store anytime.

Having the package ready for your customers before they come will help you save time at the checkout counter by using the online shop function. It can reduce wait times and make your customers’ experiences better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs’)

What is the Cash Receipt Template PDF?

This cash receipt template PDF includes the customer’s details, the receipt number, delivery information, order specifics, the total, and the signer’s signature.

How Do I Write a Cash Receipt For a PDF?

The description, number, and cost of the goods given in exchange for cash must be listed on the cash receipt. 

Is a Cash Receipt a Legal Document?

Yes, a cash receipt is a legal document. It can be used as proof for various reasons.

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