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Customize invoice with Vyapar, invoice templates
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Benefits of Jewellery Bill Book

Jewellery Bill Book Format

The Jewellery Bill Book is an important aspect of your jewels business. It minimizes your efforts on creating a bill from scratch and also helps to keep track of bills generated for your customers. Apart from this, it comes with a variety of features, such as:

Quick Bill Generation

Jewellery Bill Book allows you to create bills in seconds. This allows you to focus on your priority, i.e., customers, and receive quick payments from the bills sent over their email.

Multiple Formats

The format is not just limited to PDF files, which is the most prevalent form of bill generation. Vyapar’s Jewellery bill book allows you to download even Word and Excel files for your ease.

Data Security

While customers at a jewellery shop are likely to make a high amount of payments, it becomes important for businesses to protect the customer’s data. The PDF file format allows you to keep the bills confidential and, at the same time, protects the data of customers.

Easier and Faster Calculations

This could be a problematic task for any business, especially when dealing with a lot of calculations and taxes. Jewellery Bill Book will help you to perform calculations in seconds and helps in saving your time.

Colour-coded Templates

The colour-coded templates can be used to distinguish customers purchasing different types of jewellery. This will help to establish your identity in the market, and your business will stand out from your competitors.

Tracking of Bills

This could be a really difficult task when you record your bills in hard copy. But not anymore, the Jewellery bill book allows you to search for past bills in just a few clicks easily.

Choose your Format of Jewellery Bill Book

Vyapar allows you to download Bill Book from a wide library of templates spanning across a number of formats. Check for your desired format and start scaling your jewellery business now:

Word Invoice format

MS Word Bill Book Format

This is the most common format for making bills that allow you to customize fonts, colours, logos, images, and data on your bill book. With Vyapar’s Word Format, you can effortlessly edit the template of the Jewellery Bill Book and start accepting payments.

MS Excel Invoice Format

MS Excel Bill Book Format

Excel provides you with a tabular format for maintaining orders and information. It provides you with a wide range of formulas for easy calculations. The only problem that arises is for the customers as they might lack MS Excel software on their computer or phone.

Everything you need to know about Jewellery Bill Book

What is a Jewellery Bill Book?

Jewellery Bill book is made specifically for businesses that deal in jewellery to help them generate bills easily. It helps in providing a professional touch to your business, saves your time, helps in cost reduction, and automates the business procedures.

Does the Jewellery bill book allow creating bills through mobile?

Yes, you can create bills on the go by using our mobile application for bill generation. So even if you are in another state, you can send the bill to your customers on their email.

How would customers know about terms & conditions?

Terms and conditions are mentioned on each bill of your Bill Book. You can also customize the bill, edit the details, or add late payment procedures to your bill book.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much would it cost me to use a Jewellery bill book for my business?

You can use the Jewellery Bill Book for free. Simply download the templates, edit them according to your business and get going!

Are all the formats available on Jewellery Bill Book free?

Yes, all the formats available are free. Vyapar hosts a wide range of templates in all easily customized formats and helps you scale your business. However, you can also opt for Jewellery Billing software that has a range of perks and benefits.

Can I change the contact details on the bill?

Jewellery Bill book allows you to change the details easily in very little time. Not only contact details, but you can also change the billing address, terms and conditions, or any other information on the bill.