Billing Software For Grocery Store

Billing Software Grocery Store
 Multi-store/counter management , Billing Software for grocery Store

Multi-store/counter management

 Regular & Thermal Printer compatibility , Billing Software for grocery Store

Regular & Thermal Printer compatibility

Free transaction SMS , Billing Software for grocery Store

Free transaction SMS

businesses to keep track of sales and manage cash flow

What is billing software for
a grocery store?

Billing software for grocery stores helps create and manage invoices. It makes it possible for businesses to keep track of sales and manage cash flow. It reduces the manual effort required to maintain the ledger. Using the Vyapar app for grocery billing, you can reduce waiting time for your customers at the sales counter.

Organized billing in your grocery store

Organizing your grocery store and running it requires multipurpose billing software. Using the Vyapar billing app, you need not worry about missing data entries or making double data entries. Further, you can keep an eye on every grocery item available in your stores. It can help in the listed ways:

Track your grocery store inventory

One of the most critical applications of a grocery billing app is to allow the store owner to keep track of inventory flowing in a store. It enables complete tracking of an inventory item. Using the Vyapar billing software for a retail grocery shop, you can set reminders for stock items with low quantity to place orders with suppliers before running out of supplies.

Creating GST invoices

Using grocery store billing software, you can quickly generate GST bills and share them with your customers. Using fully customized and appealing invoices, you can make a good impression on your customers.

Record expenses

Using the advanced billing tool for grocery stores, you can record the expenses. Recording every expense within the Vyapar app helps get real-time analysis of cash flow within your business. You can use the data to ensure that you have enough capital to keep your business running.

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Best tips to choose the right billing software for your grocery store!

Before finalizing a billing and accounting software for your business, make sure it provides the best value for money investment. Here are a few things to consider before finalizing a billing app for your grocery store.

User-friendly interface

Make sure that using your Billing software does not require prior training for your employees. Vyapar grocery billing app comes with a seamless UI which helps you to speed up the billing process.

Storage tracking

Grocery stores sell a lot of items. You must know where you have placed a particular item in your racks within your shop. Good billing software like Vyapar will help you manage your storage capacity and keep track of items available in your inventory. You can add item location details like rack number, row number, and other information as you deem fit.

Multiple device compatibility

Grocery stores have many billing counters, and it is critical to have software that allows multiple installations to bill in all queues together. You can install the Vyapar app on many devices, including Windows OS based desktops or any android smartphone.

Customizable features

It is better to have software that lets you customize your invoices. It helps you provide a unique experience to your customers. Vyapar app allows you to add your business logo, business name & address, email and phone number, terms & conditions, payment mode, custom signature, custom theme, and other information related to the order in the invoice.

Credit transactions

Give loyalty benefits to your regular and long-term customers by billing on credit or putting them on a monthly payment schedule. While making a bill on the Vyapar app, there is an option to create a credit bill. On making invoices in this manner, you will get the ability to track receivables and payables at the customer level. Send statements alongside receivable amount details to customers and when you receive payments, make payment-in entries for the customerto settle bills. You can also link payments to invoices.

Features of Grocery Store Software

Grocery store building software comes with a lot of preloaded and customizable features. You can use them to provide better services to your customers. Some popular features of Vyapar billing software for the grocery store are listed below:

Superfast Billing, free billing software for grocery store

Superfast Billing:

Improve your speed of invoicing using Vyapar billing software along with a barcode scanner. It helps you reduce the wait time of customers at the billing counters.

Inventory Management, grocery store free billing software

Inventory Management:

Efficiently manage your inventory and get rid of stuff that is about to expire. It can help you put your items on sale before they expire to ensure minimum loss due to lack of proper management.

Delivery Challan, free billing software for grocery store

Delivery Challan:

For your delivery orders, you can use a grocery store billing software to create a delivery challan. It can help you gather payments at the time of delivery by converting the challan into aninvoice.

Data Security, grocery store free billing software

Data Security:

Keep your data secure by automating data backup to your Google Drive. Only you can access that data by logging in. If you do not want your data in the cloud, there is an option to store it on your local storage available on your device.

Discounting, grocery store billing software


Encourage your customers to come to new shopping at your grocery outlet. You can provide them with loyalty benefits every time they purchase at your shop. Using the app, you can help your customers claim discounts on their invoices by adding discount on the bill.

Efficient supply orders, free billing software for grocery store

Efficient supply orders:

Keep checking low stock inventory reports and never be short on supplies. You can set up alerts for low quantities in the stock inventory items within the app. It can help you place the order before you run out of supplies.

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Which billing software is best for a grocery shop?

Grocery stores require easy to use and smooth billing and accounting software. Vyapar app is the best Billing software for retail stores as it provides many critical features to keep the business running efficiently.

Is the Vyapar app compatible with multiple grocery stores?

Yes. The Vyapar app can help you keep track of all retail outlets of your grocery shop. It provides you with the ability to keep track of sales from any remote location. You can check out individual sale reports of each outlet to plan out a strategy for your business.

Is it free to use the Vyapar app for a grocery shop?

Using the Vyapar grocery billing software is free for Android devices. You can get a 15-days free trial for the desktop version to enjoy premium features in the app. You can pay a small yearly fee to continue using the premium features after the trial expires.

Is it safe to use the Vyapar app for a grocery store outlet?

Using Vyapar is safe to use for your business. Only you can access the data of your Store. You can automate backup to save your data in your Google Drive. You can rely on our grocery stores billing software to help manage your grocery store.

What is the application of a grocery shop billing software?

The first purpose of using billing software in a grocery store is to generate invoices for your customers. Other applications include accounting, handling finances, and generating GST reports. Using the app, you can eliminate errors by automating tasks.

Can my accountant create reports using the Vyapar app without additional training?

Yes. Your accountant would need no additional training to create a report for filing taxes using Vyapar. It is a user-friendly grocery store billing software.