Tally Bill Format in Excel

Download the Tally Bill Format in Excel to invoice your customers. Or use Vyapar App to do billing, inventory, and accounting easily and grow your business faster. Avail 15 Days Free Trial Now!


Tally Bill Format in Excel

Download Ola Taxi Bill Format In Word to invoice your clients. Or use Vyapar App to do billing, accounting easily and grow your business faster!. Avail 15 Days Free Trial Now!!

Download Free Tally Bill Format in Excel

What is a Tally Bill?

Free Tally Bill Format in Excel

A tally bill is a legal document. It is valued as proof of various sale and purchase transactions. A tally bill is a legal document that records the transfer of ownership of goods from one person to another. It depicts that the goods have been sold to another person.

The free tally bills in Excel formats are available on the Vyapar software that is specifically designed in Excel. It is designed for businesses to help streamline the billing process smoothly. A tally bill is proof of billing customers of the sales invoice. 

A tally bill is used for various transactions occurring in the business. It involves only the transfer of ownership of tangible goods. A tally bill is also known as a bill, tax invoice, invoice, bill of supply, etc. 

A tally bill helps business owners track bills for expenses in an effortless manner. Any installment to be paid, the due date or the amount to be received is tracked. It is mainly used to track the details of any due or made payments.

What are the Key Contents of the Tally Bill Format in Excel?

Free Tally Bill Format in Excel Download

The critical contents that a tally bill format should consist of are as follows:-  

  1. Name, Addresses, and Contact Details of the Seller and Buyer:

This is a crucial component of the billing document. It protects both the seller and the buyer by law from any legal mishap or hassle that might occur later. Hence, it is of much importance that a tally bill format contains the name, address, and contact details of the seller and buyer. 

  1. Price of the Good:

The total price of the goods sold should get mentioned in the tally bill, and using a tally bill format in excel makes that process seamless. Calculate the total and state the total amount to be paid for the transfer of ownership of goods. 

  1. Description of the Goods:

The tally bill should have a description of all the goods sold. A detailed description of the goods that are being transferred should get mentioned. The total quantity of goods is mentioned along with the descriptions of goods. 

  1. Date of Purchase of Goods:

Another essential component of a tally bill is the date of purchase of the goods. It cannot be missed in the format. 

  1. Method of Payment:

You can mention the payment methods provided to the customer in the tally bill format. It may include cash or wire transfer. 

  1. Signature of Both Parties:

The buyer and seller’s signature is included in the tally bill format. It helps make the tally bill authentic and reliable for both parties.

  1. Warranty Details:

Generally, a tally bill contains the condition of the goods sold and the warranty thereof. It also guarantees that the items in question are free from all claims.

  1. Guarantee Details:

A tally bill also guarantees that the good is free from all claims. It is also vital content in a tally bill format. 

  1. Tax-Related Information:

Any tax-related details should get mentioned in the tally bill format. It is essential content in the tally bill format in excel. For instance, if any state, municipal, or sales taxes included are mentioned in the purchase amount. 

  1. Signature of the Notary Public:

The signature of the notary public is only applicable in some cases. However, if required, then it is a must to be stated in the tally bill. In cases like these, without the signature of the notary public, the tally bill may not be valid.

Why Do You Need a Tally Bill?

A tally bill is a legal document showing a transfer of goods ownership. The transfer is from the seller to the buyer in exchange for compensation. The bill contains all the necessary details of the transaction of goods. 

It includes the name, address, contact details of the seller and buyer, date of purchase of goods, price of the goods, description of the goods being sold, and the signatures of the buyer and seller. 

There is much importance in the tally bill. The reasons why you need a tally bill are as follows:- 

  1. Document Proof of Transfer of Ownership of Goods:

The tally bill is mainly used to transfer the ownership of goods from one person to another. In all these transactions, legal proof is required that the goods are transferred. Hence, a tally bill acts as a legal document proof. 

The tally bill serves as a legally documented contract between both the seller and the buyer. It is recognized as a legal document by the courts. As long as it adheres to the detailed state requirements in which it was enacted, it is recognized as document proof. 

  1. Detailed Customisation or Requirements For Certain Situations:

A tally bill can be tailor-made in excel format. It is made to suit all the requirements of either the seller or the buyer. It is done solely depending on whether specific needs are met to complete the transaction of goods. It helps list down any warranties or guarantees that come with the sale.  

A tally bill is an essential legal tool when customization features are available in the Vyapar app. It is utilized when it is required to document the transfer of ownership of goods from the seller to the buyer.

  1. Acts as a Record of the Sale Of Goods:

The most important document for a seller is a tally bill. It is because it will have all the necessary information about the buyer. It includes the name of the buyer, contact details, the date when the goods were sold to the buyer, the total amount of goods sold, etc. All this information further proves that the good was sold to the buyer. 

A tally bill is used as legal proof to depict the sale of goods. It is a bill that will have details of all the goods bought along with their total amount. 

Benefits of Using the Vyapar App For Tally Bill Format in Excel

Tally Bill Format in Excel Vyapar App
  • Vyapar app constitutes accounting, inventory, and invoicing software. There are a lot of benefits of using the Vyapar app for tally bill format in excel. Vyapar software allows you to track day-to-day business transactions. It also allows you to create customized GST invoice formats
  • The Vyapar app ensures that you can create professional and customizable GST bills. These bills can be shared with your respective customers. You can even manage your cheques and bank accounts. Vyapar has several invoice formats and bill templates that you can choose from. 
  • Vyapar GST billing and accounting software allows you to create an online store. By this, you get to accept online orders directly from customers. It ensures that you are generating sales throughout the day. Vyapar software is easy and compatible with all forms of printers. So you can print the bill formats and invoice templates easily. 
  • The Vyapar app is handy in managing the inventory of a business. The billing software gives you low-stock reminders and lets you view your business growth and progress with several reports. The inventory quantity is visible along with the stock value. You get to keep your stock in control while you are doing your invoicing and billing

Features that Make Vyapar the Best App For Creating Tally Bills in Excel

Tally Bill Format in Excel | Vyapar App

Vyapar billing and accounting software are easy and straightforward to use. It simplifies the creation of tally bills in excel using the various formats available in the software. Vyapar eliminates the need to use multiple software and applications.

There are several business accounting problems that the Vyapar software solves. It includes GST filing, cash tracking, information flow, payment collections, inventory loss, brand establishment, expense tracking, reach, and product availability.

Here are some features that make Vyapar best for your tally billing requirements.

  1. Manage Cash Flow Seamlessly:

Vyapar billing software allows businesses to record business transactions. It ensures that you can track payments efficiently. Cash flow management is mainly used for billing and accounting requirements. 

The GST invoicing software is beneficial for creating and maintaining a business cash book. Tallying can also be done with the data available on the expenses, purchases, payments, etc. Efficient cash management with this GST billing and accounting software is easy.

The Vyapar billing software helps automate management. By using this invoicing and billing software, businesses get to manage their cash flow efficiently. It is an all-in-one software that ensures efficient management of cash transactions. Lastly, it helps in avoiding a debt trap that may occur due to the mismanagement of funds. 

  1. Manage Your Inventory Space:

Inventory management is critical for any business. Vyapar accounting and free billing software are beneficial in such cases. Using the free GST invoicing and billing software, you can track all the available items in your store. It helps you to set up low inventory alerts. This is done so that you can place orders in advance and detect possible theft. 

A professional inventory management tool will help you efficiently manage items in your warehouse. It helps in organizing your stock space as per the customer’s requirements. You get to save space by eliminating the goods you do not need. The feature available on the billing software helps you detect theft in your store. 

Often the stock of goods is reduced in the inventory as the sales are made. Periodic checks on the Vyapar software also help in finding any inventory mismatch. This is done by using the inventory management system available in the GST billing software.

  1. Data Safety and Backup:

Keeping your data safe and secure should be the utmost priority of any business. It is because your data is the backbone and the most critical aspect of a business. Data reports can be generated and analyzed for future growth and progress using sales data. 

You can set up an automatic data backup using the Vyapar billing and accounting software. This feature on the software allows you to secure and safeguard the stored data. You can create a local backup for additional safety and security. 

Losing critical business data can harm your sales numbers. So it is an utmost priority to make data backups to ensure you have all the data safe and secure. Hence, GST billing and free invoicing software allow you to set up an automatic data backup. By using the automated data backups feature, you can ensure the safety of your business. 

  1. Track Orders:

This advanced GST billing and accounting software generates sales or purchase orders efficiently. It helps businesses to set up a due date for tracking orders seamlessly and conveniently. 

An auto stock adjustment feature is available on the Vyapar accounting software. This feature helps in ensuring the availability of inventory goods. Businesses can track all sorts of orders, like open, overdue, and closed, using the free GST billing software. It is a perfect choice for businesses as it is an important aspect. 

Using this feature makes the tracking process seamless and convenient for businesses. It further helps improve the overall performance of the company and its employees. A lot of time can be saved by converting orders to purchase or sale invoices using automation. 

It is simpler and easier to improve sale and purchase order formats on the Vyapar app. This happens as it provides several options, including PDF, Word, and Excel. Using the GST billing and invoicing software saves labor efforts and costs. 

  1. Online Store:

You can set up your online store within a few hours using the Vyapar billing and accounting software. Vyapar billing app can list all the goods and services you sell to customers in the online store. It helps businesses to present a catalogue of all the products and services they sell. It eventually boosts your sales online. 

Using the online store feature in the Vyapar app for your business will help you reduce the waiting time at the store counter. It allows you to bring in more customers by taking your business to an online platform.  

The Vyapar billing and accounting software does not take any charge for using the online store feature. It helps you take your business online in a seamless manner.

You can share the link to your online store with your customers. By using the link, customers can place orders online. Your customers can pick up the orders from the store once they are packed, or you can deliver them to their doorstep. 

  1. Bank Accounts:

By using the Vyapar app, businesses can easily add, manage, and track online and offline payments. These are followed and handled very efficiently and quickly. Vyapar is an easy-to-use free GST billing and invoicing software. The revenue from banks or e-wallets can be sent seamlessly. Users also get to enter the data into the Vyapar accounting software.

The Vyapar accounting software is easily accessible anywhere to users with internet connectivity from their mobile. Vyapar software helps you in adjusting the amount manually and manage cheque payments. Money can be sent or received using bank accounts. 

Vyapar also allows you to perform bank-to-bank transfers for efficient cash flow management. Hence, it is ideal for businesses to use the Vyapar billing app for all the cash-ins and cash-outs. Vyapar also ensures that you can deposit or withdraw money in the bank accounts smoothly. 

  1. Send Estimates And Quotations:

Vyapar billing app develops professionalism concerning your business for your valued customers to attract them back. Choosing advanced GST billing software can be one of the best investments for a business. 

Essential documents can be created and generated using the billing software. The documents include estimates, quotations, and GST invoices. The inbuilt features in the Vyapar app allow users to send estimates and quotes to customers anytime. You can send it to customers through email, printing, SMS, or WhatsApp. 

Vyapar accounting software provides a professional outlook to your business. It helps in automating most of the business processes. The quotes, invoices, and estimates are error-free. Sending quotes and estimations are simplified on the Vyapar app.

  1. Choose Themes:

Maintaining professional invoice formats with your clients can improve your brand image and identity. The Vyapar app has two invoice themes for thermal printers. Vyapar also has twelve invoice themes for regular printers. It is the best app for accounting inventory. 

Vyapar had various GST invoice formats that could meet the necessary business requirements. Using the Vyapar software builds a professional brand image for your company. 

Vyapar is efficient in gaining the highest invoice standard quickly and easily. It provides users with several theme options for both thermal and regular printers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Tally Bill Format in Excel?


A tally bill is an essential legal document proof. It is proof of all the goods sold and purchased. A tally bill format in excel is created efficiently. It helps in tracking bills for the business. It is an invoice format in excel that is legal proof. 


How Do I Make a Tally Format in Excel?

You need to follow the steps given below to make a tally format in excel:-

  1. Create a Bill Header along with Company Details:

Here, you must enter the necessary company details such as name, company logo, address, contact details, etc.

  1. Add Bill Details to Tally Bill Format in Excel:

In this part, you have to enter the company bill number, the due date of the payment, the date of issuance, the proforma invoice, etc. 

  1. Enter the Customer’s Details in Tally Bill Format:

Here, you will have to enter all the necessary details of the customer. It includes the customer’s name, address, contact details, unique customer ID, and GSTIN No. 

  1. Description of the Goods provided to the Customer:

It is an essential aspect of the tally bill format. Here, you should describe the goods and services to the customers. Everything about the goods provided, such as the names, quantities, prices, etc., should be included. 

  1. State the Total Amount:

Here, you need to add the total amount of the goods and services provided. Also, if any taxes are applied to goods and services, you must also state that amount.

  1. Mention any Notes or Payment Terms in the Tally Bill Format:

In this section, you can state all the payment terms or any notes about the payment. For instance, if you have any late fee policy or mode of payment related to the service provided. These things can be stated in this part. 

By following these steps, you can make a tally format in excel. Do not forget to miss out on any steps. 


Who Issues a Tally Bill? 

Once the registered dealer issues a tax invoice format in excel to another, based on this invoice, the purchasing dealer can claim the input tax credit.

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