GST Bill Book Format

GST bill book is software that aims to provide easy making of bills with its unique features that helps to generate it in seconds. If you are someone running a business, shop, or firm, this can’t be a more useful tool than ever!

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GST Billbook Format

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Where does the GST bill book come in handy?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is an essential component of your business. Whether you are selling a product to the consumer or service, a GST bill book would go hand in hand with your business. The businesses below would require a GST bill book to provide bills to their customers.

1. Food chains: Grocery/Kirana stores, Restaurants
2. Medical Facilities: Hospitals, Medical Stores
3. Hospitality: Hotels, Tours & Travels
4. Showrooms: Clothing stores, Shoe stores, Electronics Stores

Benefits of GST Bill Book Format

The GST Bill Book Format acts as the backbone of a business. It removes all the hassles from your way and allows you to focus on the growth of your business. This also comes with a variety of features such as:

Benefits of GST Bill Book Format

Quick Invoice Generation:

GST Bill book helps in making bills within seconds! This enables you to focus more on your clients and narrow your work to send the invoice and receive payments.

Multiple Formats:

The format is not just limited to PDF files, which is the most prevalent form of bill generation. Vyapar’s GST bill book allows you to download even Word and Excel files for your ease.

Easy Tracking:

We know it becomes difficult to track the invoices issued to the customers before. GST Bill Book Format helps to easily search for the previous invoice generated quickly.

Data Security:

In the online world, where customer’s data security is the need of the hour, the GST Bill book helps keep the records safe by its high-end features.

Color-Coded Templates:

Ever thought of adding a personalized touch to your bills? We heard your request. GST Bill Book Format has a wide range of templates available that helps to add a personalized color scheme to your bill. Now your bill will speak of vibrant colors and helps to stand out in the market.

Faster Calculations:

Calculations could be a worrisome task for a business. Doing it manually is not only prone to errors but also takes a lot of time. The GST Bill Book Format helps you to cut down the costs, saves time, and increase the efficiency of the overall business workflow.

Tax Reports Generation:

This could be the most difficult task to file for taxation and look for all the tax details. The GST Bill book maintains all the records to help you with detailed and accurate tax reports depending on years of business, all with just a click.

Differences between using GST Bill Book Format & the Traditional billing method

GST Bill Book Format Traditional Billing Method
Professional Look
GST Bill Book Format generates a computerized bill that adds a professional touch to your business. The traditional method requires making bills through pen & paper. When serving a customer, this looks quite unprofessional and impacts the business’s image.
Billing records
GST Bill Book Format is maintained on the computer and allows for easy searching of previous records. You would need to keep the hard booklets of bills if opting for this method.
Faster Calculations
Worried about math calculations?
GST Bill book provides complete peace of mind by doing all the calculations in seconds.
Calculating CGST & IGST on a list of 100 goods can be a lengthy task and would require a lot of time to generate a bill.
Cost savings
GST Bill book is available in monthly or annual subscriptions that are super affordable to even the new businesses starting their venture. Normal bills are hard copies that are printed by a printing agency. The bill is then filled by the business owner for the goods/ services given.
Online business
Bill Book allows you to send invoices to anyone in the world. The customer could then check the bill and process the payments on time. Sending a bill via mail/post/courier requires time and effort. Moreover, you would receive the payment after the customer has received the bill.
Taxation Updates
The GST Bill book is computer software that can adapt the changes very quickly. A single tax update could reflect in just minutes in the software. You cannot change the manual copies of bills as it would require reprinting of the bills for the change in tax slabs. Therefore, incurring extra expenses to the business.

Everything you need to know about GST Bill Book Format

What is a GST Bill Book Format ?

GST Bill Book Format is software purposely made for businesses to generate GST invoices in seconds. It helps in providing a professional touch to your business, helps in cost reduction, saves your time, and automates the business procedures.

Does the GST bill book allow creating bills through mobile?

If your business requires you to travel a lot and you are worried about how to generate bills on the go, we have a solution for you. GST bill book provides an application specifically designed for mobile devices to help you provide accessibility even if you are away from your business. You can create your bills even if you are 1000 miles away.

How would customers know about terms & conditions?

The terms & conditions will be mentioned in the GST Bill Book Format. You can also customize the bill and add a personal touch based on your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much would it cost me to use a GST bill book for my business?

You can use the GST bill book software for free. Premium customers are entitled to all the features, whereas basic features are available to all the customers that download and use our services.

What is the difference between a bill and an invoice?

There is no difference specifically between an invoice and a bill. It matters only from which side you are looking. An invoice is sent to the customer while it is received in the form of a bill by the customer.

Can I change the contact details on the bill?

GST Bill book allows easy change of details in very little time. Be it contact details or contact address; the work will be done in seconds.