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Hotel Bill Format in Excel

What is a Hotel Bill Format in Excel?

Customizable Hotel Bill Format in Excel

A hotel bill format in Excel is used as a receipt that provides a hotel guest with an itemised statement of fees incurred for room rental, room service, rented movies, wifi usage, and use of pay portions of the facility. The hotel will collect all payment details in advance and make bills; customers can pay as the preferred mode of payment.

Hotel owners have to constantly check multiple business management requirements simultaneously, like records of guests, profiles of guest check-in your hotel, multiple billing, multiple payment methods & collection of data, which is not an easy task.

Vyapar hotel bill format in Excel can have all the required fields that help increase customer convenience. Hotel owners can receive guest payments in cash or online, such as UPI, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, eWallet, Net banking, credit and debit cards, etc.

Advantages of Using Vyapar for Automated Hotel Bill Management

Professional Hotel Bill Format in Excel by Vyapar

Guaranteed No Stress For Real-Time Information

All your financial and operational data while creating an invoice is made available within the Vyapar hotel management software, enabling a real-time view of your cash flow, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.

You can access hotel bills in Excel from anywhere at any time to streamline your business operations efficiently. It makes your hotel operation smooth and more efficient.

Fast-Track Automation and Accuracy

Vyapar's automated hotel billing system makes it easy for you to create invoices, and daily sales, produce balance sheets, analyse expenses, estimate budget & forecast, and much more. So you can focus on essential activities of your business.

Your hotel routine tasks can be automated, leading to zero manual errors, and you will find greater accuracy in all the calculations, providing the data entries correctly. Vyapar comes at a very affordable price for your hotel business.

Super Easy to Use

The data entry process for your hotel operation becomes super simple. You can easily update your data online and allow access & assign privileges for specific users (accountants, managers & employees) per your requirement. Abundant data storage In Vyapar also makes it easy to share rich information on the go.

But using Vyapar makes your accounting and financial information easy to navigate. Per your personal preferences, it enables you to customise its usability within a few clicks.

Time-Saving:- The Secret of Success in the Hotel Business

Moving to an automated Vyapar hotel bill management software will save ample time in dealing with bills, reconciling bank accounts, tracking daily sales & receivables, and letting your hoteliers and accountants focus more on productivity & best business outcomes.

You can also customise your hotel bill in different formats- PDF, Word, and Excel as per your requirement in Vyapar. You will get many essential features in your hotel business without cost in Vyapar.

Cracking the Cost-Saving Code

You can minimise the operational cost associated with your hotel business with next-generation Vyapar hospitality software. It will make your hospitality sector more efficient and quick to operate, eventually benefiting you with customer service.

Likewise, using Vyapar can reduce administrative efforts, empowering you by consolidating accounts, generating customisable reports, and solving the complexity of manual entries, making your operation more profitable and flexible.

Incredible Little Revenue Enhancement Tool

Vyapar hotel billing software lets you maximise revenue by analysing profit ratios, forecasting revenue, and managing expenses. It will help you optimise your hotel business cash flow. It makes your multiple business operations smooth, reducing your workload and increasing your income.

Using it lets you know the pulse of your group of hotels' financial performance in one place. You will get all essential GSTR and various reports on a single platform, which helps you make important decisions in your hotel business.

What Makes Vyapar Best for Hotel Billing Requirements?

Professional Hotel Bill Format in Excel by Vyapar

Easily Optimizable Mobile & Tablet

It enables your team manager, housekeeping team, and other staff members to check details on a booking quickly, so they shouldn't have to rush back to the office for minute details.

Any system you use must be not only accessible in Vyapar but also accessible and optimizable for use on mobile phones and tablets. Better yet, your hotel owner should easily be able to keep checking performance while on holiday.

It Automates Your Email

Vyapar hotel billing software enables you to communicate with guests and reduce manual work for your staff by deploying personalised and customised emails. It has all the essential details required in your hotel invoice or bill.

Vyapar allows you free hotel invoice templates; automated email functionality enables you to create a communication journey from the initial booking to targeted offers for repeat hotel guests.

Guest Profiles

Customer loyalty and satisfaction are essential parts of the hospitality sector. Vyapar enables you to store guest profiles in-store, your guests' contact information, stay history, and even preferences to deliver a more personalised experience during their next stay.

Guest profiles stored in Vyapar of your guest will make it even easier for returning guests. Guest information will be stored safely, and you can access it as per your need when it is required.

Enables You to Be Digital Invoicing

As a hotel owner, you know the complexity of manual invoicing. When most guests check out, they ask for a copy of their bill, and by using Vyapar hotel bill formats in Excel, you can easily export guests' folios containing all charges from their stay.

Similarly, it enables solid, straightforward financial reporting that helps you reconcile revenue and expenses from room revenue, outlets, vendors, and more.

Group Bookings / Reservations

If your hotel concludes hosting any event or group of guests, then group reservation functionality is a crucial aspect of your business. It is a difficult task, but Vyapar makes your work smoother and simple and helps you to earn more profit in your industry.

Group reservation allows the guests to book reservations within the room block, export a room list, and configure billing settings so that you can bill one account for multiple rooms.

Clear Visibility of the Grid

You are adding special events in the region, highlighting returning guests, and identifying guests who have yet to pay their bills incurred for your hotel services. It enables all features in your grid by default.

Your grid should enable you to quickly & easily see critical information about your guests who check-in. You can access the grid information anytime you want, per your requirement.

What Information Should You Include in Your Hotel Bill Format in Excel?

Custimasable Hotel Bill Format in Excel

Essential details that require for an effective Hotel Invoice are as follows:

  • Name of hotel, address of hotel, phone number, Email, website, fax, and other contact information.
  • Name of guest, contact information, and the total number of guests staying.
  • The total number of days the guest stays and the visit dates.
  • A list of itemised charges incurred during guests' stay with a total inclusive of state and local taxes.
  • Method of payment
  • Hotel Invoice Identifier

Essential Elements of Your Hotel Bill Format in Excel

Types of Hotel Bill Format Excel

Details given down below you should include step-by-step in your hotel bill.

You Should Collect Customer Identification

The hotel should collect the contact information of guests who check in at your hotel. In case there are any unwanted issues with the payment in the future (for example, the payment is reported as a fraudulent charge), they can contact the guest to help rectify the situation.

Charge a Down Payment For the Room

A Hotel these days may charge a down payment or security deposit for the room, known as a "hold" for incidentals that are left unpaid or issues identified with the room after the guest has departed, such as broken lamps, stains, etc.

Add Mini-Fridge and Room Service Charges Daily

All charges incurred while guests stay should be itemised on the Hotel Invoice. It includes basic stem charges like basic room charges, mini fridge usage (per item), hotel restaurant charges, hotel bar charges, pool towel charges, and wifi charges.

The owner should be charged for a daily spa, concierge, pet, airport transfers, early check-in, parking, upgraded views, and so on. Orders should be itemised properly by the date incurred.

Check-Out and Pay

Once a Hotel bill does get prepared, the guest will pay for expenses incurred while staying. They will be ready to check out. The guest should make payment as allowable by the hotel; Cash, check, credit card, company card, foreign currency, etc., or hotel owners can use Vyapar, which comes with multiple payment modes.

Why Vyapar App is a better alternative to Hotel Business Format?

Formats based on Types of Services and Clients

Multiple Payment Methods

Vyapar enables multiple invoice payment methods for your customers. Nowadays, the payment method is evolving significantly; guests may also request you to pay in different modes. Here, the Vyapar hotel bill maker app enables you to send multiple invoices for your hotel and receive payment online and offline.

Vyapar allows you to receive your payment for services incurred by your guest while staying both online and offline. Your guest can also make payments using Vyapar's Offline substitutes, such as cash and cheques.

Online substitutes include UPI, IMPS/ RTGS, E-Wallet, Net-banking, etc. It allows you to create a professional invoice and stage for your hotel business and leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty to your hospitality work.

Lifetime Free Basic Usage

The GST hotel bill format in Excel can help you create a professional hotel invoice for your guest. Free inventory management software Vyapar enables you to use its many essential features free of cost.

The best thing is you can access these free features for a lifetime on your mobile phones. The main aim behind free access is to include millions of small hotel business owners in India's digital economy. Lifetime free access to mobile devices makes our free hotel invoicing tool the best fit for small hotel businesses.

Vyapar hotel bill format makes business management easier for all businesses, including your hotel business. It enables you to create your hotel bill in Excel format and get all the required details in one go.

Manage Cash Flow Seamlessly

Vyapar hotel billing software enables your hotel business to keep track of your hotel business payment. Over 1 million small business owners trust Vyapar for their day-to-day business activities.

Vyapar helps automate service invoice management. It gets done to prevent frequent manual mistakes in your hotel accounting. Investing in this hotel bill generator app allows you to efficiently operate your business cash flow.

Vyapar hotel bill maker app is more helpful in creating a real-time cash book. It assists in maintaining hotel business cash flow. It gears you in tallying the data of the expenses, payments, purchases, and many others, along with invoice numbers.

Business/Accounting Management

Vyapar hotel billing software allows you to manage all your stores from multiple devices simultaneously. You don't need to worry about registration, as it will enable registered and unregistered businesses to operate their stores in Vyapar.

You will get data access related to your hotel business on single and multiple devices. Vyapar enables you to create upto five firms within a company on your devices and simultaneously complete GST and Non-GST transactions on your devices.

Vyapar provides a business dashboard, which helps you with a hotel business overview. You can create a professional, unique invoice that will enable you to solidify your business among your competitors.

Create Various Transaction

Vyapar hotel bill formats enable you to create various transaction reports using customer data. You can seamlessly create sale-purchase, expenses, and other income for your hotel business on Vyapar.

Vyapar enables you with other reports, sale/purchase returns, and sale/purchase orders, and creates estimates/quotations on your devices only. It comes with all the essential details required to make these days. You don't have to spend time separately on including important information in your transaction.

It enables you to pay in/out, credit/debit notes, delivery challan, and E-way bills. These are actual transactions of your hotel business that need constant attention and effort.

Online/Offline Software

Hotel owners who operate their hospitality business from remote areas such as hilly, forested, or rugged terrain and the remote regions face internet and network-related problems. Vyapar hotel billing software which operates in both online and offline modes is a one-time Panacea for your network and internet issues.

Vyapar hotel billing software allows owners to generate professional invoices for their guests without staying online. You can receive your payment using Vyapar's payment system, such as E-Wallet and Cash, which do not require an internet connection.

Using Vyapar professional platforms, you don't need to stop your activity when there is a weak internet and network connection. Further, it makes the billing process seamless for them as they can record transactions that no sooner did happen without making any extra effort.

Download Free Hotel Bill Format in Excel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hotel Bill Format in Excel?

A hotel bill format in Excel gets used as a receipt that provides a hotel guest with an itemised statement of fees incurred for room rental, room service, rented movies, wifi usage, and use of pay portions of the facility. The hotel will collect all payment details in advance and make bills, and customers can pay as the preferred mode of payment.

How Do You Make a Hotel Bill in Excel?

You can use the random Excel template on the internet to format your hotel bill. The only problem is that you can't customise, and often essential details are missing inside these templates. You can use the Vyapar hotel bill format in excel, which already comes with all the essential details required in your hotel bills; it saves your time and resources simultaneously. You can also customise it as per your requirement.

What is the Direct Bill For the Hotel?

Both Hotel guests & corporate representatives and private guests may also use the bill-to-account. This pre-authorised account enables guests to have their charges prepared on a regular billing cycle without directly using the credit card (sometimes referred to as "direct billing") to settle an account.

What is the Hotel Bill Called?

The folio refers to the guest account or hotel bill. As a hotel owner, you can post charges and payments from guests, companies, and non-residents to the folio (hotel bill). While closing folios, you can generate these guest accounts bills/invoices with no more charges added.

Which is the Best Online Platform For Hotel Billing?

Vyapar hotel bill formats are free to use. Over one million small business owners trust it for their daily operations, and you can use the Vyapar app to customise it with a simple subscription cost. You can create a free hotel invoice by using the Vyapar app. You can customise and send it to your guest online or make it hard to copy to your hotel guest. You can also receive hotel payment offline methods such as Cash and E-Wallet from your guests without staying online.

What Does a Hotel Ledger Mean?

In hotel accounting, the city ledger refers to the collection of accounts that belongs to non-registered guests. It is different from the transient ledger (or front-office ledger, or guest ledger), as it is the collection of accounts receivable for guests who are currently registered.

How Do You Create a Hotel Bill Receipt in Excel?

You can use the Vyapar hotel bill format maker app to create your hotel bill in Excel format. You can customise it as per your requirement according to your own hotel business. The hotel receipt is one thing that tells more about your hotel without a word; Vyapar makes your billing more smooth and more lucrative. It helps to build more professional platforms for your hotel business.