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Best Inventory & Service management tool for your Automobile Shop

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As we have seen, Vehicles are in the long term use and long-running machines. They need the services and sometimes replacement of the spare parts, which depends on the use case as well as wear and tear of the items. There is a vast number of companies, models, designs and customized models are available. This is the reason that the Automobile shop industry is evergreen and profitable. However, maintaining the inventory of Automobile shop parts, expenses and services are difficult for any business owner. 

What if in a single software you can do all these things for you. Start from today itself. As we are aware of the fact that everything is going digital. Let’s start your automobile shop with India’s best billing and accounting software. Here your business will be at your fingertips because you can track your business anywhere, Anytime.

Download Automobile Shop billing and inventory management software on mobile & desktop for free.

# How to Create Company

Go to the left menu > at the top left corner click on “My Company” and add your company details. Like company LOGO, Company name, Contact Details, Business address, State, GSTIN number, etc.

# Why to add Parties and Why it is Important

If you want to track the party statement and need to have a particular report of the party then you need party details as common, particularly in the Automobile field you need vehicle number, Charcy number, and card number of the party for some free services and that needs to be mentioned in the invoices.

# How to Maintain Party and Party Balance

If you want to add the additional information of the party like Vehicle number,charcy number then you need to enable the Additional field by following this- 

Go to the left menu > Settings > Party > enable the “additional fields” as required and party grouping as shown below- 

Go to the left menu > Parties > Create a new party > Enter all party details > Click on SAVE button

# How to Add Multiple Parties at a Time?

There is one more way to add parties in bulk through Excel sheets. 

Go to the left menu > Utilities > Import Parties 

Download the Excel Template > reopen the saved excel format, enter all party details and save it

Now Open Vyapar, go to utilities > Import Parties > Click on the “Click here to browse” option > select the saved file from its location > Check the error on top > Click on the Import parties button > Click on OK

Now all the parties have been “Updated Successfully” in the Vyapar application.


You can send the payment reminder to your parties on SMS & WhatsApp by using payment reminder options –

Payment reminders will help you to maintain the business relation better and save time. It also helps to collect the money from the customers by informing them earlier.

Also, you have a total party balance in front of each party. 

Amount in Red – You need to pay that much amount

Amount in Green – You need to collect the amount

# Why is Managing the Inventory Important?

Inventory management helps to ease tracking of sales/purchases of the items and Stock summary. You will also get the low stock report easily, which helps for future inventory management.

Go to the left menu > Settings > Items > Select What do you Sell as “Product/Services”. If you are having the items with the barcode. Then enable the barcode scanner option.

If you have a different item category then, Go to the left menu > Settings > Items > Enable Item category 

Now again get back to the left menu > Items > Click on “Category” > Add category.

Select the option as per your requirement between product & service >  fill the required details of products and services and SAVE

NOTE: here we would like to share that product/service images help to create your product catalog so do not forget to add the images while creating the products & services.

# How to Import Items and Services?

There is one more option to add Items in bulk, through excel. 

Note: If you deal in both items and services. Then you need to import the services first and then import the items/ products.

To upload the services from excel, Go to the left menu > Utilities > Import Items > Download the excel template > Reopen the Excel > add all service details & Save > Again open Vyapar application > Utilities > Import Items > import the saved file by “click here to browse” option

IMPORTANT: Now you will see the services are there in the product list now you have to send them to the services by following this-

Go to the left menu > Settings > Items > Select the “What do you sell” as Service. Click on “Confirm”. > again select the “What do you sell” as Product/Service. So that you can import items/ products now by the import items option.

# How to Create Online Store

It helps to build your business marketing and popularity. It is a very easy way to Send the product catalog so that the end-user can get the estimate in short and also he can place the order from the online store Link.

Go to the left menu > My Online Store > Click on the “Create Online Store” button > Select the items you want to show on the “My Online Store”, Share the link with your clients or customers through any social media channel like WhatsApp, email, Instagram, etc. 

Learn more about Online Store

# How to do Transactions in the Vyapar?

You can create any transaction from the given list-

Let’s start with an example of how to create the “Sale Invoice

Note: before creating the sale invoice, If you need to add the manager name, mechanic name, KM’s run by vehicle, next service date

Go to the left menu > Settings > transactions > Additional fields > Select the additional field from the transactional additional fields-

(IMAGE 15) Or (GIF 01)

Go to the left menu > Sale > Add your first Sale Invoice. Enter the details like:

1. Select the sale type. cash sale or credit sale? at the top left corner

2. Enter/Select the party 

3. Select the Items > Add tax details > enter all required details > click on “Save” button

# How to make “Payment-in and Payment -out entry” 

Payments are very important in business that is why the correct recording of payments is very much required to avoid unwanted disputes. Vyapar helps you to manage payments easily and gives a track of them-

Go to the left menu > Sales/Purchase > Payment-in/Payment-out > Party name > Received/Paid amount > Click on “Save” button.

You can also link your payments with your transactions in the case of advance received or pending. Enable it from Settings > Transactions > “Link payment to invoices”

# How to Check the Reports 

Go to the left menu > Reports 

For any business, maintaining inventory is important along with accounting. So accounting is also one part of the business. Here you will get all your business records. Like Sales, purchases, all transactions, cash flow, balance sheet, party statement, all party records, inventory or Stock reports, etc. all these and many more reports are available in the Vyapar application.

There is one more thing to say, here you will get the GST reports in Excel format. You can take that excel report and after converting that file into a JSON file with the help of a free utility tool from the GST portal. After the conversion, you can upload the JSON files for filing GST on the GST portal.

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