Medical Bill Book Format

A medical bill book is a simple tool that hosts a wide range of features to generate medical bills quickly and efficiently. It is available in a wide range of formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc., to keep your hassles far away and help you to focus on your customers.

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Simple Tax Billbook with Billing and Shipping, medical billbook format
Simple Tax Billbook with Billing and Shipping
Customize Billbook with Vyapar, medical billbook templates
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Customize Billbook with Vyapar, medical billbook templates
Customize Billbook

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Simple Billbook Invoice

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GST Billbook Invoice
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 Medical billbook quote, Medical Bill Book Format
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Simple invoice format, Medial billbook format
Simple Billbook Invoice

Medical Bill Book Format

A medical bill book is a simple tool that hosts a wide range of features to generate medical bills quickly and efficiently. It is available in a wide range of formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc., to keep your hassles far away and help you to focus on your customers.

Medical Bill Book Format

Benefits of Medical Bill Book

Medical Bill Book Format

With the growing demand for medicines, medical shops need to be equipped for the quick generation of bills. Vyapar has designed the templates specifically for Medical business that allows you to add the patient’s details, medicines, and give them for instant payments. Apart from this, it has a variety of features, such as:

Quick Bill Generation

Time is important for someone who is battling between life and death. Vyapar’s Medical Bill Book allows you to generate bills in seconds to receive instant payments. It saves your as well as the patient’s time.

Faster Calculations

A patient might take a lot of medicines prescribed by the doctor, and it could be a really difficult task to calculate, especially when prices are in decimals. GST and taxes will add to more burden in creating the bills. This is where the Medical Bill Book will take all your problems far away and help you to perform calculations in seconds.

Color-coded Templates

Keeping different templates for a general physician, dietician, entomologist, etc., will help you in the long run. This will also help you and the patient to have separate bills for doctors, therefore, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Tracking of Bills

In the digital world, keeping hard copies of your bills can be difficult when you are generating hundreds of bills daily. Not anymore, Vyapar’s Medical bill book allows you to search for past bills in just a few clicks easily!

Manage expenses

Keeping track of your expenses is important for any business as you need to file for taxation at the end of the fiscal year. With Medical Bill Book, you can get a breakdown in expenses and taxes, which helps you to save up on your time.

Choose your Format of Medical Bill Book

This could be difficult to choose the format for your medical business when Vyapar already has several templates across all formats. No worries, we will list the essential components to help you decide on the format best suited for you.

Medical Bill Book

MS Word Medical Bill Book Format

We are pretty sure you would have heard of MS Word as it has dominated the market for a pretty long time. This is the choice of many medical businesses as it hosts a variety of features. You can customize fonts, colors, logos, images, and data on your bill book to generate bills for your customers.

Google Docs Invoice Format

Google Docs Medical Bill Book Format

Google docs allow you to create bills with the help of the internet that can be accessed anywhere. Docs replicate all of the functionalities of MS Word, where you can customize templates to generate bills effortlessly.

MS Excel Invoice Format

MS Excel Medical Bill Book Format

Some patients may require many medicines for them, and it becomes really difficult to do all the maths yourself. MS Excel is known for simplifying the process of calculations with its wide range of formulas and tabular formats. It keeps your hassles away and increases the workflow of your medical business.

Google Sheets Invoice Format

Google Sheets Medical Bill Book Format

Google Sheets offers the same functionalities as that of MS Excel over the line that the bills will be stored on your drive. It allows you to access your bill book even if you are 1000 miles away to avoid hindrance in generating the bill.

PDF Invoice Format

PDF Medical Bill Book Format

By far, you would have heard about this format as most medical businesses prefer using PDF for sending the bills. Vyapar allows you to choose from a wide range of templates that can be customized according to your requirements.

Features of Medical Bill Book

Special Discounts, Medical Bill Book Format

Special Discounts

For doctors as well as CMOs, you can use a specialized template that offers them a discount or the name of the hospital on the bill. This will provide a personal touch to your bill and give you an edge over your competitors.

Tax Reports Generation, Medical Bill Book Format

Tax Reports Generation

Be it any business, you need to keep track of the expenses to file for taxation. Keeping track could be difficult, but with the Medical Bill book, you can easily look for records that will help you while filing ITR.

Data on the cloud, Medical Bill Book Format

Data on the cloud

Google Docs and Google Sheets allow generating bills from any corner of the world and are perfect for medical businesses with more than one shop. Now you can keep a check on your bills even while you are traveling!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medical Bill Book?

Medical Bill Book is made specifically for businesses dealing in medicines to help them generate bills quickly. It adds a level of professionalism to your business, cuts down the required manpower, saves your time, and automates business procedures.

How much would it cost me to use a Medical bill book for my business?

It is free to use any format of Medical Bill Book for your medicinal business. You would just need to download the template of your choice, personalize it based on your business, and send them to your patients to receive payments instantly!

Are all the formats available on Medical Bill Book free?

Yes, Vyapar believes in providing a wide range of templates on all formats with easy customizations. However, you can also opt for Medical Billing software that has several benefits and will help your business.

Can I change the patient’s details on the bill?

The details can be edited in no time on your Medical Bill Book. You can also change the billing address, patient’s email, medicines breakdowns, taxes, terms and conditions, or any other information on the bill.